Faruja Senra

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Faruja Senra
Age 23
Species Burmecian
Sex Male
Height 5'1
Weight Undefined
Series Final Fantasy 9
Combat Styles Holy Dragon Knight
Hometown Burmecia
Group Church Of Glabados, Shard Seekers
Occupation/Job Knight Templar
Force: Wandering Force
Though abominations stalk every city and hamlet, Heresy works its insidious poison into hearts and souls, and greedy Kings and Nobles consume ‘till their bellies burst, we must have faith! For Faram and His Servants of the Divine Son will cleanse these evils!
Recent Events
Now a part of the Shard Seekers, Faruja is assisting in raising funds for the group, as well as attending to other standing orders for the Church.


Born the son of ranchers who raised wyverns near the City of Eternal Rain, Faruja grew up knowing the scaled beasts and the life of a farm-boy as well as the city-life during his family's trips to the nearby City. The beasts being used by the local military, as the Burmecian grew up, the young nezumi began to desire more than a simple farm life. Enlisting in the army as soon as he was of age, Faruja quickly excelled in his new life alongside his wyvern partner; so much so, that only his common blood kept him from the ranks of the Royal Dragon Knights.

Placed into the lesser-known Aerial Assault Corp, Faruja patrolled the areas around Burmecia and within the City alternatively as part of his duties and on-the-job training. Particularly, patrol of the more crime-filled and less wealthy areas fell to him and his companions. Seeing the underbelly of Burmecia deeply effected the young nezumi, upon realizing how lucky he had things. Pleas to his superiors fell on mostly deaf ears, most higher-born officers caring little to waste time on improving the lives of the downtrodden. Slowly, the Burmecian's contempt for his country's upper classes simmered.

After an attack on him and his fellows by local gang-members left most of his squad injured as well as the gangers dead, Faruja would find himself in a small shrine to a local religious group; the Sisters of Redemption. The small group was best known for its acts of kindness and charity to the poor, the Sisters quickly taking in the injured and frustrated Burmecian. He quickly took to the religion's tenants of equality amongst all nezumi, a kind divine being, and sharing of wealth with the needy. After recovering and returning to his unit, he fell back into his role with a refreshed spirit; a common sight in the shrine from then on. His conversion to the religion happened not long after, and he took up the skills of White Magic from the Sisters. Though skeptical of the cult and somewhat wary of its teachings, his superiors didn't object after seeing the reduction of casualties his newfound skills brought.

His wavering patriotism and faith in his ultimate liege wasn't to last. When Alexandria's combined forces of soldiers, heartless, and Black Mages swept through the City, the King and his Royal Dragon Knights fled even as the common citizenry died; a damning betrayal in the nezumi's eyes. Patriotism crushed, and anger at his monarch and those high-born flaring, he cared only for the survival of his companions and the few citizens not already dead. Eventually arriving at the shrine he'd come to love, Faruja and his squad fought valiantly to secure the escape of the Sisters and the poor that followed them. His companions were cut down all around him as he fought, the Burmecian being the only one to survive. Permanently scarred by flame from the attack, he very nearly died, a prayer on his lips.

One that would be answered. When he next awoke, he found himself in a bed and a healer of the Church of Glabados at his side. He had been torn from his own world into the World of Ruin, right on Mullonde's doorstep. Saved by a kind Priestess, Faruja's realization of this miracle as well as the similarity to a prophecy from his own religion put the rat upon his knees in prayer. As healed, he learned more of the Ajoran's religion; and in the end, converted upon realizing both the opportunities it presented as well as the uncanny similarities to his own. Trained and anointed after recovering, he quickly proved an asset to the Church in the initial chaos of the World of Ruin's formation; soon named a Temple Knight.


Faruja is honorable and passionate in everything he does. Quick to love, and quick to hate, he is not a person known for doing anything half-way. Only experience in war tempers his fiery and zealous nature enough to avoid recklessness...usually. More inclined to passion than reason, he is not devoid of reason regardless, and is an effective leader of others on a small scale. His style of leadership is very much a 'lead from the front' sort, and ill suited for grand maneuvers seen from rear echelon commanders.

Outwardly he tries to appear a typical Templar; faithful, charitable to the poor, self assured, and strong. While these traits are certainly part of the Burmecian, he isn't nearly as strong and self assured as he'd like to project. His faith in the Church and his people as a whole are the bandages that keep him together as a person. The wounds of Alexandria's attack on his country, both physical and mental, as well as his King's perceived betrayal run deep indeed.

To his enemies, he fights will all of the fiery zeal of any religious warrior. Retreat without orders to do so is inconceivable to the Burmecian, unless it violates his oaths to protect the faithful. To attack from behind, or the use of poisoned weapons, utterly dishonorable. Straightforward and honest, Faruja faces his enemies that way whenever he is able. To gain victory in an honorless way is worse than defeat, for it not only shames himself but the Church he now serves. Worst of all, the Burmecian is dogged; rarely giving up on a task. Once he has decided a person is a threat to Church, race, or friend, he won't give up on being a thorn in their side while he can manage it.

To his allies, Faruja is dependable, honorable, and loyal. His temper and intolerance for things that go against the Church's tenants, however, can prove a difficulty for anyone siding with the Burmecian. So too can his hatred of Alexandria's leaders, his thoughts of revenge for the fallen easily able to lead the Knight Templar down a dark road.



Burmecian: As a Burmecian, Faruja is agile, dextrous, and given his small size, quite quick on his feet. He also possesses a great sense of smell and hearing, making him an excellent tracker by extension, given a scent to look for.

Dragon Knight: Faruja is a highly trained Dragon Knight, and thus, is fairly hardy, physically fit, as well as strong. Most notably, his training has enhanced his kind's natural leaping capabilities to levels utterly beyond most humans. This ability features heavily in his combat style. Also, he is well trained in nearly all forms of polearm, from spears, to javelins, to heavier weapons. He has a preference for tri-pointed spears for dealing with light to medium armored combatants and monsters, while employing a large axe-like polearm against heavier armored opponents.

Survival: Faruja, though only of average physical durability amongst his fellow Burmecian Lancers, has a remarkable ability to survive wounds that would kill many others, through sheer force of willpower. He is aware of this, and often uses it to his advantage in combat.

Pain Tolerance: The life of a soldier, as well as the wounds he received in Burmecia's destruction, have afford Faruja a high degree of pain tolerance. Unfortunately, due to those very wounds and their psychological effects, fire tends to bypass this more than other types of damage.


White Magic: Faruja is a highly capable healer, especially in the magical arts. Having a natural talent for the art, and well practiced besides, he has access to high level and varied curative spells; given his nature, however, he tends to over healing out of pure concern for his allies. He also is capable of the Warp spell, allowing him even greater mobility during combat. An offshoot of Warp allows him to invert the process: bringing objects, weapons, and even his own companion Arista to him with the proper incantation. However, this requires him to have previously marked them for such, and cannot cross world barriers.


