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Welcome to Final Kingdoms MUSH!

When you are done, send the application to, using the following subject header; Character Name - OC/FC - Series (This is important!)

We have an automated system in place that helps us sort the application and get back to you quicker!
(!!!) You will know that your email has been received and sorted properly, if you receive an automated reply message within 10 minutes - presuming you use an email service that abides to the standard; Gmail or Hotmail. Yahoo and AOL are known troublemakers.

We /should/ get back to you on any application within three days - unless we are incredibly busy, or short on staff at any one time. Either way - if it takes longer than three days, don't hesitate to nudge staff!


  • Make sure you use the exact formatting for the Subject --> Character Name - OC/FC - Series
  • The spaces in the subject header are important.
  • Always use 'Reply' in regards to an email from us!

Who are you?

What is your e-mail and age? Please note that you must be 13 years of age or older to play on this MUSH.

  • E-mail: - We use this to define alts and keep track of your applications.
  • Age: If you desire, you can write ‘over 18’ if it applies.

Who Is Your Character?

What character are you applying for? Please fill out the appropriate fields for your profile. If the character you are applying for already has a profile and you wish to make changes, note them here.

  • Character Name: Self-explanatory.
  • Sex: Male, female, neuter, or plural.
  • Race: Whether your character is a human, a supernatural being, a mouse, a dog, a duck, or whatever they might be.
  • Force: Any force the character might belong to. If you are uncertain, write "Wandering Force".
  • Group: Any group the character belongs to. If they are unaffiliated, write "None". You can belong to multiple Groups at once.
  • Occupation: An occupation, class, etc. Just a word or two will do.
  • Series: The theme your character is from. If the character is an OC, write "Original Character", and what series they are based off of.
  • Quote: Just a short quote that embodies your character.
  • Profile: A one-paragraph summary of who your character is and what they do. It doesn’t need to be super in-depth, just enough for others to get the basic gist of your character.

Character History

What is the character’s history? You can include their canon here (for FCs) along with anything that’s changed in Final Kingdoms. To us, this is the most important field. This is what sets up why the character is who he/she is, and how they attained whatever powers they may have. Consider things such as birthplace, parentage, childhood - Et cetera.


Please describe your character’s personality. Feel free to go into depth about things like how they relate to others, what they believe in, their motivations, likes and dislikes. We understand however, that with OCs - some of their personality may not have yet formed due to no exposure to the elements of this game. Still, we'd like to see a paragraph or two. In the case of an FC app, this field is important in order to show an understanding of the character.


Describe your character’s powers and capabilities here, both in and out of combat. This includes physical capabilities, any magic they might have, weapon prowess, supernatural or mundane powers. If you so desire, you may additionally define the stats as outlined for the combat system - though staff will retain the final decision on whether to accept them or not. After approval, to gain new abilities, please submit +requests to staff so we can keep track of these changes and approve of them or deny them.

If you wish for more than one ‘Style’, be sure to indicate this clearly, as well as your reasons. Note that we, in general, do not allow for more than 1-2 Styles per character. Also, Final Fantasy 10 summoners use a dedicated Action per summon for their summons, rather than a new mode for each. (See the Attack Examples on the Combat System page.

If you wish to do so: You may also choose your Statistics, Capabilities, Bursts, Actions (10 Special and 2 Limit), and a Paradigm. All of these, for each style. Use the Combat System page for reference. Also!, if you can help it, please use the form as found under the Extra tab in that same file. And always keep in mind, an 'attack' is defined by 'three actions' combined together.

Even if you choose not to specify exactly what you want in regard to the Combat System's Statistics etc, we do expect 10 Special Actions and 2 Limit Actions from you, for each Style your character has. These would be names, and a general reference to what they do in combat. If you need help, see some of the Character or Attack examples listed on the Combat System page.

If really you can't come up with those 10 Special Actions and 2 Limit Actions, we'll try to help out and make some for you.

After approval, you can change your stats etc within the first month freely. This month is considered the Combat System's 'grace period'. After this, please don't request changes to stats more than once a month.

Not everything your character can do, has to be represented in the combat system. So don't feel too forced to pack everything in there if you have a lot of ideas. But try not to give a character too many abilities either.

Extended Application

The Extended Application includes all the same fields on the Standard Application, but we require that background, personality, and abilities be outlined in more detail. This should include, a lengthy background (5+ paragraphs minimum), personality (3+ paragrahs minimum), and a fully defined powers section which includes written information about any unusual abilities.

The following characters require the use of an Extended Application:

  • Feature Characters
  • FC/Canon Princesses of Heart/Keyblade Wielders
  • Original-Characters from Original-Worlds
  • Shadow Lords
  • Sorcerers

The following characters may not be applied for at creation time, and may only develop through role-play:

  • Non-Canon Princesses of Heart (Dusk Princesses)
  • Non-Canon Character Keyblade Wielders

Feature-Characters (FCs): We expect the player to show an understanding of the character's history and personality, including covering up to the time periods defined in the integration files. We do regularly check wiki-entries on characters, and any FC application which too closely resembles a wiki entry may be rejected by staff. Keyblade Wielders and Princesses of Heart will generally also require a higher level of application. We would ideally like to see an understanding of how events in their past effected them, their thoughts and their opinions, not just a listing of events in their backstory.

