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Age 25
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 5'0
Weight None of your business!
Series Final Fantasy 12,Gargoyles
Combat Styles Hunter
Hometown Brooklyn
Group VALKYRI, Twilight Detective Agency
Occupation/Job VALKYRI Leader
Force: Forces of Restoration
Theme Song Seether - Fake It
"...you'd be surprised what you can accomplish when you want to survive."
Recent Events
It's a whole new world we live in. o/`


Avira, novice member of the small Clan Dagda of Rabanastre, leader of the mark-hunting trans-world group VALKRYI, has completely abandoned her past life. Originally from Brooklyn, she found herself pulled through the darkness when her part of the world fell and was displaced into Ivalice. After a harrowing experience spent fleeing the wild animals and Heartless of the Giza Plains, she adopted the name Avira and feigned amnesia to the clan that had saved her life. Pushing herself to the limit, she managed to train herself up to combat competence, making use of the Spine, an odd serrated sword crafted from the last object she grabbed before she was swallowed by the darkness. Eager to attain the respect of her peers and become a famous Sky Pirate, she searches the shattered worlds for answers, skills, and allies to drive the darkness back.


Got Spine?, World Refugee, Go Big or Go Home, Proud Human, Hidden Mutate, Level 2, Seeking Truth, Oddly Competent With Technology, Scarred, Bringer Of Slurpees, Fake It Until You Make It, Reading a Distressing Amount of Books, Of Two Worlds, No Sleep Till Brooklyn, I Left My Heart In Manhattan, Kickassian Apprentice, Ride of the VALKRYI, Wolf Affinity, Ritz?, Final Kingdom IS My Tragic Past!, Tsundere Love Song, Step 1: Become Awesome, Step 2: Acquire Airship, Step 3: Become Sky Pirate, Step 4: ??????, Step 5: Profit!, Former Dusk Princess?

The Story Thus Far

Warning, large amounts of text ahead of Avira's on-MUSH history. Arcs to be added as they happen.

Brave New World

There is nothing really worth noting about Rosalie Levine before Earth was destroyed. She hailed from Brooklyn and was the assistant of a chiropractor.

When Earth fell to darkness, she found herself waking up upon the Giza Plains of Ivalice, which had yet to undergo the transformation into the World of Ruin. Wandering alone, she was forced to contend with wild monsters and Heartless alike. Fighting for survival, she eventually collapsed to her extensive wounds. Fortunately, she was discovered by a small Rabanastre-based clan named Clan Dagda. They took her in and nursed her back to health.

Believing that Earth had been destroyed, she adopted a new name-Avira-and vowed to remake herself into a somebody. She swore fealty to the clan and sought the help of their mercenary ally, Angantyr Vespar, eager to learn how to fight and hunt.

However it wasn't long before Avira ventured out into the shattered worlds, looking for answers like so many others about the Heartless plague. Through her wanderings she discovered that a piece of her true world did still exist in the form of the Island of Manhattan. She met other survivors, such as Mercade Alexander, but elected to conceal her origins. Eventually, she would ally herself with the Twilight Detective Agency. Of course, against a detective as sharp as him, he eventually noticed that several of her mannerisms were out of place for someone purportedly from Ivalice!

In her travels she also met a werewolf named Skoll Ulfang. Having seen he was a proficient fighter and hunter, she wheedled him into taking her as a student. Unknown to her, Skoll was a pawn of the Gaudium Lords, his memories manipulated into thinking that the Red-haired man had destroyed his world. This lead to an unfortunate incident where Avira confronted the Red-haired man alone and was nearly killed in the process due to his overwhelming power. A distraught Skoll subjected her to more intense training in result, abandoning her in a wolf-filled forest. This training exercise was complicated further by the Reaper Sho Minamimoto, who placed dangerous Taboo Noise in the forest. In the process, Avira discovered the power of the Beastmaster Voice but was ultimately rescued when Skoll posted a note asking for the help of "Players."

While encountering many wild and dangerous Heartless wherever she traveled, Avira took notice of other women similar in goal to her-none standing out more than the fire mage Maira. She and Maira became fast friends and, along with the axe-wielding battle maid Vespa, formed the mercenary group VALKYRI. Though one of their prime directives was to travel a lot, they established a guild hall in Traverse Town to serve as a base of operations and temporary place to stay.

The Maid Incident

Set in motion by the constant fleeing of the Princess of Heart Jasmine, who took refuge in Balamb Garden, Avira's encounter with Morrighan Alazne could have amounted to any encounter on a battlefield. Morrighan was a white mage assisting Baigan at the time, so naturally Avira employed the most reliable strategy for disrupting healing support: punching the mage in the face.

Unfortunately, Morrighan Alazne was the type to hold a grudge.

Some time later, she ordered then Baron-allied dark knight Kaydin to arrest Avira and bring her to Baron. Much to Morrighan's surprise, Kaydin actually succeeded in apprehending the huntress after a fierce fight in the desert. Avira's abduction had, fortunately, not gone unnoticed.

Morrighan decided Avira would do well as her own personal servant and forced her into a maid dress-that is after she laid an enchantment around Avira's throat that she could use to disable her, if needed, screwing up plans of escape. Thankfully, a curiously large group of people from Maira, to an annoyed Angantyr, to the Princess Jasmine, to Garland himself, to Mercade who by sheer coincidence was exploring the Baron sewers with King Mickey and Sarafina Carenze's husband converged upon the castle and enabled her escape.

Prior to the rescue, a memory sphere containing recorded images of Avira in the dress had been made by Morrighan. This sphere, unfortunately, later fell into the hands of Ivo Galvan. Right away, he used the footage to slander the Shard Seeker rivals. Rumors of the VALKYRI having side-jobs of maids persist to this day. Thus started her current enduring rivalry with Morrighan.

The Manhattan Project

Spearheaded by LEXUS, the Shadow Lords began a widespread campaign against Manhattan, the remnants of Earth. This first came to Avira's attention when David Xanatos posted advertisements for mercenaries to protect the city against increased Heartless aggressions. It was the perfect opportunity for VALKYRI to establish themselves though Avira secretly promoted the job since it was the world she originated from.

Investigation into the Heartless surge lead Avira down into the Labyrinth to where gargoyle-like creatures known as Mutates resided. One of the mutates, Fang, turned out to have betrayed the others to work with Dr. Anton Sevarius. Further investigation into the Labyrinth lead to a secret lab where Sevarius was engaging in dangerous experiments with Heartless and Darkness, testing on a number of captured homeless people and aid workers. While fighting off the dangerous experiments and crazed Fang within the lab, Avira managed to swipe a copy of Sevarius's research-but at a price. While her back was turned, Sevarius injected her with an unknown substance.

Afterwards, Avira and Will Sherman engaged in a small rescue mission. Unknowingly, this mission actually brought them in the vicinity of Manhattan's World Heart. A pair of lost paranormal reporters were rescued but the others that had escaped into the depths of the Labyrinth were lost.

When the lab was destroyed, a massive amount of captive Heartless were unleashed upon the city. The Shadow Lords began their invasion. Though many heroes fought valliantly that day, they were overwhelmed. A final rush to the World Heart began and Avira was amongst those who went to defend it. During this battle, she was struck down by Loki, a malevolent fae that had been contained within Will's body, released by Riku's efforts to destroy him. LEXUS's Darkness rushed into her, triggering the substance Sevarius had put into her days before. As Manhattan's heart was devoured by Heartless, Avira changed into a darkness-imbued mutate. As the world fell to darkness, Skoll pulled her away to safety.

Distraught, Avira snapped at Angantyr upon seeing him again, angry that he had taken jobs to help the Shadow Lord's operation. Filled with guilt, he approached LEXUS, eager to make some sort of bargain, admitting his love for Avira before the shadow lord. LEXUS took full advantage of the situation, giving a cure for Avira's condition in exchange for Angantyr becoming mutated himself. He accepted, but the produced cure, of which there was only one, was given to Garland to distribute.

Her mutated form attracted quite a bit of unwanted attention, from a Gaudium Lord trying to forcefully recruit her to the Shadow Lord Ember trying to get her to fall to her darkness by kidnapping Maira.

After retrieving the cure from Garland, Avira brought it to Merlin for duplication, incurring the debt of a favor to be repaid later in the process. The cure, while it removed the extra darkness infesting Avira and Angantyr, it did not appear to undo the animal mutations caused by Sevarius's serum in Avira.

Though she held on to the hope that the mutations were just slow to fade, eventually she became distraught that they wouldn't and that the three potential loves in her life-Mercade, Skoll, and Angantyr, wouldn't love her if she looked like a monster. She never really considered that they would accept her that way. Sensing her despair, Hades appeared and offered her a deal, restoring her human form in exchange for working for him in her mutate form when needed. There was even an escape clause built in to this contract: Avira would become permanently human if she received true love's kiss while a mutate. Foolishly, she accepted.

