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Age 37
Species Gargoyle
Sex Male
Height 6' 3"
Weight 417 lbs
Series Gargoyles
Combat Styles Guardian of the Night
Hometown Manhattan
Group Manhattan Clan
Occupation/Job Clan Second in Command
Force: Forces of Restoration
My duty is to protect the innocent, no matter where they might be.
Recent Events
Stepping up as leader of the clan.


One of the last survivors of Clan Wyvern, Brooklyn is the Second in Command of the Manhattan Clan. Once a brash, hot-headed and highly inexperienced, his time in New York has taught Brooklyn well. Promoted to the leadership position when Goliath vanished, Brooklyn successfully lead the clan, using the skills and tactics that he had picked up from Goliath, as well as his own knowledge. Although not nearly as brash as he once was, he's still prone to the occasional sarcastic remark and witty one-liner. There is one thing that will set him off quicker than any other, however, and that is Demona, whom he despises. As a gargoyle, his primary style of fighting is up close and personal, using his superior strength and speed to overwhelm his opponents, as well as his talons and claws to get in and do real damage. He's never been a fan of any sort of weapon, be it ranged or melee, and has not trained much with them.


Born in the year 958 A.D. at Castle Wyvern in Scotland, Brooklyn was, at the time, one of the many un-named younger gargoyles of the clan. Dedicated to the protection of the catle and it's inhabitants, him and his brothers were still mistreated and mistrusted by the humans they were sworn to protect. Although usually well behaved, this mistreatment eventually came to a head one fateful night in 994 A.D. Having been chatting with one of the human children, the boy's mother hit him with a stick and called him a beast. He finally lost his temper, though before anything too serious could happen, himself and two of his brothers, as well as their gargoyle beast, were caught and punished by Goliath, forced to spend the rest of the night in the Rookery. This is what would, in turn, save their lives.

That day was the day where the captain of the guard, the one human the gargoyles truely trusted, betrayed them to Hakon, the leader of the vikings who had been attacking the castle. Hakon smashed the gargoyles who were helpless in their stone sleep, unaware that a few were not among those who were destroyed. Upon his return that night, Goliath found the castle sacked and abandoned, the gargoyles smashed, with only the four he had sent into the Rookery the night before, as well as the eggs, having survived. Goliath lead a counter attack upon the vikings, which Brooklyn participated in, but during the battle, the magus thought the princess was killed, and in his grief, used a spell to turn Brooklyn and the other gargoyles to stone, until such time as the castle was 'raised above the clouds.'

And there they sat, for a thousand years, until the year 1994, when David Xanatos brought the castle, brick by brick, to New York City. The spell was broken, and once again they walked the earth. But this was not the world they knew. This new world was foreign to them, confusing and strange. The clan soon met with Elisa Maza, a detective in the New York Police Department, but shortly afterwards the castle was attacked. They fended off the attack, but soon learned that there was more danger here in this new time than they could have ever experienced in their original time.

In due time, however, the gargoyles took names, with the name Brooklyn being chosen by him, because he thought that it sounded cool. Along with his brothers, Lexington and Broadway, and their gargoyle beast Bronx, they took the city of New York under their protection, the same as they had when it was just their castle. Of course it wasn't long before the clan soon found that their benefactor, Xanatos, was not all he appeared to be. Betrayed by him, they soon found themselves in search of a new home, and they found one in the clock tower of Elisa's police precinct. It was from here that their destiny to protect the city would be forged.

Several elements shaped Brooklyn's views on the world, from his ill-fated adventure with a motorcycle, to the incident where Demona tricked him into allowing her to put Goliath under her spell, Brooklyn grew and matured as time went on in the Big Apple. While the others found various pursuits to focus on, Lexington with his machines and Broadway with his food, Brooklyn always stayed focused on the mission at hand, and this is why when it came time to choose a second in command, he was Goliath's natural choice. However, he found himself forced to step up to the mantle of leadership far earlier than he had anticipated.

When Goliath, Elisa and Bronx vanished off to Avalon, it fell to Brooklyn to lead the remaining clan members, and he excelled. Despite being down manpower, he managed to continue to keep the city safe against ever evolving threats, particularly from the Pack, but also Demona and some unexpected foes in the Labrynth. For now, however, he does his best to lead the clan while waiting for Goliath to return from his journey.


Although once a brash, hot-headed youngster, Brooklyn has been forced to mature quickly with Goliath's disappearance. Even before Golath went on his world tour, Brooklyn was starting to show signs of being a future clan leader himself, often taking charge of the trio, as well as learning the various skills and tactics needed to be an effective leader. In addition to that, he adapted well to the 20th century, although not as technologically savvy as Lexington is, he's still able to operate modern technology without much trouble, as opposed to the older gargoyles, Goliath and Hudson.

Unlike his 'brothers' however, Brooklyn does not have a single minded focus on one thing or another, but instead does his best to learn as much about everything that he can. This kind of jack-of-all trades attitude allows him to be prepared for any situations that he may come across. This, in part, is what lead to his appointment as the second in command of the clan, and his success as the clan leader in Goliath's absense.

He does still have some flaws, however. Much like Lexington's reaction to the members of the Pack, Brooklyn suffers from an absolute hatred of Demona, to the point where he will abandon reason when he spots her, opting to attack her outright, regardless of the initial plan. This often leads him into trouble, considering Demona has had a thousand years more experience at combat and trechery than he has. Even so, he can sometimes pull it together enough to be able to get her to fall into a trap, but more often than not, needs the help of his brothers to defeat her.