Holy Spear: A unique skillset developed by the Church of Glabados, it involves channeling faith, zealotry, and willpower into physical form. These attacks often, in addition to the advantage of increased range, can confer negative effects upon the recipient if their defenses prove inadequate in resisting them. Generally divided into skills that destroy or weaken equipment and those that effect body and mind, Faruja's variant of the skillset studies both. He has developed his own unique techniques used in conjunction with his leaping abilities, unifying the Dragon Knight and Holy Knight skill sets.

Soul of Light: Faruja is strongly aligned with the Holy element down to his very soul, though on the more zealous and dangerous side. When truly angered or otherwise riled up, this manifests in a white glow about body and weapon, growing particularly strong during his more powerful Holy Spear techniques. Those with good senses to the elements, or other such mystical senses may be able to sense this alignment; often coming across as a blinding, almost searing light.

Farm Rat: Faruja grew up on a ranch, and has the associated skills and work ethic. Specifically, his family raised wyverns, and he is thus knowledgeable in the area of their raising, training, and keeping.

Cooking: Though only a modest cook in general, Faruja does have a talent for cooking eggs; a byproduct of his family's occupation. His skills here would no doubt make Gaston a happy person.

Trance: Like many in his world, particularly strong emotions and dire situations has the potential to unlock abilities inherent to one's inner being, in a state known as Trance. Faruja, like many warriors, has heard rumors to this ability but he personally takes them as just that; rumor. He is unaware that he possesses this capability himself, the effects of which on the Burmecian remains to be seen.

Arista: A large, white-scaled wyvern capable of flight. Her breath can not only heal, but purge poisons and other bodily ailments. She is large enough to carry three moderately sized persons. Despite her benevolent ability, Arista herself is notably arrogant, rude, sarcastic, and often violent to those she deems enemies despite Faruja's best efforts at raising her. She is, however, undyingly loyal to Faruja himself and sees him somewhere between a child and little brother role. Highly intelligent, she knows both common and her own kind's language, but only rarely deigns to communicate in a 'lower' language...usually to insult someone. Faruja himself knows the language of the wyverns and can speak it fluently. In battle, the pair act as extensions of one another, to an often frightening degree of coordination.

Faith: Perhaps his greatest strength, Faruja's faith in the Church and it's tenants are nearly unshakable. It is this faith that keeps the Burmecian from unwraveling after the wounds of Burmecia's fall, and the betrayal of his people by his own King he believes the man committed. This has been only encouraged by the Church, and the fires of faith stoked into a true believer.


Phobia - Fire: Faruja, after being burned by Alexandria's Black Mages, and nearly slain has developed a phobia of fire. It mostly extends to the magical variety produced by mages and monsters. Smaller campfires are within the realm of his tolerance, but raging infernos can cause the otherwise brave Knight to hesitate. His conflict with the element is deep indeed, his reaction often varying from outright fear to reckless destruction of the element's source.

Phobia - Garland: Faruja is a nezumi well disciplined and strong in the face of almost all forms of corruption and Heresy. Only one gives him pause; that of the person known as Garland. Having shown him a glimpse of the Abyss, and causing him to nearly lose his sanity on the spot, the man has instilled a great fear into the Burmecian. What would happen if Garland stood in his way, or threatened his friends? Only time will tell.

Burns: Faruja has suffered deep burns over much of his face and chest. Highly painful, he keeps them bandaged to prevent infections. Despite all best efforts, they healed poorly, and occasionally plague him with debilitating bouts of burning pain...usually at the worst possible times.

Arcanely Inept: Magical studies such as that of Black Magic are utterly beyond the Burmecian. While intelligent enough, he does not possess the proper mindset to learn these abilities.

Allies and Enemies


Name Thoughts
???? "Many are my doubts regarding this course of action...mayhap within such madness lies the divine radiance of the Lord's Truth? Whatever the case, orders /are/ orders..."
Aerith "...Who are you, that is so frequently attacked by Heartless? You remind me far too much of someone else I know."
Artyom Valodjn "YOU!? Well, at least you are competent. Better honesty in your dealing than a slithering serpent."
Aurora "Princess, or so she says, of the 'Enchanted Domain'. Very knowledgeable of the nature of the Heartless...and more importantly, one of those that control them. Royalty with true faith instead of cowardice and greed? You...are not like /him/. 'Tis an honor to call you ally. May we purge all who desire to use the Heartless to their own ends!"
Avira "You, my dear, are in need of a tail beating! What troublesome friends I make! Damnit! At least, in you, I see guilt and all of those things that mean remorse. Time heals all, but for the love of Faram learn from this!"
Church of Glabados "...Which amongst thee be innocent, and which guilty? Lord guide me, that the corrupt be purged!"
Count Valos "Thy gift saved my life. May ye find peace at the lord's side."
Cressidia "Hmm. Loyal, virtuous, steadfast...but pure? I wonder."
Deelel "Any world that turns a proper nezu into a /human/ be quite upside down! Do remind me to never enter the Grid sober my dear."
Hati "Why, I do believe I must like disproving rumors. Heh."
Ivo Galvan "Where be thee, Ser Galvan? Lady 'Kara' and I have a welcome home gift. Bring a few elixirs. 'Tis necessary."
Jasmine "...What a grand city. Truly, you are as the Saint's own flesh! And to think, that it would come in the form of /nobility/. Ahh well. Let us work together. We have a city to reclaim."
Katey Fray "Faram be praised, that he would spare you! Oh, Katey, you are as kin! That you still draw breath gives me hope, and your skills...however eccentric, shall be invaluable! For Lord and country, my dear!"
Lenn "My my my! How beautiful, for a human. Worry not, Ser Seatlan is a good boy. Though I find red flatters you. May we get to know one another! Lord's blessings, dear Lady!"
Lily "The Lord's wrath made flesh! 'Tis surely Providence that grants so innocent a girl such unimaginable power! You touch my dreams, terrible and hopeful, Lady Lily. Rare, so very rare a gift. Fear not thy power, hone it, wield it! Against you, no murderer or shadow shall last."
Maira "Coping well, my dear? Far overdue for a visit."
Morrighan Alazne "I have had quite enough of the Yevonite's Heretical 'Farplane'. Shall we avoid it in the future, my dear? At the least, ye have thy magic back, though I wonder if 'tis for good or ill..."
Ophelia "No better than a shadowy serpent to learn how to cavort in the shade. Perfect."
Percival "My apologies, dear Squire. That I missed the signs...nay, we all did. This bears investigation. Let us work our way towards the truth. Thy assistance shall prove invaluable."
Pixi "Warmth lurks beneath the ice yet! What dire fate has made you lay such a cruel mask against the world upon your face? I suggest removing it from time to time, lest you forget who you truly are."
Reize Seatlan "My, my, my you certainly do make an excellent means of conveyance and trap avoidance, Ser Seatlan!"
Sarafina Carenze "Strong, wields a weapon most devastating and curious, experienced, and quite fetching for a warrior-knight human. And willing to punch Dark Knights in their noggins. My dear, dear Dame, you are an example to warriors everywhere!"
Shadow "A true professional. Though 'twould not kill thee to speak more off of the job. 'Tis unhealthy, Ser!"
Shiki Misaki "Shall that blade be a blessing, or curse? 'Tis a gift from God, but such gifts are what we make of them."
Skoll Ulfang "Reliable and strong. Curious fashion sense though. Far too many chains for my liking. A Seeker, a friend, the sister of my dearest love. But a word, Ser Ulfang, and my blade is thine own!"
Tifa Lockhart "Twice now, I have seen you face darkness most vile. With fist and courage, you strike boldly. My Lady, were there more such as you, then the Shadow that seeks to engulf the worlds would be truly doomed."
Zargabaath "...A lesser Burmecian would say that ye've been warned prior, dear Judge."
Zia "For such a frail Gargoyle, ye've some knack for injury. Do remember that a broken-winged dove may be beautiful, but 'tis still quite lame. Let we headstrong knights take the blows, hmm?"


