Alexis Belerang

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Alexis Belerang and Sygg Zheitim
Alexis Belerang.jpg
Age Teens
Species Human
Sex Female
Height Short
Weight Light
Series Final Kingdom
Combat Styles Double Trouble
Hometown Belerang Kingdom
Group Unaffiliated
Occupation/Job Princess and Adventuring Cohort
Force: Forces of Restoration
"With my Kingdom gone, where lies my path in life now?"
Recent Events
Having come to Flynn, Alexis has tasked Sygg with repairing Reize's rusty 'treasure'.


Raised as a coddled and prissy princess in an idyllic kingdom, Alexis lived life like you would expect from such a girl. In her teens, the girl was forced to leave her kingdom along with her cohort, Sygg - a young smithing apprentice and up-and-coming adventurer - in order to avoid whatever cruel fate an invading kingdom would have bestowed upon the two. With a small knack for magic and traveling with a physically capable youth, the two try to keep one-another safe on their travels as they try to figure out where life will take them.


A long time ago, in a place far far away, in a kingdom which only knew peace, there lived a proud king and his beautiful wife. Both were endeared by the people, both by the privileged and the not so privileged. The land was bountiful, and the kingdom, surrounded in full by a range of mountains, was a place of neigh idyllic proportions.

It was in this time of peace that the king and queen had a healthy daughter, Alexis. Her features were much like her mothers, and as she would age, she would be certain to inherit her mother's timeless beauty. Growing up, young Alexis had everything, and her servants were at her beck and call. She was doted on, and she repaid them with the kindness of her smiles. Most of all, the girl came to love her father. They would spend time together, after her lessons in etiquette and learning, to go hunting by use of Falcons or do other such delightful king-princess things. And of course, every morning, her mother would do her hair ensuring that she would be fit to see the masses with the pride of a royal.

Things were perfect within the kingdom. Harmony remained for a long time as the girl grew up, the people loved her as much as they loved the king and queen. In her later years, young Alexis would go riding out into the fields, visiting the farms and bestowing that warm smile on the farmers and the townsmen. She even became friends with a handsome young smith's apprentice in one of the neighbouring towns; a friendship that took off beautifully, and became sanctioned by the king and queen. Her father had once been a commoner after all.

Yet... of course... peace was not to remain forever. And why would someone care about a pretty pretty princess who everyone adores anyway? What is a happy ending, without a defining journey? Where is the struggle? Where is the romance!? And will there be a shoulder dragon!?

The struggle came one day, in the form of a man from the outside. A man who had climbed the mountains and had found the isolated kingdom. A man known only as... Malice.

This man came to the kingdom seeking an audience with the king. And in this audience, he declared that this kingdom was now under the rulership of another. He insulted the king, right in front of his royal subjects, as well as the Queen and Princess

As a girl who’d never seen a shred of hardship, it was her mother who took this insult the hardest. And after the King sent the man to leave, allowing him to sleep for one day in the castle to rest. It was Alexis’ mother who ended up slipping poison into the man’s food. Misery succumbed to the poison and went out quietly... but not before speaking a curse onto the kingdom.

From that day, dark tidings came. The second Kingdom brought its army to the mountains with the intent of invading Alexis’ home. And for a kingdom which prided itself upon peace and prosperity, there was little chance for it to be able to resist. Its soldiers were not trained for much more than stopping drunken bar-fights.

It was as such that the king and queen gathered the princess and her love, and asked the young smith to take their daughter to safety - outside of the mountains. They gave him a map that would lead him to an abandoned mine that should take them to the other side. This young man, named Sygg, took upon this task with valor. Given a sword, armor and a shield by the king, he was ready. Alexis was instead given a valuable locket by her mother, as well as some light armor, an arrow and bow set, and Alexis’ young and favored falcon - along with a small ‘necklace’ which would attach perfectly to said falcon. Her mother told her to always keep that locket with her - it would protect her and bestow her power when she would need it the most.

