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Title Date Cutscene Summary
Meeting In The Park March 22nd, 2014 A meeting in the park between two terrible entities heralds something stirring in the shadows.
The Newcomer February 15th, 2014 Warden makes new plans and new friends
The Swarm February 5th, 2014 Montag has been on recon in the ruins of the city of Zanarkand, when everything goes to hell. He and his squad make a desperate stand waiting for evacuation on the roof of a crumbling building...
Power Play: Good Help January 27th, 2014 The aftermath of a fight on the streets of Purgos has some hired muscle checking in with their boss. This doesn't go so well.
Power Play: Dark Thoughts January 26th, 2014 After the brutal fight in Purgos, Deelel is recovering at Aurora's home. She starts to think on just the magnitude of what had happened that cycle.
Power Play: Extraction January 25th, 2014 The ruler of Purgos' underworld contemplates the immediate future.
Defrag January 5th, 2014 After the events at the Castle of Dreams Deelel has returned home, to think, rest and prepare for the next day. She had uncovered the truth of some dreams she'd had some time ago. There was much to think about and much to prepare for. She knew one thing, a storm was coming.
A Researcher's Interlude II November 18th, 2013 In a private moment, Rhia thinks to herself, letting down her barriers for a single moment. And in that moment, opens her mind to a new possibility.
Feeling Out Of Character November 11th, 2013 A genderbent Setzer tries to have a drink and relax... keyword being try.
It Isn't Fair August 28th, 2013 After the cooking competition results in a draw, Minette
The Game Has changed August 22nd, 2013 After Avira and Deelel rescue Mercade from the games? The program in charge has to report to his superiors about the goes better than he hope, much to his shock.
Just a Storm... August 7th, 2013 Reflections while dancing in the rain...
Rise From Your Grave August 4th, 2013 After his defeat, the creeper minion of the Horned King returned one of his bones to the sacred area. It has taken a few days, but it seems the Horned King still remains.
Overclocked July 8th, 2013 Takes place after ...Arcade Is but before Plastic Is Friend

A moment of private introspection forces TRON to face reality, no matter how little it makes sense.

On The Nature Of Justice July 2nd, 2013 Maximilien Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne decides that he's had enough of Feige Abramson for the rest of his life.
Other People's Money July 2nd, 2013 The stockholders of Milner Tool Works meet to discuss the fate of their company. Both company manager Beld Lemellar and Zaibatsu representative Minette Odam give speeches to the assembled, before the vote is cast.
Licking Wounds June 30th, 2013 After the events of "Kidnapping Spree" Malicia and Negaduck retreat to Hollow Bastion, bruised and defeated from a failed attempt at looting the city of Archades.

Mal is one VERY unhappy duck.

When All is Lost June 27th, 2013 A girl with no memories wanders Traverse Town. A kind soul offers assistance that he probably never had to give to begin with. This is only the beginning for this lost girl.
Mortal June 21st, 2013 Following the revelations of The Sorrow of Lost and Found, a distraught Avira receives a visitor and a request.
A Researcher's Gambit I June 11th, 2013 With all the materials gathered together, Rhia finally begins...the experiment. The final gambit that she has been working towards. The Black Beast has risen. And Goug is within it's sights.
The Saga Continues June 11th, 2013 The Shard Seekers acquire a sailing vessel.
The Hound's New Master June 10th, 2013 Vayne Solidor has now become the head of House Solidor. There is a matter he must now attend too, because loyalty of all his Judge Magisters are very important.
A Researcher's Interlude I June 6th, 2013 In the dead of night, a certain scientist muses upon her goals and her research...and what is to come.
Gazing at the Stars June 3rd, 2013 {{{Synopsis}}}
Coin Tricks May 19th, 2013 Some fool gives Minette a briefcase of money; she does 'coin tricks' with it.
Fynn No More May 17th, 2013 Leonhart hears from others that Fynn is still standing. In his disbelief, he decides to travel alone to his once home city. Though what he finds strikes to his very core.
Watery Breakdown May 14th, 2013 Seloria deals with some things while trying to keep herself together. It ... doesn't quite work out.
