Annia Leradine

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Annia Leradine
Annia Leradine.jpg
Battle Ready Dancer
Age 17
Species Hume (Shivan)
Sex Female
Height 5'7"
Weight Nuh uh
Series Final Fantasy Act: Class
Combat Styles Dancer
Hometown Shiva Counter
Group Alexander Academy
Occupation/Job Student, Bully
Force: Forces of Restoration
"No one gets to bully Jidro EXCEPT ME!"
Recent Events
Just arrived in Cornelia (Someone make that guard shut up about it)


When the Shivans started to build the domes to protect themselves from the harsh temperatures of the continent, it also created a division of classes. Not everyone can afford the comfort of the glass protection, the heat and power generated for them, into the temperate climate they live in despite the plains of snow and ice outside. But some will always show up as richer than others, more successful, and with that bigger houses, and a more closed circle of friends to benefit from it. It takes years to create such a situation, even generations, but its normal human behavior to want to be surrounded by peers.

Annia was born in such a world, her parents successful in their businesses. Her father was an architect for some of the most luxurious buildings in town, while her mother was his secretary, that's how they met as well. A rich family that built a 'palace of glass' around her, you could say she's been spoiled rotten as an only child and you'd be right. She never had a worry or a need, everything was always tended for her, straight laced, tidied up. But she also felt distant from her parents, as their occupations were taking all of their time, and she was mostly raised by the maids and butlers all of her life. She would barely see her parents to eat, and that was when they weren't working late.

But yet, she was being raised as a high class lady. She had musical lessons; she learned to play the violin very well. She was trained into sports, athletics, acrobatics and dancing. She was thought all of the rituals and customs of the high class. But that was only a facade.

All of the polite, sweet and kind exterior seems to disappear when she's alone. Lounging without a care, breaking things only to claim for an accident, sneaking out to go to the gym and be able to punch the sandbags, pushing around people weaker or lower class than her... She was a devil in disguise.

That was of course things she did as she got older. In elementary school, she already started to pick up on the trends. She was helpful and had great grades, so all of the teachers had her in favor. But toward the other students, she was a bully, had little friends because of that. There was such a gap between how she acted toward adults and authority, and other students, that those that complained about her usually ended up being the one in trouble in the end. Everyone was taking her side. And it kept going like through middle school and high school.

This only seemed to get worse when her parents announced that they had offered her for a future marriage with another family. And yet all she could do is smile to her parents. Inside she was boiling.

Now at 17 years old, she was sent to the Alexander Academy, as a chance to meet up with her 'future husband', something that doesn't please her at all. She was given a rich apartment, and a maid to take care of things while she was away from home, living near the school. But for her it's not much different than it was back home.


She's a bully, simply put. While she shows off as sweet and kind to most people of any kind of authority, her devil side hides inside and show up when she's alone, or with other students. She built up quite the reputation as she grew up and never got many friends because of it. Something that is further enhanced by the fact she is a Dancer.

She acts the same when she's in high class receptions, always prim and proper. She knows how to dress, to eat, to act, all of those were ingrained into her as she grew up despite herself. But that's not the kind of thing she really wanted, and while keeping the facade she often does things in her own way.

She perfected her dancing into a fighting style, which combines martial arts with dual-dagger wielding, mostly in secret. She would sneak out of the house to train herself, even hire someone for the martial trainings. She forced a maid to help her and keep secret about it.

But she's at her worst when she's with her fiancé, Jidro. He shows himself as weak, undependable, and the fact that she's been forced into this by her parents only ticks her off more. She bullies him more than the others.

But in reality, she's doesn't hate him THAT badly either. He has cute sides too, but Annia is a hardcore 'tsundere' when it comes to her own feelings. She's always done things her way, and even though she might have wanted friends too, she never understood how handle people other than with beating them up or pushing them down (when she's not acting all high class at least). It's the only way she knows to show her feelings and the more she bullies the less sense it makes for others around her.

In fact, she is the type that would come in and defend Jidro, with a clear 'No one bullies him BUT ME'. She is fiercely protective when it comes to it, but would brush it off and tell people they are crazy if they suggested that she might actually like him.

Her favorite food is spaghetti meatballs, which is something she wouldn't be allowed to eat at any formal party obviously enough. Her drink of choice is ginger ale. She might have wanted to drink alcohol but she's not allowed to yet, and she would never risk anyone smelling it off her either. Otherwise she's often seen munching on an apple. She also likes sweets, in particular Pockys, chocolate wrapped cookie sticks, often seen with one sticking out of her lips as she stares into space, in one of her lonely moments during breaks.


Dancer : Fighting style but also trained in many types of social dances. Her focus when she fights is into enfeebling attacks of all kinds, using dual daggers as well as retractable blades on her shoes.

Language Adept : She is versed in several languages, and can easily pick up new ones.

Avid Reader : With a wealth of different languages, she also reads a lot, learning new conversation subjects for the social gatherings.

Violin : Another sign of high class, she learned to play violin as she grew up.

Guitar : She is self-taught in Guitar on the other hand, so not as skillful.

Kitchen Liability : Keep her away from a kitchen. Mix of not caring, not wanting and not needing produces volatile effects.

Thoughts on People She Knows

Those I Hate Souji Murasame
Those I Hate Less Jidro Gerrison, Niklas Dragonius, Seloria Delacreaux

Those I Hate

Name Thoughts
Souji Murasame "When you think you're the most annoying people in the world, someone appears and proves you that sky's the limit."

Those I Hate Less

Name Thoughts
Jidro Gerrison "Ugh, why did I have to be fianced to HIM of all people."
Niklas Dragonius "A shameless flirt, at least he cares for Jidro enough. God knows Jidro needs it."
Seloria Delacreaux "Thought she was an airhead, guess not."


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