News of a way to restore Manhattan was eventually made available by Merlin. They would need to retrieve several elemental shards from the world and unlock them with the power of a keyblade! Happily, Avira participated in many of the missions-but for the purpose of the Wind Shard, which was in the hands of Hades, Avira didn't have a choice. She was ordered to participate in the tournament.

Fortunately, their team won! Quite curiously, Hades handed over the Wind Shard with little issue-well, except for having the winning team sign a marketing contract.

The shards were collected-but not all of them, as Merlin revealed that there was a final shard called the Spirit Shard that had to be collected. Based on guidance from Mama Odie, it seemed that the spirit shard was most likely contained inside a person. Turns out that person was the Dusk Princess of Manhattan. Unfortunately, Hades knew that person was Avira. Hades revealed this and the contract she had made with him in front of everyone working to restore the world, forcing Avira back into her mutate form. Ashamed, she promptly fled.

She was unable to run forever and was caught by none other than Katyna herself and delivered to the Underworld. (Morrighan even got in on the action, further cementing her animosity of the elf.) Fortunately, her friends braved Hell itself to retrieve her with Mercade managing to break Hades's contract on the spot-with a kiss.

At the next Saturday, which was the proper time intended, Sora and those working towards Manhattan's restoration braved the darkened world. To bring it back, they had to recreate the World Heart with a great source of light. With the keyblade, Sora unleashed the light in Avira's heart, which in turn drew light from those who were there fighting to restore the world, and was completed with light from all those that were displaced from Manhattan. The process was something Avira may not have survived had it not been for Sora pulling her body from the reconstructed World Heart and Isaac Hanlon intervening.

With much of her light gone, it's unlikely that Avira can still be considered a Dusk Princess. However, since then, setting foot in Manhattan never fails to fill her with peace.

Samsara of Battle

Through Angantyr, Avira was unfortunate enough to catch the attention of his mentor, Garland. Recognizing Avira's desire to grow stronger and push beyond her limits, he decided to take her as a "student.". This, unfortunately, amounted to not only being spied on constantly by Garland and his minions but included the stipulation that the embodiment of Chaos could attack her at any place or any time.

An additional wrench was thrown into the system when Avira, along with a number of TDA and VALKYRI members, went to stop Morrighan from draining magic from the Iifa Tree. Garland himself took offense at this act, which summoned the Fiend of the Earth, Lich. Isaac Hanlon, however, stood in the way of Garland's vengence upon Morrighan and spirited her to safety. Complicit in the wizard's plans, Avira also defended the elf when the hunter Clayton came to collect on the bounty posted by Garland.

Garland was not happy.

As punishment, Angantyr was paid to destroy the VALKYRI headquarters and the surrounding buildings. Though Angantyr warned Avira ahead of time and did manage to evacuate those nearby and bring a considerable force to bare, the act seemed to more or less sunder the friendship between the huntress and the mercenary.

Combat Skills

Although inexperienced in the ways of actually fighting (reflected in a lower than average CST in the combat system for now), Avira does have a few advantages to her so far that put her above the average NPC.

The Spine: Avira possesses an odd mythril weapon known as "The Spine," which is a heavy serrated sword that looks like a straightened spinal column with the tailbone and pelvis forming the hilt. Aside from being extremely nimble with adjusting the grip to hit effectively, from two handed to one handed as needed, something about it is disquieting to those aligning with the darkness. Avira claims that the core of the weapon is made from something from the piece of her world that "doesn't exist anymore" and essentially gives her the willpower to beat Heartless to oblivion with it.

Ice Magic: Though she could take the time to study the different elements of black magic, Avira has chosen to specialize in ice magic. Completely unaccustomed to exerting magical skill, so far she's only learned low level ice magic. To compensate for the lack of power, she has focused on refinement and control and can apply the magic in strategic and unusual ways, such as applying it to the Spine or the ground beneath an enemy. One of her favorite outside of combat uses for this skill is to make frozen drinks. Achieving mastery over higher power spells will take time and practice, but will happen eventually.

First Aid: Yes, she has the license for that.

From the Heart: So how does someone whose adventuring experience measure in mere months manage to competently keep up with the rest of a dangerous world? By fighting with her whole heart. Occasionally this manifests as a faint silvery glow but is mostly noticeable in just how much effort she seems to physically expend to pull anything off. This is pretty much the given explanation for anything ridiculous that happens via csys.

!Control: As fallout from continuing training with Skoll, Avira discovered how to use the "Beastmaster Voice," which is basically the !Control skill from Final Fantasy 5. Her abilities with this are very weak and in dire need of practice, though appear to be the most successful with wolves and wolf-like creatures. In scenes, this skill is usually indicated by words in yellow text.

Former Mutate: Avira was a mutate with the appearance of a hideous brown-furred raven/wolf/snake chimera-type creature. Unlike the mutates of the Gargoyles world, she has no electro-powers. (This is here as a historical note.)


Allies Clan Dagda, Mercade Alexander, Maira, Vespa, Minerva,Skoll Ulfang, Katyna, Angantyr Vespar, Jasmine, King Mickey, TRON, The Network, Percival
Adversaries Ivo Galvan, Kaze, LEXUS, Sho Minamimoto, Hati, Morrighan Alazne‎, Baigan, Kaydin, Garland, Riku, Loki, Dr. Anton Sevarius, Makenshi, Gabranth, Hades, Seith, Royce, Dark Knight, Ophelia
Acquaintances Valencia, Sora, Sarafina Carenze, Lily, Gilgamesh, Reize Seatlan, Faruja Senra, Shiki Misaki, Will Sherman, Maximilien Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne, Sable, Raiya Fujihara, Isaac Hanlon, CHIEF, Margaux Fleury, Lavi, Argider, Valeth Wodanaz

Allies and Friends

Name Status Thoughts
Clan Dagda Sorrow "I owe them my life. But I let them down and nearly got them in trouble with the Judges. I haven't spoken to them in some time."
Mercade Alexander Affection "You are the light my life needs right now."
Maira BFF-ness "You've been through a whole lot of crap lately. I'm so worried about you."
Vespa Friendship "How interesting! The maid outfit is not a curse. I'm happy to have her here."
Minerva Friendship "She's pretty awesome. I'm glad to have her on board! You've been awful quiet lately...I wonder if something is wrong."
Skoll Ulfang Friendship "I'm happy we were able to move forward...but I am sad that I am not your Golden Wolf. I hope you find her one day."
Katyna ???? "...who knows what the future holds. I hope she can climb to the path of light."
Angantyr Vespar Wary Friendship? "Seems like two steps forward and one step back. What the hell just happened with Maira?!"
Jasmine Awe "So this is what it's like to be in her position. Except I'm nothing like her. My heart was not that pure."
King Mickey Respect "Thrice you've helped me now. I am happy to call you friend, Mickey."
TRON Respect "I promised I would stand against the darkness with you. In spite of everything...in spite of all that I've done, I intend to keep that promise."
The Network Friendship "They're adorable and friendly. I'm glad they're in a better place with the TDA. I kind of wish Shida would join VALKYRI though, I get the feeling she'd be perfect in it."
Percival Friendship "The self-flagellation is getting really tiresome!"


Name Status Thoughts
Ivo Galvan Hmph "Scoundrel!"
Kaze Sheer Unbridled Terror "...I'd rather have him fight the White Cloud instead of me. I'm unsure he can actually destroy a world at this point. Says his own world was destroyed."
LEXUS Frustration "Why is it this blasted program seems to be behind everything wrong in my life lately? If there was only some way to make him pay, I would do it, but WHAT?"
Sho Minamimoto DO NOT WANT "Scary and strong with scary and strong minions. Reapers are serious business."
Hati Curiosity "I understand now the anger she seems to carry with her everywhere and why she always fights so hard to prove herself. Being named an omega for being small and weak and nearly killed by her father. All the while her brother didn't know a thing. Even by wolf standards, it's a horrible thing to have happened. She too was a Shadow Lord but I couldn't tell. Was she trying to spy on me too? Or was she trying to escape?"
Morrighan Alazne‎ Disappointment "I'll never get through to her. She just thinks I'm some kind of inferior being. Still...I can't help but feel pity for her. It must be hard and lonely going through life thinking that everyone out there has the worst intentions."
Baigan Anger "Still hate him."
Kaydin Wariness "Now I know where your loyalties lie. I'll think twice about trusting you in the future. I also want a rematch."
Garland Fear "At first I thought he was just testing me. Now I just thinks he wants me devoured by the darkness. This game is no longer fun."
Riku Friendship "Maybe he is sorry. He certainly isn't helping the Shadow Lords and he definitely didn't...lecture me for what I've done. It looks like he's doing a lot better and has found a place in Archadia. I feel...happy for him."
Loki Hatred "Go back to hell!"
Dr. Anton Sevarius Anger "I really should have killed him when I had the chance. YOU GIVE SCIENCE A BAD NAME, GOOD SIR."
Makenshi Fear "..."
Gabranth Wariness "Well, I know he means no harm to me, but this is the man that caused all of Angantyr's suffering and conquered his country. He also wouldn't negotiate with me over Angantyr's sentence so needless to say, I'm not thrilled by him."
Hades Hatred "Never should have made that contract with that jerk-and I wouldn't have if I knew he was a freaking Shadow Lord."
Seith Dislike "Damn nosy elf. I'll learn your name one day."
Royce Fear "This woman is terrifying. I wish I never looked into that eye of hers."
Dark Knight Anger "A dog always returns to his master."
Ophelia|Hatred|"What a BITCH."


