Ron Stoppable

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Ronald "Ron" Stoppable
Ron Stoppable Mugshot.png
Age 18
Species Human
Sex Male
Height Medium
Weight Slim
Series Kim Possible
Combat Styles Bumbling Sidekick, Ultimate Monkey Master
Hometown Middleton
Group Team Possible
Occupation/Job Student, Hero, Smarty Mart Employee
Force: Forces of Restoration
Recent Events
Traversing a Town that does NOT have a Bueno Nacho!

Ronald "Ron" Stoppable exists in a world all his own. Wrapped up in the usual teenage tomfoolery, with an extra added dose of Heroics, Ron lives a life full of action, adventure, romance, and Bueno Nacho. As a crucial member of Team Possible, he provides assistance to his best friend, Kim Possible, and lives a life of total and utter loyalty. Armed with gadgets he's not particularly trained in the use of, Mystical Monkey Powers (sometimes) and a Naked Mole Rat, Ron Stoppable is ready and willing to dive head first into any fight that will help protect and save the world. Or worlds. Because that's where Bueno Nacho is. And Kim. And it also gets him out of Health class.

Skills: "Wait Up Kim!", Essential Comic Relief, Bumbling Sidekick, Motto: "Never Be Normal", Ultimate Monkey Master, Famed Creationist: The Naco, Prince of Pantlessness, Weirdly Romantic, Scooter of Anarchy, Fearless Ferret Fanboy, Running Gags, "The Ron", Master of Air Quotes, Social Caterpillar, Textbook Pink Sloth, Advantage: Rufus, Underestimated Underdog, Disaster of Disguise, "AAAAAHHHH! MONKEY!", You Won't Know His Name


Ron's story truly begins on his first day of preschool. It is then that he met Kim Possible, the girl that would change his life forever and set him off on a path of heroism and sidekickery. As their friendship solidified that day, Kim and Ron became inseperable. They grew up having each others backs in all things and it was not until they were about thirteen did their lives take a dramatic turn for heroics.

Ron had a somewhat traumatic childhood, all things considered. Most of his quirks and personality traits can be traced back to his time at Camp Wannaweep. This place was a natural hell for Ron, as he was bullied by the other campers and even forced to share a cabin with the camp's overactive mascot: Bobo. This is where Ron developed his pathological fear of monkeys. Camp Wannaweep was not the best time in Ron's life. And just thinking about that place gives him the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Chills.

Back to Middleton, though, Ron used his friendship with Kim Possible to keep himself as sane as Ron Stoppable could be. Eventually, the horrors of Camp Wannaweep wore off and Ron returned to his lovable bumbling self. A search on the internet led him to the discovery of the Naked Mole Rat, which became the only pet he could have considering the allergies of his parents. This Naked Mole Rat was named Rufus and pretty much became an extension of Ron Stoppable.

Seeing as how he was Kim's best friend, it was only natural that Ron help Kim set up her babysitting website so that she could earn some extra cash:, "I Can Do Anything." Of course, things took a turn for the Freelance Hero department when a costly typo had Laser Grid Creationist and Guru Mr. McHenry contacting Kim instead of the legendary super secret commando squad Team Impossible. Needleess to say, and confusion aside, that Kim and Ron managed to save Upperton Millionaire Mr. Paisley from being trapped in his own vault and thus the ultimate freelance hero team was born!

For the next few years, Kim and Ron made it their business to be in the business of shutting down villainous business. When not helping Kim do her Hero Thing, Ron found himself involved with various other activities that have proven to help Ron become an even bigger help to Kim and her activities. He trained at the Yamanouchi Ninja School in Japan, where he not only learned of his Mystical Monkey Power but also realized that he has been prophesized as the Ultimate Monkey Master. On the more mundane level, Ron has managed to also secure a job at Smarty Mart (he rocks the Pet Department) and even secured himself a spot on the Middleton HIgh football team as a running back. All while helping Kim save the world on a daily basis.