Original-Characters from Original Worlds: We expect the player to define any aspects of their world that are needed to tell the story of your character. For a reclusive individual, you may not have to go into as much detail as someone who was intimately involved in day to day affairs. Defining aspects of culture, religion, history, and sources of magic may be important to fully flesh out your OC-World.

To go further into the OCs from OC worlds. We require the character to be from a world that has fallen to darkness. But what's more importantly, is that we'd like an applicant to first consider if the application idea would not also fit in one of the existing worlds in Final Kingdom - and to not bring in anything that seems to not fit the rest of the themes. We're potentially willing to assist and lightly fudge with incorporated theme if it is needed, but this is up to staff digression on a case-by-case basis. As implied with the way the fall of the world is handled, generally a character won't be able to bring what they can't carry on their person during their departure. Some living things might make the journey on their own however.

Shadow Lords and Sorcerers: Shadow Lords and Sorcerer concepts usually have higher power levels than regular characters, and thus we ask that the characters be better defined, especially in realms of powers and abilities. There are major and minor Shadow Lords as well as Sorcerers. Establishing how the character became a Shadow Lord or acquired their powers is important for these applications.


Preferably, we'd like to see some Original Characters, and some Feature Characters - but we will not negatively judge based on that criteria.

  • You can apply for an alt character two weeks after the approval of the last.
  • There is a total of five alt slots made available to each player.
  • Don't apply for an alt that logically would require to interact with another of your characters to carry plot, like Cecil and Rosa, or Sora and Riku.

Appable Races

In general, the following races are available for application:
Humans, Demi-human, Elf, Moogle, Burmecian, Qu, Ronso, Guado, Hypello, Al Bhed, Bangaa, Seeq, Viera, Vampire, Goblin, Mermaid, Lamia, Gargoyle.

Any other races which are humanoid and are generally able to interact/communicate with the population of the game at large are usually okay. If it existed in an integrated part of Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts, then it is likely appable. However, we would like to avoid things like talking animals and teacups running around as player characters.

If you have any concerns about a race you have selected, please contact the staff to see if it is something that you can apply for.

Restricted Races: Unlimited, Mist & Madein Summoners.
Inappable Races: Non-humanoid Creatures(^), Animated Objects, Cetra, New-Olympians, Genies, True Immortals, Nobodies, Heartless, Espers (Aeons, Eidolons, etc.), Fae (^).

Restricted Concepts

There are some concepts that are restricted on this game of course - either to keep their numbers low, or to reflect certain key theme elements from one series or another. We'll try to put them down as plainly as possible, but know that if something is 'restricted', it doesn't mean it cannot be applied for - the application will just be under more scrutiny. Only if stated that something is 'inappable', can one not app it.

Character types which are Restricted, Moderated, or Limited must fill out an Extended Application.

  • Inappable Concepts: Clone of an FC, OCs or FCs from FC-worlds that are Rejected, OC Princesses of Hearts from OC Worlds.
  • Restricted Concepts: Sorcerers
    • Teleportation: Teleportation is extremely rare, and in-combat teleportation is right out. Most teleportation mechanics are requested to take time to set up, and open a passage way rather than moving a person directly, and restricted to a limited distance. Most common teleportation mechanics do not allow one to carry another person with you. Shadow Lords do however have the Corridors of Darkness.
    • Master Sorcerers (FC Only) such as Malificent, Yen Sid, and Merlin will be extremely difficult to app, and we ask that players do NOT choose these as a first character. We ask that you take some time to play a character first and show us you are active and responsible before seeking to app one of these concepts. Talk to Staff if you are interested in any Master Sorcerer.
    • Journeyman Sorcerers (FC/OC) may be apped with some restrictions. They cannot have the level of power of any Master Sorcerer, and will have minimal 'world changing' magic which must be approved by staff at creation, or via tiny-plot.
  • Moderated Concepts: Shadow Lords, Princesses of Heart, Grand-Judges, Keyblade Wielders, High-Level FCs
    • In regards to PoHs and Keyblade Wielders: Currently, only FC Princesses of Heart and Keyblade Wielders are allowed to be apped. OCs can gain these traits through a different procedure after creation. We do expect a higher level of quality out of applications for these sort of characters.
  • Limited Concepts: OCs from OC worlds
    • We would prefer that people try to fit characters into existing worlds and themes, but we will allow applications for Original Characters from Original Worlds, as long as they are well written and follow theme in relation to fallen worlds.

Original Characters

Original characters have no activity requirements and do not idle out. However, an original character who is inactive for a year may be set unapproved and removed from the rosters until the player asks to be reinstated.

Feature Characters

Feature Characters, as recognizable faces with established roles, are expected to RP at least one logged +scene a month. If an FC's player goes on vacation, they should put up a vacation notice. If an FC does not meet these standards, they may be set IDLE, which can be viewed on the rosters, and the player will receive an e-mail notifying them of this.

Any FC which is set IDLE -- that is, is played but is inactive -- is available for application if you contact staff. If necessary, staff will mediate between the two players to make sure no character remains both unplayed and unavailable.

To no longer be set idle, simply log a +scene and talk to a staffer to set you back to FC status. Try to remain active. If an FC character remains IDLE for too long, often because the player has not logged in for a total of 60 days, the character will be OPENed for free application.


One of our players - currently playing Beatrix and Tifa Lockhart - made a Microsoft Excel file for helping with your application. Download the file found at this link. If that link does not work: use this one. This is an outside file - not supported by staff, but made by an appreciated player/guest.