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The setting of Final Kingdom MUSH is split up into four main 'worlds', each of which mostly represents a 'main' theme; Final Fantasy, Traverse Town, Special Areas, and the Worlds Sora Visits - respectively.


World of Ruin

The World of Ruin, a mesh of places that have formed into a unique layout. The united power of the World Hearts meant the loss of the original worlds to the darkness - retaining bits and pieces of each individual world to make this new creation. These World Hearts still continue to light the path for the heroes - who try to find their way out of the stillness of Darkness.

Still, this is also a land that is losing to the darkness. When this world was made, the darkness that tainted the World Hearts rode along into this world. Though many of its citizens may still not realize just how dire things are, the towns that were lost were oft lost due to the actions of their leaders and their employment of the Heartless - or as a result of being overwhelmed by these Heartless. There are some other pieces though, which were misplaced during the creation of this world. Places or important objects that have 'lost their way'.

But the heroes have not given in! They fight for that which remains, and to take back from the Darkness so they may make the world whole again one day. And though they may not yet know it, they are missing the Key to solving that problem...

The new world, the so called 'World of Ruin', has four large landmasses - Continents - and a lot of islands at their center. Somehow, these have all managed to be connected by seaports and airships. In the sky hang two moons, one blue, one a dangerous red.

Full World.jpg

Central Isles

The Central Isles contain Luca, Balamb and Castle Argus at its pure center. From there, in loose directions, one finds Bevelle and Wutai. Not many have explored the Central Isles area, so further islands may still lie waiting. Luca itself has become an immense hub of travel since the new world was formed.

Wutai Port                                                    (Port)

Northern Continent

The Northern Continent is cold and unforgiving in its western parts, though contains unnatural green to its east. It's home to places such as Mt. Gagazet, Bur-Omisace, the Zanarkand Ruins, Narsche, Macalania Forest, Fruit Village, Guadosalam, Palamecia, Carwen and the dreadful Castle Hein.

Zanarkand Ruins     Giza Plains - Mountainside - Palamecia                                    /        \                               Carwen    Living Forest                               (Port)

Eastern Continent

The Eastern Continent is a hot and desert-like area, which houses places such as Cleyra, Fluorgis, Rabanastre, Vector, Costa Del Sol, the ruins of Home, and the Serpent's Trench which... seems to go to a place named Atlantis.

( Volcano Island ) = Atlantis

Southern Continent

The Southern Continent is green and fresh, but doesn't go untainted. It contains Junon, Galbadia, the Chocobo Fields, Goug (Midgar), Tycoon, the Mist Forest, Alexandia and Lindblum.

Lindblum                      ( Manhattan )                                (Sky Port)

Western Continent

The Western Continent is a smaller, heavily forested continent. It's home to the Magical Kingdom of Mysidia (Gariland), Tramdine Fens, Cornelia, Fynn, and Baron - and is by many seen as the safest and most untouched continent.

Baron Port                                (Port)

Traverse Area

The Traverse Area is no longer what it used to be. Or rather, it is far more. It is a safe haven, and many of those who dwell on the crossroads find themselves veering towards this place. It is the layover, the place of rest, and a place that many of the World of Ruin's heroes come to for respite. Heartless are rare here, and only the weakest manage to slip through the cracks - lest there be a serious invasion. And even then, there will always be a steady supply of those who will protect this last and true safe haven.

Fantasia Tower  </div>

District 1

The first district is an area of relaxation and contains a few sparse shops for one's daily needs, and gives access to the grande Roman colliseum run by a loudmouthed Satyr named Phil... who has issues with counting. In addition, the First District is home to the WildKat Cafe, ran by a man from a strange place - and common stopping point for Players.

District 2

Traverse Town's second district contains a sizable inn which takes in people at no cost; though there appears to be nobody who actually works there... it is always perfectly maintained. Some talk of the world of a powerful wizard in this respect.

District 3

The third district is where one might say the heroes have their main base; The 'Small House', which always seems to have just enough room for what is needed.

Montressor Space Port

To the North of Traverse Town, accessibly from the Third District, one comes to the massive Montressor Space Port. Shaped like a half moon, this space port could easily allow its residents to sail through The Darkness with little fear, and might very well be able to rival some of the airship fleets in The World of Ruin. However, the military that runs the place refuses to budge and get involved. They are busy enough with some of the Space Pirates and Heartless that come too close to the Traverse Area.


And finally, there is the beach town of Boddhum; to the south of District 3, and west from the portal. Though little of its oceanside is left, much of its oppression's elements have been removed, and this is where many heroes might come to relax. The ocean stretches out a fair bit towards the southeast, but people generally stay away from the 'darker edges' around the Traverse Area.


