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The Heartless are swarming across many worlds in the absence of sufficient Keyblade wielders. The enigmatic Shadow Lords - headed by Maleficent - seem intent to add fuel to this fire. Within the worlds that border the Darkness, Grande villains seek to use the Heartless for their gain or find themselves manipulated by others with far more sinister goals in mind.

Yet, even as darkness spreads, the World Hearts resist. Those worlds whose power was diminished, failing to continue on the strength of their own light, have been meshed together through what remains of their combined power. The 'gates' to their now weakened forms have been left in the hands of a group of women titled the 'Princesses of Heart', none of whom are even aware of their role or how important they are. Much of the darkness that had plagued those worlds still exists in this new one, creating a World of Ruin. Even now, much has been lost to the darkness. Those heroes that remain find themselves pushed back by the Heartless and their 'subjects'.

Where there is still Light, some worlds go unaware of the presence of the Heartless, but it seems unlikely that that will continue for long. Others have already begun to prepare arms against the forces of darkness. Creatures of the night, some long forgotten, have begun to re-surface, while others are drawn to become heroes, rising to the defense of their worlds.

Through the power of Maleficent, deep within Hollow Bastion, Shadow Passages have been formed between these worlds. These permanent connections allow for travel between the worlds, but they also allow the Heartless easier access and ways of moving large forces into those places where the Light remains.

Soon, many worlds will be pulled into all out war against the immense force of the Heartless, the Shadow Lords, and the many villains that would use this opportunity to further their own goals. But will Maleficent's portals backfire on her as people begin to travel through them in search of comrades and help?



The Worlds

Macguffins And Cool Stuff

Entities And Other Stuff

Progression Paths

Progression Paths are standardized and defined options for characters to potentially choose for an upgrade. In almost all cases, a Progression Path is exclusive with any other Path unless specifically listed otherwise. All Paths will require interaction with admin, reasonable player activity, and generally a plot of some kind.

These are not, however, the only options. These are just choices that are directly related to theme. If you have your own unique idea, please feel free to discuss it with admin.