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Age Immortal
Species Dark Fairy
Sex Female
Height Sorceress: Tall, Dragon: Taller
Weight Sorceress: Mostly Robes, Dragon: Heavier
Series Sleeping Beauty
Combat Styles Sorceress Supreme, The Dire Dragon
Hometown Enchanted Dominion
Group Shadow Lords
Occupation/Job The Big Bad
Force: Forces of Ruin
Theme Song
"You poor, simple fools. You think you can defeat me?! ME, the Mistress of All Evil?!"
Recent Events
Malevolently musing much masterful malarkey.


A sorceress of awesome power, Maleficent is the lord of Hollow Bastion, the founder and leader of the Shadow Lords, and the master of the Heartless. She is directly responsible for the fall of most of the worlds recently lost to Darkness, and indirectly responsible for virtually all of them. No one knows what her true intentions are, but 'total multiverse domination' is a reasonable guess. Her past is as shrouded in darkness as her present, but it's definitely true that she was behind the curse on the Enchanted Dominion, and was once defeated by a joint taskforce of Prince Phillip, Keyblade Master Aqua, and three meddling fairy godmothers, succumbing to a combination of their might and her own hubris. The good news? Apparently she can be beaten. The bad news? Being stabbed through the heart with the Holy Sword of Truth and cast into an endless pit of fire hasn't done much to slow her down.

Skills: Phenomenal Cosmic Power, All The Space She Wants, Has Read Just Enough Of The Evil Overlord's Guide To Be Dangerous But Not Enough To Be Unbeatable, Big Entrances, Too Cool For A Villain Song, Has Diablo For A Familiar, Evil Is Petty But That Does Not Make It Less Scary, The Wickedest Witch Of All, A Fairy In The Worst Way, The Dragon In Every Way, Manipulative, Magnificent B-word


It's Maleficent. She's THE evil sorceress, the dark fairy, the wicked witch. She might have been good once, but she's retconned anyone who might remember out of existence. Let's pick up the story after that: she's more or less the embodiment of evil, up in her ominously evil tower, surrounded by her hilariously incompetent minions, plotting multiverse domination for a living, with petty revenge as a part-time hobby.

Xehanort shows up and lets her in on a little secret: the existence of Kingdom Hearts, the Seven Purest Lights necessary to unlock it, which are the quick trip to power (as opposed to individually hunting down every last (in fact, theoretically infinite) lesser Dusk Princess to get the job done). Using 'not being invited to the christening' as a fairly flimsy excuse to get her hands on Princess Aurora's Heart, she curses the first Princess of Heart with a dire fate.

Eventually it comes to pass, despite the better efforts of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather; it takes the intervention of a Fated Prince and some pesky Keyblade Master to wreck aright, though not before she herself forces one of them to extract Aurora's Heart for her, at least temporarily. In the end, they drove her out of the Enchanted Dominion.

She went to lick her wounds, free Pete, and discover her power over the Heartless. With her dark sorcery, augmented by Xehanort's guidance and Ansem's arcane wisdom seized from Hollow Bastion, which she claimed for her own, she had an essentially infinite army; she went back and conquered, then destroyed, the Dominion, the first of many, many worlds that she cast into the darkness. Along the way, she recruited allies, spun into her web by trickery, deceit, and occasionally an actual tiny degree of respect. Maleficent will never share the power of Kingdom Hearts in the end, but it pleases her to promise petty pieces of the multiverse until then.

It took years to assemble the Shadow Lords -- an ongoing assemblage, really -- but what are years to an immortal? In a blink of an eye, all was prepared.

Now all she needs are the Seven Purest Lights, plus a Keyblade Wielder to extract their Hearts, and her victory is assured...

Character Personality:

Arrogance. Sublime, all-consuming hubris beats at what counts for Maleficent's heart, corrupted beyond repair by a Darkness she seeks to wield when in fact, it wields her, just one more pawn in Xehanort's machinations. She will rule the universe because no one but her could do it as well. She will plunge it into eternal darkness because only she is wise enough to decide when it should or should not shine. Until every being, living, dead, or otherwise, submits to her, worships her as the empress she is, the goddess, she will not be content.

