Soan Sagittarius

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Soan Sagittarius
Age 17
Species Human (Ifriti)
Sex Male
Height 5'7"
Weight 180lbs
Series Final Fantasy Act: Class
Combat Styles Thief/DRAGOON MAN
Hometown Galianda
Group Alexander Academy
Occupation/Job Student Thief/Superhero
Force: Forces of Restoration
"Oh dear, that looks dangerous. Don't step to the left, whatever you do."


Soan "Sage" Sagittarius is a young man living two lives. On one side, he is the mild-mannered, talented with traps and pickpocket Soan Sagittarius, an orphan enrolled in the Alexander Academy in the field of Applied Thivery Theory and Practiced Trap Discovery. He is known to be friendly, if conservative of his energy, his humility of his stealing dares only overshadowed by his diligence in studies, the biggest of them stealing the wallet of the Department of Rogues' director. That is all, however, mostly a façade for his true origins. He is a fully trained Dragoon, holy warriors chosen of the Dragons to fight Chaos, sent to the Academy to watch over it as well as train. Thus, at night, as well as school holidays, Soan dons the spectral armor that is his kin's and become... DRAGOON MAN, DEFENDER OF LIGHT.



Seven: The World Changes February 8th, 2014 A dark shadow looms over the Northern Continent.
Fight for the Castle October 24th, 2013 Our heroes try to stop a Shadow Lord from gaining possession of the Beast's magical mirror.
Baron Reminded October 17th, 2013 After her initial 'date' into Baron, Maleficent returns - intend on finishing the job.
Cathedral Confrontation August 4th, 2013 The 'heroes' face down the power of Father Barnabus and his chalice, hoping to free Faruja from it's baleful call.
Battle on the Big Bridge June 30th, 2013 And now we fight like men! And students! And grey-skinned eight-armed giants! But definitely men!
Crossing the Ice Frontier June 27th, 2013 Montag on a mapping and scouting mission encounters a strange survivor in the ruins of Zanarkand. Shortly to his surprise Soan also shows up seeking Ryusei who'd managed to get a call for help out to her classmates at the Alexander Academy.
Fate of the Unknown June 24th, 2013 Restoration of the World doesn't always lead to happy endings...
Soan Vs The Volcano June 10th, 2013 Soan and Friends involve themselves with Feige Abramson's evil lair. Vaguely Disturbing stuff in this one, possibly.
Trial May 31st, 2013 Illua puts Alma to death. Both of them are unaware of the spectacular retribution that will follow... but when it comes to the crunch, terrible powers come to bear from both of them.
The First Ordeal May 23rd, 2013 The Alexander Academy cast has received word of a World Shard that might be present.. but first, a dungeon crawl! It's required.
A Game of Tag and Kidnappings May 4th, 2013 The students of the Alexander Academy were tasked to assist Billy at the Chocobo Ranch with the stock. Of course, the Wild Card Sanel came into play.
We Like... April 25th, 2013 Cornelia a place of mystic tales, merriment, and there love of swords gets a hello from a very dark individual looking for those of Light.
The Day The World Ended And I Met A Hobo Lad April 20th, 2013 Caran wakes up on Bodhum Beach after thinking he accidentally caused the end of the world. Will Sherman provides exposition.
The Mouse King's Execution April 16th, 2013 The heroes sneak into Alexandria Castle to rescue the Burmecian King..
The Search Is On March 22nd, 2013 The Dark Knight starts his quest to find those of Light and test them.
Following the Path March 17th, 2013 Adventurers go off in search of treasure, only to be thwarted by the 'Ghetto Knight'.
To Hell and Back March 14th, 2013 Avira has been captured, dragged into the depths of the Underworld. Avira's friend band together, ready to rescue their friend, and free Manhattan from darkness once and for all. There can be no failure here, for failure has...perminate consiquences.
Waking up after the Bog March 12th, 2013 Will wakes up after being horribly injured by Royce during their rescue of Avira
Darkest Before Dawn March 12th, 2013 It can always get worse.
Bayou Brawl March 11th, 2013 Following the Avira sightings leads the heroes and a certain necromancer to the bayou. All hell breaks loose.
Sand In Our Socks March 4th, 2013 Some of the students of Alexander Academy hit Costa Del Sol, and run into a reoccuring network.
Stealing 'Treasure' from Pirates March 3rd, 2013 A group of adventurers explore an island near Port Royal, where treasure is presumed to be hidden, and have to deal with the wiles of the local pirates.
Elf Hunting February 26th, 2013 Clayton and his hired thugs come to collect on Morrighan's bounty. Gunfire ensues, surprising secrets are revealed.
The Students' Arrival to Traverse Town February 21st, 2013 After leaving Cornelia, the Alexander Academy students journeyed through on foot to arrive at Traverse Town. Through a wandering mercenary, they learn more about their situation. Shenanigans also ensue.


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