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The worlds of Phantasia are split up amidst time, but all connected in some way to the Phantasia Mountain near the crossroads. They are a varying shards of worlds from different time-periods. Yet, they all have one thing in common - to some extent or another, magic exists. And in some of these worlds, some very potent magic is found.


This area contains some high technology and strange creatures akin to the Demi-Humans of Final Fantasy 9. The richest man in this world - David Xanatos - has noticed the presence of the portals, and is quite interested in their... potential. Citizens are worried of the creatures that sometimes slip from it - but find themselves protected by creatures of the night.

<Ship To> - Manhattan Docks -  Southern Manhattan - The Arcade                                                                     \                                                                    Eyrie Building                                                                         vvv                                                     ( Iifa tree ) == Eyrie Tower

The Roving Islands

This area finds itself inhabited by rowdy pirates, kids that refuse to age, and a small island volcano with on-the-loose alien experiments. Most of them are unaware of the portals, but the pirates are well enough equiped to keep the few heartless that come through - at bay. But will their technology be enough if those of the World of Ruin decide to break through?

Hawaii        NeverLand

Land of Dragons

A small empire was once at threat by the dangerous Huns - but now even far more. Luckily, their soldiers are a good match for the small heartless that dare venture beyond the portal. And while their technology is low, their ancestors may yet protect them - such as the Great Stone Dragon! However, recently, a strange machine has shown up within the walls of China, and the Imperial City has closed its gates in response to a mysterious chamber having opened up within.

( Pride Lands )

The Old Kingdom

On the British Countryside, castles yet exist as they are in fairytales; superstition and sword ruled. And so, many fear that which they cannot understand. But the strong magic and protective spirit of those who rule this place, will surely withstand the heartless that dare come through. Elsewhere, connected to a second portal, lies the small remains of the world of France. It opens to a bramble orchard, a beast's palace, a small but precious diamond mine, and the city of Paris itself; with its mighty cathedral standing proudly at its center.

/     British Forest - British Countryside                                                                                     \                     Forgotten Forest - ( French Countryside )                                                                      La Cite Des Cloches - Notre Dame                                                                    /  ( Forgotten Forest ) - French Countryside - Bramble Orchard - The Beast’s Castle                                                    \                                                 Dwarf Woodlands

Arabian Nights

And finally, but not least, there is the desert realm of Agrabah. Home to much precious magic and strange creatures. Objects that have come to life, and dangerous sorcerers. The heartless are widely present here, and rumors are about that the man named Jafar may be connected to these dark creatures. What's more, there are those who speak of a castle which 'sunk' into the sands recently.

                              ( Phantasia Mountain )                                /  Desert - Agrabah - Eastern Desert - Cave of Wonders        \          ( Figaro Desert )

New Orleans

Home of good food like Gumbo and Beignets - as well as Hoodoo, and Voodoo. Welcome to the New Orleans of 1920s!

         ( Bodhum Trainstation )    -     New Orleans     -      The Bayou

The Pride Lands

The beautiful African prairy, rich with wildlife. Here, the animals try to keep the Circle of Life in balance. However, further to the east lies a dark place, from which dark prides come. People who portal into this work become African wildlife animals - and animals from this place who go to China become humanoid of some sorts.

Forgotten Valley