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Save The Queen
Age 28
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 5'5"
Weight You don't wanna know
Series Final Fantasy 9
Combat Styles Paladin
Hometown Alexandria
Group Kingdom of Alexandria
Occupation/Job General
Force: Forces of Ruin
Theme Song
I once killed a hundred knights me, you two are nothing more than insects.
Recent Events
Getting things under control in the Kingdom while the Queen is missing.



Loyal to a fault, the Red-Haired General of the Alexandrian Army shows strength behind her convictions. Leading the Alexandrian army with pride, she follows the Queen's order without a doubt that its for the wellfare of her beloved nation. Although she is upset by the addition of those odd Heartless creatures to the ranks, she dares not question their role either. The mercyless General, wielding the powers of Light, shows no taint in her heart despite the underhanded tasks she is asked of, wether it's to take care of the rats (literally or figuratively) or steal the precious gemstones from each nation, bearing untold powers in them.


It all started 20 years-some ago. It would be more precise if she allowed people to know of her age, but the time she spent in the Alexandrian army cannot suppose she'd be any younger than then first half of her 20s. Yet age is a small factor when it comes to talent, loyalty and willpower. That's how the one known as Beatrix climbed up the ranks to the very top of the army, as a General.

But we're getting a little bit ahead of ourselves right now. She was born in a noble family, perhaps it helped her ascencion but she was never encouraged to be part of the army either. Her parents, from a young age, had encouraged her to become a shop keeper, her father being the royal jewelist in fact. Confectionning the necklaces and other accessories the King and Queen would wear was a prideful work indeed. It was during one of the visits of the castle that the young Beatrix' interest for the sword was sparked.

In that visit, she was left to wander the castle, one of the court's attendants guiding her around, when she found herself in the castle's courtyard, where the training of the Alexandrian army was being conducted. The Alexandrian army took pride in having a two part army, the Queen's guard exclusively composed of women, dedicated to protecting the Crown, and the King's force composed of men, mainly used for defending the kingdom and ready for invasion tasks as well.

The beauty of the Queen's guard captivated Beatrix, and a small scuffle between a King's knight and a Queen's guard caught her attention, as the mentions of women never being as strong as men rained down on the argument. Young Beatrix wouldn't hear any, and shouted out that women could be even stronger then men. It brought laughter over the King's guardsmen, which only riled up the young Beatrix, who was getting shuffled away from the commotion, not without kicking and screaming from the small girl.

That's when Beatrix took even greater interested in the sword arts, and started to train herself, to the dismay of her parents. She still learned a bit of the trade on the side. Her father thought it was only a rebellious phase of some sort. But she never neglected her training, and during her mid-teen years, she worked herself into the Queen's guard ranks.

It was during that time in the lower ranks that she met Adelbert Steiner, who was also a lower ranked officer at the time. Steiner was scruffy looking, but undeniably talented and strong too, underneath that unkept attitude, especially compared to the straight arrow attitude Beatrix sported. It didn't take much of Steiner's aloofness to spark her spirit up again, ready to prove that women can be stronger than men.

But the event didn't go as well as she would have liked. She stood her own for a while, but clearly Steiner was stronger and even toying with her a bit. On the last hit, the flat of his sword stroke hard against her helmet, and a piece of metal from it lodged itself into her right eye. As she crumbled down, Steiner joyously took his victory and left.

Beatrix lost her eye at that moment, but not her spirit. It only made her work even harder, even a missing eye wasn't slowing her down. That spirit took her up th ranks rapidly, until she atteined the highest step one day, as the General of the Queen's guard. Meanwhile, the ranks of the King's knight seemed to have dwindled down considerably over the years, perhaps due to the peaceful relations with the neighboring countries, the need for a front unit became lessened, leaving only a handful of them and Steiner as their Captain.

Spending time working together at the castle, a few things came to light. Steiner doesn't seem to remember that he beat Beatrix before, perhaps he doesn't recognize her with that eyepatch she uses to cover her eye, or simply put that event in the past. The other thing, while she had no hatred toward the man that put the only defeat on her record, she still felt a rivalry toward him, as men versus women, as fellow commanding officers serving the Crown. The fact that the King's guard was dwindling down gave her pride in her convictions, the Queen's guard becoming the sole defending force of Alexandria. It was her small victory, and that pride also made her look down upon the small army of Pluto Knights, acting cooly toward them.

She has been serving loyally up until now, even as the world threathens to disapear entirely. Following her Queen's order to find the runaway princess and seize the magical stones from the neibhoring nations, she sets off with the Queen's own army of Heartless for the deed. That doesn't entirely puts her heart at ease though, wondering why the Queen needs to rely on anything else's strength but the one Beatrix pridefully built with her army. But who is she to question the Queen...


What defines Beatrix almost entirely is loyalty. Even if it makes her walk the path of 'evil' in the eyes of others, she never strays away from the orders she was given by her Queen, never questionning them, never doubting they are for the good of Alexandria. You could wonder if the loyalty is to the Crown or to the nation, but in her mind the two should never separate from each other. The Crown should always be acting for the benefit of the nation, otherwise there is no reason for the Crown either.

Outside of fighting, she is kind with her subordinates, attentionate to their well being. She believes that the strength of her army comes through their unity, in and out of battle. She values the bonds made with her officers, and makes sure to keep them strong throughout their meetings.

The only time she could be seen as cold is when it comes to the Pluto Knights and Captain Steiner. Rivalry, disdain, jealousy mayhaps, its hard to tell what feelings she holds. Considering he was the cause of her single defeat, she always kept that sore spot at heart. While Steiner might be a strong knight, she sees him as a bafoon most of the time, and his Pluto Knights being more interested in lazyness or flirting doesn't help with that image either.

When in comes to battle though, its a completely different story, no matter who's involved. Her manners are polished, straight like an arrow, and focused on the task at hand. Wether its her officers or anyone else, she cuts to the point with her orders and her actions. She is decisive on that side, and doesn't know about half-measures. She is known to be mercyless, her fighting ability fierce, yet finds no reason to finish an opponent that has stopped fighting either. She feels that falls into the realm of bullying, and that's beyond what a Knight should do.

Her favorite food is Penne Aribata, which she likes to accompany with a smooth rose scented tea. Its the only time she allows herself to relax, kicking off her boots and letting down her hair. On the rare free times, she sometimes goes for some shopping, bringing back those smutty romance novels that her officers gleefully borrow when they can. Not to say that the General doesn't read them sometimes...

Current Situation

After the world went dark and people went missing, Beatrix has been left to safekeep the Kingdom on her own. Steiner was missing, the Queen has disappeared, the Princess is still missing. Being the highest ranked officer left, most of the task befell her.

Most of her days are kept busy taking care of the town, reassuring the people, and working up what's left of their army. It's alot of work for the General, but that did not discourage her either. She makes sure that when the royals come back, they will still have a kingdom to call their own.


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