Together, Kim and Ron have made countless enemies, handfuls of allies and even managed to get through some of the scariest moments of high school together. Then again, high school is pretty scary in and of itself. There was, however, one thing that made it even worse.

The Heartless.

It wasn't bad enough that these weird creatures showed up in the first place. It was more that they showed up and ruined Prom. Which, of course, meant that the dreams and aspirations of teenage girls from all across Middleton would be wrecked and ruined. The arrival of the Heartless, though, created the greatest team up of Team Possible to ever be recognized. Led by Kim, Team Possible banded together to push back the Heartless threat that night.

Now, though, with the Heartless on the Horizon and the world as Ron knows it hanging in the balance, Team Possible will combine all their skills and resources to put up a constant fight against the forces of literal darkness that threaten to extinguish their world with each passing moment.

And that's the sitch.


Ron Stoppable has an almost textbook stereotypical Type B personality. He is, for the most part, lacking in ambition and quite lazy. He exists within the social circles as an outcast, mainly and within the context of his high school education, Ron is a poor to average student. Ron has accepted and chosen his lifestyle and could not be happier with it, as he often intones his own motto: "Never Be Normal!"

However, seeing as how Ron Stoppable is an oddity in and of himself, there are times where Ron will wildly deviate and contradict even his own personality traits. He is, to say the least, an unpredictably complicated simpleton that exists within his own headspace but is still capable of functioning within the base social environment that everyone else exists in. Kind of.

Ron's general attitude about the world is one that comes from a perpetually relaxed state of mind. His easy-going nature about almost everything tends to make him highly resistant to peer pressure and other social conformity issues, allowing him to continue to live life at his own pace and run his own race. However, it is this same attitude that gives him the utter laziness that makes him unconcerned with things that are deemed as important to most of the world. He fails horribly at organization, isn't time conscious at all and is a Level 50 Procrastinator. In fact, this is such a big part of him that he almost doesn't understand, intellectually, how his chosen path can be a hinderance to his life and future.

Ron is a completely nonjudgemental social caterpillar. While he doesn't manage to fit into every social circle with ease, Ron has no qualms about kicking it with the popular types or slumming it with those less than savory in the popularity department. Everybody is treated with the same Ron Stoppable, because he has no reason to change his ways. He sees everybody as they are and takes them for how they are, either ignoring or simply not caring how they may react to him. In Ron's eyes, he fits in with everyone.

And that right there is the fundamental personality of Ron Stoppable. While he can be clumsy, a spaz, over-obsessive about anything and everything and completely and utterly jealous of anyone else having the attention of his best friend, there's something about Ron that makes him more than just that bumbling sidekick that he's mostly known as. His ironically contradictory personality is easily explained away as his Intrinsic Ronness. Booyah.


Ron Stoppable is something of a marvel when it comes to his abilities. He's also a contradiction of every trope and stereotype that befalls his true nature and destined calling. He is an enigma wrapped in a delicious cheesy naco.


