Celina Duvalis

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Celina Duvalis
Age 30
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 5'9
Weight 130 lbs
Series Gargoyles
Combat Styles Healer
Hometown New York City
Group Twilight Detective Agency
Occupation/Job Criminalist
Force: Forces of Restoration
Theme Song Section Quartet - Time Is Running Out
"It'll be okay, I promise."
Recent Events
Rejoined the Twilight Detective Agency after some time away.


A Memory of Vespertine Part 1 June 24th, 2013 Feige has lured the TDA with some allies into the Castle Oblivion, what awaits them there? Memories, of a world now dead. It's not just any world either it is the world that Isaac calls home. His friends now start to understand the depths of what was lost...and the creeping horror of how this world died.
Enter Macbeth March 10th, 2013 While recovering from their wounds, the TDA meets with Evja... But more importantly, a man from Manhattan has come to introduce himself, named Macbeth. What could this mean for the ongoing battles to restore Manhattan?
Dark Distractions March 9th, 2013 While Xanatos Gambits are being spin, shadows sweep out of the background to provide some serious beatdowns and lobster butter.
A Heretic's Plea March 5th, 2013 A man walks into the TDA and requests their help after making startling revelations.
Aftermath Of British Occupation February 27th, 2013 After Clayton's invasion, the TDA winds itself down.
Manhattan Restoration: Merlin's Invitation December 27th, 2012 After fending off an attack from Mad Madam Mim, heroes are gathered to hear Merlin's tidings of comfort and joy, or at least tidings of 'not all hope is lost, now go out and kicks ome ass.'
Running Out Of Time December 27th, 2012 The TDA meets the time-controlling murderer of Legion. Things get complicated!
It's Christmas, Cirra Constantine! December 25th, 2012 A chance meeting between Mercade, Sable, and an erstwhile Judge results in Cirra asking the most terrible question one can ask during a holiday on a Disney-based MUSH. Musicals ensue.
The Reunion December 17th, 2012 Mercade and Celina meet in Traverse Town, which rapidly develops into a massive confluence of fate... and a meeting with the one responsible for their ills.
The Phantom Seventh December 1st, 2012 A mysterious Frenchman confronts Mercade and Celina in unusual circumstances.
In A New York Minute: The Gangs All Here November 29th, 2012 Unknown forces engage in a raid into the blackout area of the Harbor, attempting to acquire more of Xanatos' powerful laser weaponry. Surely this isn't going to go wrong at all.
What The Hobo Brought In November 26th, 2012 It's a stormy evening in Manhattan, and sometimes even the King of Hobos brings in a lost one for help. Too bad this time it's Leida...
The Gift of Thanks November 23rd, 2012 Riku and Cirra Constantin drop in on the TDA at the end of their Thanksgiving celebrations. Food is had, friendship is shared, and The TDA gets a new roomer.
And Then There Were Six November 21st, 2012 Another new face shows up around the Detective Agency. What's her story, and why did she come here?


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