Shadow Lords

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Shadowlords Emblem.png Shadow Lords
Leader: Malificent Role: Mystery, Leadership, and control of the Heartless
Average Alignment: Forces of Ruin Appable: Yes
Group Members: Disarray Grimstone, Dr. Facilier, Elsa, Emperor Mateus, Garland, Golbez, Hades, Horned King, Jafar, Kuja, LEXUS, Maleficent, Merlock, Mirage, Negaduck, Oswald, Rakassa, Scar, Seith, Warden Thache
One of the most mysterious organizations, not much is known about these men and women. Some villians in the World of Ruin may have had interactions with a rare few members of this organization, or perhaps even Malificent herself, when they were taught the art of controlling the Heartless. These people go out of their way to try and warp the minds of the heroes. While they are thought to be exceptional warriors, they tend to shy away from getting directly involved in battles, preferring instead to pull the strings from elsewhere.

Each of the Shadowlords has their own, perhaps warped, reason on why they do what they do. Some are merely lost souls, others have nihilistic visions on life, and still others just love the ability to 'control'.

Special Abilities

Shadow Lords have certain special abilities in common among each-other. These abilities are most often granted to them by Malificent, though some may already know how to open and close Portals on their own.

Seal of Heresy

By placing an elongated 'X' on a person's shirt of clothing, or even their body, a Shadow Lord can keep perfect track of their where-abouts. They'll sense them as if it were an extension of themselves. It's difficult to detect for anyone who doesn't know what they are looking for, and difficult to remove without sorcery. This technique, much like the other minor sorcerous spells in the Shadow Lords' repertoire, is taught by someone who already knows of the spell.


(Now you're thinking with...) Dark Portals. The very same foundation of the portals that connect the worlds, these are the original portals that allow for travel between worlds that are 'connected'. See the Portals and Dark Corridors for more information about these.

Planar Control

Also referred to as Dimensional Control. Though it requires quite a bit of energy, a Shadow Lord can drag a small area of space into a bubble of darkness, in which he alters the dimension to his or her whims. This is a fairly high level ability, and can even lock out people from entering it. However, the longer it remains up, the more it strains the Shadow Lord. Additionally, powers of Light - such as Princesses of Heart or Keyblade Wielders can open these up or even walk straight through them. Although the latter might bring darkness to a Keyblade Wielder's heart.

This technique is taught by Maleficent or any other Shadow Lord who has already been taught it. In its essence, it's minor Dark Sorcery.