The two youngsters had little explanation as to why they had to leave. But they understood the threat of another kingdom. Sygg took Alexis’ hand, and together the two fled the castle. By the time they reached the mountainside, they could see the fields burning in the distance. In a ways, to the boy, this was both a nightmare, and a dream come true. He’d always wanted to become an adventurer.

Together, the two travelled through the abandoned mine. Of course, to be abandoned means there are monsters. And the two did find strange creatures within. At first, they were just bats. Sygg was capable with the sword - and with Alexis’ support from the back and her trusty Falcon Liffe - these monsters were easily dealt with.

Halfway through the mine, the two took a break. Not just because they were tired from all the walking, but emotionally too. And so, having made a campfire, Alexis and Sygg fell asleep against one another, heads on one-another’s shoulders. They go undisturbed by the monsters - fearing the fire.

The next day, they made it through most of the mines, when they heard a strange skittering sound behind them. Or perhaps more like pots and pans being beaten around. When they turned around, they came across their first Heartless. A creature that had very clearly come from the direction of the Kingdom they’d just abandoned. A Soldier Heartless.

One must understand, neither of these two were particularly ‘good’ warriors. And though the little fights against Bats and some rats here and there were enough to give them a little bit of experience, the fact remains; Sygg is merely a smith boy with dreams of grandeur, and Alexis was nothing but a coddled princess. She knew how to shoot a bow, sure! But never against something that moved like this. Not something with a weapon!

The struggle was fierce. And whilst Sygg’s blade was sharp, he seemed unable to do much harm to the creature other than knock away its blade and send its helmet flying. Alexis’ arrows did nothing. And the Falcon was nothing but a nuisance to the thing. After Sygg getting a nasty gash to his arm, the two decided to run. To leave this place and find a safer one...

The two would travel out of the mine, and found a forest with more monsters. And through fighting and general camaraderie, it was that the two would come to realize just how much of a sheltered life they’d lived in their former kingdom.

When they finally made it to a strange town, where they finally found an inn to stay it and made themselves comfortable, it came out that Alexis had the penchant for some magic. A trip to a magical shop had the girl on her path to some basic elemental spells, while Sygg had more luck with a swordsman who was willing to teach him a few simple techniques for some coin.

But it was not long thereafter that they found themselves having to leave again. The Kingdom that had taken theirs was coming this way, not halting its expansion. When the little town began to burn around them as the soldiers raided the place, Sygg once again took Alexis by the hand and led her to safety...

But this time, he would only bring her so far. Behind them, in the kingdom they’d once left behind, in that place of light - had been the center. The center of that world. And with darkness having beset it, the Keyhole was found by the Heartless which had invaded. As such, their world became to be drowned in darkness. Heartless began to pop up everywhere. And whilst Sygg and Alexis were having a little better luck routing the strange creatures of darkness... before too long, the world was simply no more. The two held onto one-another, in their teens, as the darkness invaded upon their last campfire.

And then there was light. The light of hope and children’s love as the two held onto one-another’s hands... and were taken out of the darkness between worlds and into a place called Traverse Town.


Alexis Belerang is a girl of smiles and mild behavior. Unlike her mother, who had that slightest of dark taint, the girl is a beacon of light and kindness. Raised to love everyone, but certainly also coddled, she has never really known hardships. As such, things such as violence are strange to her - and she would certainly find it hard to resist a 'person' if they tried to cheat her. She approaches all people with kindness, and is quick to give of herself even when she may not have much to give. Beggars will be granted her last pocket change, and she meshes well with Sygg in that she’s quick to take on quests from strangers. She’s come to be quite endeared by Sygg, and trusts him without question thanks to his track record of protecting her.

Luckily, she has Sygg Zheitim with her, a young man who isn’t as strange to the real world around her, and is a bit quicker on picking up things. Raised by a Smith father, whose name happened to be Smith as well, the youth knows what life can be really about. He’s an excitable youth who tends to dive into problems head first, having been raised with stories about adventurers and mighty dragon-slayers! Having come to care for Alexis, he’s also focussed on ‘protecting the princess’.


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