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Serah Farron
Age 18
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 5'5"
Weight Undefined
Series Final Fantasy XIII
Combat Styles MediSynergist, SaboRavager
Hometown Bodhum
Group Unaffiliated
Occupation/Job Student
Force: Wandering Force
Theme Song
"Running away and leaving behind the people you care about? That isn't love. Though you might just want to keep them safe, shutting them out of your life only hurts them more. The point is, I have people I can count on. I'll make it through."
Recent Events
Woke up from Crystal Slumber in Eden. Lost.


Once a l'Cie in Crystal Slumber after a completed Focus, Serah was released from it after the worlds fell to darkness. A new Focus, a new world, familiar things that aren't quite right anymore, and a Cocoon high in the sky, where she can't reach, so many things will never be the same. Where is Snow? Where is Lightning? What is Sanctum doing? Wielding a mechanical bowsword as a weapon, she trains herself to learn of the l'Cie powers that were granted to her, hoping to use them for the good cause, and perhaps find her focus along the way.


One could think that Serah had a perfect life. Well, not perfect, but compared to many tumultuous worlds, it was at least normal.

For the first part of her life, she was raised by loving parents. Second child after her sister Claire, they lived not richly but comfortably. Her father was a doctor, working for some of the most prestigious companies in Cocoon, but still down to earth with strong morels and a will to help people in need. Sickness was not a big thing in Cocoon fortunately, thanks to the cloak of protection from the fal'Cies.

fal'Cies? Well, you could consider them as gods for all intents. They took away the humans from the harsh world below, and using their amazing powers, created a sphere in the sky that people could live on. Not a planet though, it was still within the atmosphere of its mother planet, Gran Pulse, but Cocoon had its own life, ecosystem, gravity even, thanks to the power of the fal'Cie.

But not all fal'Cies were equal, each given a certain task and the power to enslave humans which are called l'Cie, the servants of fal'Cies. But while they revere Cocoon's fal'Cie, anything from Pulse, the world below, is seen as a calamity and a danger. And when a Pulse fal'Cie is found, a Purge is usually made, killing or capturing anyone that came in contact with it, as it might have created l'Cies as well. Large sections of Cocoon have been Purged like this in the past.

Serah's parents were taken away in such an event. Claire and Serah were left on their own, unquestioningly following the will of Cocoon's fal'Cies and its formed government, the Sanctum, controlling the army. If they ordered a purge, there was a reason behind it after all.

At least, that's what Serah seemed to think. But Claire took the weight of supporting her sister by joining the Sanctum army, she also become more distant of Serah in the process.

Serah found new comfort when she met Snow. He was almost twice as tall as she was, or at least that's how it felt to her sometimes. But he was caring beyond anything. It didn't take much for her to fall in love with him. He was generous, strong as a behemoth, and with a sense of justice as strong and pure as a diamond. But even this kind of fairy tale can't be entirely perfect.

It was an accident, or perhaps fate. She was interested in studying archaeology, and decided to check in the ruins near Bodhum, called Vestiges. Venturing inside the ruins, she met the Pulse fal'Cie, Anima, and branded her without a word. She wake up outside, and seeing the brand on her forearm made her scared, trying to rub it off. She couldn't get it to disappear; instead it seemed to spread, so she covered in bandages to avoid suspicion.

She wanted to break with Snow after that, saying she was now an enemy of Cocoon, with dreams of destroying it, Ragnarok, making her think that was her Focus. But Snow would not hear anything of it, and even decides to help her find her Focus. And a few days later, he even proposes to her, showing even more determination to save her from her brand.

At Lightning's birthday soon after, she tries to tell her sister of how she is to marry Snow and became a l'Cie, but Lightning seems to not believe her sister, and even becomes angry, making Serah leave the house, and attempt to find the fal'Cie who branded her again, wanting to see what it truly wanted of her. But it was too late, Sanctum had found about the fal'Cie and had quarantined the area. And soon after, Serah was also captured and taken away by the fal'Cie. And that's when the Sanctum called in a Purge on Bodhum, moving Vestiges away along with the fal’Cie and Serah.

Lightning and Snow fought their way to the Vestige, Snow organizing and leading a resistance against the Purge at the same time, to save the citizens of Bodhum. Rushing inside the ruins, they found Serah, unconscious, who only wakes up long enough to tell them to 'Save Cocoon', before getting crystallized, signalling the completion of her Focus. Serah's consciousness fades from here, falling into the crystal slumber and dreams.

The Crystal Sleep is said to be eternal, although that isn't quite true either. Should conditions change for the original Focus completion, or that a new Focus should be carried, the Crystal Sleep can end. But how much time would it take? How many centuries could one sleep until freedom is given again?

She dreamt of what was going on outside. Lightning and Snow turning into l'Cies, still seeking a way to undo the branding and free Serah and themselves from fal'Cie servitude... but all she could do is dream, and wait.

How much time has passed? The worlds were shifted, the darkness appeared... and somewhere within the city of Eden, the crystal statue comes back to life. Was she forgotten there after the world changing events, or simply put aside as there are bigger things to take care of than a girl in her eternal sleep?

She also thought that she would be in the crystal sleep forever. But apparently, things changed outside. This isn’t Gran Pulse, even landmarks from Cocoon are somewhere else entirely. Did she receive a new Focus because of this? The visions she has seems to say so. She still has to make sense of it, but she has the feeling it will lead her back to Cocoon soon…


Soft and kind are only a few of the words that seem to fit the girl when you look at her. But that's only scratching the surface, even if it is true. She has a strong and kind heart, not wishing for anyone's harm or sadness, even going out of her way to help out often. That's a trait she took from Snow, the thick-headed fiancé.

"Isn't that what a hero would do?" "You helped an old lady cross the street, that's hardly 'heroic' you know." "But that was still cool, right?"

Ah Snow, there's so much to learn from your simplicity sometimes.

She was given lots of kindness from Claire, her parents, her friends, even Snow's friends. For her it was only natural to return it in anyway she could. She can cook a little, not gastronomic, but she wants to help and can learn. She also undertook studies to become a teacher. Her branding happened during the school's vacation, and now who knows what happened to her school or even how much time it has been.

Although she shows kindness, she also knows how to be stern when it counts. That is a must for any teacher of course, you can't be too lenient on the students otherwise you lose control over the class, and lose authority over them. And she even shows to be short-tempered when it comes to it. When she gets angry she looks even more like Lightning, from what people say. In fact, in highly contrasts with her usual 'cuteness', and becomes downright intimidating in a flash if you get on her bad side.

While she can manage things on her own, as she lived alone in the house while Claire was gone to the army, she also hates solitude. She always wishes to have friends around her. She believes in people working together, pooling their resources and talents together to create an even bigger, better result in the end. In that aspect, she feels Snow is always trying to do everything alone, and she often scolds him for it. Not that it does much.

Keeping those friends are arm's length drives her to great lengths, even self-sacrifice if need is. Of course she doesn't want to die, but if it meant that everyone else is safe, she might not hesitate either. She thinks Claire is the same, but she's so much more independent than herself. She really looks up to Claire, and wishes she could be more like her sometimes.



Allies Snow Villiers, Lightning Farron
Acquaintances Niklas Dragonius
Adversary None for Now


Name Thoughts
Snow Villiers "Will I ever see you again?"
Lightning Farron "What happened after I was turned to crystal?"


Name Thoughts
Niklas Dragonius "He's alot like you Snow, straight to the point."


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