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Alma Hyral
Age 15
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 5'1"
Weight Please don't.
Series Final Fantasy ACT Class
Combat Styles Empyrean Cosma
Hometown Ramuha
Group Alexander Academy, Archadian Empire
Occupation/Job White Mage
Force: Forces of Restoration
Theme Song
Its your words that gave me courage. They became my light to guide me towards the right path.
Recent Events
Dealing with the consequences of a rash decision.


Born on Ramuha, Alma is the youngest daughter of the prominent Hyral family, a name well known amongst the highest levels of the Cosma Naturalis faith. Alma is believed to remain a devout adherent to the doctrine of the Cosma Naturalis Church. She has a reputation for being ultraconservative and frumpy, and she was something of a meek pariah amongst those who knew her at Alexander Academy. It is rumored that her white magic takes a rather unique form, as related to her field of study. At a superficial glance, she's something of a klutz, and a nerd who focuses on studying astronomy over the harder sciences. She was also known to be a magnet for bullying, and its rumored she was even withdrawn from the Academy early to protect her from that, which doesnt help her case. After a short bout of employment with the Murasame Zaibatsu which resulted in her resignation, she's begun her tenure in the Archadian Empire. As of late its said that she's started to come out of her shell...

Skills:Bully Fodder?, The Glasses Stay On, Watch out when they come off, All Natural Homely, Klutz, Or is She?, Power of Prayer=Magical Girl Star Power, Power of SCIENCE=Magical Girl Star Power?, Little Sister, Sibling Issues, Ultraconformist, Blinded by the Light, Stargazer, Kitchen Princess, Eminently Kidnappable, THAT'S NOT CANON!

Character History

Alma had her whole life planned out for her as a member of the prestigious Hyral family. She'd study White Magic, learn the tenets of Cosma Naturalis, graduate from the prestigious Alexander Academy, be married at the age of eighteen, and simultaneously attend Medical School while raising a sprawling family. As an innocent girl with a rambling mouth she was all too happy to please her doting parents, she didn't know any better. During her childhood she became infatuated by the stars and astronomy, something which her parents presumed was a phase she'd grow out of.. she never did.

Unfortunately Alma was a frail youth with intractable asthma and a plethora of other medical conditions. If not for her family's status and skill in White Magic she might not have survived to adolescence. As she grew more skilled in White Magic she learned how to take care of herself which allowed her to function outside of a sickbed. Due to this and Kyra's own unique problem, she was homeschooled until the age of twelve. The only occasions that she was allowed outside of their estate was for liturgy and choir practice.

It was decided that by age twelve that it was safe for her to enroll at Alexander Academy. When she arrived, she found herself faced with new challenges.. she had no idea how to interact with people outside of her family, and this developed into severe social anxiety. After her first few interactions in which she faced harsh rejection, she retreated into a shell of meekness. This only resulted in her being relentlessly bullied.

Facing the prospect of being a social pariah, Alma became incredibly envious of her sisters. Tira had all the social graces that she did not, and Kyra had many natural gifts. Kyra had always been her hero, and when she rebelled.. Alma decided to follow suit, she just didn't have the courage to make her rebellion open.

Alma decided to experiment with White Magic, and she integrated this into her studies of astronomy and astrophysics. She believed that by doing this she might discover the truth of the origins of the universe, and thus prove that her goddess existed. On her world experimentation with White Magic was considered completely taboo by all sects of Cosma, and was stringently suppressed. But she thought she knew better than they. She was completely driven by a need to feel special...

...and maybe she got her wish. Maybe she didn't. Either way something about her was changed...

Horrified by her discoveries she decided not to rebel any longer, even if she had learned that most of what she believed in was wrong...

After Tira's death, her brother Ramza decided to inform her parents just how relentlessly bullied Alma was, as he believed she wouldn't be able to handle it in their time of mourning. She was withdrawn from Alexander Academy as a result....

Galianda fell into darkness shortly after.

And then her time in the World of Ruin began...


Astrologer/Astronomer: Alma's base class is White Mage, however her magic takes on a unique form due to her experiments...

Cooking: Alma has become nearly a master chef under the tutelage of a certain someone...

Songbird: While it's rare to hear her sing, Alma is a talented Alto singer from her time in Choir.

Night Owl: The night is Alma's time, she's up during these hours more often than the day time.

Astrophile: Alma can be seen obsessively gazing into a telescope and recording her findings during most nights.

