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Adelbert Steiner +Steiner landed in the Central Park lake in Manhattan, after having been separated from his party. Quickly realizing Princess Garnet is nowhere to be seen, Steiner begins his search her in this lost world.  +
Aerith Gainsborough +So I'm all alone again, am I? But at the same time, I'm not. And we just saved a Princess of Heart from the Shadow Lords, huh...? Now I'm starting to see the bigger picture. The question is, where do I fit in?  +
Aeschere Childs +Dumped without ceremony into the World of Ruin as Galianda fell to Darkness.  +
Aladdin +Wandering the worlds under assorted false names.  +
Alberic Lux +Awoke from crystal stasis.  +
Alexis Belerang +Having come to Flynn, Alexis has tasked Sygg with repairing Reize's rusty 'treasure'.  +
Alma Hyral +Dealing with the consequences of a rash decision.  +
Angantyr Vespar +For Hire!  +
Annalee +Getting hung over and not remember the previous night's incident(s), but she assumes she must have had fun.  +
Annia Leradine +Just arrived in Cornelia (Someone make that guard shut up about it)  +
Ariel +Arriving in Twilight Town, Ariel is still learning the power of the portals and how to explore other worlds. She is totally not a runaway mermaid princess.  +
Arkham Fisher +Sister Initiate of the Šola Obleka, called occasionally to mend things other than books. Constant companion of Ser Senra, Knight exceedingly Errant.  +
Artemis Eurus +Fought Louis LeBlue on the Plains of Sabil.  +
Avira +It's a whole new world we live in. o/`  +


Baigan +Baigan prepares to defend Baron's borders -- by any means necessary.  +
Beat +Beat's the new coordinator of the Reapers Game?!  +
Beatrix +Getting things under control in the Kingdom while the Queen is missing.  +
Beck +Trying to be himself and the Renegade.  +
Brooklyn +Stepping up as leader of the clan.  +


CADUCEUS +Healing the injured and protecting the weak.  +
CHIEF +MCP throws Pokeball at CHIEF. MCP caught CHIEF.  +
Caran Steel +Caran is still learning his way around this new world.  +
Carnus Sirin +Finally met with the leader of VALKYRI and joined their ranks. Now, to find some action.  +
Celina Duvalis +Rejoined the Twilight Detective Agency after some time away.  +
Chita +Trying to  +
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