Name Thoughts
Beatrix "It shall be my pleasure to rip thy heart from thy chest! And that sword shall make an excellent mantlepiece."
Blivon "A Daemon-lover with eyes that see far too close to the truth. Shall ye be an enemy, or an ally? Methinks, sadly, this shan't end with less than blood."
Kingdom of Alexandria "Butchers, murderers, foul Heretics! You who dance with Demons, slay the innocent and guilty alike! Turn from darkness, oh citizens and Repent! Your leaders shall roast upon a pyre, Lord willing. Take care that you do not follow them!"
Priel Aylin "...Damnit!"
Seith "Be it a battle of tongues, or a battle of spell and blade Witch, I shall not let you have the souls of the Faithful! Throw your barbs all you like, they shall be but flesh wounds."
Queen Brahne "...You live. It seems I have work to do. A mere hanging is too good for you. Nay. I shall see you at the mercy of the Inquisition, and with myself as your Confessor. For every child, every brave soldier, every innocent soul you have reaped by your army of demons and Heretics, you shall SCREAM in agony."
That Old Beggar "DEMON! How dare you stalk the innocent and those who would give charity! Flee, coward, for when next we meet it shall be your doom! Faram's Judgement shall come!"
The Shadow Lords "You have stolen another home. Another city. More innocent lives. I will find each and every one of you. All of your subordinates. Every single Witch and Heretic connected to you. Time for mercy, for playing 'nice' for the sake of politics, is over. Pray. You've little time left."


Name Thoughts
Kaydin "...Quite the dilemma, you are. Whose side are you truly on?"


Name Thoughts
Chita "...Stubborn, useless Viera!"
Freya "Mmm. Not immediately abhorrent. Polite. Thoughtful. Dragon Knight or nay, ye shall serve perfectly as a partner. Shall we, M'Lady?"
Jack Skellington "Touch not the pure, oh spirit! Find your rest, and unquiet the innocent no longer!"
Katyna "A graduate and Dame of the Magical Academy of Gariland. Quite a prestigious military school, all told, though her attitude is not what is oft expected of a soldier. Refreshing, honestly, to see a Knight parting with her mask of rank. Kind, as well, without wounding a fellow knight's pride. Commendable. May you find your lost comrade. Any ally of a fellow Templar shall have my steel as they need it."
Luso Clemens "By the Lord, 'tis your surname 'Seatlan' by chance? Truly, the pair of you could be flesh and blood. By spirit, surely! Mmm...and to possess such a radiant blade. Protect it well, and strive to be worthy of it. Should you fail in that, the Church shall place it within more righteous hands."
Melody Ellsmere "A Countess of Baron, and rather irritating. While not /quite/ as arrogant as most, her more subtle form and cutting remarks are enough to consider chewing off her tongue. And a Dark Knight at that? Who practices healing magic? Such a thin line to walk. But you are no Heretic, not like most Baronians. Pray you do not fall as well."
Morgan Albaste "A kind Lady, with most curious ears. To offer assistance to a mere Temple Knight such as I? Truly, the Lord's own spirit is within this one! My debt to you, M'Lady Albaste, shall be repaid."
Nagetta "A Lamia. Naught more should I say, were this my home. But a craven, devouring beast this one is not. Intelligence...perhaps even Faith, or virtue resides in this scaled Lady. With so many worlds...mayhap one exists where we of dragon's kin are but monsters that prey upon lamia. Though a deep, primal fear strikes me in your presence...I shall overcome with Faith! For intelligence is a gift of Faram, and thus we are Brother and Sister!"
Queegma "...Hmph. A knave, indeed, but something about this one...I must keep watch."
Raiya Fujihara "Lady warrior, for whom do you wield a blade? Efficient and swift."
Rosemarie "...Ye walk a dangerous line. Friend or foe? Mmm. Difficult to say. AT least ye have manners."
Sanel "Are...you truly that boy I saw? I can still remember the screams, feel the chill in the air, a village made a tomb! Yet...that did not seem an act. What is going on here?"
Synestria "Ahh, Toroia must be a land of hume beauty indeed! A dancer, you say? Such a shame we did not meet on the streets of Burmecia. Let us go dancing some time, hmm?"
Well-Dressed Man "A normal enough human. Still...something about him makes my fur stand on end. Odd."
Zeke "Ser Fawkes! One who calls himself mere merchant, I see within you faith and bravery! A Templar in all but name. Let us set sail. We've work to do!"
Yuna "For all of your pious words, kind heart, humility, and honesty...I tremble, and am /shamed/ next to you. Oh Summoner, caller of Legends, you who would commit yourself to Pilgrimage of most Holy purpose! My prayers are with you, for surely the Lord guides your steps. Ahh, and but what lies beneath such warmth, grace, and love given us by the Lord? Steel unbending! But be warned, kind Lady. There is much to be said for bending against a storm, where even steel twists and shatters. The fear that touches my heart, is that you shall not bend when you must, and your Pilgrimage ended prematurely. May we meet again, and your fellows guard you well."
Will Sherman "I know not the nature of this demon masquerading as divinity known as Loki. And our search yields precious little. What I do know, is that you are a well meaning man Ser Sherman. You helped the Ladies Dennou, and keep respectable company. Lord guide us to a way of purging this demon from you."