During his time in New York, Brooklyn has developed a liking for modern day food. In particular, pizzas and cheeseburgers have become two of his favorites, though he will admit to missing a nice leg of lamb from time to time back in Scotland. He's thankful that Broadway learned how to cook, because it's a skill Brooklyn never picked up himself, although he's always happy to partake in Brooklyn's cooking, when he's not ordering out for pizza.

With the discovery of the worlds outside of Manhattan and, of course, the downfall of some of those worlds, Brooklyn has decided to redouble his efforts to make sure that Manhattan stays safe, but at the same time, now knows that there are other worlds out there that require his protection as well. As the leader of the clan until Goliath gets back, if Goliath gets back, he has decided that any worlds that need the help of his clan shall recieve it. They cannot stand idly by and just defend New York when there is so many more places out there that require help.


Guardian of the Night




Name Status Thoughts
Broadway Rookery Brother Thankfully he can stop eating long enough to help out.
Lexington Rookery Brother Wonder if I can get him to fix the bike a third time..
Hudson Wise Old Man Don't know what I'd do without his advice.
Goliath Leader Still MIA. Hope he gets back soon.
Elisa Maza Human Ally Without Elisa the clan would be lost.


Name Status Thoughts
Deidra New Gargoyle I didn't think there were any other survivors. This is great news!
Auron Different This human with a decidedly inhuman scent is an enigma.
Skyline West Coast Gargoyle Another gargoyle, and a real one this time. From San Diego. Uses modern weapons mixed with old world weapons. Not bad to look at, either.


Name Status Thoughts
David Xanatos Evil Billionare Lying, dishonorable and selfish are just a few words to describe him.
Demona Crazy Witch If I ever see her again I'll kill her.
Macbeth Crazy Scotsman Somehow tied to Demona. I'd trust him about half the length I could throw him.
Will Sherman Crazed God? Brooklyn had considered Will a friend, for a brief time, then Will showed his true colors and caused the destruction of Manhattan. Unforgivable.


Bar Brawl August 29th, 2013 Deelel and Brooklyn head down to Port Royal, for a drink. What they find is a flat out bar brawl they get pulled up into with Zeke and his crew. Not to mention the other locals at the pub.
Odd Hours August 11th, 2013 Once again near closing time? The arcade gets a strange guest. Deelel has an encounter with Brooklyn a Gargoyle she's only heard about before. Brooklyn on the other hand gets a bit of a better understanding about Basics as he chats it up with Deelel.
Summer on the Beach May 30th, 2013 Meeting on the beach on a warm afternoon with two girls and a gargoyle. (and a crab)
Restoration March 16th, 2013 It has finally come - the final battle to resurrect Manhattan!
The Real Xanatos Gambit March 9th, 2013 Hades invites himself over for tea, things get ultra complicated.
Hades Cup: Team Heavens Judgment vs Team DLC February 27th, 2013 The second match in the Finals of the Hades Cup, Team Heavens Judgment vs Team DLC! Sanel and Lia the Gria(kinda) commentate!
Hades Cup: Qualifying Event - TOURNAMENT OF STRENGTH January 25th, 2013 A contest of strength!
Dive Into The Heart: Brooklyn January 18th, 2013 An sleeping Brooklyn finds himself having an unusual dream...
Brooklyn's gota guuuuun January 6th, 2013 Brooklyn finds will, and confronts him about what happened at the world heart in Manhattan.
Inside Intertwined January 6th, 2013 The TDA with the help of some pals move to stop VitaTek. Isaac gets angry. And then he gets sad.
Ghostly Goals January 5th, 2013 The Phantom Train is loading people who lost their lives in Manhattan to the Underworld, but a monster is in the Phantom Forest and may try to prey on them. Defeat the monster so these souls can safely pass on! Wait, who posted /this/ job anyway?
Stone Faced Disagreements December 13th, 2012 Gargoyles displaced from a recently fallen Manhatten confront Kaydin. Oh and there's a Merchant Captain in there somewhere too.
About Town December 13th, 2012 After fishing themselves out of the water, Deidra, Brooklyn and Skyline head into town to get some food. Where to their enjoyment they encounter Zeke. Later to their dismay they encounter Kaydin.
Waking Up December 12th, 2012 After the destruction of Manhattan at the hands of the Heartless, three gargoyles awaken on a beach in a strange land and attempt to figure out where to go from here.
In a New York Minute: The Fall December 9th, 2012 This is the villain side: Riku has accepted the darkness and old friends collide in battle. ....And more horror is unlocked.
Last Light of Manhattan December 9th, 2012 Here is it. The final struggle for the Heart of Manhattan. A few brave heroes blaze against the tides of darkness in the hopes to save the world from crumbling into the darkness.
In A New York Minute: Light and Darkness December 8th, 2012 Under the lead of Morrighan Alazne, the heartless surge forth in an attack on Xanatos' Eyrie Building directly. Of course, the man himself has planned for this and strikes back with the help of The Manhattan Clan, the Twilight Detective Agency, and various other heroes. Topped off with an appearance by King Mickey himself. Will light win the day? Or will darkness prevail?
In A New York Minute: Labyrinth Runners December 5th, 2012 The heroes track down the trail of Fang and the Heartless to their source: An old Cyberbiotics laboratory staffed by none other than the infamous scientist Dr. Anton Sevarius. Meaningful Dialogue ensues.
In A New York Minute: Sheltering Darkness December 1st, 2012 The intrepid defenders of Manhattan descend into the depths in order to rescue several innocent people kidnapped by Heartless. What they find is a place beyond what anyone could have expected...
Hooligans! November 19th, 2012 Manhattan has run afoul of an unpleasant gang of vehicular troublemakers. However, this isn't a biker gang: it's the Heartless! Chase down this mob of Magnum Loaders and Hot Rods before they cause too much trouble!


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