She hates to be discounted, and god forbid she's ever ignored. The smallest slight engenders everlasting hatred, curses unto the seventh generation; the fact that her pettiness is itself practically a force of nature is not comforting, but terrifying.

And she acts the part: an overbearing, dominating, imperious Dark Queen straight to her core, she is elegant, refined, icily courteous when it amuses her and stunningly cruel absolutely all of the time. It isn't really an act, not anymore, if it ever even was. She can exhibit kindness, even -- ugh -- politeness, but it's always a sham, if a masterful one; she is stunningly manipulative. To earn her attention requires basic competence or, more unfortunately, the slightest bit of INcomptence; to earn her respect requires the traits she sees in herself. She has a certain tolerance for needless cruelty and triviality in others, because it justifies her own behavior. Because today, she is the only thing she could ever love. And even then, does she? Really? Does some of her terrible, destructive wrath stem from the tiniest shred of self-awareness of the monster she's become, the dragon that wears faerie form as a thin veil to set others at their ease?

No one will ever know, least of all her. Maleficent is no longer prone to introspection.

Of course, overconfidence is thus also her fatal flaw. She can hardly conceive of lesser beings outmatching her in any arena, though she's learned lessons from her very temporary defeat in the Enchanted Dominion some years ago. Like herself, Maleficent's plans are brilliant, devious, patient, and, ultimately, betrayed by their underestimation of the opposition, time and time again.


Seven: Off With Her Head November 9th, 2013 The Queen of Hearts comes to the World of Ruin, seeking a young girl named Alice. As such, she and a full deck of cards have come to Castle Tycoon while its own princess is out: For rumors go that a suspicious blonde girl has been imprisoned there.

One demand echoes through the halls of Tycoon Castle, as its soldiers reach out for help against this strange enemy force that has infiltrated their castle;


Seven: Heigh-Ho-Heartless November 7th, 2013 The White Rabbit visits the Dwarf Woodlands, and causes some serious trouble for the Dwarves and their female companion. Just what attracted the White Rabbit to this place anyway? And will he find what he's looking for?
Maleficent Drinks Tea November 4th, 2013 Maleficent has a chat with us in Traverse Town.
Baron Reminded October 17th, 2013 After her initial 'date' into Baron, Maleficent returns - intend on finishing the job.
The Rat Rings A Bell October 11th, 2013 Maleficent follows up on rumors of a divining bell located within the ruins of Burmecia. Some of those who are there for various reasons take offense to this. A long lost relic of Burmecia is returned, and Freya departs with it in search of something lost.
Manhattan Revisited October 8th, 2013 Maleficent said she'd return to the city and she does in force. Two of the new keybladers rise with their companions to defend the city. However? Garland is waiting in the wings and their target is not the city but the defenders...
Baron Mind October 6th, 2013 Maleficent and Garland go out for a little trip to Baron, and encounter a few hitches. It seems some people have issues with their brand of fun!
Dark Clouds October 5th, 2013 The Shadow Lords have a meeting, to speak on current events. They plot they plan and Negaduck finds out the price of being late!
Wrecking the End of Line July 11th, 2013 Maleficent seeks to summon a powerful evil to the End of Line club. What she gets? Is very unexpected however the target of her summoning is very well going to wreck the club if our heroes can't talk him down or stop him! Mayhem and also cake ensues!
Faerie Dance December 19th, 2012 "Kefka" (?!) does horrible things to Terra. Maleficent "saves" her. PG-13 for violence against moogles.
The Forgotten December 9th, 2012 Before the Shadow Lords reach the vault, an Abnormality shows up.
Inch By Inch November 30th, 2012 Maleficent and Leida discuss events, past, present, and future.
Dark Dreams November 24th, 2012 Riku is woken from his nightmares to find the Sorceress Supreme paying him a personal visit and offering to him everything on a silver platter. Confused and rattled, said teenager takes her up on her poisoned honey words tied up with silvers of truth.
Flashback: The Fall of Agrabah November 14th, 2012 ICly set on the very night Final Kingdoms launched, Jafar moves into what he thought would be the endgame of his quest for total domination of Agrabah. The coup is swift and successful, but Jasmine escapes...


A New Threat To Evil October 26th, 2012 Negaduck's plan had failed. He spent his time reflecting about his defeat. ...And he's sitting on Maleficient's throne. (LIKE A BAWSS)