Name Status Thoughts
Valencia Curiosity "Magical science, eh? Now that sounds interesting."
Sora Awe "He's nice. Without him, we would have never restored Manhattan."
Sarafina Carenze Wariness "I wonder what she's been up to lately."
Lily Wonder "She's nice, but holy cow, that magic. I wish I had that kind of power."
Gilgamesh Amusement "Hilarious loudmouth. I think his dog is smarter than he is. Knows how to have a good time, though!"
Reize Seatlan Respect "Congrats on making the Shard Seekers an official clan. We're still technically rivals though."
Faruja Senra Regret "I do not blame you for reacting as you've done to my choice."
Shiki Misaki Curiosity "The Game Master sure didn't like you. This pact thing you have going on is pretty interesting too."
Will Sherman Friendship "Seems like there's a whole lot more to you than I thought. It's impressive how well he deals with the perils of living forever."
Maximilien Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne Wariness "Mysterious and charming, though mostly a ruse. He's manipulative and likes to psychoanalyze people."
Sable Anger!!! "RIKU YOU SNEAKY BRAT!!!"
Raiya Fujihara Grudging Respect "We don't really see eye to eye. Her skill is admirable, though. Fate conspires to have me indebted to her it seems."
Isaac Hanlon Respect "...words cannot describe how grateful I am for what you've done and shared with me. Your story will remain in my heart, always."
CHIEF Wariness "This homicidal program seems to be turning over a new leaf and reaching out to users. He's pretty decent when he's not trying to kill everyone."
Margaux Fleury Curiosity "Well-spoken lady of old Ivalice and member of the Death Corps. We are allied now against the Heartless. I'm curious to see her in combat."
Tifa Lockhart Respect "Having personally fought her, I can attest that her hand to hand combat skills are amazing. I'm happy to fight alongside her."
Lavi Regret "Looks like my respect to her was one sided."
Argider Affection "A charming sky pirate that has offered VALKYRI his services. What isn't there to love?"
Aerith Friendship "An ancient huh? She's nice!"
Valeth Wodanaz Disappointment "The sooner I forget you, the better. I did not need that reminder..."

Random Facts

- Avira's birthday is on the 14th of March, making her a Pisces.

- Avira is of mixed ethnicity. Her mother was Hispanic while her father was the first American-born child of two Russian Jewish immigrants.


Dreaming of Dragons March 28th, 2014 Avira dreams of...
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Ice Comet March 27th, 2014 Taking the water-crystal out of the safety of the camp, Avira tests the item with a unique Gummi-block out in the Realm Between!
The Cloister of Shiva March 16th, 2014 A group of adventurers make it to the Cloister of Shiva. But what will they find inside?
Shinryu Investigation: Phantom Forest March 8th, 2014 This is what happens when you have Reize being the only person who saw the map for investigating the darkness. Reize leads Avira(much to her chagrin) and a few other folks to what was presumed to be the Crater where Shinryu was at...
Lady In Red February 25th, 2014 A mysterious woman enters the TDA office on a Manhattan evening...
Unexpected Results February 20th, 2014 The town of Narshe falls prey to another unusual visitor, one who wants to destroy Rhiannon, the scientist who attacked the city earlier. How is this creature related? How do people react in the face of this overwhelming vengeance?
Seven: Dark Dominion February 15th, 2014 With the World of Ruin becoming more ruinous, a group of people have instead settled in the southwestern region of the Old Kingdom. But they found a strange mountain they don't dare to climb. So they've asked adventurers to check it out - to put their minds to ease.
Power Play: Assembly February 14th, 2014 A secret installation on the edge of Purgos and the Outlands holds the answer to whatever needed so much power. What happens when the heroes move to try to confront the mysterious JAVA? It looks like they're not the only ones interested...
Seven: The World Changes February 8th, 2014 A dark shadow looms over the Northern Continent.
Power Play: Highway Robbery February 6th, 2014 Avira Deelel and Blackbird plan to hit a shipment of supplies that contain a shipment belonging to Java. Things utterly do not go as planned.
Seven: Looming February 5th, 2014 Strange happenings are occurring in the Zanarkand Ruins. Our heroes go down there to figure out what is going on!
He's trying to help. Really. January 31st, 2014 Theft can totally be for a good cause. Right?
Power Play: Supply and Demand January 30th, 2014 The logical place to look into a power shortage is the local energy distribution station. The energy control grid is usually a heavily guarded place, but what secrets could it hold to explain the outages in Purgos?
Power Play: The Mechanic January 28th, 2014 Avira and Deelel head down to Able's for Avira to get a chance to talk to Mara about the events in Purgos. Deelel waits outside to stand watch and work on an art project while Mara seems to think there is more to Avira than she's letting on.
A Traditional Duel January 26th, 2014 A bit of a duel, a bit of a wager, and a surprise at the end.
Power Play: A Bit of Fate January 25th, 2014 An unusual encounter in Purgos leads to the forces of Restoration gaining wind of an unusual situation...
Everything Starts Small January 23rd, 2014 Confronted by a host of hunters, Warden does the only thing possible for a man in his position.

He tries to buy them all off.

It doesn't work well, but dropping the tavern does!

She's back... January 21st, 2014 Avira and Deelel came to Rabanastre to catch up with some people who are Avira's friends. However they encounter a long missing member of Valkyrie, one Valencia. They catch up and Valecia discovers the existance of the grid.
...would you believe I'm having them cleaned? January 21st, 2014 Warden breaks back into the Castle of Dreams to leave a fun presents for the people there. However he is intrupted by a pair of no good do gooders. Will our not-so-heroic pirate survive?!

Of course he will.