Where Has Ivo Been? May 14th, 2013 In which several months' absence is exploited for comedic effect.
Unsettling May 10th, 2013 Memories close to the heart, armor to be purchased, warmth to be given, but all to be unsettled by what can not be recalled. For this is only the Beginning.
Artisanquest: Answers April 29th, 2013 The aftermath of Neku's meeting and Priel's departure.
If it takes forever April 28th, 2013 Will walks to the grave of his wife...with the knowledge that this year it will be different.
An Internal Dialogue April 24th, 2013 Isaac dreams.
Painful Thoughts April 24th, 2013 Angantyr's consciousness awakens long enough to think about what happened...
By The Pricking Of My Thumbs... April 23rd, 2013 Deep within the heart of the castle, deep in the dark of night, the Emperor is deep in thought. Considering what he has learned, those he has met, and what could be next in store.
The Old Man's Declaration April 19th, 2013 The Old Man addresses the Cleyran assembly, urging them to war.
A Fell Ritual April 17th, 2013 In the bowels of Alexandria Castle, a dark ritual was conducted.
The Rat Prince April 11th, 2013 Alexandrian hostilities against Cleyra reach a boiling point..
Mealy-Mouthed Purpose April 10th, 2013 Bishop Jaren consults with Bishop Emerald, after Ophelia throws a wrench in their plans, and find a few loopholes to compensate to get their crooked operation back on track.
To Judge And Be Judged March 31st, 2013 It is a bitter pill to swallow when one must evaluate themselves as keenly as they would others. Judge Magister Zargabaath recovers from the Mist Poisoning he has recently endured and takes the time to look back at past deeds since the time of Ivalice's fall.
Darkness Cometh March 30th, 2013 The Darkness hungers and it must be at times kept well fed.
Reprimand March 29th, 2013 A mission gone wrong. A secret revealed. Ophelia returns to the Church to find herself in for an ugly welcome.
The First Stone Thrown March 27th, 2013 In the middle of the night, Clan Gully is attacked by Khamja. The seeds are now sown...
Laws of Promises March 23rd, 2013 When hearts are opened to promises, they make dark secrets a breaking force.
Bombs Away.... To Another District March 20th, 2013 A Glabados official conspires to set a chain of events in motion.
Inside the Heart March 17th, 2013 Manhattan's Heart was restored. Avira pays the price. Spot the cameos!
C:\home March 16th, 2013 With Manhattan restored, Deelel returns to the arcade to make sure it's secure.
A Wind Ceremony March 15th, 2013 The Wind Ceremony is a funeral tradition that Gargoyles have performed for millenia. Now it is being performed again near Fluorgis, but whom is it for?
Before Sleep March 15th, 2013 Before her stone sleep takes her. Deidra muses upon the events of the day, and comes to understand things are not over yet. Not by a long shot.
Why do I want a hug? March 11th, 2013 A Viera sits all alone, contemplating, before finally wondering...
Can I have Minions? - Part 1 March 10th, 2013 Demona is up to no good, and this is the first part of a plan in motion. NOTE: How many of these cutscenes will be written all depends on her success and failure rates, as she tries to march ever closer to completing her plan (or not).
Scattered Stars - END February 28th, 2013 During the party, Reize sees a shadow that catches his attention. A feeling stirs to follow it. His curiosity turns into an unpleasant surprise...
The Hunter At Home February 28th, 2013 A comfy night at home.
Black and White February 28th, 2013 While Evja rests in a room with his sleeping teammate from the Hades Cup, thoughts of his past life come back to haunt him and ever-present uncertainties bring about moral dilemmas.
Wages of Sin February 24th, 2013 Graverobbing! Okay no. Percival seeks to confirm whether he's done a terrible thing.
Final Countdown February 21st, 2013 A boy seeking vengeance against the world does the unthinkable.
Senate And Rumors February 20th, 2013 The Senators and His Imperial Majesty speak on matters regarding Baron and there "not our fault" state of mind.
Wishful Thinking February 12th, 2013 While seeking information, TRON has a close encounter with old friends. Or does he?
Political Awareness February 10th, 2013 Emperor Solidor addresses his stance on Fluorgis plight.
