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Your friendly neighborhood mechanic
Age 20s
Species Program
Sex Male
Height 6'0"
Weight Undefined
Series TRON: Uprising
Combat Styles Renegade
Hometown Argon City
Group Unaffiliated
Occupation/Job Mechanic / System Monitor?
Force: Forces of Restoration
"I wont let the revolution end before it has a chance to start."
Recent Events
Trying to be himself and the Renegade.


Power Play: Assembly February 14th, 2014 A secret installation on the edge of Purgos and the Outlands holds the answer to whatever needed so much power. What happens when the heroes move to try to confront the mysterious JAVA? It looks like they're not the only ones interested...
Power Play: A Bit of Fate January 25th, 2014 An unusual encounter in Purgos leads to the forces of Restoration gaining wind of an unusual situation...
Answers August 12th, 2013 Beck leads TRON to the Renegade's hideout located deep in the Outlands outside Argon City, both seeking answers to the questions that plague them.
Welcome To The Grid August 7th, 2013 After weeks of work, Beck has finally repaired the laser. However something goes horribly wrong. The moment the laser is powered, it starts digitizing every single person in the room. At long last the programs have returned home however? Can they get their user friends out alive?!
Welcome Home August 7th, 2013 After a heck of a joyride across the Flynn OS the band of basics and their user friends have some time to rest, thanks for a siren named Aurora. She's put the whole party up, got them suits and most importantly ID discs. Beck also requests that Deelel sheepdog the users to keep them out of too much trouble.
She Wrecked It July 16th, 2013 Deelel while helping out at the Arcade encounters a Vespa and Paulo. Things go well until Vespa does not realize her own strength and badly damages the arcades punch machine. Once the mess is sorted out Beck arrived and work begins on the laser in the basement. Finally it's nearing completion and soon? Beck and Deelel can return home but what might await them there?
Wrecking the End of Line July 11th, 2013 Maleficent seeks to summon a powerful evil to the End of Line club. What she gets? Is very unexpected however the target of her summoning is very well going to wreck the club if our heroes can't talk him down or stop him! Mayhem and also cake ensues!
Down By the Bay June 29th, 2013 Deelel is just out by the docks to think, when Beck shows up with plans for a prank. As things go on both discover they are from the same system...
Plastic Is Friend June 25th, 2013 Someone has gone shopping and bought some new stuff. TRON is not overly amused, but isn't to upset either.
Rave Am Not June 23rd, 2013 Beck decides to escape from the Arcade for a bit. He finds out the world is a very strange place indeed or at least a small part of it.
...Arcade Is June 21st, 2013 Continues directly after Home Is Where The...

After everything calms down, TRON and Deelel finally get some information out of the mysterious Program who wears TRON's suit.


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