Seven: Dreams Go On - In Dreams January 18th, 2014 Seith's curse comes to bear. Cinderella falls asleep. As do many of our other heroes. This is the story of those who fell to the curse.
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Que Remedies Camp Pair Dadeni's Understaffing October 26th, 2013 Queegmaa goes to the hideout of Avira in the hopes of regaining his magic stick, only to be offered sincere empathy after he confesses his own worthlessness, the former of which makes him uncomfortable. In turn, he beats a hasty retreat while bestowing them with a parting gift, of sorts, hoping never to have to encounter Maira or Avira again.
Unlikely Asylum October 26th, 2013 After all that has happened, Maira and Avira need to find safe haven. Thus, Maira reaches out to an unlikely associate for aid...
Turning The Tables…. Upside Down October 23rd, 2013 In dire need of rescue, Maira's friends are led by Shadow through the Mtek factory so that she might persevere, and last at least one more day. Presumably, after a fight against Rakassa and her hired guns, the heroes can expect many years to come, which is more than what can be said for the furnishings and equipment in the lab, as Angantyr turns the tables(and other machines) on their sides, after having metaphorically turned the tables on the vileness that is the Gestahlian Empire!
Baron Reminded October 17th, 2013 After her initial 'date' into Baron, Maleficent returns - intend on finishing the job.
Paving the road to hell October 15th, 2013 Avira and Chita cross paths in Lindblum and discussions are had with the best of intentions. But you know what they say about the road to Hell.
Hare Today, Gone to Vector October 12th, 2013 Maira is unwittingly duped by Queegmaa, who helps(see: hinders) her as she tries to evade would-be captors; a human soldier and a viera ranger. After the kappa fumbles a few times and slows her down, she's caught by the fleeing viera even as Avira tries to forestall Maira's abduction, after which the obvious ensues-- Que chicken-heartedly runs off to 'get help' while Avira detains the human soldier for interrogation.
Manhattan Revisited October 8th, 2013 Maleficent said she'd return to the city and she does in force. Two of the new keybladers rise with their companions to defend the city. However? Garland is waiting in the wings and their target is not the city but the defenders...
Baron Mind October 6th, 2013 Maleficent and Garland go out for a little trip to Baron, and encounter a few hitches. It seems some people have issues with their brand of fun!
The Cloister of Phoenix October 4th, 2013 Heroes delve into the Cloister of Phoenix, only to find... platform puzzles.
The Great Ice-cream Caper September 20th, 2013 There is a celebration in Traverse Town, but the plans of Scrooge's three nephews goes awry.
Not As Planned September 12th, 2013 It was intended to be a grand day, a day of learning, of testing out new advances with Gummi Blocks. It doesn't go that way as the Undead have other plans, life can be a real Lich sometimes.
Clash Under The Stars September 7th, 2013 Avira has a run-in with a rather bothersome elf.
Memories Forgotten - Part 1 September 5th, 2013 Rumors begin to fly about the Southern Continent regarding a creature lurking within the depths of the Targ Wood. Various individuals convene to get to the bottom of this. And truths are unraveled.
Requiem for the Nameless August 22nd, 2013 Some very strange salvagers are searching for a nameless ship that sank...
Cauldron of Rebirth August 14th, 2013 Things keep going wrong for our heroes down in the jungle. Things get worse the tainted earth coughs up one very angry undead dragon. Even with the backup from Angantyr and his new Keyblade? Will it be enough to over come the tide of the undead?
Breakout! August 9th, 2013 Mercade visits the Grid for the first time, and ends up getting in trouble in about five minutes. Avira and Deelel come to bail him out.
Welcome To The Grid August 7th, 2013 After weeks of work, Beck has finally repaired the laser. However something goes horribly wrong. The moment the laser is powered, it starts digitizing every single person in the room. At long last the programs have returned home however? Can they get their user friends out alive?!
Starfall: The Plan and the Choice August 2nd, 2013 Newcomers to the world of New Ivalice are invited to meet with the infamous Ezel Berbier, who claims to have a plan to help save New Ivalice. The catch is? The powers that be don't like it. What will the heroes decide?
The Phantom's Rise July 29th, 2013 Traverse Town is a heavily traffic area. Protected by the Data Point Security and by the many groups who live here. Yet a challenger has come to see if he can awaken the people's eyes that no matter their security. No matter their power. Their light will never be strong enough to defeat the darkness.
Future Tense: Angantyr July 24th, 2013 It is decided.
Candy Crush Saga July 22nd, 2013 Various people show up to spectate Sugar Rush's daily 'Selection Cup Rally', but when a little girl attempts to buy her way into the race, the entire Game goes all topsy-tuvy in this fun filled, sugar-frosted adventure! Fun for the whole family! Game rated 'E' for Everyone by the ESRB.
Starfall: The Broken Land July 19th, 2013 The intrepid heroes use their newfound conveyance to travel between the worlds and stop a great Heartless from destroying a world they have never seen before.
Future Tense: Mercade July 14th, 2013 It is decided.
Exploring Game Central Station July 13th, 2013 Following the breakthrough into a strange new world, Deelel, along with her friends and a couple other people, decide to explore. Thrills and spills await in the world inside Flynn's Arcade!
No Man is a Mountain July 12th, 2013 Avira runs across Angantyr after his encounter with Riku.
Wrecking the End of Line July 11th, 2013 Maleficent seeks to summon a powerful evil to the End of Line club. What she gets? Is very unexpected however the target of her summoning is very well going to wreck the club if our heroes can't talk him down or stop him! Mayhem and also cake ensues!
Cake Treason July 7th, 2013 Cake makes everything better, it also makes everything very silly.
Starfall: The Conveyance July 5th, 2013 A mysterious being comes to Traverst Town to help give the forces of restoration guidance on how to solve a very large problem.
A Little TLC July 4th, 2013 Avira's laid up in bed. Mercade helps out.
To The Mist And Back July 2nd, 2013 Alexandria is setting up a fort in the Mist Plains. Rebellion forces have something to say about this...
A Memory of Vespertine: The Truth Part 2 July 1st, 2013 Feige's plan become fare more clear. Her master appears and revealed the apparent purpose of Isaac's world. The Truth is perhaps the most horrifying thing the TDA has encountered since this all began.
Rave Am Not June 23rd, 2013 Beck decides to escape from the Arcade for a bit. He finds out the world is a very strange place indeed or at least a small part of it.
In the Deep: Atlantis June 22nd, 2013 In order to defend Atlantis, the party there leaves the place and plans to use explosives to break their way out. Continued in In the Deep: Serpent's Trench.
In the Deep: Serpent's Trench June 22nd, 2013 A group of heroes has heard about a Heartless invasion in Serpent's Trench and moves to find out what is going on. What they find is... unexpected!
The Sorrow of Lost and Found June 21st, 2013 Avira discovers her own ties to Atlantis, and the sorrow that goes along with it.
Home Is Where The... June 20th, 2013 TRON gets ready to hook up the server that was once taken from Flynn's Arcade and gets the computer ready. What he and others don't know is what is about to take place when its all said and done...
Computer Shopping June 19th, 2013 In order to utilize the digitizing laser, TRON and Deelel need to rebuild a computer to run the software and Avira joins them on their search for parts. The irony of Programs building a computer is not lost on anyone.
The Shining Maze June 17th, 2013 A path to a new world opens... But it is not easily traversed. Nor do its occupants wish visitors...
Journey Without A Map June 16th, 2013 Seeking out the lost city of Atlantis and what knowledge might be contained there-in, a group of adventurers set out to face peril... and spear-throwing chipmunks.
A Vicious Trial by Fire, Love Chaos June 13th, 2013 Garland decides to up the ante.
Starfall: The Night Of Shooting Stars June 8th, 2013 Thousands of shooting stars descend across the world of Ruin, the Giza Plains at the centerpoint. What could be the secret of the falling stars?
Get Lucky? June 3rd, 2013 Serendipity attracts a crowd--including Pete and a hoard of Heartless, come to try to kidnap Maira, yelling about Princesses of Heart!
Teatime Tomfoolery May 31st, 2013 Rumors swirl about Ivo and Morrighan, and the two sit down for tea prior to their upcoming adventure to discuss what to do about it. And by discuss, we mean propose a devious plan. In public, before prying eyes, and within earshot of the target in question. Skulls are gripped and tea is sprayed, but it could be worse -- right?
Dark Cave of Wonders May 27th, 2013 The wolf catches the hunter! ...for some long overdue catching up.
Saving Werewolf Ulfang May 25th, 2013 Avira, Skoll and Zia finally challenge the remaining Gaudium Lord flunkies; 'The Gaia Sisters' to free Skoll of the darkness-inducing collar.
A Researcher's Inquiry I May 23rd, 2013 Halting her research for the moment, Rhia departs from Shinra HQ and travels in order to gather additional information. First on her list; Avira.
Battle Without Honor or Humanity! May 21st, 2013 For the honor of insulted Ivaliceans everywhere, Avira has a duel with Ophelia! Things end poorly, as expected.
The Worst Kind of People May 19th, 2013 A few upstanding members of the Church run into some ruffians in Traverse Town! Avira is really bad at taking advice and picks a fight almost immediately.
On That Road Again May 13th, 2013 There is a road out on Giza Plains that people travel to and fro on. However on this day, many adventures meet up for the first time and find themselves have a rather nice chat. Including made aware of killer bunnies.
I will find you May 8th, 2013 Leon knows his only answers are with one person, however there are those who will do whatever it takes to keep her from him.
Living Steel! The Beetles Reunion May 5th, 2013 Golmore Jungle is harassed by giant beetles. A bunch of heroes shuffle around barriers as things go from the top of the screen to the bottom.
Complaints Department May 4th, 2013 Avira decides to take Souji to task for her comments to Maira. She finds out that Souji is a caring person who shares her concerns. One of these sentences is a lie.
Girl Talk May 4th, 2013 Maira, Avira, Emi and Shida have a bit of girl talk.
Black Market Bust April 30th, 2013 Clayton and his thugs set up camp to hawk their illegal animal wares, until some people take offense to it.
Endless Vigil April 26th, 2013 Maira tries to get away from the Dark Knight, finds herself locked in a tower surrounded by Guardians.
The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating April 25th, 2013 Isaac gets some visitors. Emi asks an important question.
Grendel Attacks April 23rd, 2013 VALKYRI's carefully planned party is rudely interrupted by an attacking monster.
King Of The Mountain April 20th, 2013 There is a Behemoth on the prowl. It has decided to go explore the Mythril Mountains, problem is, so have some others who want it captured.
A Nice Quiet Moment April 19th, 2013 Just a quiet evening of tense planning. For once?
Tensions Rise Near the Vet April 17th, 2013 Sanel was freting near the vet when Avira came across him. However, as Evja and Lia emerged from their recovery, along with the presence of Carnus and Maira, tension rises surrounding Evja and other matters.
Fallen Star April 16th, 2013 Rumors say a star has fallen in the desert near Fluorgis. Several adventurers seek it out, and find a lot more than they were expecting.
Becoming a Very Adventurous Lady April 14th, 2013 The jovial Spellsword finally meet the leader of VALKYRI.
Displeasure April 13th, 2013 Garland is not happy and nor does he forget.
Accessing Archive Data... April 13th, 2013 Time for a refresher on TRON-verse before the big TP. Kick back and enjoy the show of OOC meets IC! Or.. is it IC meets ooc? Either way - NEW TRON INFO HERE
Sweet Dreams are made of these April 12th, 2013 An unwanted visitor intrudes on one of Avira's strange dreams.
Knock Knock April 10th, 2013 The Dark Knight decides its time to go pay a visit to a 'family'. Battle ensues and turn of events change the set.
Impromptu Meetings April 9th, 2013 Oh, knowledge is shared / About Keyblades and lives / Sora does haiku.
The Cold Hard Truth! A Sinister and Diabolical Plan? April 7th, 2013 The town of Narshe has been experiencing some mysterious and sinister sounds coming from their mines. With cries of concerns arising from its citizens, The Council of Narshe has taken it upon themselves to call upon the help of adventerous souls, following a failed attempt to discover the answer to the mystery on their own. As the adventurers arrive, all seems well in the small isolated town though not all is as it appears to be ... and then some.
Narshee Aftermath April 7th, 2013 Avira and Angantyr talk about the aftermath of the Mines, as well as their recent falling out. Bridges are mended.
