Aeschere Childs

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Aeschere Sellet Childs
(goat not included)
Age 17
Species Levitani
Sex Female
Height 140 cm
Weight 46 kg
Series Final Fantasy Act: Class
Combat Styles Black Lance
Hometown Galianda
Group Alexander Academy
Occupation/Job Bounty Hunter
Force: Wandering Force
Theme Song Rai - "Sunny Sunny Sunday"
"He's hilarious, isn't he? Let's bury him."
Recent Events
Dumped without ceremony into the World of Ruin as Galianda fell to Darkness.


Dumped without ceremony into the World of Ruin as Galianda fell to darkness, Aeschere Childs has hit the ground running. Running towards her classmates, towards any hint of her homeworld, sure, but running also /away/, from the little gilded cage in which she grew up.

The precious, sickly, sheltered daughter of a skilled professor of combat magic at Alexander academy, Chera's whole life had revolved around her father's desperate attempts to prove to the universe that his child was worthy of him. In vicious spite of her infirmity she has been made to keep pace with Galianda's best and brightest in that world's finest institution, and never has she been permitted anything but to batter herself against that goal.

No longer. This world doesn't know her; this world doesn't box her up like a precious bit of china, never to be used for fear of damage. Here, she can be as strong as she likes. Her current companion is definitely fostering that attitude in her.


  • Weapon Technique - Spear and Knife: A long spear provides an unmatched melee reach, but leaves the wielder vulnerable to under-ranging. A little quick work with a dagger will solve that problem neatly, though~
  • Biomancy: A Geomancer bends the elements to her will; life is really just another element, isn't it?
  • Foolish Determination: Never in seventeen years has she been allowed to give up; why would she start now?


  • Failure To Thrive: She's tiny, fragile, quick to sicken and slow to heal. Blame her poor choice of parents.
  • Excitable: She's a little girl with a big temper, you can't expect her to have much of a grip on it.
  • Questionable Morality: Its very existence is questionable, in fact.


Name Thoughts
Akari Seran Aeschere's partner in pretty much everything at the moment. An obvious bad influence.
Alma Hyral Always helpful and friendly. Always. So much it's worrying.
Minette Odam Mid-boss. Hired Aeschere into the Murasame Group; currently Chera's direct supervisor.
Faruja Senra A rat. No, literally, a rat. A source of occasional employment.
Gerad Iron Fogair FFFFFFF


Name Thoughts
Souji Murasame Founder and CEO of Murasame Heavy Industries. You're gonna love the buyout he offers you. I guarantee it.
Akari Seran From where Akari sits Chera isn't so much a partner as she is a chew-toy.
Oh, hi


Aeschere The Vampire Drainer March 16th, 2014 Aeschere is hired by Queegmaa to go hunt down Ophelia, who is rumored to be a vampire. Que hopes to use the fact that it's just speculation to encourage Chere to equip herself adequately, while simultaneously wagering that due to lack of concrete proof, the fees for her services may still be kept at a minimum.
Power Play: Supply and Demand January 30th, 2014 The logical place to look into a power shortage is the local energy distribution station. The energy control grid is usually a heavily guarded place, but what secrets could it hold to explain the outages in Purgos?
A Summoner's Journey Temple Hunt January 27th, 2014 Deidra, was asked by Zia for help in locating several site for helping Skoll with his quest. She finally finds a lead on Shiva's Cloister, however the way up Mt. Gagazet is infested with Heartless. She puts out a call for help and gets some surprising backup as they seek to clear the way up to the Temple on the mountain.
Dark Summons January 24th, 2014 The Huntress of the Wild Hunt returns to her flock.
Everything Starts Small January 23rd, 2014 Confronted by a host of hunters, Warden does the only thing possible for a man in his position.

He tries to buy them all off.

It doesn't work well, but dropping the tavern does!

The Password is - Cupcake July 13th, 2013 After being cooped up for a couple weeks in Bevelle, Akari heads out to the desert with Aeschere in tow to blow off some steam.
Army of Two July 8th, 2013 Aeschere informs her friend about what she's been up to the last few weeks. Akari has a few choice words to say about her new employer.
In the Deep: Serpent's Trench June 22nd, 2013 A group of heroes has heard about a Heartless invasion in Serpent's Trench and moves to find out what is going on. What they find is... unexpected!
Dark Lord of the Abbacus June 17th, 2013 Minette recruits the latest member of the Murasame Zaibatsu... Aeschere Childs!
Letter to a Blind Girl June 7th, 2013 Temple Knight Faruja Senra of the Most Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados, Shield of the Faith, Executor of the Holy Office of Inquisition, etc., etc., sends a formal letter of challenge to Akari.
On the Road Again May 25th, 2013 Akari and Aeschere set out from Rabanastre with no real destination in mind. After fighting their way through dozens of monsters and heartless, the duo come upon a beach. Tired from a long day's march, they slip into the water to cool off but that's when things start to heat up...
Connection Established May 24th, 2013 Akari and Aeschere decided to check out the bazaar and end up hooking up with some old acquaintances.


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