Foul Heretics

Name Thoughts
Agrias Oaks "It seems you were correct. Time to see things set to rights."
Angantyr Vespar "A thousand deaths would not repay the harm inflicted upon Maira at thy hands. One shall have to suffice."
Pete "WITCH! Your stupidity is no excuse. While you are a lesser concern, you shall hang all the same."
Royce "I do not take kindly to those whom masquerade as friends. There is a rope with thy name upon it. Hanging must be horrid, for one such ye. And that shall merely be the start."
Sho Minamimoto "Only once before have I fought in such hopeless circumstances. Far better persons than I perished back then. No longer. No longer, Heretic, will I suffer the deaths of dear friends by ones such as /you/. By all means, rely on your demons, your servants, your numbers and rules. They are but chains that bind, until the day that the innocent, the brave, and the Faithful stand before you in triumph. And on that day, we will STRANGLE you with them. It will not be simple defeat. Your name, your body, all that you have done will be Erased. Indeed, it shall be as though you never set foot upon hallowed soil."
Uzuki Yashiro "An assassin, ruthless and terrible. Willing to manipulate, deceive...the height of cowardice! You are but a piece of the problem, but a problem nevertheless. And no doubt you have much to tell us about the Reapers. And you /will/ speak."

Extra Heretical

Name Thoughts
Garland "...You are truly a being of the Abyss. Lord grant me the strength to stand against such power."
Kaze "To violate the sanctity of a Cathedral,and Holy Mullonde itself? We shall have your debt in blood and screams! Another for the Inquisitor's rope it seems."
New Zodiac Braves "...My, my, my. That truth would come from the dishonored. Brave men and women all, yet I fear conflict and ideals shall ever drive us apart."
Ramza Beoulve "You, Beoulve, are a good man. Far too good for such a corrupt age that we live within. Thank ye for all that ye've strove for, after I would not believe ye...and yet, methinks in the end we shall never truly see eye to eye. For I dream of the Lord's dominion, and of golden spires of Faith upon the many worlds. 'Tis a pity. Faram forgive those who must work as they feel best." Riku "The fact that you have fallen into, or perhaps have always been an agent of Darkness is a tragedy. That your actions have cost vast numbers of lives, including that of a Templar's, and plunged an entire world into shadow is enough to sign your death warrant thrice over. But, that is not why I shall kill you. That you have betrayed that young adventurer, who so believed in you, who took you in as friend and companion without a SINGLE QUESTION. THAT is why I am going to make your death AGONIZING. You will learn to FEAR me. For now, enjoy my 'present'."


Favorite Movie: 300 (Faruja saw it while in Manhattan. The bravery of the men reminded him so much of the ideal of a Templar, that he's suggested it to the ranks of the Ecchlesiarchy for being deemed 'inspirational and sanctioned watching' amongst those new to the Templarate. The decision is still under debate.)

Favorite Drink: Earl Grey tea.

Favorite Alcohol: Burmecian Rice Whiskey

Hobbies: Faruja is generally attracted to anything denied to him as a commoner: artwork, poetry, plays, literature. One notable exception, however, is clothing: when not dressed in clothes marking his station, he usually wears tasteful, yet not gaudy clothing. Simple collared/ruffled shirts and suits are more common on him than, say, colorful jewelry and clothing. He's also something of a bar fly, his connections with the Inquisition, sharp ears, and love for drink making it a profitable one.


