Artemis Eurus

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Artemis Eurus
Age 25
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 6'0"
Weight *Unsheathes sword*
Series Final Fantasy Tactics
Combat Styles Masked Samurai
Hometown Ivalice
Group New Zodiac Braves
Occupation/Job Samurai
Force: Forces of Restoration
Theme Song
" has become my bread and butter. I will not add Oathbreaker to my crimes."
Recent Events
Fought Louis LeBlue on the Plains of Sabil.

Character History

Artemis grew up in Zeltennia, a kingdom often at war. Her father Henrik was a military official of high rank, well known and respected even beyond their borders. Her family is of the minor nobility, raising in ranks through hard work and talent. Art's mother was a well known healer, a gentle woman with an iron determination Artemis most certainly inherited.

Artemis was the second child, born 5 years after her brother Louis, who was very protective of her while she was small and an excellent companion and teacher as she grew into maturity. The two would spar for hours upon hours as children until Louis was sent off to the Academy. It was a lonely few years before she talked her parents into sending her to the Academy as well, which they did once she came of age.

As Louis was quite a warrior, he became well known quickly. He was large, strong, handsome and talented; very popular, though he never let it get to his head. Upon graduation, Louis decided he would become a Templar for the Church, a respectable if somewhat unexpected choice.

Artemis had no desire to follow him there, but did follow in his footsteps in terms of reputation. She took her training very seriously, focusing on martial arts and the katana, becoming a deadly force the army looked forward to recruiting eagerly. Indeed, there was talking that she would likely find herself among the elite fighting force.

Unfortunately, before Artemis could complete her time at the Academy, something truly terrible happened. While both Artemis and Louis were home for a holiday, Artemis overheard and argument between her brother and her father. It was not long before she heard a sword drawn and rushed in just in time to see her brother impale her father on his sword. Artemis was so shocked she was struck dumb, unable even to scream. Louis came at her then with his sword still stained with their father’s blood. Artemis drew her weapon and the two fought fiercely, but Louis triumphed, knocking her out in the end.

Artemis woke to find Louis was gone and her father was dead. She swore over his corpse to avenge him, even though that meant she would need to kill her beloved brother.

Then, with no idea what else to do, Artemis took off into the wilderness and disappeared for two years, putting on a mask to hide her face to either hide her identity, or for a more complicated, psychological reason.

It is only in the last few months that she began to hear stories of the heretic Ramza, who was wanted by the Church and who had been to the Academy as well. Perhaps he might know something about her brother. Perhaps, it is time to come back to the world...


Artemis is a very intense individual. In everything she commits herself to she is dedicated, almost to obsession. She is quite a strong woman, though not as hard as one might expect. She is not without sympathy or empathy, indeed, she seeks to uphold what is good and true. Honor is extremely important to her. She follows her own code of honor based on the beliefs and ideals of her father and her ancestors.

Above all else, Artemis is a warrior. Growing up in Zeltennia, war has always been a part of Artemis’ life. Her father was a warrior, and her brother after him. It seemed natural to follow in their footsteps. The martial arts were her passion, and she trained from a young age with obsessive dedication and meticulous discipline.

Always a very serious child, Artemis had very few real friends. Her older brother was her closest friend, first teacher, and idol. Though five years her senior, Louis and Artemis were extremely close. Artemis admired and adored him, wanting to be just like him; the finest of warriors. Though she has not had many friends, she is not opposed to making them and is not socially awkward. She was trained to move around in social circles by her noble family and can be quite charming; she simply has been known to keep a distance from most she meets due to her fierce nature and interest in fighting.

In battle, Artemis is ferocious. Brutal, even. For while she fights for peace, she /enjoys/ fighting. To her, a good fight is like a religious experience. She does not deny her wild side, nor that she has a battle lust--though she does not let it take over her mind and good senses. Even in the rush of battle, honor comes first. Artemis reveres the summon Odin as the epitome of a warrior, coming quite close to worshipping him, which they Church would not doubt find heretical.

While the art of war is certainly her passion, it is not her only passion. Artemis has a deep abiding appreciation for tea. Again, almost an obsession. If ever there is peace in the world, Artemis would like to retire to grow and sell her own tea.

Additionally, Artemis manages to retain a disitinctly feminine and often downright sensual air. She is not ashamed of her body, her gender, or her desires, yet another oddity that has often set her apart in the society she grew up in. She has always been a bit of a “bad girl” in that she pursues her desires with little regard to what others think of her, especially evident in her affair with a teacher while she was a student.

Since taking off on her own, Artemis has become even more wild, surviving on her own in the wilderness for an extended period of time. She is an excellent hunter, can build shelter, set traps, identify edible wild plants, etc. She is comfortable in the wild places of the world despite her city upbringing.







