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Not Stolen Art, No Sirrie
Age 20
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 5'4"
Weight Slender
Series Final Kingdom
Combat Styles The BGM
Hometown A small, unimportant village
Group Madam Rosemarie's Magical Assistance
Occupation/Job Indentured Bard
Force: Wandering Force
Theme Song Canon in D
... ... ...tch.
Recent Events
Getting hung over and not remember the previous night's incident(s), but she assumes she must have had fun.


A musician of some considerable talent, Annalee is a regrettably mute bard in the employ of the witch, Rosemarie. Except that she seems to dislike the terms of her employment greatly, and the witch herself even moreso. Despite this she suffers in silence. Her lot in life seems to be relegated to following Rosemarie around and providing the background music for whatever it is that the witch does. Lacking a voice, Annalee is forced to express herself with her double zither, expressive gestures, and occasionally throwing things. Some suspect that there is something off here, but those that tend to pry deeper have an odd habit of disappearing.


Music - Annalee is a gifted virtuoso... in fact, some whisper that she is supernaturally gifted or that her talent is not otherwise natural. Whichever the case, Annalee's music is capable of affecting the world around her in a fashion similar to geomancers, laying down field effects and calling up primordial forces with nothing more then sounds from her double zither.

Strudel - Annalee bakes a fine strudel. A damn fine strudel.


KFC Behemoth Style April 7th, 2013 The Eclipse Behemoth wants some KFC! Chocobo Like in Behemoth Flavor choices. The problem is, adventures don't want the Behemoth to have his KFC.


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