Carnus Sirin

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Carnus Sirin
Age 25
Species Human
Sex Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 170
Series Final Fantasy IX
Combat Styles Spellsword
Hometown Lindblum
Occupation/Job Spellsword
Force: Forces of Restoration
Theme Song City Escape -
"I'm not fighting just because I want to, I'm fighting because these people need my help!"
Recent Events
Finally met with the leader of VALKYRI and joined their ranks. Now, to find some action.


Born to a noble family his mother red mage and his father a knight in the grand city of Lindblum, Carnus seemed destined to the life he lead. His childhood was a plain one, if not tedious at times. He was educated privately by his mother and a tutor while training in the sword from an early age. His magic lessons were forced on him heavily, even though he much preferred to fight and train with the sword. It was his love of the sword that made him think of a way to use his magic with his weaponry, which is where he created his own style of fighting, using his sword as the source of his magic. First he trained in spells that came from his sword, then he worked on imbuing magic into his sword in the moments before impact, so the effect would be released directly onto whatever enemy he was facing.

He was finally ready and old enough to become a knight at the age of 16, and took off to seek his adventure. He was fierce on the battlefield, tearing through enemies like a flaming scythe. He gained a certain fondness for fire in particular, preferring the power of that particular element over the others, though not abandoning his training in them. His fame soon grew, becoming known to appear wherever his fancy took him to see some sight he had heard was worth seeing, believing that the world was a wonderous place and wishing to view them all. He would find himself becoming involved in fights usually when he was fighting to protect someone who couldn't defend themselves. And often donated visited orphanages with presents and treats, as well as to play with the children. He soon became known as the 'Loving Dragon' as no one ever got his name.

Things were going well, until he heard about the Heartless. It was then that Carnus delved deeper into their mystery, knowing something was amiss here. He began to research into them and was fascinated at the discovery of other realms. He experimented for months of end, desperate to unlock their mysteries, and eventually he found it. He learned of what they were, how they were created and what they wanted. He would knew something had to be done, and began searching for ways to save his world from them, but he was still researching when the world suddenly fell. The relocation of Lindblum opened his eyes to the existance of new worlds, and he took off to explore them all, interested to learn more of these other worlds and growing a desire as he learned to defend them as well from the heartless. He learned of Keyblades, and their ability to bring back worlds that have fallen to darkness. He knew he would have to borrow the power of one in order to save his home and the homes of everyone else, and as such shifted his focus to Keyblades. He searched for information regarding on where they were located and who currently had one. He realises the path in front of him is a long one, and wants to enjoy every moment he can. His lazy ways can still get the best of him sometimes as he can spend too much time just relaxing in the open breeze under a warm sun somewhere public in a new place, meeting new people and forming new bonds.


Carnus is quite possibly the most jovial being in all of existence. He's always sporting a smile of some sort, and finding the joy in every situation. Laughter is his best friend, and he keeps it close at all times. He loves to fight, however, and constantly rushes into an opportunity to do so. Usually, it's to defend someone too weak to defend themselves, or for a cause he deems worthy enough. He'll never raise his weapon for someone else's vengeance or greed. That's just not his style. He's usually rather lax on getting done the things he needs to do, always thinking he has plenty of time and instead enjoying the beauty every new world gives him. He's usually found taking a nap, regardless of where he is.


Grendel Attacks April 23rd, 2013 VALKYRI's carefully planned party is rudely interrupted by an attacking monster.
Tensions Rise Near the Vet April 17th, 2013 Sanel was freting near the vet when Avira came across him. However, as Evja and Lia emerged from their recovery, along with the presence of Carnus and Maira, tension rises surrounding Evja and other matters.
Becoming a Very Adventurous Lady April 14th, 2013 The jovial Spellsword finally meet the leader of VALKYRI.
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Seeking the Seekers April 11th, 2013 The jovial spellsword finally makes it to the Shard Seekers HQ, and learns of others he might wish to join.
Dragons and Haywire Contraptions April 9th, 2013 Katey's first prototype of the Faruja-bot-9000 distracts a resting sellsword on the Dias Plains.
Impromptu Meetings April 9th, 2013 Oh, knowledge is shared / About Keyblades and lives / Sora does haiku.