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Deelel in the future.png
Age 425 cycles (years)
Species Basic (Program)
Sex Female
Height 5 7
Weight Error 404 information not found.
Series Tron
Combat Styles Dancer
Hometown Flynn OS
Group Shard Seekers
Occupation/Job Artist/Game Gladiator
Force: Forces of Restoration
Greetings program, I have a question for you. How well can you play the games?

Deelel is a program from Dataspace, who appears to be some sort of media editing program. However due to the state of the grid she's ended up roped into the games there held at times. She's fairly friendly for someone who is been forced into blood sport to the death. She oddly a very strong believer in the existence of the Users and this may be why MCP targeted her in the first place. She's curious about the system at large which she'd never have been able to explore, as well as the so called user world beyond even that. However, she often has trouble understanding things from the 'user' space, and the more chaotic nature of the world outside her own is quite baffling to the program. Deelel is a dangerous and agile combatant, able to endure a surprising amount of damage. She's a professional with her ID disk, which is a thrown weapon that also contains a good deal of data on her and her system ID. Also, she's quite the adept pilot with vehicles, given that some of the gladiatorial combats involved them quite heavily.



Name Status Thoughts
Yurita Friend "You helped me escape from the gaming pits along with the others there. I owe you a debt I mean to repay my friend.
Faruja Senra Comrade "You took a hit for me that could have been fatal, you proven that there are users who care about us as much they do themsevles."
Sara-42 Awe I know your out there I know the darkness likely has you but I'm coming I promise you. You made me, what else I can do but come for you?
Isaac Hanlon Friend A user who makes music, knows what computers are and wants to work with me to make music?! THIS WILL BE AMAZING!
Lily Friend "Your garden is impressive it's art in a way I could have never thought of before."
TRON Friend "You have lived up to the stories and the faith we have put in you. I'm glad I was right, Tron does indeed Live."
Mercade Alexander Friend "You have helped keep us all together in the goal of restoring Manhattan. You also seem to almost be a Search Program in how far you go to find the truth.
Percival Friend "You seem to mean well but you also seem to be damage, how could a user even a non human one be damaged in such a way?"
Beck Friend "It's nice not being the only one from Argon, but seriously? You need to check where you get laser parts."
Avira Friend "You really have stuck with TRON and I haven't you. I'm fortunate to have you as a friend, still? Why did your mother give you one of my people's names?"
Maira Friend "I don't think you'll ever quite get what I am but that's all right. I just hope I can properly show you my home now."
Paulo Mysidi Friend "Mage or should I say sage? You seem to not live up to what most users would think of one of your kinds. You clearly like to go learn things first hand."
Angantyr_Vespar Friend "Wrecking ball, and keyblade for hire, a good friend to have at your back and not someone you want to be on the bad side of. Still he has moved to over come, much. He also proves together was are far stronger as a group then alone."


Name Status Thoughts
CADUCEUS Neutral Another program almost as old as CHIEF seems to be a medic and has expanded to handle medical aid for user as well. He seems all right.
Reize Seatlan Comrade "He's not even fully complied but he's out there seeking adventre already and why do his eye glaze over when I explain basic things to him?"
Lenn Comrade "Not a combatant but a very brave healer willing to get into the tick of things to support others."
Sabin Rene Figaro Suprise "I didn't know users could fight without any weapons. How did you even do some of thsoe combative moves?!
Leida Concern "The Virus infestion you seems to have been removed I hope it stays as such but still I'm wary if it tries to size you again. I'll not let it get you."
Ivo Galvan Comrade "You act very strangely around women, what's up with this?"
Shego Uncertain "Just what even happened there in town with Ron? Where sort of history do you two have?!"
Ron Stoppable Uncertain "Just what even happened there in town with Shego also you can tame user space grid bugs? Woah!"
Zeke Like "You may not understand what I am but you have an open mind and are crazy about water...that's still kind of scary."
Brooklyn Like "You are a strange user but you fight well, I have been honored to fight along side you in the Hades cup."
Ping Like "You are quite the solider and have proven your self an ally, though do try to avoid getting set on fire."
Aurora Curious "A low tech world may be where your from but you seem to be very good at catching on to things. I'm curious very curious about you."
Tigger Curious "Bounce, Bounce, how does one bounce like that. An agent of chaos yet on the side of order. The Masked Defender is indeed strange.
Evja User Error "I have no idea what's going on these days with you but you seem far more stable now."
Arthur Drover Acquaintance "An interesting man with a family and a very curious job."
Blackbird Acquaintance "Strange lady even for a user, she also sometimes looks at things rather funny. She does want to help but some times she seems a bit out of it..."