Unlikely Crossing April 4th, 2013 Maira and Avira come across the most unlikely of people. The Dark Knight himself.
A Chat at the Cafe April 3rd, 2013 After losing at the colisseum against Avira, they celebrate over WildKat cafe(with Reize buying) and have some serious discussions.
Vault Hunter: Part 1 April 2nd, 2013 Royce, upon discovering an ancient key, goes looking for the lock which she suspects will be found in the ruins of other Ajoran temples. Unfortunately, her timing is terrible and a veritable army of heroes stand in her way.
A Conversation Long Overdue March 31st, 2013 Skoll calls for Avira to have a much needed talk.
Novice Tournament: Reize vs Avira March 28th, 2013 The tournament has started out in Traverse Town. Reize decided to enter the fight in order to try his luck against the group. However, his opponent was Avira, who decided to try her luck in the events as well! Let's see who comes out on top!
Eggnog Crossing March 24th, 2013 It's time... for adventure! And awkward conversations.
Welcome Home Avira! March 24th, 2013 Manhatten's Princess finally comes home. An awkward party commences!
The Price of Redemption March 21st, 2013 Having fled Traverse Town, the Shadow Lords and VALKYRIE after revealing her true identity, Katyna runs into Avira, Maira and Angantyr again, and realizes that redemption and forgiveness wont come so easily..
Waking Up Avira March 18th, 2013 In the house of the Twilight Detective Agency, Avira waits dreaming.
Restoration March 16th, 2013 It has finally come - the final battle to resurrect Manhattan!
To Hell and Back March 14th, 2013 Avira has been captured, dragged into the depths of the Underworld. Avira's friend band together, ready to rescue their friend, and free Manhattan from darkness once and for all. There can be no failure here, for failure has...perminate consiquences.
Into The Underworld March 13th, 2013 Seith moves Avira to the Underworld, and is joined by Morrighan in the trip.
Darkest Before Dawn March 12th, 2013 It can always get worse.
Bayou Brawl March 11th, 2013 Following the Avira sightings leads the heroes and a certain necromancer to the bayou. All hell breaks loose.
The Beast Amidst the Canyon March 11th, 2013 Avira, in her mutate state, sought to avoid people. This lead her to the Cosmo Canyon. However, she encounters the boy who was crazy enough to try to claim Hydra as a pet.
The Beast of Halloween Town March 10th, 2013 Ashamed and horrified, the mutate Avira fled into the night-but rumors of her hiding in Halloween Town spread fast. Friend, foe, and unexpected ally alike cross paths with the distraught woman.
The Real Xanatos Gambit March 9th, 2013 Hades invites himself over for tea, things get ultra complicated.
The Final Shard March 8th, 2013 Time to go visit a friend of Merlin's for the real answer of where the Spirit Shard is - Mama Odie. Yet can this Voodoo Priestess really help them? Or will it just be another wild goose chase?
Shard Packing With Merlin?? March 7th, 2013 Time to go find the last shard! Everyone gather together because we are hitting up Merlin's. Yet what they will find out, isn't what they were hoping for...
A Heretic's Plea March 5th, 2013 A man walks into the TDA and requests their help after making startling revelations.
Dinner with CHIEF March 5th, 2013 CHIEF invites VALKYRI to dinner. Surely nothing will go wrong.
To the Victor... March 3rd, 2013 Hades hands the World Shard of Wind to th Winners of the Hades cup...and NOTHING else.
Mysterious Mysteries March 1st, 2013 When pigs give maps and Merlin translates, interesting things happen. Including being swept away to an underwater mystery of mysteries.
Hades Cup: Heaven's Punishment vs. No Sleep Til Manhattan February 28th, 2013 The final match of the round robin portion of the Hades Cup! Who will take home the Wind Shard?
Aftermath Of British Occupation February 27th, 2013 After Clayton's invasion, the TDA winds itself down.
Elf Hunting February 26th, 2013 Clayton and his hired thugs come to collect on Morrighan's bounty. Gunfire ensues, surprising secrets are revealed.
What? No Destruction?! February 24th, 2013 CHIEF runs into Avira, yet nothing exciting happens, beyond an invitation to dinner.
Clear the Skies February 22nd, 2013 As Heartless rage through the streets and Fluorgis teeters on collapse, its council makes a fateful decision, and employs the city's last ditch plan to protect the Fire Crystal from the darkness. In the midst of the melee, from the bowels of the earth bursts the Fire-Powered Ship, retrofitted as a mighty airship with the combined technology of Fluorgis and Karnak, which plunges bravely into the shadowy skies above with the Crystal within. Yet deep in the dark miasma, fearsome foes lurk with designs of their own. Can those trusted few allowed into Fluorgis's inner sanctum repulse these last invaders and preserve the city's livelihood?
Fruit and Entering February 21st, 2013 Valkyri HQ gets a visit from a most unexpected guest - FRUIT-MAN!!
Happiness Hunt February 17th, 2013 In order to collect the secret ingredient for happiness gumbo- a special dish that will help feed the people of Fluorgis- Shiki Misaki assembles a crew of adventurers to go after a rather large (and delicious) alligator.
The Punchline February 17th, 2013 Will's journey for self-knowledge ends with revelations, lemon pie, and the hokey pokey.
Maid Cafe: The Bacon Episode February 16th, 2013 The Shard Seekers and Valkyri put up a Maid Cafe for gaining some coin - for charity
Wolves Date Too February 15th, 2013 Skoll takes Avira out for a date!
Summoning of The Fiend: Earth February 14th, 2013 Morrighan, acting under her own machinations, sets about creating a network of magic draining glyphs, all leading to the Iifa Tree. With a little help from a magic artifact, she performs a ritual to summon a dark force to her side. Needless to say, many take issue with this notion.
Boneyard Shuffle February 10th, 2013 Shard UNLOCK! --- A massive undead mammoth shuffles about and inconviences the party. Guest starring Shenzai, Banzai and Ed. --Welcome to the Pride Lands.
Shopping Spree February 9th, 2013 TRON decides to go clothes shopping and takes Avira with him. Turns out other Programs had the same idea...
Bandit King Takes No Arrows To The Knee February 8th, 2013 Love, Bandits, and Soup! ..oh and a dragon (really)
Inheritance February 7th, 2013 A mysterious thief is stealing powerful holy relics from the Traverse Church, and murdering those who try to stop him/her. VALKYRIE is once again called into action to stop the mysterious robber, however, the story takes a sudden surprise twist!
Hades Cup: Team Two Ladies and a Tramp VS No Sleep 'Till Man February 6th, 2013 The members of the TDA have it out in the Hades Cup to determine who gets to be the MAIN CHARACTERS! WHO WILL WIN?! HOBO OR DETECTIVE?! JUDGE DREADETTE OR LASOR MAGE?! THE SWARM OR whatever Avira is?!
One Night In VALKYRI February 5th, 2013 Just another normal night in VALKYRI. Minus the strange new friends and visitors at least!
The City of Mist part 2 -HARD- February 3rd, 2013 The thrilling conclusion of The City of Mist-- HARDMODE.
Time To Come To Terms February 2nd, 2013 Avira catches Cronus and helps him with his issues.
The City of Mist -HARD- February 2nd, 2013 Welcome to beautiful, charming Withered Spire. We have time schenadigans-- we have them in a box. We have them in a train. We have them in a city full of unspeakable ghouls and searing mutagenic death lasers.
VALKYRI Bath time January 31st, 2013 Maira and Avira have a BFF heart to heart in the tub.
Ham Radio January 30th, 2013 DJ Zero has been having trouble getting the good word out there lately. Whenever the Zero Hour goes on the air, he's pestered by a horde of Pig Noise, apparently attracted by his broadcasting spell! Can his hastily-assembled ragtag band of heroes avert the aporkalypse of iBacon?!
Armoring Up January 29th, 2013 Avira and TRON go shopping to get the Program a suit of World of Ruin armor. While they're out, information long overdue is exchanged between comrades.
Hades Cup: START! January 28th, 2013 A ceremony for the heroes of the Hades Cup qualifying turns into a battle for survival as Hades' machinations comes to a head...things do not go as planned!
Hades Cup: Qualifying Event - Obstacle Course (AKA Pete throws barrels) January 27th, 2013 The Third and Final Event for the Hades Cup! Pete dresses up like a Gorilla and gets dunked!
On Cloud Nine January 27th, 2013 A lively cast assembles at Tifa's new joint for drinks and banter.
Walls of Wind January 26th, 2013 Sandstorms have begun to regularly beset the walls of Fluorgis, and the massive sandworms that thread their way through the surrounding desert have entered a state of heightened agitation, making caravan travel all but impossible and rendering the famous fountain city nearly besieged. What with all the troubles that have arisen, no one knows how long the map etched upon the newborn Desert Rose will remain valid, or even to what it leads. Yet the Shard Seekers' new (and somewhat dubious) shard-seeking device indicates that the map is no ruse, and may lead to something precious indeed. Could the Desert Rose somehow hold the key to saving Fluorgis in its time of dire need? A brave group of adventurers set out to ruins deep in the desert, through hordes of monsters and terrible walls of wind, to discover what treasure lies in wait. But even Sandworms may be the least of their problems, as the darkness gathers...
A celebration at VALKYRI January 24th, 2013 Maira throws a surprise party for Avira to celebrate her win in the race and qualifying for the Hades Cup!
Hades Cup: Qualifying Event - THE RACE January 23rd, 2013 The first qualifying event of the Hades Cup Tournament, in which the Junior Heros race each other to get qualified in the Hades Cup Tournament!
Catching Up January 22nd, 2013 Angantyr and Avira do some much needed catching up in light of a plethora of recent events.
Court of Appeals January 21st, 2013 Avira requests the presence of a judge magister in order to negotiate. She winds up with none other than Gabranth himself.
Smells like Chocobo? January 21st, 2013 Avira finds something that is not a chocobo at all.
Port Royal Sniffers January 20th, 2013 Zia and Avira make their way to Skoll's last known location...
Trespassers Will Be Toad January 20th, 2013 A party of adventurers investigates mysterious disappearances and rumors of monsters in the Fluorgis Water Treatment plant. Everyone was Kung-Fu Fighting. HAAAH. Caution: You May Get Wet.
A Chance Meeting January 19th, 2013 Morrighan, still trying to grasp her budding dark powers, comes crashing through a dark portal and into...VALKRI HQ. A brief discussion is had in the aftermath.
Haunted Hearts January 17th, 2013 VALKYRIE and their allies investigate a series of hauntings in the Traverse Town church. While Maira and Aerith discover friendly ghosts and a heartless preying on the dead, parts of Katyna's mysterious history are revealed..
Suckered into Shopping January 13th, 2013 Avira finds a few more things than she was looking for at a merchant stall run by Honest John. Who is master of the Hard Sell-- as long as you have Hard Currency.
The Garland Games January 13th, 2013 Garland makes good on his promises and ambushes Avira in the streets of Rabanastre.
VALKYRI VS Shard Seekers: Racing the Dawn January 12th, 2013 Desert madness! VALKYRI and the Shard Seekers go head to head as they rush through an ancient ruins to secure valuable artifact not only within the time limit, but before the other adventurers get to the final chamber as well. The object? A Desert Rose, a magical crystal rose, a living artifact, that blooms only for one night once every 100 years. Inscribed on the petals themselves are shapes that form a map to an even greater treasure. What awaits the two teams as they race for the goal?!
Totally Not A Date January 12th, 2013 Mercade and Avira go to La Cite Des Cloches to visit the wonderous Notre Dame, enjoy the sights and sounds of the city, and enjoy some fine dining as the sun sets over the Seine. And it's totally not a date.
Manhattan Restoration: Mining for Shards January 10th, 2013 The heroes come to the Woodlands in order to get one of the Manhattan Shards... but run into a bit of trouble.
Time Is Up January 9th, 2013 Time is up. Can the TDA and friends stop Cronus? Of course they can. The trickier question is whether they can save him.
Truce! Compromise between two warriors January 8th, 2013 While on the way to investigate the increased presence of Heartless in the Dwarf Woodlands, Maira, Avira, and Katyna run into the mysterious Black Wind. Maira shatters the tension between Kaze and Avira and an uneasy promise is made to alert Kaze to further appearances of the White Cloud. Kaze is also renamed to Murdock by the excitable fire mage.
Let's Make A Deal January 6th, 2013 Hades decides to take advantage of the fact that Avira's mutation hasn't faded yet and strikes up a little...deal.
Blink Fight: FK Style January 6th, 2013 It's time for Blink Fight: FK Style. Place your bets place your bets. Spend your munny. Spend your munny. Whose going to win this dastardly and emotional conflict? Words are said. Blows are thrown. FK runs on piefaces.
The Perils of Ronda Unstoppabelle! January 6th, 2013 Ron Unstoppable is being pursued by the terrifying King Powerwild! Can VALKYRI and friends stop it? And who is this mysterious Ronda that has come to help?
