Alberic Lux

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Alberic Lux
Age Older Than He Looks
Species l'Cie
Sex Male
Height 5'11"
Weight Undefined
Series Final Fantasy XIII
Combat Styles Damocles System, Empty Swarm
Hometown Eden, Cocoon
Group Hollow Heralds, Murasame Zaibatsu
Occupation/Job Branded Wonder-Worker
Force: Forces of Ruin
"A question, simple and impossible: if a heart holds darkness, how can it ever contain hope?"
Recent Events
Awoke from crystal stasis.


Alberic Lux is a man from another age. Originally hailing from the world-sphere Cocoon, it was long ago when Alberic was branded and turned into a l'Cie. He has never looked back. One of the few l'Cie to successfully complete his Focus, Alberic continues to do as instructed to this day, an effective agent of the fal'Cie who revels in his effective immortality. A brilliant if whimsical scientist, Alberic is often heedless of the moral implications or possible consequences of his myriad projects -- a methodology that led him to breaking open the Void, and coming to a horrible realization about the nature of the universe and mankind's role in it. Alberic currently pursues his new Focus with a frightening fanaticism, and turns his modular weapon system "Damocles" and arsenal of both holy and ruinous magic against anything that tries to stop him.


Tattoo Timebomb, Science (Mad, Exclaimation Points), The Void Looked Back, What Can Change The Nature Of A Man?, Double Rainbow? What Does It Mean?, Well A Double Rainbow Is A Phenomenon Of Optics That Displays A Spectrum Of Light Due To The Sun Shining On Droplets Of Moisture In The Atmosphere. Does That Explain It?, EVIL SCIENCE IS IMMORTAL



  • Alberic is a particularly old Sanctum l'Cie. His Cocoon Brand is typically hidden, except when he knows it will make a particularly entertaining impact.


Allies Feige Abramson
Amusements Souji Murasame, Jihl Nabaat
Acquaintances Avira, Maira, Imi Dennou, Vespa, Maximilien Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne, Artyom W. Valodjn, Minette Odam, Helena Celba
Annoyances Alma Hyral
Adversaries Leida


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Soan Vs The Volcano June 10th, 2013 Soan and Friends involve themselves with Feige Abramson's evil lair. Vaguely Disturbing stuff in this one, possibly.
I Was Just In The Neighborhood... April 24th, 2013 An old hand drops in on a coworker who'd rather be anywhere else.
A Nice Quiet Moment April 19th, 2013 Just a quiet evening of tense planning. For once?
Fallen Star April 16th, 2013 Rumors say a star has fallen in the desert near Fluorgis. Several adventurers seek it out, and find a lot more than they were expecting.


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