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Age Early 30's
Species Duck/Demon
Sex Female
Height Amazonian
Weight 250 pounds
Series Darkwing Duck
Combat Styles Demon Queen of St. Canard
Hometown Transylvania
Group Unaffiliated
Occupation/Job Supervillain
Force: Forces of Ruin
"Bow down to the Demon Queen of St. Canard!"
Recent Events
Went on a looting spree with Negaduck. The only thing she returned with was a black eye, care of Will Sherman.


Malicia is a fan character of the Darkwing Duck universe, originating from the same magical society as Morgana Macawber (Darkwing's girlfriend). She is a female duck and a supervillain with fire elemental abilities. She has no particular allegiance to anyone aside from herself, leaving ample opportunity for her to meet new allies and make a few enemies!


Once upon a time, a power-hungry sorcerer sold his first-born child to Beelzebub in exchange for immortality. But when Beelzebub came to claim his prize, the sorcerer's wife couldn't bear to give up her baby, and offered her eternal servitude in exchange for her baby's freedom. Beezlebub agreed, and the now-immortal sorcerer was left with a squalling child that, in his view, his wife valued more than their marriage.

This child was Malicia, and she grew into a self-centered and spiteful young adult with a personal interest in the same dark magic that led to her mother's subjugation. Following in the footsteps of family tradition, she was enrolled as a student at the Eldritch Academy of Enchantment, but she was expelled in her final year after she was caught trespassing in the Library of Forbidden Spells. Having no use for the restrictive laws of her society, she ventured out into the world of Normals where she quickly realized her elemental abilities and strength could be used to take whatever she wanted from those weaker than her.

Eventually her greed brought her to Calisota, where the combination of the infamous Scrooge McDuck's money bin and St. Canard's menagerie of banks and jewelry stores were a temptation too good to pass up. But it wasn't long after her arrival that the city of St. Canard fell into Darkness, and Malicia found herself intrigued by the arrival of the Heartless. With her world distracted by a greater threat, she has decided to use this chaos to her advantage and carve out her own little kingdom in Calisota. But doing so may require a little 'assistance', and thus she has begun to track the source of the Heartless, hoping to find a greater power beyond.


Vain, self-involved, and far too overconfident, Malicia doesn't care about anyone other than herself. She likes to think of herself as a dignified lady with a calm, regale demeanor, but in reality she is quick to lose her temper and prone to throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way.

She believes in pampering herself daily. When she's not robbing banks and burning down shoe stores that don't carry her size, you'll find her at the Spa, shrieking at the employees for another massage and martini.

"Doesn't play well with others" is the best way to describe this fiery-tempered felon. Most of her criminal career is spent solo, but she is not necessarily on bad terms with other villains -- she will make occasional short-term alliances when necessary but they often fall apart at the seams when things aren't working in her favor. She has a weakness for shoes and shiny things, and occasionally rages about how "The Billmore Girls" shouldn't have been canceled.



The Tolerated

Name Opinion
Negaduck "He's handsome, powerful, brilliant... and the most treacherous being I've ever met. I need to watch my back around this one."
Merlock "Another Shadow Lord I met briefly in Agrabah. He has a rather impressive handle on the Heartless. Definitely someone I want on my side of the playing field."
Garland "What is this thing?! I don't even..."
Hades "Someone I wouldn't mind getting to know a bit better. Minus the dying part."
Souji Murasame "I don't know what to think of this one. He's polite, at least."
Kuja "Absolutely bizarre creature, appears to have own theme song."

'To Burn' List

Name Opinion
Will Sherman "How DARE he bruise my beautiful face! I'm going to make him suffer..."


Baron Reminded October 17th, 2013 After her initial 'date' into Baron, Maleficent returns - intend on finishing the job.
An Innocent Question. July 7th, 2013 Outside the Arcade, Deelel is about to head out on some business with a mysterious dame comes looking for how to contact the TDA. This can not go wrong! It's just an innocent question. Sadly the intent is likely far from innocent given Malicia's likely plans.
Villains Strawberry Social July 6th, 2013 Malicia hosts a nefarious gathering of villains that leads to casual socializing. That is, until Negaduck has a little too much to drink...
What Happens Outside Agrabah... July 2nd, 2013 Desert Raiders are attacking caravans heading to or leaving from Agrabah. This is bad. What's worse is that the raiders are all Heartless, meaning they can pop in and pop out more or less at will. They steal anything magical or ancient and then leave. But this time, a caravan has a more capable protector and more people stop by when the trouble begins. But not everyone present is actually trying to help, and watching everyone from above is a sinister bird...
Kidnapping Spree June 29th, 2013 A kidnapping spree done by swarms of heartless and dastardly Illuminators is foiled. But is this truly the end? (Answer: Probably not)
Flirting with Danger June 29th, 2013 Malicia wanders into Hollow Bastion in search of the Shadow Lords to further her research, however, she comes across the very person who plunged St. Canard into the darkness.
The Shining Maze June 17th, 2013 A path to a new world opens... But it is not easily traversed. Nor do its occupants wish visitors...


Licking Wounds June 30th, 2013 After the events of "Kidnapping Spree" Malicia and Negaduck retreat to Hollow Bastion, bruised and defeated from a failed attempt at looting the city of Archades.

Mal is one VERY unhappy duck.