Wizard Visiting Hours March 17th, 2014 Merlin gets visitors. A lot of them. The topics at hand seem to involve the strange blade that Chita holds, as well as Kaydin's new Keyblade.
The Cloister of Shiva March 16th, 2014 A group of adventurers make it to the Cloister of Shiva. But what will they find inside?
A Thorn In, Or On Morrighan's Side? March 11th, 2014 The World of Ruin is a chaotic place, and one of the people who Morrighan dislikes the most, who endlessly causes her trouble, is evidently an ally of hers. Faruja has the regrettable task of having to try to keep the peace.
Hunt For Priest March 6th, 2014 A small group of Shadow Lords, led by The Huntress, descend upon a local church.
Mission: Mugwort March 3rd, 2014 Beneath the shifting dunes of the Bare Desert south of Fluorgis, down where the sand thickens into stone, tortuous tunnels snake, their dark stillness a refuge for strange life forms. Within one of these capricious tunnels our heroes now wander, seeking one such creature in particular: the omnivorous Mugwort.
Seven: The World Changes February 8th, 2014 A dark shadow looms over the Northern Continent.
Power Play: A Bit of Fate January 25th, 2014 An unusual encounter in Purgos leads to the forces of Restoration gaining wind of an unusual situation...
Topsy Turvy Day January 6th, 2014 It's the Feast of Fools in La Cite Des Cloches - and everyone is invited to come and enjoy the carnival! But unbeknownst to our heroes, a Mad Witch plans on making the festivities far more true to their word than they ever could have known!
Memories Forgotten - Part 2 November 16th, 2013 Morrighan, following a trail of subtle clues, finally comes face to face with....herself. Words are exchanged, loved ones are spotted, magic flies, and finally; things come to an end.
Assuming About The Opposition October 25th, 2013 As Rosemarie wanders to the outskirts of the city, she's beset by Faruja and Queegmaa, who accuse her of having heretical ties with Blivon, who is wanted by Glabados, aside from performing some witch-craft of her own brand. As she gets into position to be arrested, Queegmaa catches a look on her face suggesting realities about her subordinates that he would've otherwise known nothing about, and he rants about Rosie's sub-par assistants; all assumptions, of course!
The Rat Rings A Bell October 11th, 2013 Maleficent follows up on rumors of a divining bell located within the ruins of Burmecia. Some of those who are there for various reasons take offense to this. A long lost relic of Burmecia is returned, and Freya departs with it in search of something lost.
Deus Ex Mousena October 10th, 2013 Faruja gives Blivon a foreboding warning, upon discovering the shaman's hideout. Safely tucked in a small corner of Traverse Town, and with Rosemarie's backing, the self-assured druid doesn't relent in debunking everything the Nezumi believes in, until Blivon is forced to administer a crushing blow. Faruja has met his match.
The Cloister of Phoenix October 4th, 2013 Heroes delve into the Cloister of Phoenix, only to find... platform puzzles.
Spears and Threats September 21st, 2013 Faruja seeks out Chita, and the pair trade threats, as well as worries.
What We Know September 16th, 2013 The Seekers speculate on the nature of the keyblade quests.
Shadowing For A Shadow Lord September 15th, 2013 Under orders from Admiral Rakassa, Queegmaa hires Faruja and Freya to shadow an outlaw who's been plaguing the empire for years, one who apparently has the grandeur to outgun their elite Mtek knights with minimal backup. Power-hungry, and eager to try and seize the marauder's talents for herself, in whatever capacity possible, the Arch-Admiral now has Faruja and Freya tailing this enigmatic monstrosity's right-hand-man with the intent to get clues as to the location of the primary quarry in question. All the while, Que makes a sunny day at the beach a gloomy one, for the Burmecian Templar!
Relationship Drama August 14th, 2013 Hati and Faruja try to figure out where they stand after the situation with the Glabadosian Demon.
Lamia Seekers August 13th, 2013 Kidnappings lead Faruja and his considerable posse to investigate rumors of Lamia mischief.
Welcome To The Grid August 7th, 2013 After weeks of work, Beck has finally repaired the laser. However something goes horribly wrong. The moment the laser is powered, it starts digitizing every single person in the room. At long last the programs have returned home however? Can they get their user friends out alive?!
Gamer Rat August 6th, 2013 Faruja has just been rescued from the clutches of dark power and now he comes down to the Arcade to catch up with a friend and try to recover a little bit.
Cathedral Confrontation August 4th, 2013 The 'heroes' face down the power of Father Barnabus and his chalice, hoping to free Faruja from it's baleful call.
A Noblerat Drops In July 28th, 2013 Faruja Senra is enjoying some beer at the Wildkat Cafe when a most unexpected visitor literally drops into a nearby alleyway. Burmecian nobleman Eric Bartholomew (Mimsy the Third) has only just reentered normal existance, with little recollection of Burmecia's fall at the hands of Alexandria save the initial explosion. After explaining the situation over beer (and being nearly incited to maul the man for a brief moment) Faruja offers to help Eric get back to his home in Lindblum.
Half Truths July 28th, 2013 Trying to save Faruja from himself, Hati tries to get him away from the Cathedral in order to keep him safe.
He Who Pulls the Strings July 20th, 2013 In search of those behind the plot that nearly killed Faruja... Hati, Will, and Ramza discover the man behind the scenes, pulling the strings.
A Well Needed Distraction July 12th, 2013 A chalice-obsessed Temple-knight gets a distraction from staring longingly at the object of his devotion.
Digging Deeper July 10th, 2013 Deelel is still on the trail of the mysterious effect related to the stone an chalice that seems to have effected, Faruja and many others who have encountered both. Two lose lipped Squires manage to unwittingly give Deelel a lead on where to go next. The implications are disturbing.
Painting the Red City July 6th, 2013 Rapunzel is enraptured by the sun setting over the mountains and stops to immortalize the scene on canvas, whereupon an unlikely person happens to cross her path.
To The Mist And Back July 2nd, 2013 Alexandria is setting up a fort in the Mist Plains. Rebellion forces have something to say about this...
Visitors, Cupcakes, and Relationships July 1st, 2013 Maira stops by for a visit to the Watchtower, only to be beset by addictive cupcakes, relationship advice, and... dun dun dun: Percival.
Farewell, Uist June 20th, 2013 The connection between Maira and her ghostly companion is severed. A heartbreaking farewell.
Cathedral Aftermath June 12th, 2013 After nearly dying, Faruja has a few concerned visitors.
Cathedral Chaos June 11th, 2013 The dedication of the Church's new Cathedral doesn't go quite according to plan.
Party Like a Pirate June 7th, 2013 Celebrating the success of their treacherous expedition into the Ship Graveyard, the Shard Seekers and friends gather in Port Royal for a party in grand style, replete with music and dance and drink, mostly drink. Chaos is par for the course in this once-orderly city by the sea, and it is to the sea that the Seekers will be called once again, while Darkness lurks on the horizon -- for more than a few of them. But until then, Fate shall smile its crooked smile, love shall blossom, and kisses shall miss their mark. Like, /really/ miss their mark.
Love And Memories Anew June 5th, 2013 Sanel encounters Faruja in Fluorgis. He learns the value of love and is set on his path to forget old ramnents of his memory and start anew.
The Fiendish Dreadnought June 3rd, 2013 To liberate Carwen from the scourge of undead that threaten to plague it, the Shard Seekers and friends bravely set forth to the Ship Graveyard, a festering nest of rotted wood and flesh. Little do they realize that two very different forces work against them, and that one is a power beyond what they could have imagined. So when combat prowess comes to no avail, our heroes must turn to the final staple of JRPG protagonists in dramatically getting out of a sticky situation: a mini-game. Great! Bad! Great! Epic Fail!