Disadvantage - Frail: Alma is frail and was generally considered sickly as a child. She falls ill easily, but is able to mitigate this somewhat with her mastery of White Magic.

Disadvantage - Klutz: Alma is not graceful, agile, or dextrous and often trips over her own feet.

Ethnic Trait - Ramuha: Alma can sense changes in barometric pressure, and thus adequately predict when the weather is about to change.


On Friendly Terms

Name Thoughts
Niklas Dragonius Thanks for the incredibly awkward advice. You've always been rather kind to me.
Seloria Delacreaux She's my best friend.. and in some ways, she's been like a mother to me. Thank you.
Rena Laradyne Sometimes I wonder if what I see of you is the real you. And other times I wonder if I truly desire to see the true Rena Laradyne. Either way, I remain your friend.
Will Sherman What do those eyes of yours truly see, when they look at the world? I'm glad Riku has a friend like you.
Maximilien A rather intense individual. I promise that I'll keep your secrets.
Artyom W. Valodjn He helped save my life, and he supports me most of the time. He's so.. reserved though, I wish I knew more about him.
Sanel There's more to this boy than a glance would tell you. He's not as simple as he makes himself out to be, but he does seem innocent. Something happened to him to make him this way.. but maybe some things are best left buried.
Soan Sagittarius He's always there to encourage me when I need it, and he knows.. more than most. I just wonder if he can really accomplish what he hopes to do. When he talks about it, it almost makes me believe he can.
Thirza Ingersleben She's always kind to me and supportive but she seems to have a low opinion of herself. I hope I can help her get through that.. She's a better person than she knows.
The Network You're not a science experiment, no matter what she says.
Annia Leradine Right.. it's our secret.
Riku The lonely times of staring intently into the darkness have already come to an end. When I take these memories with me on my journey, a new tomorrow will begin.
Sora An incredibly nice guy and an unlikely hero. I hope that I'll be able to help you restore Destiny Island.
Sarisa Tycoon There are no true royalty on Galianda, so meeting her was a real experience. She's so down to earth for a Princess. *Sweatdrop* Maybe too down to earth.
Karth Mason An amazing warrior, and a truly kind individual who cares for his family. I hope that he's able to cure his mother of her affliction.
Kamon Lionward Sorry about what I asked you to do... I'd take it back if I could. Also, I wish I had more footage of you in battle, as I totally think you're Dragoon Man.
Ryusei Isshiki It's good to have you back. I'm surprised you remember me, thank you for being so kind.
Gerad Iron Fogair Well he's kind of a huge lecher, but there's something more to him than meets the eye. Anyhow, this treasure hunt could be fun.
Rapunzel And Mom once told me she thought I was growing my hair out too long! Wields a mean frying pan both inside and outside of the kitchen. Pascal is adorable.
Aeschere Childs Seems like a reasonably well-balanced individual, and she's pretty friendly. Which makes me wonder why she hangs out with Akari Seran.
Jidro Gerrison I hope you and Annia find happiness together. You're certainly not what my Father led me to believe.
Saitei Dennou I'm glad we could free you... may you prosper in this world. I just hope you don't try to kill me again!
Serah Farron A talented healer, and both a kind and caring individual.
Myla Mason Skilled engineer and heir to a pirate legacy. Could it get any better than that?
Cronus Sometimes you're pretty surly, but that you turned out as you did despite your past speaks volumes. Thank you for helping me.
Kara Is the past better left buried? Maybe, but that's your choice to make. Whatever your choice, I'll help you any way I can.
Isaac Hanlon Thank you. Living a life without regret.. easier said than done, but I'm still going to try.


Name Thoughts
Kyra Hyral Maybe one day I'll be the sister you deserve. Until then, I'll stay out of your way.
Tira Hyral Only fond memories Tira. Maybe some day we'll be able to add to them without guilt.
Father Hyral While I'd like to see you again some day, daddy, the life you laid out for me is no longer the one I want to lead.
Anastasia Hyral There are so many things I wish I could have told you Mom. But I didn't have the courage, and the opportunity is gone.
Ramza Hyral Resentment fades over time. Now I just hope I'll be able to see you again some day.
Rest of the Family Could you have survived this long? Maybe not. It's still worth the attempt.