ADAM: Reize Side February 5th, 2013 After braving the Withered Spire, ADAM delivers a message to Reize.
The High Court of Jylland February 2nd, 2013 Evja finally returns to Jylland and has to make an appearance at the High Court of the Judges.
Do Machines Dream? February 1st, 2013 Do machines dream? Yes basics dream, they have far more in common with their makers than both sides of the coin know. They can even have nightmares.
Getting Out January 29th, 2013 Maximilien Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne gets out of the office after Aftermaths And Battle-Scars.
End of the World January 24th, 2013 Lt Morgan Montag leads some of the last of his men against the Heartless and Wutai forces that seek to consume the world. In the end they fail but somehow a number of them are not dragged into the darkness.
The Never Ending Nightmare January 21st, 2013 CHIEF has been captured by the MCP and is revisited by his forever nightmare.
Clockwork Universe January 15th, 2013 A snapshot of time in a clockwork universe. Tick. Tick. Tick. The hours pass by.
Transfer Student Shenanigans January 14th, 2013 It's hard being the magical girl transfer student, it's hard and no one understands.
Coming Soon... January 11th, 2013 Hades, Pain and Panic discuss the name of a project that Hades is working on. A special guest star appears.
Tanks-R-Us January 7th, 2013 CHIEF goes to get a tank from the Grid.
Shadow And Flesh January 6th, 2013 The Burmecians are made an offer that they can't refuse by a dark figure; is their salvation at hand?
There Are Always Shadows January 3rd, 2013 Heartless almost always lurk in the shadows of even the most light-flooded abodes. Yet Fluorgis, with its well-trained Clans of adventurers, happy populace, plentiful water, and desert sun, is taken aback with the swell of those abominations throughout the city, the darkness throughout seemingly intensified. With the clouds thickening as though to blot out the sky, and the unsettled citizenry faltering in their usual harmony, the stymied Shard Seekers attempt a desperate ploy for the sake of the worlds.
Anxiety January 1st, 2013 There's a whole lot of anxiety in Avira's life...
Dull Mind at the Cutting Edge December 30th, 2012 Glayffe, Dark "Engineer" of Baron, tries to grasp Xanatos laser technology.
Plucking Strings December 29th, 2012 A Killer Grows Impatient And Receives A Phone Call
Shadows Over Fluorgis: Shrouded Hope December 27th, 2012 The Shard Seekers have gained a reputation as a reliable and successful adventuring group, motley crew though they be, in their quest to be recognized as a legitimate Clan of Fluorgis, gain access to its Fire Crystal, and to thereby develop the Shard-seeking device needed for them to pursue their primary objective. But fate conspires to undermine them, even as the tide of darkness rises throughout the worlds. Manhattan has been consumed, and its citizens scattered. But what of the shadows over Fluorgis, and the chill that has settled over the desert sands?

The Fire Crystal, silent, sheds its radiant light...

Have a Grumble Grumble Christmas December 25th, 2012 The TDA break out into song and explain the magic of Christmas to Cirra Constantine. Sable bails on the entire venture, but the magic of Christmas is not to be denied. Singing to Follow. Screw the rules, I'm the main character, I get a SOLO.
The Gift December 24th, 2012 Angantyr finds a gift sent to him by Rellius Vespar.
Afraid December 24th, 2012 Alan evaluates his current situation and the future.
Journey December 19th, 2012 Chapter 1 Complete -- Bonus Cutscene unlocked. Riku drifts in and out of his thoughts as he tries to put the pieces of his life together. When none of them fit, he must either get a larger frame or a bigger hammer.
The Stars That Shine In The Dark December 16th, 2012 A week has passed since the incident that consumed the city of Manhattan, since the world heart fell to the Shadow Lords. What has come of the city of Manhattan, its heroes, and those who did not manage to escape before the darkness consumed it? Each has their own story to tell and this one just so happens to be about a mouse and the stars.
Bitter Work December 14th, 2012 In the quiet of the woods, Aerith takes the time to do a few things on her own. Such a special gift from such an ancient soul needs to be prepared for, and she is not about to waste a single moment by sitting on the forest floor, doing nothing. Part of How Aerith Got Her Groove Back.