Get Lucky? June 3rd, 2013 Serendipity attracts a crowd--including Pete and a hoard of Heartless, come to try to kidnap Maira, yelling about Princesses of Heart!
A Promising Start May 30th, 2013 Traveling south to the port town of Carwen chasing rumors of a den of undead and an anomaly detected by the Shard Seeker device, Reize and company reunite with some old friends and meet some new ones in preparation for their challenging quest. Almost immediately, people are shouting and pouncing on each other. It's a promising start.
Training Begins May 28th, 2013 Zia and Faruja catch up a bit on current events, and then the mouse decides to start on her training, only to discover just how difficult a task he signed up for.
A Familiar Face Of An Unknown Past May 26th, 2013 Sanel takes Alma to a cemetary near Mullonde and they run into Faruja, who is paying his respects.
Anarchist Bonfire May 25th, 2013 A Heretic and a Templar walk into a church...
Faith and Comfort May 14th, 2013 Shiki checks in on the cathedral's construction. Faruja discusses her recent adventures with her, and bes a big brother.
The Clash Of Balance May 1st, 2013 The Dark Knight comes for the Maiden of Light. Yet she has something planned for the Dark Knight.
A Mouse and a Wolf Walk Into a Bar April 29th, 2013 But instead of of being the start to a bad joke, it's just the start of Hati and Faruja catching up on recent events.
You Will Set the World on Fire April 25th, 2013 After a heartbreaking and terrifying encounter with Garland and Angantyr, Maira comes to check up on her friends. Unfortunately, she keeps lighting on fire in her sleep and she is /very/ tired.
Grendel Attacks April 23rd, 2013 VALKYRI's carefully planned party is rudely interrupted by an attacking monster.
Ambush the Heretics! April 20th, 2013 Faruja, Ophelia and Helena ambush the New Zodiac Braves. Zack pulls a helicopter out.
The Mouse King's Execution April 16th, 2013 The heroes sneak into Alexandria Castle to rescue the Burmecian King..
An Offer He Won't Refuse April 16th, 2013 Souji Murasame heads to Mullonde to meet with Faruja and make use of the materials he has... acquired recently. For a good cause, of course.
Malice Striker April 4th, 2013 Artyom has had a dream and it has brought him to the Phantom Forest. He has not come alone and he seeks the Esper that lurks here.
Vault Hunter: Part 1 April 2nd, 2013 Royce, upon discovering an ancient key, goes looking for the lock which she suspects will be found in the ruins of other Ajoran temples. Unfortunately, her timing is terrible and a veritable army of heroes stand in her way.
The Rat and the Warlord March 31st, 2013 Louis and Faruja discuss the battle that happened recently - as well as the Heretics they met... and the Heretic to be.
First Blood Is The Loser March 30th, 2013 Faruja interrogates Gidarch Valos in Mullonde's maximum security prison. The Burmecian draws blood first, yet, the dark one is he who controls the flow of the fight up until the very end.
War upon the plains of Sabil March 29th, 2013 War is to be had when Ramza and some of his troops are spotted too close to Mullonde, and a powerful Shine Knight descends upon him along with both Unexpected as well as Expected allies.
Follow That Ship! March 29th, 2013 After the events of Pirate Radio Zeke and his merry crew must hunt down and stop a ship full of kidnapped people all without getting eaten by a demon that's built a body for itself out of all the debris that used to be Tortuga's harbor.
Path to Redemption March 27th, 2013 Katyna finally reveals her dark secret to Faruja, who sees a potential soul to be redeemed under the guidance of the church..
Crazy Bar Fun! March 25th, 2013 Katyna walks into a bar and runs into Faruja,but is too scared to reveal her ugly secret to him. Artemis gives her some tough love advice..
Tough Love March 25th, 2013 Artemis meets Sir Faruja, Deelel, and gives Katyna some tough love--just about the only kind of love she has.
Devourer in the Depths March 19th, 2013 Artyom decides to go revisit some old ruins with a group of his friends. They unleash a sleeping creature.
Staring Away from the Abyss March 16th, 2013 Some memories are to be left sealed away. Faruja finds this out the hard way.
Passing the Torch March 15th, 2013 An old inquisitor retires and passes her duties on to an unlikely young woman. Ophelia seems all too keen to don the mantle of authority and sets the wheels in motion for hidden plans.
Explosive Reunion March 15th, 2013 Faruja gets a new soldier in his crew who is a surprisingly familiar face, and a whole load of trouble.
Conversations and Carrots March 13th, 2013 Faruja follows Evja to Archades, seeking answers to recent rumors.
Eye for an Eye: Confrontation March 12th, 2013 Together, Hati's friends and family fight against the dark force threatening her life.
The Beast of Halloween Town March 10th, 2013 Ashamed and horrified, the mutate Avira fled into the night-but rumors of her hiding in Halloween Town spread fast. Friend, foe, and unexpected ally alike cross paths with the distraught woman.
Eye for an Eye: Sleepless Night March 7th, 2013 Late in the evening, Hati isn't able to sleep, so she tells Faruja a few dark truths to see if he would withdraw from helping her, or stay.
The Breakfast Club March 7th, 2013 A Templar, A Captain, and a Heretic have a chat. Waffles were allegedly involved. Don't miss the cameo of everyone's favorite amnesiac!
Eye for an Eye: Potions and Plans March 5th, 2013 Faruja and friends discover what happened to Hati, and make plans to rectify it.
What Would You Say, If You A Mousie On A Chain? March 4th, 2013 Faruja invites Morrighan to negotiate terms for her induction into Glabados. Because of the rodent's penchant for mouthing off, Gidarch Valos, technically beneath Faruja in rank, is charged with the task of keeping the Burmecian on a leash; albeit, he must do it in a suggestive, humble manner, since Faruja supersedes his authority.
Ahoy! March 4th, 2013 Zeke and Faruja discuss plans for their raid on Tortuga over breakfast.
Hades Cup: Heaven's Punishment vs. No Sleep Til Manhattan February 28th, 2013 The final match of the round robin portion of the Hades Cup! Who will take home the Wind Shard?
Hades Cup: Team Heavens Judgment vs Team DLC February 27th, 2013 The second match in the Finals of the Hades Cup, Team Heavens Judgment vs Team DLC! Sanel and Lia the Gria(kinda) commentate!
Celebration in Fluorgis February 26th, 2013 With the Shadows Over Fluorgis passes, the city undergoes a celebration. Drunks, music, merriment all around. Some shenanigans are abound.
A Lost Soul February 24th, 2013 Deelel and Faruja encounter another Demi human from Faruja's world who has only recently come out of the darkness. Keeping this in mind they do what they can for Wisdom to help get her settled into this strange new world.
Clear the Skies February 22nd, 2013 As Heartless rage through the streets and Fluorgis teeters on collapse, its council makes a fateful decision, and employs the city's last ditch plan to protect the Fire Crystal from the darkness. In the midst of the melee, from the bowels of the earth bursts the Fire-Powered Ship, retrofitted as a mighty airship with the combined technology of Fluorgis and Karnak, which plunges bravely into the shadowy skies above with the Crystal within. Yet deep in the dark miasma, fearsome foes lurk with designs of their own. Can those trusted few allowed into Fluorgis's inner sanctum repulse these last invaders and preserve the city's livelihood?
A Visitor in the Night February 20th, 2013 Faruja comes to call upon Hati at her 'residence', and the two have a 'heart to heart' over unicorn stew.
A Strange Encounter February 18th, 2013 Faruja and Zeke run into a woman who lost her ticked named Dominique Destine.
The Obsidian Ring February 16th, 2013 As the shadows darken over Fluorgis and spirits fall, and the flickering of the city's power and malfunctioning of water pumps lead to fearful rumors that the Fire Crystal itself is being suppressed, a Legion of lookalike detectives uncover a startling lead. A hooded figure has been spotted on high rooftops unleashing plumes of darkness into the air, leading to the thickening of the black clouds -- and, perhaps, the increasing incidence of Heartless.

