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Formation of the World of Ruin. Formation of The Old Kingdom. Maleficent continues to gather a group of people into the newly reformed Shadow Lords. Some of them contacted through dreams to help them make their world fall - some of them contacted as the Barriers of Light of their world already had fallen, some later. See the various Integration files for the events for each world that leads up the their fall (and reformation).


Scrooge McDuck's Seasalt Icecream recipe is stolen by Magica De Spell and her heartless minions. Heroes and adventurers are hired in order to find back the recipe!


The Seasalt Icecream Recipe is gathered, once in pieces, now whole again. This is the first reveal of Sora, during which he unlocks the World Shard that was hidden within the recipe. Since then, a tram runs between New Orleans and the Traverse area bounded Bodhum.

Meanwhile, somewhere far darker, Shadow Lords ponder the fall of Manhattan.


Bad tidings befall Manhattan, as the Shadow Lords start their dark workings within the city.



Things finally go awry in Manhattan. The digital machine that gives access to the Grid is stolen from Flynn's arcade by LEXUS, and subsequently stolen by ShinRa from said Shadow Lord. Heartless become more and more common, until finally the Shadow Lords trick the heroes by forcing them to split up their forces in multiple locations - while they use the key to the world to plunge the city and world into darkness. Valiant defenders do their best, but not only is the Empire State Building stolen by LEXUS and placed onto the Grid, so too do the rest of the Shadow Lords succeed in their task. And with the fall of Manhattan, so has Atlantis.

Immediately, plans start forming to return Manhattan to its former glory. But... is such a thing even possible?

During the first month following the lost of the city, two figures got lost in the darkness that claimed Manhattan, and managed to find a way out alive : Riku and Will Sherman.


A joint effort between Don Corneo, Chocolina and The Queen of Cards to look for the missing artifacts that would bring back to the foreground the land of eternal carnival known as Serendipity. After a casino overrun by heartless, an encounter with a Chocobo Eater, and a crawl through Timmy's Old Well, the land was restored.


Strange things start happening around Fluorgis. At first, it's nothing that your average adventurer can handle. But as things continue along, the city starts losing its shine.

Heroes also find out that the way to restore Manhattan exists, and this needs to be done by finding all of its shards and combining them. One of them in particular is offered as a reward by Hades in an all-out tournament!



The Shard Seekers and other adventurers stand at the center as this city marked by the defense of its clans and the Fire Crystal comes under attack! Baron is involved, but ends up denying all involvement. Many heroes from all around the worlds come to protect this city and the 'togetherness' it stands for. What's more, the Fire Crystal is saved from a far darker fate!


Heroes continue to hunt down the shards for Manhattan. Having obtained the shard from Hades, little stands in their way from completing their intended mission. Or... is there?

An ultimatum, a single warning, was thrown over the inhabitants of Traverse Town, simply telling them that they will be the next ones to lose their own. The group of adventurers that joined to stop them were unfortunately unable to stop them... and yet, the Shadow Lords simply left without taking the town, only saying that this was a proof that no matter what the 'heroes' attempted, they would always be a step ahead of them.

Pride Lands

A shard was discovered, opening the path to a new world, known as a Pride Lands. The first step through the portal revealed how any creature moving into that world get transformed into an animal. It would seem that the world beyond it is a land of wild animals, in a mix of jungle, desert mountains and savannah.


The heroes have to go into the underworld to retrieve Manhattan's Dusk Princess, Avira, in order to restore Manhattan. And after a gambit of their own, the heroes distract the Shadow Lords long enough to combine the shards and venture into the dark wasted Manhattan in order to return its light. And after a long struggle, as a group, they succeed - creating further hope for the future.