Not so Friendly Terms

Name Thoughts
Helena Celba Well, the past is the past. Resentment tends to fade over time.
Akari Seran I hope you're a better friend to Aeschere than I think you are.
Garland Chaos personified.
Feige Abramson I pity you, more than anything. If you are dead, then I pray that Yahweh has mercy on your soul. I doubt that Chaos will.
Souji Murasame I find it difficult to judge you based on your goal. Some part of me hopes you succeed. The other part of me wonders if the cries of your victims will one day drown out the wind. Will you be able to hear her voice over the price you paid?
Ophelia Something about her feels off.. and she tried to kill Avira, I'm sure of it.
Illua ...jerky serial villain straight out of a Ramuha spy vid.
Ivo Galvan Seriously? Are you really such a lecher that you'd take advantage of an innocent amnesiac?
Alberic Lux Recent developments are causing me to reassess how I feel about you. You're still a horror.
The Seeker What I fear most about you is not your incomprehensible power, but the fact that despite that power you're unknown to the world at large.
Lord Ombra The past is the past and I can't fret over it any longer.
Five Farewell.

People I Barely Know

Name Thoughts
Leon I hope you see her again one day.
Minette Odam Kind of funny sometimes, but I admit, I feel pretty badly for her. I was a social reject in a different way and still am in a lot of ways.
Raine Arland Well he likes my cooking.. I don't really know much else about him though. He seems kind of reckless.
Maira I heard that someone's stomach was the key to their heart, but it's sort of ridiculous with her! She's very nice though.
Margaux Fleury She's so elegant and exotic.. compared to me, maybe she'll take up my offer for her to go to Seloria.
Avira The leader of VALKYRI, a strong warrior and nice person overall. I just wish Garland didn't keep harassing her.
Ulharisk Sorry that I freaked out. The dragon thing is pretty cool.. really!
Faruja Senra Take it from me, religious zealotry can blind anyone.
Argider Did you really kill a child!?
Caran Steel You have a lovely cat.
Gabranth He's rather serious but.. sometimes hints of kindness shine through. Best not to tempt him, as I'm told he's a master of the Force Choke!
Reize Seatlan So, right.. per Riku you are actually as decent one can get outside of brain damage. It has been duly noted that you are not a harem master.
Angantyr Vespar So you're the assassin of the Emperor of Archades. I.. don't know what to think of that. I just know I shouldn't be caught around you.
Haneisuru I'm not really into the 'pain' thing. But to each their own. Mimic powers sound pretty cool, just haven't witnessed you using them yet.
Mercade Alexander Leader of the TDA, pretty good at Bogart impressions and reasonably good at cake fights.


Alma's Zodiac Sign is Virgo.

Due to the scene Cosmic Power and all that Jazz, Alma has a small misshapen scar on her right shoulder which is matte black. She's no longer capable of healing it and goes to great lengths to conceal it.

Alma possesses a wayfinder, of her own creation. It has the appearance of a five pointed star crafted from moonstones, with obsidian five pointed stars on the tips and in the center.

Alternate Main Themes

Gathering Stars in the Night Sky:


Child of Ramuha Theme(Play together):

Battle Theme

Will of Silver:

A Light Illuminating the Depths:


Typical Limit Break: Hepatica:


Manhattan Revisited October 8th, 2013 Maleficent said she'd return to the city and she does in force. Two of the new keybladers rise with their companions to defend the city. However? Garland is waiting in the wings and their target is not the city but the defenders...
Beach Party September 26th, 2013 Helena and a few people she knows head down to the beach for some time off. Much chatter and some hilarity ensues.
Lamia Seekers August 13th, 2013 Kidnappings lead Faruja and his considerable posse to investigate rumors of Lamia mischief.
Truth and Trust July 26th, 2013 Kyra goes searching for Alma, who had disappeared in the search for Riku...
Tower of Ombra July 21st, 2013 The Missing persons TP finale. Welcome to Bleak Horizon. We're all happy here.
Unveiled Scars of a Boy July 18th, 2013 Sanel traveled through the world to find the Hyral sisters. Unfortunately, the boy's vulnerability in the desert left him in a very bad condition...
Idle Chatter July 18th, 2013 More people are exploring the recently unlocked world connected to Wise OS. What starts as idle chatter between three visitors to this place becomes anything but idle chatter.
A Cunning Plan July 14th, 2013 Alma and Gerad gather a number of people to speak on a plan seeking a castle buried in the sands of the region. Also talk of a hidden cave of wonders which may be the way to access what they seek comes up. This is but the start of an adventure for good or ill.
A Flower in the Desert July 10th, 2013 A couple of young travelers accidentally stumble into one of the seedier taverns in Agrabah. Fortunately, they get a little help from an unexpected person.
Fridge Raiding the TDA July 10th, 2013 Peter Pan comes looking for Will but finds others at the TDA building in Traverse Town. He also discovers or perhaps rediscovers the concept of the fridge. Which he promptly raids while conversing with the TDA about the current children kidnappings.
Dueling Forks July 9th, 2013 Bringing the Boyfriend home to meet the family is always an awkward affair...
Cake Treason July 7th, 2013 Cake makes everything better, it also makes everything very silly.
Illuminating Tales July 6th, 2013 The source of the Archadian kidnappings shows up. Peter Pan's hat is ruined in a fight with his shadow. Things get real.
Emptiness and Desperation July 5th, 2013 How Post-Apocalyptic....
The Terrible Ochu July 3rd, 2013 Rumors had it that the terrible Lord Ochu dwells within the middle of Giza Plains, making it difficult for merchants to transport goods. A team of adventurers journey to get the beast out.
Cosmic Power and all that Jazz July 2nd, 2013 A harmless date in New Orleans. Nothing happens in this scene, except Jazz. So much Jazz.
Turnabutt is Fair Play July 2nd, 2013 What begins as a visit to the Shard Seeker headquarters by the irrepressible Ivo Galvan and his bewitching pseudo-prisoner Alicia becomes a farce of epic proportions once Morrighan Alazne arrives having left her memories behind. An ensemble cast of half-naked warriors, shades-wearing Judge apprentices, bicurious mind-linked detectives, and all manner of eccentric characters converge. Baths are taken. Vengeance is sworn. Victory is achieved. Sweet, sweet victory.
Dark Rhapsody July 1st, 2013 Grand gestures sometimes don't work out as planned.. but sometimes they do.
A Failed Hunt? June 28th, 2013 Alma Hyral learns that her World Shard location method doesn't always find World Shards...
Fate of the Unknown June 24th, 2013 Restoration of the World doesn't always lead to happy endings...
From Murasame With Love June 22nd, 2013 Thirza Ingersleben, scout, surveyor, geomancer, blue mage... spy? The Murasame Corporation sends her to figure out why Alma Hyral is classified by the Archades Government. Does she succeed? And what is Thirzbianism?
The Shining Maze June 17th, 2013 A path to a new world opens... But it is not easily traversed. Nor do its occupants wish visitors...
Establishing Dominion June 13th, 2013 Palamecia starts to strength its Garrison out in Giza Plains. Such activity attracts some attention.
Memories of Destiny June 11th, 2013 Sora visits Archades in the aftermath of War. Which means that Riku couldn't possibly show up to see him, right?
Kyra Hyral's Volcano Lair June 11th, 2013 Minette goes to ask Kyra Hyral for advice. Kamon goes sans pants. Kuwabara, kuwabara.
Soan Vs The Volcano June 10th, 2013 Soan and Friends involve themselves with Feige Abramson's evil lair. Vaguely Disturbing stuff in this one, possibly.
Act II, Prologue: I want to be your Canary - Archades June 8th, 2013 The Cast: Kuja as Marcus and Cornelia both, Emperor Gramis as King Leo, Angantyr Vespar as the Assassin, Noah Fon Rosenburg as the Beast, Zargabaath as Schneider, Feige Abramson as Crazy <GOOSEHONK> watch this stunning twist on one of Lord Avon's masterpieces in the Empire that never sleeps. Now with new roles!
House Call June 5th, 2013 Gabranth makes a house visit to Alma Hyral's residence to continue a conversation that was interrupted due to some rude house guests.
Bleeding Words June 5th, 2013 Riku shows Alma around Upper Archades.. Alma proves that she's a cheerful girl who is optimistic for the future. Riku shows that he's just as happy go lucky. Absolutely nothing goes wrong.