The mysterious villain is spotted fleeing to the Sky Port, even though most flights are grounded due to the treacherous skies, apparently aware the jig is up. Acting quickly, the city of Fluorgis puts out a public alert to apprehend the fugitive. A crucial confrontation approaches. Will the force behind the Shadows Over Fluorgis be revealed at last?

Maid Cafe: The Bacon Episode February 16th, 2013 The Shard Seekers and Valkyri put up a Maid Cafe for gaining some coin - for charity
Time of Rest, Seeds of Conflict February 15th, 2013 Faruja, Maira, Ivo and Raiya gather by coincidence at the WildKat Cafe, each depleted by their different endeavors. Will these good friends be tested by tensions which simmer beneath the surface, born of unexamined flaws?
Mist Crazed February 14th, 2013 Faruja and Hati stumble upon a certain Viera Judge, who seems to be acting like anything but.
Scavenger of the Dead February 12th, 2013 In the sun-bleached remains of a battle between the Burmecians and their Alexandrian foes, a lone figure performs even dark deeds. Is she merely here to rob the dead or does some more sinister purpose drive her to these atrocities?
Confessions of the Heart February 11th, 2013 After the battle in the Pridelands, Faruja and Zia return to the Land of Dragons and the mouse springs his love letter on a certain unsuspecting gargoyle.
Hades Cup: Team DLC vs Team Two Men and a Manchild February 11th, 2013 It is the first round of the Hades Cup tournament. Who shall win this match?!
Boneyard Shuffle February 10th, 2013 Shard UNLOCK! --- A massive undead mammoth shuffles about and inconviences the party. Guest starring Shenzai, Banzai and Ed. --Welcome to the Pride Lands.
Aftermath February 8th, 2013 Katyna recovers after the battle in the TT church, and encounters Faruja.
Inheritance February 7th, 2013 A mysterious thief is stealing powerful holy relics from the Traverse Church, and murdering those who try to stop him/her. VALKYRIE is once again called into action to stop the mysterious robber, however, the story takes a sudden surprise twist!
Take Down Clan Verda! February 6th, 2013 The Judgemaster of Jylland has posted a request for some brave adventurers to help take down a rogue Clan, and in the process, act upon a personal request of his - save the Judge they stole.
The Birds February 5th, 2013 The growing malaise in Fluorgis breeds a seriously large Noise. Shiki enlists friends and passers-by to stop the problem.
Mark Hunt: Bloodwing February 5th, 2013 With the draw of a bounty on Bloodwing, Hati and Faruja head into a long-abandoned temple buried beneath the sands in search of fortune, but find something else, instead.
All That Glitters to Dragons is Gold February 4th, 2013 Priel and Faruja discuss a certain letter over breakfast...
To Fluorgis, my Lady! February 2nd, 2013 Faruja and Evja finally make it to Fluorgis and head to the Shard Seekers HQ, where Priel and Faruja discover Evja has a passion for carrots.
Dive Into The Heart: Deelel February 1st, 2013 A few downcycles for Deelel turns into something far greater...
The Wills of Women January 31st, 2013 Beneath blue skies, during a rare respite from the shadows plaguing Fluorgis, some of the Shard Seekers come together in the garden, and Lenn and Raiya show their determination to move forward on their own paths. As the bonds of trust between these different friends grow, so too do their prospects of success. But where does this road lead for the motley crew?
How to tease a Templar January 31st, 2013 When Faruja gets out of church, he falls down only to be helped up by a familiar face - who proceeds to tease him relentlessly for a while for their own amusement.
Hades Cup: START! January 28th, 2013 A ceremony for the heroes of the Hades Cup qualifying turns into a battle for survival as Hades' machinations comes to a head...things do not go as planned!
Unorthodox uses of BACON January 28th, 2013 Skoll warned that there would be danger if the VALKYRI were to harbor them. And that danger becomes very real in the form of Makenshi.
On Cloud Nine January 27th, 2013 A lively cast assembles at Tifa's new joint for drinks and banter.
Of Wo(men) and Mice January 26th, 2013 The Adjudicator Evja meets a recovering Faruja after the events of the Hades' Cup qualifying. They talk Jumping and world shards.
Smells Like... January 25th, 2013 Skoll drops by the Shard Seekers HQ real quick, while wounded, to pick up some stuff. He ends up stumbling into Faruja's dorm-section.
Hades Cup: Qualifying Event - TOURNAMENT OF STRENGTH January 25th, 2013 A contest of strength!
A celebration at VALKYRI January 24th, 2013 Maira throws a surprise party for Avira to celebrate her win in the race and qualifying for the Hades Cup!
Rivalry? January 24th, 2013 Faruja and Angantyr run into each other.
Hades Cup: Qualifying Event - THE RACE January 23rd, 2013 The first qualifying event of the Hades Cup Tournament, in which the Junior Heros race each other to get qualified in the Hades Cup Tournament!
Pets in the Potion Supply January 22nd, 2013 Kidnapped pets, heartless, and dwindling supplies! What ever will our heroes do? Can they protect the kitties and doggies and chocobos?
The Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames! January 21st, 2013 Hades Announces the Hades Cup, reveals the Manhattan Shard of Wind, and reveals TNT.
Trespassers Will Be Toad January 20th, 2013 A party of adventurers investigates mysterious disappearances and rumors of monsters in the Fluorgis Water Treatment plant. Everyone was Kung-Fu Fighting. HAAAH. Caution: You May Get Wet.
Relaxation and Stress January 20th, 2013 While searching for her brother, Hati makes a pit stop at the Shard Seekers to drop off a few things with Faruja, then gives him a demonstration of one of her potions which leads to both relaxation, and renewed stress.
Haunted Hearts January 17th, 2013 VALKYRIE and their allies investigate a series of hauntings in the Traverse Town church. While Maira and Aerith discover friendly ghosts and a heartless preying on the dead, parts of Katyna's mysterious history are revealed..
The Witness of the Secrets January 16th, 2013 It was just an ordinary day in Traverse Town. The amnesiac boy, Sanel, wanted to enjoy the day. However, to a devout templar, the boy brings back horrible memories.
Churches and Clones January 14th, 2013 Katyna wanders into Shard Seekers hq one day and meets Emi for the first time, and discusses her faith with Faruja.
Recovery January 14th, 2013 While recovering at shard seekers HQ, Katyna wanders around and runs into some interesting people!
What Personal Space? January 14th, 2013 In search of her brother, Hati comes to the Shard Seeker's HQ, where she encounters Faruja, and challenges him to show her the power of love and light. *ehem*
In the Halls of Mullonde January 13th, 2013 A perilous journey into the catacombs of Mullonde.
VALKYRI VS Shard Seekers: Racing the Dawn January 12th, 2013 Desert madness! VALKYRI and the Shard Seekers go head to head as they rush through an ancient ruins to secure valuable artifact not only within the time limit, but before the other adventurers get to the final chamber as well. The object? A Desert Rose, a magical crystal rose, a living artifact, that blooms only for one night once every 100 years. Inscribed on the petals themselves are shapes that form a map to an even greater treasure. What awaits the two teams as they race for the goal?!
Tense Negotiations January 12th, 2013 Faruja Senra, representing the Church of Glabados, negotiates and investigates the tensions arising between Cleyra and Burmecia. It proves more dire than anticipated.
Vengeance Denied January 12th, 2013 Faruja finally tracks down Riku and there is an exchange of words, and motivations, and blows.
Time Is Up January 9th, 2013 Time is up. Can the TDA and friends stop Cronus? Of course they can. The trickier question is whether they can save him.
Scrambled Inventory January 6th, 2013 Hearts Intertwined is always in need of good help. In the wake of massive misfiling and other signs of bureaucractic chicanery, Sable and Faruja have a moment to introduce eachother as long hours of boxing looms ahead of them.
Prelude ~ Panic in Fluorgis January 6th, 2013 It started off as a normal day for the Shard Seekers, but then the Heartless invaded the city itself. Many adventurers banded together to stop the outbreak with a bit of a mysterious help...
Of Mice and Drow-Men January 5th, 2013 Faruja and Count Valos discuss philosophy. Heresy is bordered on.
A Hobo, A Templar, and an Inquisitor walk into a... December 28th, 2012 Will Sherman, Faruja Senra, and Inquisitor Sarah meet to discuss recent events, and what to do about Will's little problem.
Manhattan Restoration: Merlin's Invitation December 27th, 2012 After fending off an attack from Mad Madam Mim, heroes are gathered to hear Merlin's tidings of comfort and joy, or at least tidings of 'not all hope is lost, now go out and kicks ome ass.'
Wisdom In The Snow December 22nd, 2012 Two mice share prayers, wisdom is imparted, and a wounded community witnesses a miracle.
O Holy Night December 22nd, 2012 Faruja Senra seeks words of wisdom and direction from his superiors within the Church order. He is also the best judge of character ever.
A Doctor December 19th, 2012 Faruja Senra encounters a military program who escaped from the grid some time ago. Unlike CHIEF he seems here to help rather than harm. Later Deelel also encounters them both, and she finds out her plan of leaving grid art clearly is working as intended.
The Maiden and the Temple Knight December 18th, 2012 Aerith extends her stay in Traverse Town, having arranged with Faruja Senra to train in the ways of his weapon. While there, Kaydin and Luso join in, and as Aerith becomes inspired by one of the nezumi's signature techniques, so to are Kaydin and Luso inspired to train their own techniques as well. Of course, this can only end one way... a duel between the two of them.

