Freya Crescent

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Freya Crescent
Age 21
Species Burmecian
Sex Female
Height 5'8"
Weight A lady never tells
Series Final Fantasy 9
Combat Styles Lancer
Hometown Burmecia
Group Lindblum Alliance
Occupation/Job Dragoon
Force: Wandering Forces
"To be forgotten is worse than death."
Recent Events
I found Fratley again, but is it really him...?


Freya was born in the castle town of Burmecia, in the Burmecian Kingdom--her early years are not entirely detailed, and remain something one would need to consult her about. What is commonly known is she became a member of the Knighthood of the Dragoons there and was in the king's employ. At some point, possibly during her teenaged years, or even sooner, she became familiar with a certain other knight of the dragoons, one Iron tail Fratley. He was a celebrated member of his order, revered by his enemies and beloved by his colleagues and friends. However at some point he took up on a personal journey to gather information and prepare his people for war in years to come, one which he never returned from. Freya, fearing him lost or worse, forsook her duties to set out to find him, becoming persona non grata in her homeland.


Understood to be of noble blood, Freya was brought up with a royal's morals and sensibilities, and respectfulness. She is at heart a kind soul who believes in truth and justice, her banner and her land, though she is young enough yet to have not questioned the strengths and values of such things when put to the test, and she has many things yet to learn about the real world and people. She remained quite naive as early as her first few years of knighthood, already a woman in a world that demanded her focus and guardianship. She does not know yet how to master the emotions that seek to crush her, those of her grief over Fratley and loneliness. She has the capacity for coldness in the face of the enemy, her training there to tell her what must be done. She does not know where her seemingly doomed mission will bear her, and performs it out of service for her people... that and of course her lost friend.


As a dragoon, and an accomplished one, Freya is host to a handful of skills secret to them alone, as well as several spell-like abilities, as well as the ability to leap great heights. This is a skill that might be commonly associated with her kind, who have powerful legs, but hers is due to her dragoon training. Her special abilities run the gamut of spear techniques that can flay an opponents magical energies, to calling upon winds of physical regeneration from patron dragon spirits. Her ingrained martial prowess and physical abilities allow her a limited flight by jumping in battle and casting her spear down like a javelin from the heavens.

Friends, and others

  • Chita: You're a strange one, you know.
  • Aerith: Looking forward to having dinner again, healer friend.

Scene Logs

A Rat in New Orleans December 4th, 2013 Hungry for some dinner, Freya encounters Aerith and has her for dinner.
Nightmare Nonsense November 2nd, 2013 What's This? What's This? Father Christmas is a robot!?
Tombstone Terror November 1st, 2013 What's This? What's This? Imps playing dirty tricks!?
The Rat Rings A Bell October 11th, 2013 Maleficent follows up on rumors of a divining bell located within the ruins of Burmecia. Some of those who are there for various reasons take offense to this. A long lost relic of Burmecia is returned, and Freya departs with it in search of something lost.
Shadowing For A Shadow Lord September 15th, 2013 Under orders from Admiral Rakassa, Queegmaa hires Faruja and Freya to shadow an outlaw who's been plaguing the empire for years, one who apparently has the grandeur to outgun their elite Mtek knights with minimal backup. Power-hungry, and eager to try and seize the marauder's talents for herself, in whatever capacity possible, the Arch-Admiral now has Faruja and Freya tailing this enigmatic monstrosity's right-hand-man with the intent to get clues as to the location of the primary quarry in question. All the while, Que makes a sunny day at the beach a gloomy one, for the Burmecian Templar!


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