Fairy Tales are not Terribly Pleasant June 4th, 2013 A fairy tale cottage in the woods is the setting of an interesting meeting..
Don't go into the Bathroom! June 2nd, 2013 An unwanted houseguest causes problems for the Hyral sisters when Legion and Darth Vader show up at their doorstep.
Don't let the Stars get in your Eyes. June 1st, 2013 Riku makes a discovery in Lower Archades...
Trial May 31st, 2013 Illua puts Alma to death. Both of them are unaware of the spectacular retribution that will follow... but when it comes to the crunch, terrible powers come to bear from both of them.
Ultimatum May 30th, 2013 Illua gives Alma an offer: solitude and servitude, or death. The choice is elementary, but the preference is surprising.
Kidnap May 28th, 2013 Illua wants the wonderful world shard information inside Alma Hyral's head, and she's not picky about how she gets it. Horrible things ensue.
Protector and Dark Origin May 27th, 2013 The Hyral sisters were visiting Vector to survey the area for their technology. They come across Sanel, who had been helping one of the construction crew with their loadout.
Sunrise Dancing May 26th, 2013 A bully caught in the act of dancing on her own by one of her favorite targets. What happens next?
Niklas Dragonius Dies In Magma May 26th, 2013 Minette Odam has challenged Niklas Dragonius to a dramatic duel atop the Brooklyn Bridge for reasons that no one can remember, least of all Minette herself. But this doesn't change the fact that NIKLAS DRAGONIUS DIES IN MAGMA!!!
A Familiar Face Of An Unknown Past May 26th, 2013 Sanel takes Alma to a cemetary near Mullonde and they run into Faruja, who is paying his respects.
Life Moves On May 25th, 2013 The Hyral sisters discuss their future...
Resignation May 25th, 2013 Alma and Souji come to terms about their differences.
Connection Established May 24th, 2013 Akari and Aeschere decided to check out the bazaar and end up hooking up with some old acquaintances.
The First Ordeal May 23rd, 2013 The Alexander Academy cast has received word of a World Shard that might be present.. but first, a dungeon crawl! It's required.
The Worst Kind of People May 19th, 2013 A few upstanding members of the Church run into some ruffians in Traverse Town! Avira is really bad at taking advice and picks a fight almost immediately.
Sanel The White Knight! ...Wait, What? May 18th, 2013 Taking Alma to Bodhum Beach, Sanel showed her of his origins of where he woke up. Then came Akari. ...Things spiraled down from there.
Troubles Melt Away like Freshly Fallen Snow May 17th, 2013 Alma Hyral sits down for a quiet night of research under the Northern Lights...
The Other Kung Fu Hobo May 16th, 2013 Souji Murasame and Alma Hyral meet with Akari Seran. Raine Arland gets caught up in the ensuing confrontation.
Big Girls Don't Cry May 16th, 2013 Alma and Helena both seperately try to find Seloria. They succeed, but then things go... just a little wrong.
Odynar Necromancer Needs Food Badly May 14th, 2013 Alma tries to get Helena to open up to her... and learns that her Cooking Lessons really are the key to Helena's heart.
Corporate Discipline May 14th, 2013 Souji calls Alma into his study to get some things straight.
On That Road Again May 13th, 2013 There is a road out on Giza Plains that people travel to and fro on. However on this day, many adventures meet up for the first time and find themselves have a rather nice chat. Including made aware of killer bunnies.
Awkwardness Squared May 11th, 2013 Alma thought she was the most awkward person working for Souji. Then she saw Minette's room.
Good Intentions lead to Terrible Ideas May 10th, 2013 Alma wants to teach Kyra how to actually use her White Magic well. A harmless idea, what could possibly go wrong?
Final Flantasy I May 9th, 2013 The students all gather together to kill an urban horror preying on the denizens of Souji's airship. And it's all Minette's fault!
Kitchen Princess meets the Cooking Spool May 9th, 2013 Will Sherman manipulates fate to get the TDA a better temp cook by ensuring she meets.. the Phantom Thief.
A Game of Tag and Kidnappings May 4th, 2013 The students of the Alexander Academy were tasked to assist Billy at the Chocobo Ranch with the stock. Of course, the Wild Card Sanel came into play.
Breakfest With Tiff--Them May 2nd, 2013 Several people enter the Cafe. One of the is nice. One of them is tall. One of them is Dark and so many more. Just remember when you have a tall woman vs Sherman, things can only get interesting.
The Hypocrisy of Order April 29th, 2013 Helena and Alma. Do opposites attract, or repel?
Interview To Hire April 27th, 2013 Alma meets Souji in Costa Del Sol, wherein she offers her services to Souji after a discussion of mutual interests.
Electric Boogaloo! April 27th, 2013 Corporate Adventure. What could go wrong?
Alma's First Date April 26th, 2013 Helena is a terrible person and tricked Alma into going on a date with her...and then got her sister to go on it too. Things get interesting when Helena gives Alma her first Alchohalic beverage too.


Just a Storm... August 7th, 2013 Reflections while dancing in the rain...