The Darkness isn't so much an 'area', and goes beyond exact description. But what is known is that it contains some areas of interest.

(  Hein  )  (     Port Royal      )             ( Archades )                               ( Chinese Countryside )             (  Castle  )                               ( British Countryside )                                                        (   Eastern Desert    )

  • The most traveled place is The Crossroads. Ever since the portals started appearing in the worlds, many have found them to be connected to this place. The heartless here are fairly random in strength - but it must never be forgotten that their home is closest here. All types of Heartless can and will be found here.
  • This is also the home to Castle Oblivion. A complete mystery to most, its doors only open rarely. But for those who visit, they find themselves visiting parts of worlds believed to be lost, and invading on memories of other people. It is a complex place.
  • A strange city in and off of itself, this place also contains an area that has given people so many nightmares - that it has been named Nightmare Town. Run by a strange being named Jack Skellington, this place is slowly starting to be impacted by the Heartless, but is quite welcoming to most people with a strong heart.
  • Finally, the Darkness place is also where the Shadow Lords reside - within Hollow Bastion - and even some of the dimensional Final Fantasy villains have found their homes, like the X-Zone, moved to. Even the Esper's world, Feymarch, has been connected to this place.


The worlds of Phantasia are split up amidst time, but all connected in some way to the Phantasia Mountain near the crossroads. They are a varying shards of worlds from different time-periods. Yet, they all have one thing in common - to some extent or another, magic exists. And in some of these worlds, some very potent magic is found.


This area contains some high technology and strange creatures akin to the Demi-Humans of Final Fantasy 9. The richest man in this world - David Xanatos - has noticed the presence of the portals, and is quite interested in their... potential. Citizens are worried of the creatures that sometimes slip from it - but find themselves protected by creatures of the night.

<Ship To> - Manhattan Docks -  Southern Manhattan - The Arcade                                                                     \                                                                    Eyrie Building                                                                         vvv                                                     ( Iifa tree ) == Eyrie Tower

The Roving Islands

This area finds itself inhabited by rowdy pirates, kids that refuse to age, and a small island volcano with on-the-loose alien experiments. Most of them are unaware of the portals, but the pirates are well enough equiped to keep the few heartless that come through - at bay. But will their technology be enough if those of the World of Ruin decide to break through?

Hawaii        NeverLand

Land of Dragons

A small empire was once at threat by the dangerous Huns - but now even far more. Luckily, their soldiers are a good match for the small heartless that dare venture beyond the portal. And while their technology is low, their ancestors may yet protect them - such as the Great Stone Dragon! However, recently, a strange machine has shown up within the walls of China, and the Imperial City has closed its gates in response to a mysterious chamber having opened up within.

( Pride Lands )

The Old Kingdom

On the British Countryside, castles yet exist as they are in fairytales; superstition and sword ruled. And so, many fear that which they cannot understand. But the strong magic and protective spirit of those who rule this place, will surely withstand the heartless that dare come through. Elsewhere, connected to a second portal, lies the small remains of the world of France. It opens to a bramble orchard, a beast's palace, a small but precious diamond mine, and the city of Paris itself; with its mighty cathedral standing proudly at its center.

/     British Forest - British Countryside                                                                                     \                     Forgotten Forest - ( French Countryside )                                                                      La Cite Des Cloches - Notre Dame                                                                    /  ( Forgotten Forest ) - French Countryside - Bramble Orchard - The Beast’s Castle                                                    \                                                 Dwarf Woodlands

Arabian Nights

And finally, but not least, there is the desert realm of Agrabah. Home to much precious magic and strange creatures. Objects that have come to life, and dangerous sorcerers. The heartless are widely present here, and rumors are about that the man named Jafar may be connected to these dark creatures. What's more, there are those who speak of a castle which 'sunk' into the sands recently.

                              ( Phantasia Mountain )                                /  Desert - Agrabah - Eastern Desert - Cave of Wonders        \          ( Figaro Desert )

New Orleans

Home of good food like Gumbo and Beignets - as well as Hoodoo, and Voodoo. Welcome to the New Orleans of 1920s!

         ( Bodhum Trainstation )    -     New Orleans     -      The Bayou

The Pride Lands

The beautiful African prairy, rich with wildlife. Here, the animals try to keep the Circle of Life in balance. However, further to the east lies a dark place, from which dark prides come. People who portal into this work become African wildlife animals - and animals from this place who go to China become humanoid of some sorts.

Forgotten Valley