Part of Aerith's training trip.
Stories of Hope at Hearts Intertwined December 17th, 2012 Faruja and Maira have a chance encounter while helping the sick and injured who fled Manhattan
Songs on Rooftops December 17th, 2012 The white gargress puts aside her fear of humans for a time to share in their sorrow over the loss of Manhattan, only to find that even among the refugees there are 'heartless' beings that have nothing to do with the fall of darkness.
Lost and Found December 17th, 2012 Faruja and Deelel meet up in a Tavern in Cornelia to catch up on things and later head to Traverse Town and encounter certain missing champion of both Basics and the Users.
Darkclouded Aftermath December 16th, 2012 After the events of the Temple of Fiends, the Shard Seekers, along with Tifa and Rinoa, made it back to Cornelia to bring the prince to Princess Lara. Elated, she allowed the heroes to stay as guests. However, tensions rise as the health of the prince has not improved...
Tensions in the Storm December 16th, 2012 Immediately after the Shard Seekers had a tense discussion, Reize sought to have a private chat with Faruja regarding a certain bounty placed on a person that he considered a friend.
Temple Of Fiends December 14th, 2012 The kidnapped Prince of Cornelia lies in the Temple of Fiends. A brave party enters to rescue him...but what awaits them inside these terrifying walls?
Mark: Soul Devourer December 13th, 2012 Luso, Reize, Faruja, and Melody gather together to take down a heartless that has been causing a near endless array of problems in the Petrified Forest. Afterwards, they are met with the source of it all.
A Heartless Beast December 11th, 2012 The Shadow Lord's errand-girl comes to Traverse town to witness the fallout of the attack on Manhattan, only to be confronted by the Templar Faruja Senra and his companion, Synestria. Of course, both find it easier to blame her than to see the darkness within every heart.

Note: This scene has been slightly modified from the original to remove a couple of lines that caused some consent issues.

To Fight Or Flee December 10th, 2012 After awaking from the battle in Manhattan, Zia discovers her world has fallen. Fleeing to the rooftops, she is soon joined by a friend.
In a New York Minute - Evacuation December 9th, 2012 The defenders of Manhattan attempt to evacuate as many people as they can before it's too late; the Shadow Lords try to close the portal on them early, but cannot break through.
In A New York Minute: The Manhattan Project - Docks Of Doom December 8th, 2012 Sho Minamimoto and Big Bad Pete make their appearance on the Manhattan Docks. In an attempt to break through the defenses and savage the storage and support from the harbor, they deploy Noise and Heartless! What will the heroes do to stop them?
Not So Fun In The Sandpit December 4th, 2012 Amidst the sands of Fluorgis, an Antlion who gorged on Heartless is rampaging towards the desert city! Can it be stopped? Will our heroes survive? Will anyone be eaten, and can they avoid massive amounts of spit? Read on to find out!
Bootlaces December 4th, 2012 After Shiki walks out of the meeting, Faruja follows her.
Trouble Brews In the Family December 4th, 2012 After the situation with Shiki's shower incident, Reize called the Shard Seekers to a meeting. Should Priel be a member of the Shard Seekers?
No Good Deed November 26th, 2012 A charity event held by the Church turns chaotic thanks to the efforts of two particularly Dark individuals.
The Judge, The Mouse and the Guardian November 24th, 2012 Faruja and Zargabaath meet up early for a charity function, where they meet Auron. Cirra makes an appearance before resuming her guard duties, when a heartless attacks Rabanastre.
A Memory of Light November 23rd, 2012 With the help of a certain sphere-based lifeform and the strength of their best memories, Jasmine and Faruja overcome a small army of Heartless.
Lost Weapon November 15th, 2012 The Shard Seekers and other allies try to retrieve lost weapons from a giant crab. Rhyme's sanity is damaged.
Zargabaath Investigates Traverse Town November 12th, 2012 Zargabaath Brings the Alexander to find out more information about the Heartless and finds out a little bit of information about them. He also meets Aerith, Faruja and others willing to fight the Heartless. Of course, during an argument, Maira and Aerith meet up for the first time and wish to talk further about a place in their past that they share.
Knights And Reapers November 10th, 2012 The Church Knight Faruja comes to the Twilight Detective Agency to meet with Mercade and offer him a job to investigat the dangerous Reaper organization.
Aerith kidnapped by Heartless! November 6th, 2012 While decorating Tifa's bar with flowers, Aerith gets kidnapped right under their noses. A chase through the city and a fight to retreive the flower girl ensues.
To Market, To Market November 6th, 2012 It's business as usual in Fluorgis...
Rescue Please! November 4th, 2012 A nobleman vacationing in Costa Del Sol has reported that his daughter has been kidnapped by a band of marauding goblins and their ogre leader, and whisked away to a ruined fortress where the bandits have made their base. Such a classic case of a damsel in distress calls for the intervention of heroic knights, and Faruja Senra and Ivo Galvan of the Shard Seekers are on the case, along with whomever else has answered the call. Navigate a sand-blasted warren rife with monstrous foes and rescue the girl -- assuming, of course, that all is as it seems.
ATTENTION, ALL YOCTOGRAMS! October 28th, 2012 Sho Minamimoto explodes onto the multiversal scene with an assault upon Traverse Town and a horde of dark and terrible Taboo Noise! Who can save Traverse Town from becoming forcibly inducted into Sho's maniacal plans?
Trees and Rea-pers October 26th, 2012 Faruja and Shiki head to Cleyra to fill in the other Shard Seekers in on Yashiro's ways.
Rooftop Meetings October 18th, 2012 Faruja and his companions startle Zia by teleporting onto the rooftop she'd claimed as her perch.
Drakes in Danger October 11th, 2012 Shiki and Faruja take on a mission to earn some cash for the development of the Shard Seekers.
Enter Our Protagonist October 8th, 2012 Sora woke up in Traverse Town due to Faruja falling on top of him. Initial explanations are made, and then heartless are battled.
Shard Seekers Shenanigans October 7th, 2012 About after an hour of the mess with the first meeting, the team pulled through together at the end. Now, the group gather at the bar and relax. Antics ware to be had.
Shard Seekers Unite: Fluorgis October 6th, 2012 Things go down in Fluorgis surrounding the Shard Seekers and their leader. Something precious is stolen!


Bombs Away.... To Another District March 20th, 2013 A Glabados official conspires to set a chain of events in motion.
Dear Beloved+Revelation October 28th, 2012 The explosive situation in Halloween Town left Reize incapitated. Through this, rediscovers his real mission and understands his pendant better through the help of an unknown voice.