Flawed Reasoning December 14th, 2012 A brief look into the life of a madman. (Connected with Hobo With A Shotgun TP)
The Game Has Changed December 13th, 2012 LEXUS relaxes in his new acquisition. He gets some bad news.
Dark Countenance December 12th, 2012 Angantyr ends up on a beach somewhere after his meeting with LEXUS
Mercade's Terrible, Horrible, Lousy, Rotten, No-Good, Absolutely Bad Day - Part 1 December 11th, 2012 Mercade is dropped out of Darkness into the middle of the desert. This is just the beginning of a very bad day.
Fractured Memories December 10th, 2012 Left to recover in an abandoned hotel after the battle for the portal, Leida awakens on a dark beach as Manhattan falls to darkness.
In The End December 10th, 2012 Finally winning free of the captivity of the Mistress of Games, Mercade rushes to the aid of his homeworld...
Homecoming December 10th, 2012 After ten thousand years, Garland returns to his homeland. Things do not go as planned.
Price of Knowledge December 9th, 2012 During the battle for Manhattan's light, Avira reaps the consequences of turning her back on a foe earlier. That foe just happened to be Dr. Anton Sevarius, armed with a syringe filled with the fruits of his research.
Blueshift December 9th, 2012 Jasmine tries to reach Manhattan before it's too late, but someone knew she'd try. She fails.
Do you remember? December 9th, 2012 After being defeated by The Heartless in Southern Manhattan, King Mickey finds himself drifting endlessly in a sea of darkness. However, The King is not alone! Being defended by his friends, the keyblade master begins to recuperate from his wounds, while finding himself dreaming a little dream and a having a discussion with his own unconscious.
Let Go December 8th, 2012 Something is stirring underneath the streets of Manhattan. While the battle rages on above, there are choices going on below. Every fight. Every choice. Every life saved or lost-- has a price.
Meanwhile, In Fluorgis... December 5th, 2012 Mercade tries to follow up on a lead to locate someone to help with the Heartless problem in Manhattan. He loses a little something...
Shiki in DESERTS OF DEATH 2 December 5th, 2012 Another curious journey.
Habeas Corpus December 5th, 2012 In the aftermath of Dr. Sevarius' capture and arrest, something unexpected happens.
Broken Fang December 1st, 2012 Fang escapes the site of his attempted coup in the Underground, battered and broken. He seeks out the help of his benefactor in order to regain the energy he needs, but...
Worst News Ever For Negaduck November 28th, 2012 Negaduck is reading a newspaper and enjoying his day, until he receives bad news...
Escape the Blood Banquet November 28th, 2012 This was after the encounter with the Heartless Leida back at Gaza Plains. Reize was separated as the dark portal tried to take him away. Through reasons unknown, Reize got lost and escape. I blame the Plot Idea Device for 'A party is being held at Palamecia!'
No True Man November 26th, 2012 Ivo is confronted by his greatest foe.
Clarity November 26th, 2012 Riku takes time to reflect on a redefined purpose while awakening in a familiar place from a strange and unsettling blackout.
Fortune Favors the Bold November 25th, 2012 Ivo's lucky day gets just a little luckier.
In Search of Serendipity November 25th, 2012 A business proposal between some /very/ unlikely allies.
A Revelation Most Profound November 24th, 2012 The mysterious masked swordsman Gilgamesh calls forth memories long-lost out of the mist, and has a profound and epic life-changing realization that threatens to change his very way of life forever, just like every Marvel Comic promises to do to Spider-Man. It's relevant because Marvel's owned by Disney now! Isn't that edgy?
This Is Progress November 24th, 2012 The good Doctor ruminates upon his tribulations in his hidden laboratories. A man approaches him with an offer.
The Long Game November 17th, 2012 LEXUS ruminates upon the failure of his gambit. In the end, however, perhaps it would not be a failure after all...
Black Wind Nightmare November 9th, 2012 On the first night of Avira's training in Bramble Woods, she is hit with a nightmare featuring the man Skoll warned her about.
A Bloom In The Garden November 9th, 2012 Jasmine senses the approach of Jafar's army of Heartless.
