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Beat and Rhyme by PlottingYourDemise.gif
Age 15
Species Human
Sex Male
Height Big
Weight Average
Series The World Ends With You
Combat Styles Adventurer
Hometown Shibuya
Group Reapers
Occupation/Job Delinquent Reaper
Force: Forces of Restoration
"Let's start it up!"
Recent Events
Beat's the new coordinator of the Reapers Game?!



Beat is a former Player in the Reapers' Game who became a Reaper himself to recover his Erased sister, Rhyme. After his world was swallowed by darkness things got a little screwy and she was brought back into existence without his help. Now Beat uses what Reaper powers he still has left to vanquish Heartless and meet his Erasure quota while continuing to restore the world shards.


Beat is a Player in the Reapers' Game. He owns a Player Pin that, when touched, forms a temporary Pact with the opposite person allowing him to use of various psychs. He also owns a blank Fusion pin, a gift from Mr. Hanekoma, that allows him to combine his energies with a pal form a more powerful combined attack.

The pins that Beat uses entirely revolve from his preferred Wild Boar brand. They are an assortment of pins that are graffiti and skater styled, two of his interests, as well as being high-damage burst pins which is what matches his fighting style best.

Beat's secondary skills are those of a Reaper. Though his heart is as free from darkness as any other person's he has been 'marked' as one of them, a holdover from their world being so screwed up when it was sucked into darkness. This permits him not only shades of privileged knowledge but also the ability to pass through Corridors of Darkness when he needs to and summon Noise to help him. Being able to do something, however, does not mean that one should: Beat can't remember the last time he summoned noise, and has never moved through the darkness to reach a new destination. Beat rightly fears using these powers would cause him to fall into darkness, so would ever really use them in an emergency.


Beat's Pins


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The New Boss December 21st, 2012 Hades gatheres the Reapers and Players up...deciding that a new management style is needed in the Reaper's game.
Rooftop Run December 9th, 2012 Having arrived in Goug to fulfil a reaper's game mission, Shiki enlists Beat's help. Things go about as well as you'd expect.
Flower Picking November 16th, 2012 A rare item hunter is looking for a blossom from Gran Pulse's 'Blind Ochu' plant, supposedly now found in the Golmore Jungle. With a warning to watch out for the monsters found nearby called 'Picochus', some Shard Seekers and VALKYRI accompanied by two Archadian Judges, a Player, and a chainsaw-wielding winged matron head into the humid rainforest...
Lost Weapon November 15th, 2012 The Shard Seekers and other allies try to retrieve lost weapons from a giant crab. Rhyme's sanity is damaged.