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There are three overarching Forces, also referred to as an 'Alignment'. The Forces are a vague outline of where good and evil lie - and are explained in deeper detail on their respective pages. In addition to these, there are actual groups - be they Organizations, Empires, a team of adventurers, etc.

It is important to note: While these groups may fall under certain alignments/forces, this corresponds to the intentions of the group as a while, their leadership, and/or the average member of the group, not the group as a whole. Another way of phrasing this would be, the inevitable path this 'group' will follow is one that follows to Ruin, Restoration, or otherwise. A character themselves, may be of any Force within these groups.

  • Changing Groups: Send a +request to staff.
  • Adding a new Group: Send a +request to staff. We require at least 3 active members to form a Group, with the exception of FC groups which are not currently listed.

Forces of Ruin

Those who seek to control the land or destroy the world. Those who believe in the right of the strong. One is not specifically 'evil' if one is in this group, but just on the 'wrong' side of things.

Forces of Restoration

Those who seek balance and peace. Though their methods do not have to be 'good' specifically, they tend to be - and they are typically seen as your 'heroes'.

Wandering Force

Those who do not identify with either the Forces of Restoration or Ruin. Villagers, explorers, those who do not try to be heroes or villains.