A New Threat To Evil

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A New Threat To Evil
Date of Cutscene: 26 October 2012
Location: Hollow Bastion
Synopsis: Negaduck's plan had failed. He spent his time reflecting about his defeat. ...And he's sitting on Maleficient's throne. (LIKE A BAWSS)
Cast of Characters: Negaduck, Maleficent


Time had passed since the battle at the small plains. Dias Plains, wasn't it? The plan ended in failure. He failed to completely traumatize and orphan little girl, potentially turning her into a brooding protagonist in a quest for vengeance. No, someone got in the way. Another hero foiled his plan.

Within Hollow Bastion, Negaduck sat on Maleficient's throne. In true villainy, he was not above sitting on the throne of a person who would likely roast him alive. He's bold like that. His fingers steepled on the railing, his eyes narrowing as he contemplated over the recent turn of events.

Darkwing Duck, a former thorn to his side, was out of the picture Drake Mallard, his former archrival, was now a lowly duck who had his spirit broken after he lost everyone who was important to him. Negaduck was without his usual archrival. Gizmo Duck was not a threat anymore. St. Canard was taken into the darkness. Yet, there was a bit of melancholy. What good is it to destroy someone who is too broken to fight back? ... Nah, it was because his rival had not come out of hiding so that Negaduck could properly DISPOSE of him.

But no, what stood before him was a new threat to his villainy. A fearsome threat that foiled his plan to scar a child. Who bested him... That mysterious heroic woman. A Pig with a jetpack who had the strength of a thousand men(or ducks).

His steepling fingers tightened along the throne, his sharp teeth gritting before his eyes light ablaze. "Nggghhhhhggrrrrrrr...." The throne shuddered as he growled. He could only roar a name that he would curse through sheer hatred.


Hollow Bastion was cursed to hear that voice echo across the entire area. Every inhabitant, every Heartless, every Shadow Lord could not deny that voice of violence. ....And possibly telling Negaduck to shut up. And an explosion.

*CRACKLE* What came next was a light(ning) show of pain. *BZZZT!*

And then came the croning demand in outrage, "GET OFF OF MY THRONE, YOU IDIOTIC DUCK!"