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Age 23
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 5'7"
Weight Ahem
Series Kim Possible
Combat Styles Adventurer
Hometown Go City
Group Unaffiliated
Occupation/Job Merc for Hire
Force: Forces of Ruin
Theme Song
Know what I hate the most? When someone doesnt know when to give up!


Once a superhero, now a supervillain, the woman known as Shego now sells her skills as a mercenary for hire to whoever might need muscle, motivated by her desire for money and power. Possessing ability in the martial arts, and a green fire that was given to her by the impact of a comet, Shego will stop at nothing to achieve her goal of looking out for number one, treating those who stand in her way with a ruthless viciousness. Known to often be under the employ of the nefarious (*snerk*) Dr. Drakken, Shego is branching out a bit with the 'discovery' of so many other worlds. Pays to be adaptable, right?


From the start, Shego knew her life was headed to bleahville in a one way plane. Having four brothers, and being the third-born, basically guaranteed that she was going to live in familial obscurity in spite of being the only girl in the family. Sure, their parents were reasonably rich, and lavished her and her siblings with everything they could possibly want, but for Shego? It wasn’t enough. It was never really enough.

Regardless, the young woman grew older, and eventually, she had to decide on a career path. Why not a teacher? If you were careful, you could do whatever you wanted to the little brats and get away with it, so why not a degree in Child Development?

Now, most stories end when the characters in them get hit by a comet. However, when the treehouse she was lingering in with her brothers was hit by a comet, she considers that when her life, her /real/ life, really began! You see, the comet strike had given her and her siblings superpowers, such as strength, shrinking, or duplication.

She got the best one, in her humble opinion. She got /fire/. Well. Not really fire, but some kinda plasma-ey stuff that she could toss at things, burn stuff, and generally destroy.

Anyways, so they formed Team Go!, and she took on the name Shego, and alongside her brothers, she fought crime! But unlike her brothers, the more villains they fought, the more Shego started to think about her situation. Here she was, stuck in her brother’s fantasy of being superheros. Sure, they had a fancy tower with all the latest gadgets, but superheroism didn’t pay so great. Plus, villainy just seemed more... /fun/.

So she decided to quit, and be supervillainous. And this guy, Doc Drakken? He was paying really great for sidekicks, so steady job, plus all the glorious excitement of being an evil supervillain? Why not. He was annoying as anything, but she put up with her brothers for so long. And Drakken, when he wasn’t being a complete idiot, was tolerable in a way her family never was.

And so, under his employ, that’s when she met the young woman who would turn out to be her greatest challenge, and rival. Kim Possible. So naturally, Shego would like to best Kim. But eh. Kim always kicks her butt, somehow. Anyways, with the 'discovery' so to speak, of so many worlds other than her own, Shego became freelance again.



Someone else in her life described Shego as a ‘cranky smartmouth prone to excessive violence’, and they weren’t too far away from the truth. Shego’s secret motivation in life is the need to feel superior to everyone around her, and that manifests as greed to acquire more wealth and power than anyone else, and a certain snarkiness. Snark can be more than a little bit demeaning, you see, and tends to make you feel like you are better than the person, so she snarks a lot.

Shego has absolutely no qualms about doing evil, as well. While she generally draws the line at murder, torture, genocide, and most other fatal and final crimes, she has very few limits beyond that. Sure, sometimes she gets a nagging voice of conscience at the back of her mind, stuff that tells her ‘you shouldn’t steal wheelchairs from handicapped people’ and stuff like that. But she’ll do it anyways.

Shego feels more comfortable when someone else is calling the shots. It isn’t that she doesn’t believe in her own capability or anything like that, but she just prefers to have more time to enjoy life, and hone her own skills, than do stuff like think up plans, and pour over details and studying about their foe and the world they live in, and bleah bleah bleah. If she has free time, she’d rather use it doing something for her. This isn’t to say that she’s unintelligent - in fact, she has a deadly sort of cunning when it comes to everyday life and combat - more unmotivated to be more.

Needless to say, a selfish, amoralistic person has trouble getting along with others. The closest she has come to getting along with anything is Dr. Drakken, and while their relationship... is a little antagonistic, to say the least, she does have a soft spot in her heart for the guy. Kinda. The other person she kinda gets along with, as odd as it may seem, is Kim Possible. Shego admires the young woman’s pluck, and sees in her a bit of herself, if she had never turned to evil. So naturally, she wants to prove that her life, the path that Shego took as opposed to Kim’s, is better, if only to herself.


Shego has been trained in marital arts, and gymnastics, and has used them in battle many-a-time. She tends to prefer more physical combat, and will bolster it with her superpower of creating balls of plasma to either throw, burn, or punch with. She can vary how her thrown plasma behaves, creating essentially fireballs, or even grenade-like blasts. Her power enhances her physical strength and durability, as well.



Kim Possible Alright. Stoppable is here. Which means you're probably here somewhere, too. So much for an exciting adventure to other worlds, taking a break from you jokers.

Ron Stoppable Oh ho ho. You're gonna pay big, Ron. And you're never, ever going to see it coming.

Mercade Alexander Didn't that style go out a hundred years ago?

Deelel I don't know your 'deel', but helping Stoppable out like that is not winning any points with me.

Evja Hope ya like turnips, bun-bun. *snerks*



Bigger Than Your Head July 23rd, 2013 Arthur has been busy studying Gummi Blocks. He however needs to collect more also hearing of the Magic Kingdom has hired several people to help clear the way to said world. Given how the heartless swarm the paths could always use some clearing, and it's time to clean house.
Turnips ain't just for Plumbers July 11th, 2013 Shego is getting by doing various requests, when a issue over pay comes up with a client. Deelel and Evja end up wandering smack into it.
The Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames! January 21st, 2013 Hades Announces the Hades Cup, reveals the Manhattan Shard of Wind, and reveals TNT.
A Random Encounter January 14th, 2013 Deelel seeks supplies from Cid's shop but as she arrives she encounters Shego. She starts to get an idea there really is something pretty big between her and Ron. Also a mysterious girl named Kim. What could this be leading too?
Hot Sauce and Plasma Bolts January 9th, 2013 Shego encounters a familiar face from her own world. Said familiar face bolts. Hot sauce ensues.
The Wheels Are In Motion January 9th, 2013 Garland calls Shego and Makenshi in to join the Alexandria/Burmecian War...on opposing sides, for his benefit. But to what ends?
Enter The Shego January 8th, 2013 A new arrival appears in Traverse Town. Mercade Alexander tries to get the skinny and finds out that this one bites.


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