Wolfpact November 8th, 2012 Sho's unfortunate complication to Avira's training leads to an unexpected twist.
Reflections November 7th, 2012 Riku takes some time to reflect and encounters an old nightmare along the way.
Don't Want the Guy November 5th, 2012 Avira is not hung up on Ivo. She's so not hung up on Ivo that she sings a song about it.
Healing October 28th, 2012 A curiously severe injury is tended to.
Dear Beloved+Revelation October 28th, 2012 The explosive situation in Halloween Town left Reize incapitated. Through this, rediscovers his real mission and understands his pendant better through the help of an unknown voice.
It Keeps Happening October 26th, 2012 A curiously consistent crisis.
Careful What You Eat October 26th, 2012 Sometimes, one needs to be careful what they eat. Who knows who will they anger. Reize learned this lesson the hard way.
A New Threat To Evil October 26th, 2012 Negaduck's plan had failed. He spent his time reflecting about his defeat. ...And he's sitting on Maleficient's throne. (LIKE A BAWSS)
“Fr@cture” October 25th, 2012 Auron is irritated because he can't continue his last mission.
On the Hudson October 21st, 2012 Will sits next to the Hudson to mope about his fight with Riku.
Hati's Mini Hellhound October 18th, 2012 What does an evil werewolf do when given a puppy to eat as a snack?
Do I Want To Be The Guy? October 18th, 2012 Words from his last meeting with Riku come back to haunt him, prompting introspection...
Nightmares of Betrayal October 18th, 2012 After a long day through the dungeon with Priel, getting his pendant back, and rescuing two people from the harshness of the desert, Reize turned in for the night. However, his corrupted pendant presents a surprise for him.
Four Lines October 17th, 2012 Still brooding in Hollow Bastion, Riku is harassed by Diablo and the two sneak into one of Maleficent's laboratories. Hilarity and plot development ensues. (A part of 'Bitter Welcome' scene series-- towards the middle/end)
Honesty October 17th, 2012 A curious burst of confidence.
Bitter Welcome October 15th, 2012 A week in Hollow Bastion. The place where monsters go to plan, and to think.
Meanwhile in Lowtown October 14th, 2012 Avira trains in preparation for a tough bounty.
Food Chained October 13th, 2012 Shiki and Sora flee from the terrible desert encounter.
Follow That Stitch October 13th, 2012 Stitch decides it's time to find Lilo. Let's get it on.
System Anomaly October 12th, 2012 A wild MCP has appeared in Manhattan. Lock the doors and hide the data.
A useful fool October 8th, 2012 Deelel finally manages to escape from the grid however to her horror she discovers she's being used by MCP as a test subject. Then she must deal with the strange world of the users.
Those Strange Feelings October 8th, 2012 After cheering up Shiki, Reize considers his feelings for Shiki after getting kissed by her.
Her Nightlight October 8th, 2012 All that goes 'bump in the night' for one troubled Elf, and how she deals with it.
Just A Little Crush? October 7th, 2012 A curious musical number by Shiki Misaki.
The Disneyfication, Part I October 5th, 2012 Squall's first exposure to the Heartless... and... the Power of Lyricals?!
Reize and Shiki in DESERTS OF DEATH October 1st, 2012 The curious quest of Reize and Shiki.
The Almighty Will of Baron September 30th, 2012 In a world newly forged, where do a mighty kingdom's borders lie? Wherever the strength and resolution of those who lead and defend see fit to place them.
Don't Kill Me September 30th, 2012 The curious logic of dreams... and nightmares.
Cutscene - Day ??? September 17th, 2012 The curious tale of Shiki Misaki.
Wandering in Darkness Part 2 September 16th, 2012 The end of the beginning of the end.. of the beginning.
An End To the Beginning September 16th, 2012 The Night of Fate
Wandering in Darkness: Part 1 September 16th, 2012 Author’s note: Those who lose their world often spend an indeterminate time wandering in darkness. Sometimes these journeys are brief and unspectacular, a passing from one dream to another. Often they are passed through without even consciousness. They drift and are found, or lost, on the various worlds they wash up on by the whim of chance or the gods of fate. This journey is not one of those.