Howl To The Moon January 6th, 2013 Skoll howls to the full moon, and is joined by Avira. With the leashes on his heart lessened, Skoll manages to be more true to himself.
Inside Intertwined January 6th, 2013 The TDA with the help of some pals move to stop VitaTek. Isaac gets angry. And then he gets sad.
Pillaging the Dwarf Woodlands January 4th, 2013 With Manhattan devoured by darkness and Xanatos Enterprises thwarted for now, Baigan plots to once again make his move in the name of Baron, aiming to restore the kingdom's glory and secure its territory after his setbacks on the Dias Plains and at Balamb Garden. In dire need of resources and in hatred toward all adorable forest critters, Baigan has set his sights upon an unsuspecting target: the Dwarf's Woodlands in Phantasia, with its plentiful lumber and precious metals and stones. All that's required is to secure the location for long enough to loot it and scurry away through a Portal with their ill-gotten gains, and then to use it to further enhance Baron's navy and air force... and adapt the technology stolen from Xanatos. Will Baron's vile plot succeed with its ranks blostered by new allies, or can our scattered heroes intervene in time to save the woodlands from total devastation!?
Warnings and Antics January 4th, 2013 Avira comes to warn Zia about her confrontation with the 'Dark Lords' that Skoll serves, but the two end up distracted by their shared worries over the werewolf, and puppy antics.
Fated Encounters January 3rd, 2013 The wheels of fate are turning and, after quite a bit of time, Raiya and Avira meet up again. Unrecognized at first, Avira manages to convince Raiya of her identity before the samurai attacks. Whatever pleasant conversation was to follow is unknown as Makenshi shows up to demand information on "The Black Wind."
Cure for the Mutated January 1st, 2013 With the cure finally retrieved from Garland, Avira and Angantyr have taken it to Merlin to have it duplicated. It's a success! For the most part. While the injected darkness in Avira and Angantyr is removed, Avira finds the animal aspects of her mutation fading much, much more slowly. Mercade and Maira come along and everything quickly descends into utter awkwardness.
A Whale of a Tail December 31st, 2012 Oh. It's a Whale of a Tale. Perverted Octopi. A Daring Fisherman hauls in a larger than usual catch. The Adventures of Hobo Lady in-- The Dungeon Whale Approachth. Search for Treasure? [Y/N?]
Digital Natives December 30th, 2012 Avira finally finds a technician to fix VALKYRI's computers.
Living Forever? December 29th, 2012 Will and Avira have a very awkward and slightly heartbreaking conversation. The next stage for Will's journey to the "whale" is set as Avira promises her help.
Storytime in France December 29th, 2012 A friendly meeting in the French Countryside turns into storytime with Lavi. WARNING: contains extreme Frenchness (Max).
For the Cure December 29th, 2012 Garland holds the cure to the dark mutation cursed onto Avira. Can she, Mercade, Angantyr and Maira manage to secure it?
Hopeless Hearts December 25th, 2012 Avira rushes to the Coliseum, intent on rescuing Maira. She is confronted with a series of tests, but will she be able to pass the final one and free her friend? Or will hearts be broken instead?
Fuzzy Warnings December 25th, 2012 Avira visits Skoll, worried about him.
Mark: Black Chocobo December 24th, 2012 Luso Clemens of Clan Gully along with several others come together in order to take down the Black Chocobo once and for all!
Holiday Snark December 24th, 2012 Avira and Sable meet to talk about adventure, holiday plans and snark at certain to remain nameless main character type figures.
Heroes Interrupted December 23rd, 2012 Sable crashes a junior heroes match at the Coliseum, dragging Avira and Tifa with him.
Dive Into The Heart: Mercade Alexander December 22nd, 2012 An unconscious Mercade finds himself having an unusual dream...
Checkup December 21st, 2012 LEXUS hunts down Avira, and checks in on how she's doing. She's not so happy about it.
Stars in the Darkness: Avira December 20th, 2012 With the weight of Manhattan's fall upon and a parasitic darkness left in her heart by LEXUS, Avira takes a quiet moment to look to the stars for strength. Much to her surprise, an emerald star answers, baring none other than King Mickey himself.
You're Still You December 19th, 2012 Mercade and the Mutate Avira meet on the beach of Bodhum, and catch up with each other while confronting the problems that they have both had to deal with since the Fall of Manhattan.
Advice from an Unlikely Source December 18th, 2012 After having her brain addled by an overgrown pot, Hati has time for a word with Avira, only to give the mutate some unlikely advice.
Kidnapped! December 17th, 2012 Maira is cornered by heartless, only to be 'rescued' by the Shadow Knight, Ember! However, it seems Ember has other plans for the fiery girl as she ends up kidnapping her instead!
The Reunion December 17th, 2012 Mercade and Celina meet in Traverse Town, which rapidly develops into a massive confluence of fate... and a meeting with the one responsible for their ills.
An Offer Refused December 16th, 2012 One of Skoll Ulfang's "Lords" seeks out the mutated Avira, eager to make her fall in line with her werewolf friend. Extreme unpleasantness ensues.
Secret Waterways December 15th, 2012 An infestation of Pot Centipedes has made their lair in the waterways underneath and around Traverse Town. VALKYRI (plus special guest Hati!) investigates the maze underneath the city of Traverse and puts a stop to them and the bandit using them to plunder the poor Manhattan refugees.
Turning The Tables December 15th, 2012 Morrighan and Avira happen to run across each other on The Crossroads. Unexpected things happen.
Finding Angantyr Vespar December 13th, 2012 Avira leads VALKYRI after the missing Agantyr.
Gathering the VALKYRI December 12th, 2012 Avira calls the rest of the VALKYRI to acclimate her to her altered appearance...and to announce a new prime directive for the group. From then on, much to Katyna's dismay, they plan to oppose the schemes of the Shadow Lords, wherever they may be!
A Rude Awakening December 11th, 2012 As Manhattan goes dark, Skoll manages to escape with Avira to the wolf's den in Bramble Woods. Hours later, they wake up to some heart-wrenching realizations, from the destruction of a world, the loss of friends, and the mutation of Avira.
Creatures of Darkness December 11th, 2012 Angantyr and Avira catch up with each other after Manhattan is destroyed. Angantyr, repeatedly stabbed with guilt from Avira, then runs off to do something foolish. Happens immediately before Desperate. There was also some radio exchanged before the scene that didn't get recovered.
Unexpected Meeting in Bevelle December 10th, 2012 Jasmine and her party finally arrive in Bevelle...
In a New York Minute: The Fall December 9th, 2012 This is the villain side: Riku has accepted the darkness and old friends collide in battle. ....And more horror is unlocked.
Last Light of Manhattan December 9th, 2012 Here is it. The final struggle for the Heart of Manhattan. A few brave heroes blaze against the tides of darkness in the hopes to save the world from crumbling into the darkness.
In A New York Minute: The Manhattan Project - Docks Of Doom December 8th, 2012 Sho Minamimoto and Big Bad Pete make their appearance on the Manhattan Docks. In an attempt to break through the defenses and savage the storage and support from the harbor, they deploy Noise and Heartless! What will the heroes do to stop them?
Shadow Chasers December 6th, 2012 The remaining survivors of the crew of paranormal investigation show Shadow Chasers are trapped within a strange and ancient maze deep in the Labyrinth. On the plus side, they have Will and Avira trapped with them. Negative side? So are the heartless.
In A New York Minute: Labyrinth Runners December 5th, 2012 The heroes track down the trail of Fang and the Heartless to their source: An old Cyberbiotics laboratory staffed by none other than the infamous scientist Dr. Anton Sevarius. Meaningful Dialogue ensues.
After The Serpent December 4th, 2012 The morning after the events of 'They're On A Boat', Avira and Jasmine discuss the future.
They're On A Boat - Part Two: The Serpent December 3rd, 2012 After Faris procured a ship, she transports Jasmine, Angantyr, Avira and Maira to Bevelle. At first the trip is pleasant, but a devastating storm rises, and something waits for them in the foggy 'calm', afterwards... (GMed by Jasmine; part one, which this is a direct continuation of, is at: They're On A Boat - Part One: The Storm )
They're On A Boat - Part One: The Storm December 2nd, 2012 After Faris procured a ship, she transports Jasmine, Angantyr, Avira and Maira to Bevelle. At first the trip is pleasant, but a devastating storm rises, and something waits for them in the foggy 'calm', afterwards... (GMed by Jasmine)
A Visit to Friends December 1st, 2012 Avira ends up snowed in, in the Bramble Forest, as visits her furry wolfie friends. She's joined by Skoll - the source of her having befriended these wolves in a ways.
Important VALKYRI Business December 1st, 2012 Maira and Avira haven't had the time for a heart to heart chat lately. So they make time and thus have many different subjects to touch upon!
In A New York Minute: Sheltering Darkness December 1st, 2012 The intrepid defenders of Manhattan descend into the depths in order to rescue several innocent people kidnapped by Heartless. What they find is a place beyond what anyone could have expected...
In A New York Minute: The Gangs All Here November 29th, 2012 Unknown forces engage in a raid into the blackout area of the Harbor, attempting to acquire more of Xanatos' powerful laser weaponry. Surely this isn't going to go wrong at all.
Upon the Meadows of Past November 27th, 2012 Avira is in for a wild ride as she and Skoll accidentally thread into Castle Oblivion
No Good Deed November 26th, 2012 A charity event held by the Church turns chaotic thanks to the efforts of two particularly Dark individuals.
The Inner Darkness of Angantyr November 25th, 2012 Avira just came to chat. She winds up facing Angantyr's terrifying inner darkness instead. Is her willpower strong enough to pull her through or will she fall prey to the beast within?
A Confluence Of Fate November 24th, 2012 Chaos erupts in Baron as a number of plots crash together in the halls of power with all of the grace of a freight train.
Long Arm of the Harpy November 23rd, 2012 Morrighan has assigned Kaydin to arrest Avira. Of course, Avira violently resists arrest. Interference from the Ember Knight Shadow Lord and VALKYRI member Valencia ensues.
A Delightful Chat November 23rd, 2012 Garland is intrigued by his apprentice's friend Avira and tracks down the woman in order to have a nice...chat.
A Captive of Baron November 23rd, 2012 Kaydin returns to Baron with the captured Avira. Morrighan of course takes utter pleasure in antagonizing said captive. But as to be expected, she does not submit willingly. It's going to be a long day...
Master Garland? November 21st, 2012 Avira has a word or two with her fellow Clan Dagda member Angantyr about this "Master Garland" business she's noticed. Ominous sweetness ensues.
You're Not Alone November 21st, 2012 Avira comes to Skoll with 'interesting' news! Hati... his long lost sister... is alive!
And Then There Were Six November 21st, 2012 Another new face shows up around the Detective Agency. What's her story, and why did she come here?
Hooligans! November 19th, 2012 Manhattan has run afoul of an unpleasant gang of vehicular troublemakers. However, this isn't a biker gang: it's the Heartless! Chase down this mob of Magnum Loaders and Hot Rods before they cause too much trouble!
Shopping in Manhattan November 17th, 2012 A shopping trip for clothes among friends after checking out the new bar's place.
House of a Thousand Monkeys November 15th, 2012 Valencia and VALKYRI come to claim the same abandoned house in Traverse Town and agree to share. Turns out the house has a small Heartless problem.
Judge of Rabanastre November 14th, 2012 Mercade and Will stop in at Rabanastre and run into Judge Cirra Constantin, as well as Avira.
Manhattan Morning November 12th, 2012 A chance meeting in Central Park sparks a new friendship for Lenna Tycoon and Avira.
Zargabaath Investigates Traverse Town November 12th, 2012 Zargabaath Brings the Alexander to find out more information about the Heartless and finds out a little bit of information about them. He also meets Aerith, Faruja and others willing to fight the Heartless. Of course, during an argument, Maira and Aerith meet up for the first time and wish to talk further about a place in their past that they share.
Raid on Balamb Garden November 10th, 2012 Enraged by his defeat at the Dias Plains, Captain Baigan has vowed to destroy the meddling mercenary force SeeD, and is bringing to bear the might of the Red Wings in an all-out assault on Balamb Garden. To supplement his kingdom's forces further with expendable Heartless, he has, in the name of his King, formed an alliance of convenience with the sinister vizier Jafar, for it has been discovered that Balamb now shelters the Princess Jasmine, object of the Shadow Lord's ambition and desire.