Ron Stoppable is often seen as bumbling, awkward, distracted and clearly incapable sidekick that has no sense of timing or any heroic skill whatsoever. While, on the surface, this may be a truth, there's an inherent transformation that Ron sometimes goes through that enables him to be focused, driven and achieve tasks with clarity and proficiency. These times are often relegated to those times that he must come through when the chips are down, as they say.
Ron Stoppable has an uncanny ability to converse with and understand animals. While this isn't a "power", per se, it is an ability that he has and it has been useful to his job as the sidekick/partner of Kim Possible. This is also probably the reason why he's such a good salesman in Smarty Mart's Pet Department.
Ron is smarter than he looks, acts and even thinks. His intelligence is not staggering by any stretch of anyone's imagination, but he is clearly capable of having an above average intellect that he does not use to its fullest potential. However, there are many instances in which Ron's intelligence seems to come out in the open. He's extremely observant when it comes to life, society and things of that nature. He expresses himself through a combination of uncomplicated slang and a high end vocabulary that he uses for his own purposes.
Ron is more creative than a lot of people give him credit for. He's a decent enough song writer, as well as performer as he can rap with the best of them. His imagination is beyond lifelike, as it sometimes takes control of Ron's mind and skews the line between it and reality. His creativity extends to a mastery of craft-related activities such as weaving a basket or nets, as well as sewing and various other artistic feats that allow him to be quite the talented creator of disguises.
Ron Stoppable is an amazing cook. It is one of the rare times that Ron is actually focused on what he's doing. His cooking ability has enabled him to actually teach the other students at his school in the Home Ec class, as well as led to the invention of the Bueno Nacho product that everyone has come to know and love: the Naco.
Perhaps contrary to his normally physically ineffectual and clumsy nature, Ron Stoppable has managed to exhibit quite a few feats of athleticism. He is a sometimes master of various extreme sports related things, such as skating, biking and even skateboarding. He's a decent enough swimmer and can also handle scuba diving with relative ease. He's a solid skydiver and mountaineer, regardless of the complaining that comes with each time he has to do such things. Perhaps two of Ron's more interesting feats that he actually handles well are Jetpack Flying and Running. Ron is somewhat of a master when it comes to piloting jetpacks and other like styled vehicles. He has also built up an extremely high running speed, for a human that has been coupled with an amazing ability to dip, dodge and escape harm. This is commonly referred to as "mad running away skills" and is the reason that Ron is currently the star running back on the Middleton High Mad Dogs. His stamina, speed and agility are uncanny, to say the least. Ron is also a very resilient person, being capable of taking, handling and surviving would-be critical wounds and even take them in stride. This is not to say that he will shake off injuries and pain, but he will still be able to move and act with them.
Combat Skills
Believe it or not, Ron Stoppable is a capable combatant. While, on the surface, he's no real valued fighter or anything, he's still something that could be considered a threat in the right situation. His combative skills are highly dictated by the situation at hand and what may be at stake. The more dire the circumstances, the better a fighter Ron is. He's completely cliche in that regard and his unpredictableness in a fight can either make things better or make them worse. Still, though, Ron's best combat quality is his mind. He tends to have a very high situational awareness ability, knowing his surroundings and where to step and where not to step, things like that. He's cunning and clever and very good at subterfuge, which helps him to make his opponents defeat themselves. When he needs to be, Ron can be quite the master of psychological warfare.
The Ron Factor
Initially described as an intangible talent and element, the Ron Factor allows Ron the ability to achieve results through a series of apparently random mishaps that would otherwise require a great or impossible amount of skill to accomplish. There is reason to believe that this could stem from non-linear mathematical concepts like Chaos Theory. While no tangible evidence of this has been acquired, just looking at the way that Ron works with Kim is enough to prove that there certainly something to these Ron Factor allegations. The perfect and constant example of the Ron Factor in action would be the way that Ron's constant clumsiness and bumbling lead to things happening in his favor, as opposed to making things worse. While they may end up being worse for him, on a personal and comical level, in terms of the bigger picture, Ron's antics usually have some very positive effects.
Mystical Monkey Powers
During a particularly primate infested mission, Ron was exposed to mystical energy from four jade monkey statues. This energy is what gave Ron his Mystical Monkey Powers. While somewhat unreliable, Mystical Monkey Powers allow Ron to achieve great things that go beyond those of mere mortals. Not only do Mystical Monkey Powers give Ron an instinctive knowledge of Monkey Kung Fu, but it also gives him super speed and super strength. Mystical Monkey Powers also offer Ron even more protection and resiliency to pain, as he's capable of taking even more punishment than he can normally. He literally becomes something of a superhuman martial artist when using his Mystical Monkey Powers. Ron's Mystical Monkey Powers seem to be directly linked to his emotions.



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