Hunt For Priest March 6th, 2014 A small group of Shadow Lords, led by The Huntress, descend upon a local church.
Power Play: Supply and Demand January 30th, 2014 The logical place to look into a power shortage is the local energy distribution station. The energy control grid is usually a heavily guarded place, but what secrets could it hold to explain the outages in Purgos?
The Dark Promise January 25th, 2014 Artemis is introduced to her... benefactor.
Dark Summons January 24th, 2014 The Huntress of the Wild Hunt returns to her flock.
Brigands and Bathtubs July 30th, 2013 The New Zodiac Braves save a merchant from some Heartless-and acquire a bathtub.
A Memory of Vespertine: The Truth Part 2 July 1st, 2013 Feige's plan become fare more clear. Her master appears and revealed the apparent purpose of Isaac's world. The Truth is perhaps the most horrifying thing the TDA has encountered since this all began.
A Memory of Vespertine Part 1 June 24th, 2013 Feige has lured the TDA with some allies into the Castle Oblivion, what awaits them there? Memories, of a world now dead. It's not just any world either it is the world that Isaac calls home. His friends now start to understand the depths of what was lost...and the creeping horror of how this world died.
Home Is Where The... June 20th, 2013 TRON gets ready to hook up the server that was once taken from Flynn's Arcade and gets the computer ready. What he and others don't know is what is about to take place when its all said and done...
A Researcher's Finale I June 15th, 2013 Several heroes step up to stand against the Black Beast and defend Goug from it's rampage. A fierce battle is undertaken and revelations are made. In the end however, certain individuals lack the will to do all that is necessary.
Cathedral Chaos June 11th, 2013 The dedication of the Church's new Cathedral doesn't go quite according to plan.
Teatime Tomfoolery May 31st, 2013 Rumors swirl about Ivo and Morrighan, and the two sit down for tea prior to their upcoming adventure to discuss what to do about it. And by discuss, we mean propose a devious plan. In public, before prying eyes, and within earshot of the target in question. Skulls are gripped and tea is sprayed, but it could be worse -- right?
Tea is for Lovers May 25th, 2013 Artemis and Ramza take a bit of a vacation to visit an old friend of Artemis and help him with the tea harvest in the Wuyi Mountains.
Connection Established May 24th, 2013 Akari and Aeschere decided to check out the bazaar and end up hooking up with some old acquaintances.
Random Encounters are Always Silly May 20th, 2013 Ramza's group faces a random encounter. Maybe they shouldn't have grinded Artemis' levels.
A Game of Tag and Kidnappings May 4th, 2013 The students of the Alexander Academy were tasked to assist Billy at the Chocobo Ranch with the stock. Of course, the Wild Card Sanel came into play.
No More Man Cards May 3rd, 2013 Ramza and Artemis bond--Ramza hilariously flubs an innuendo.
Black Market Bust April 30th, 2013 Clayton and his thugs set up camp to hawk their illegal animal wares, until some people take offense to it.
TEA-SENSEI April 30th, 2013 Artemis teaches a couple members of the Network about tea.

No one survives.

Okay maybe they do.

Ramza's Ridiculous Modesty April 22nd, 2013 The New Zodiac Braves have a little chat after a night ambush of their camp. Artemis lectures Ramza on his modesty.
Ambush the Heretics! April 20th, 2013 Faruja, Ophelia and Helena ambush the New Zodiac Braves. Zack pulls a helicopter out.
Around the NZB Campfire April 17th, 2013 Some of the New Zodiac Braves have a chat.
A Day At The Beach With Fair Weather April 13th, 2013 Zack goes to retrieve a sword from a volcano in Hawaii, along with the New Zodiac Braves. It turns into a beach party as they celebrate...being on a beach.
Malice Striker April 4th, 2013 Artyom has had a dream and it has brought him to the Phantom Forest. He has not come alone and he seeks the Esper that lurks here.
Vault Hunter: Part 1 April 2nd, 2013 Royce, upon discovering an ancient key, goes looking for the lock which she suspects will be found in the ruins of other Ajoran temples. Unfortunately, her timing is terrible and a veritable army of heroes stand in her way.
War upon the plains of Sabil March 29th, 2013 War is to be had when Ramza and some of his troops are spotted too close to Mullonde, and a powerful Shine Knight descends upon him along with both Unexpected as well as Expected allies.
Knights of Shadow March 28th, 2013 The Dark Knight comes to Fluorgis, and begins to test a fellow Dark Knight and two unlikely heroes.
Crazy Bar Fun! March 25th, 2013 Katyna walks into a bar and runs into Faruja,but is too scared to reveal her ugly secret to him. Artemis gives her some tough love advice..
Tough Love March 25th, 2013 Artemis meets Sir Faruja, Deelel, and gives Katyna some tough love--just about the only kind of love she has.
Enter the Dragon March 24th, 2013 A strange woman comes to Ramza, offering her services. What exactly is he getting himself into?


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