SeeD's strength shall now truly be put to the test. Will those fools who dare defy the almighty will of Baron prove another Mysidia and be routed? What shall become of the brave Princess? The Water Crystal silently sheds its light... a single mote upon it depicting the Princess's location.

Burgers And Pi November 7th, 2012 Avira is on the hunt, undergoing special survival training from Skoll Ulfang. During her trek, she runs across an unusual person....
A Hasty Trip November 6th, 2012 Skoll gives Avira a scare, believing that Kaze - having fought her - now has her scent and will hunt her down. He drags her away for a rather abrupt sequence of events.
Awful Advice About Men November 5th, 2012 Avira takes it upon herself to give Maira some sisterly advice about men. Hilarity ensues and Mercade guest stars.
In A New York Minute: Keys To The City November 4th, 2012 A group of artists and a charity group hold a fundraising ball and art auction in order to help fund the group Hearts Intertwined. Everyone is invited to the party. Nothing terrible will happen at all, surely.
Rescue Please! November 4th, 2012 A nobleman vacationing in Costa Del Sol has reported that his daughter has been kidnapped by a band of marauding goblins and their ogre leader, and whisked away to a ruined fortress where the bandits have made their base. Such a classic case of a damsel in distress calls for the intervention of heroic knights, and Faruja Senra and Ivo Galvan of the Shard Seekers are on the case, along with whomever else has answered the call. Navigate a sand-blasted warren rife with monstrous foes and rescue the girl -- assuming, of course, that all is as it seems.
Kaze! Misunderstanding the Red-Haired Ma November 3rd, 2012 Due to manipulation of Skoll by the Lords of Lords of Gaudium, a chance encounter in the Golmore Jungle pits the huntress Avira against the mysterious Kaze.
A Gathering In Central Park November 2nd, 2012 Ivo and friends call up Mercade to follow up after returning some lost pets to their owners. A LOT OF PEOPLE ENSUE.
To Escape The Past November 1st, 2012 Mercade and Avira meet in Central Park to discuss some things. Mercade reveals to Avira that he's figured something out, and she explaind why, before they are joined by a group of travellers... And a hobo.
Snow Demon November 1st, 2012 VALKYRI investigates a rumor of an ice demon resembling a woman and winds up with a new ally in the process!
Escape from Fluorgis October 30th, 2012 While trying to make a stealthy escape from Flourgis, Avira runs into dark and questioning werewolf, who she assumes is part of the Khamja, only to discover that there is no love between the wolf and the assassin clan.
Eye of the Wolf October 29th, 2012 Avira drops by the Shardseekers' HQ to find Skoll for additional lessons in hunting. She ends up with a lot more on her plate however...
ATTENTION, ALL YOCTOGRAMS! October 28th, 2012 Sho Minamimoto explodes onto the multiversal scene with an assault upon Traverse Town and a horde of dark and terrible Taboo Noise! Who can save Traverse Town from becoming forcibly inducted into Sho's maniacal plans?
Rivalry on the Rooftops October 26th, 2012 Above a city painted by the setting desert sun, the swordsman of the Shard Seekers is pursued by a willful woman with an unexpected agenda. Amidst clashing steel and scintillating magics, a new rivalry is born -- and perhaps, just perhaps, something more.
The Path to Cleyra October 25th, 2012 After the tribulation of the sandstorm, the adventurers found their way into the heart of Cleyra. It was a large tree to explore that was filled with monsters. Could the city be here?
A Noisey Desert October 24th, 2012 Avira and Reize traveled along the Bare Desert in search of the City of Illusion. It was not long after that Lenn and Lily caught up with the two and their encounter with Mercade and Will of the Twilight Detective Agency. However, what lurked in the desert were not all friendly.
Encounter of the Noobs October 23rd, 2012 Reize wandered along the Bare Desert in search for the City of Illusion that he had heard about. This brought him to encounter with another newbie, Avira. She would help him find the strange city under the circumstances that he helped her with her mark. Hilarity ensues.
An Explosive Situation October 20th, 2012 A busy day at the Twilight Detective Agency becomes explosive as unexpected magics combine and tempers flare. What will happen between Riku and Will?
Lower Vaults of Doom! October 20th, 2012 Part Two of the Halloween Town Vaults of Terrifyingly Bad Ideas. Heartless. Jaunty Chicken Robots! Pie! We have it all. Come on down. Leave your SAN at the door.
Like Thieves From The Night October 19th, 2012 Avira, Mercade, and Riku meet up in Halloween Town to investigate rumors of Heartless activity. Amidst the culture shock of the area, some thieves steal something important from Dr. Finklestein's lab! What could it be, and what does it mean?
A Hero October 17th, 2012 They need a hero... and 'Mister Marvel' is just such a guy!
Shopping Havoc October 14th, 2012 Heartless Shenanigans invade a peaceful shopping session. NPCs will run. Shelves will fall. Potions will be quaffed. Taking place at your local Lindblum business district.
Twilight Intersections October 14th, 2012 A short meeting in Traverse Town between a lost crusader of Yevon, a snarky semi-heartless, a hunter with a new toy and the Twilight Detective Agency. Culture shock ensues.
The Pursuit of Ice Cream: Sweet Success October 13th, 2012 The missing pieces of the heavily desired Sea-Salt Ice Cream have been recovered, and Scrooge McDuck will be meeting in Traverse Town with the brave souls who managed to recover it, both to pick up the pieces and to deliver their hard-earned reward.

