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"I'm Glad You're On My Side" +A training session between the indomitable Raiya Fujihara and her incorrigible protege Ivo Galvan amidst a garden flooded by the setting sunlight and the quiet snores of fearless leader Reize Seatlan is interrupted by the opportunity for a challenging sparring match and the prospect of great reward. Riku and Ivo, uneasy allies, confront each other for the first time. Will the two of them ever be friends? Or will the different darknesses dwelling in each of them someday make them enemies?  +


'Princess' and Penitent +During the celebrations, Zia drags Percival off to the Shard Seeker's Headquarters to figure out what is bothering him.  +


...Arcade Is +Continues directly after [[Home Is Where The...]] After everything calms down, TRON and Deelel finally get some information out of the mysterious Program who wears TRON's suit.  +
...Said The Spider To The /Incredibly/ Fly Elf +Queegmaa hauls Admiral Rakassa through the streets while she's in a drunk stupor. When a smooth-talking elf comes along with an offer to help take the lustful woman back to her quarters, she makes advances on the elf, who tries his best to remain a gentleman, despite having some sensual impulses of his own underneath his mild manner. Rakassa fails to lure Rylen into her trap..... so far.  +
...would you believe I'm having them cleaned? +Warden breaks back into the Castle of Dreams to leave a fun presents for the people there. However he is intrupted by a pair of no good do gooders. Will our not-so-heroic pirate survive?! Of course he will.  +


1001 Arabian Nights +The hunt for the Fire Shard of Manhattan leads a group of heroes to an excitable bunch of Heffalumps and Woozles with an interesting hobby.  +


A Benign Proposition +Count Valos makes a benign offer to Ramza Beoulve.  +
A Bloom In The Garden +Jasmine senses the approach of Jafar's army of Heartless.  +
A Captive of Baron +Kaydin returns to Baron with the captured Avira. Morrighan of course takes utter pleasure in antagonizing said captive. But as to be expected, she does not submit willingly. It's going to be a long day...  +
A Chance Encounter +Aurora is attempting to speak to the local wildlife and seeming to make some progress when two stranger from worlds alien to her's and each other arrive and they learn some strange things about each other and their home worlds.  +
A Chance Meeting +Morrighan, still trying to grasp her budding dark powers, comes crashing through a dark portal and into...VALKRI HQ. A brief discussion is had in the aftermath.  +
A Chat at the Cafe +After losing at the colisseum against Avira, they celebrate over WildKat cafe(with Reize buying) and have some serious discussions.  +
A Clash of Heroes! ...Maybe. +Luso returns to Rabanastre for some resupplying and rest. Instead, what he gets is...Gilgamesh. 'Nuff said.  +
A Confluence Of Fate +Chaos erupts in Baron as a number of plots crash together in the halls of power with all of the grace of a freight train.  +
A Conversation Long Overdue +Skoll calls for Avira to have a much needed talk.  +
A Court of Bombs +Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb...  +
A Crushing Bore +Both in search of the missing Avira, Evja and Seith end up facing off.  +
A Cunning Plan +Alma and Gerad gather a number of people to speak on a plan seeking a castle buried in the sands of the region. Also talk of a hidden cave of wonders which may be the way to access what they seek comes up. This is but the start of an adventure for good or ill.  +
A Daft Punk +Deelel is working at the Atra Viscus Nightclub, working as a DJ way when she catches sight of two people in the crowd. The DJs from the End of Line Club have found their way out of the digital world and into the larger world beyond.  +
A Dangerous Game +As though team-building exercises were not in themselves inherently ill-advised, Baigan forces the polar opposites which now occupy the ranks of Baron's officers to cooperate in play, with predictably disastrous results. Yet were it not for the presence of a certain masked wanderer, the results might not have been /quite/ so disastrous...  +
A Dangerous Mission to Take +Down at Fluorgis, Reize and Violet had a nice chat, only to run into the Judge Magister. What started off as initial gratiude for the assistance from Archades turned into an invitation for the Shard Seekers to assist them in exploring an untouched land.  +
A Daring Rescue +Avira, Maira, and Angantyr arrive at a nightclub in downtown Manhattan to crash a party...literally.  +
A Dark Offer +Seith approaches Souji with an offer.  +
A Dark Visitor +Seith drops in to give Percival a 'friendly' reminder, but ends up encountering a young sorceress instead.  +
A Day At The Beach With Fair Weather +Zack goes to retrieve a sword from a volcano in Hawaii, along with the New Zodiac Braves. It turns into a beach party as they celebrate...being on a beach.  +
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