Spirits are high! After all that they've been through, the brave souls who banded together to locate the pieces are unlikely to expect anything to go wrong.

Or do they?

Come one and come all to traverse Town! Don't worry if you weren't there before, there's always some sea-salt ice cream ready for you. Right?
Enemy at the Gates October 13th, 2012 In the wake of the chaotic fusion of worlds, bandits roved the sands of the Eastern Continent, but rumors now abound that these bands are disappearing without a trace, despite there being no evidence of battles between them. Those waiting in line to enter Rabanastre hear the eerie creak of the gates malfunctioning, and a dark wind begins to blow, revealing the sinister truth to these tales...
Suspicious People October 9th, 2012 Avira manages to find Skoll once more, and is dragged onto a tiny excursion.
The Search For Ice Cream: Coastal Chaos October 6th, 2012 The Twilight Detective Agency is on the case, hunting down the stolen pieces of the famous Sea Salt Ice Cream recipe! However, nothing worthwhile in life is easy, and the EEEEEEEEEEVIL Magica DeSpell will not allow the recipe pieces to be taken so simply. She has plans of her own... One of the pieces is found off the coast of the beach resort of Costa Del Sol, but the search will be dangerous (and Scrooge is footing expenses). The TDA has sent out a call for adventuers, mercenaries, and do-gooders to help secure that recipe... And the forces of Darkness might be interested in interfering as well. Come on down to Costa Del Sol, one and all! The water's fine. Mwahahahahaha...
Skoll Stakeout October 2nd, 2012 Avira hunters for the mysterious lone traveler Skoll Ulfang.
Costa Del Missing September 29th, 2012 A group of adventurers meet by happenstance - and many seem to be missing parts of their party.
A Heartless In Center Park September 28th, 2012 A massive mechanical Heartless arises in Central Park for unknown reasons. Who can stop it from destroying and consuming what remains of Manhattan?
Kicking Up Sand September 27th, 2012 A balmy day on Costa Del Sol greets visitors still new to this world, but not everyone is seeking shelter from the violence. The bathing beauties are unexpectedly bloodthirsty, and refreshing fruit beverages are forsaken in favor of some beachside sparring -- and only the men end in compromising positions.


Mortal June 21st, 2013 Following the revelations of The Sorrow of Lost and Found, a distraught Avira receives a visitor and a request.
Where Has Ivo Been? May 14th, 2013 In which several months' absence is exploited for comedic effect.
Inside the Heart March 17th, 2013 Manhattan's Heart was restored. Avira pays the price. Spot the cameos!
Anxiety January 1st, 2013 There's a whole lot of anxiety in Avira's life...
Dark Countenance December 12th, 2012 Angantyr ends up on a beach somewhere after his meeting with LEXUS
Price of Knowledge December 9th, 2012 During the battle for Manhattan's light, Avira reaps the consequences of turning her back on a foe earlier. That foe just happened to be Dr. Anton Sevarius, armed with a syringe filled with the fruits of his research.
Fortune Favors the Bold November 25th, 2012 Ivo's lucky day gets just a little luckier.
Black Wind Nightmare November 9th, 2012 On the first night of Avira's training in Bramble Woods, she is hit with a nightmare featuring the man Skoll warned her about.
Wolfpact November 8th, 2012 Sho's unfortunate complication to Avira's training leads to an unexpected twist.
Don't Want the Guy November 5th, 2012 Avira is not hung up on Ivo. She's so not hung up on Ivo that she sings a song about it.
Meanwhile in Lowtown October 14th, 2012 Avira trains in preparation for a tough bounty.