Name Status Thoughts
LEXUS Fear "He's become more than just a grid virus, he's somehow merged with that which powers the heartless. He's something too terrible to think upon for long."
CHIEF BSOD "He's been repurposed time and time again, it's no wonder he's broken yet how does he function. It seems he's starting to get better. Someone has managed to repair some of his code. But who?"
MCP Disgust "How many have been consumed or Drezzed because of you?! You used me to threaten the users. I'll not let this stand."
SARK Hate "You made me derezze others to stay alive, you enjoy watching other basics suffer at your hands. I will find you and make you answer for this."
Mozenrath Respect "You could back your mouth up I'm a bit shocked, you don't look the part. Still I'll not be forgetting your a major threat now."
Hades Fatal Error "A User's user is acting against us? How are we even going to deal with this?!"
Maleficent Disgust "You help to bring down worlds for your own ends and you dared to summon Clippy?! You are a monster!"
CLU2 Anger "CLU2 what have you done? Clu what have you done to us all?!"


Daughter of Ashes: Trail of Thieves March 28th, 2014 Maira and 'friends' set out to track down the Fourty Thieves and re-claim the item stolen from Phoenix's Cloister.
A Daft Punk March 25th, 2014 Deelel is working at the Atra Viscus Nightclub, working as a DJ way when she catches sight of two people in the crowd. The DJs from the End of Line Club have found their way out of the digital world and into the larger world beyond.
The Masked Keyblade Wielder March 21st, 2014 Deelel encounters a woman dressed as a wolf guarding Port Royal.
Shinryu Investigation: Phantom Forest March 8th, 2014 This is what happens when you have Reize being the only person who saw the map for investigating the darkness. Reize leads Avira(much to her chagrin) and a few other folks to what was presumed to be the Crater where Shinryu was at...
Mission: Mugwort March 3rd, 2014 Beneath the shifting dunes of the Bare Desert south of Fluorgis, down where the sand thickens into stone, tortuous tunnels snake, their dark stillness a refuge for strange life forms. Within one of these capricious tunnels our heroes now wander, seeking one such creature in particular: the omnivorous Mugwort.
Kindling Inquirement February 28th, 2014 A series of 'heroes' inquire into more of the history surrounding Cinderella's history.
Cleaning and Baked Goods February 24th, 2014 Fueled by the desire to restore the headquarters, Reize went on a cleaning spree while the client, Mir, was baking goods for her business. After all, she paid for their electricity, so she had a free stay. Of course, the Shard Seekers received a familiar face...
Unexpected Results February 20th, 2014 The town of Narshe falls prey to another unusual visitor, one who wants to destroy Rhiannon, the scientist who attacked the city earlier. How is this creature related? How do people react in the face of this overwhelming vengeance?
Seven: Dark Dominion February 15th, 2014 With the World of Ruin becoming more ruinous, a group of people have instead settled in the southwestern region of the Old Kingdom. But they found a strange mountain they don't dare to climb. So they've asked adventurers to check it out - to put their minds to ease.
Power Play: Assembly February 14th, 2014 A secret installation on the edge of Purgos and the Outlands holds the answer to whatever needed so much power. What happens when the heroes move to try to confront the mysterious JAVA? It looks like they're not the only ones interested...
Power Play: Highway Robbery February 6th, 2014 Avira Deelel and Blackbird plan to hit a shipment of supplies that contain a shipment belonging to Java. Things utterly do not go as planned.
Enter the Baker February 3rd, 2014 Deelel and Yurita were out exploring the jungles when they encounter a strange demi human girl. Whose got a rather big problem chasing after her.
To the Grid January 31st, 2014 Deelel made a promise to Valencia to show her what her world was like. She keeps it and heads down to the Argon Park for a little chat and game time. Where they run into an old friend of Deelel's by the name of Yurita.
Power Play: Supply and Demand January 30th, 2014 The logical place to look into a power shortage is the local energy distribution station. The energy control grid is usually a heavily guarded place, but what secrets could it hold to explain the outages in Purgos?
Power Play: The Mechanic January 28th, 2014 Avira and Deelel head down to Able's for Avira to get a chance to talk to Mara about the events in Purgos. Deelel waits outside to stand watch and work on an art project while Mara seems to think there is more to Avira than she's letting on.
Power Play: A Bit of Fate January 25th, 2014 An unusual encounter in Purgos leads to the forces of Restoration gaining wind of an unusual situation...
Everything Starts Small January 23rd, 2014 Confronted by a host of hunters, Warden does the only thing possible for a man in his position.

He tries to buy them all off.

It doesn't work well, but dropping the tavern does!

She's back... January 21st, 2014 Avira and Deelel came to Rabanastre to catch up with some people who are Avira's friends. However they encounter a long missing member of Valkyrie, one Valencia. They catch up and Valecia discovers the existance of the grid.
Seven: Dreams Go On - In Dreams January 18th, 2014 Seith's curse comes to bear. Cinderella falls asleep. As do many of our other heroes. This is the story of those who fell to the curse.
Topsy Turvy Day: Nightfall January 14th, 2014 The Topsy Turvy Day must come to an end.
Topsy Turvy Day: Overlords' Conquest January 9th, 2014 The Overlord Reize came to take over the Old Kingdom, only to have his great rival, Overlord Luso show up to upstage him. Then a maid and then a nun. It was a sad day for the Overlords.
Topsy Turvy Day 1 January 7th, 2014 Shenanigans!
Topsy Turvy Day January 6th, 2014 It's the Feast of Fools in La Cite Des Cloches - and everyone is invited to come and enjoy the carnival! But unbeknownst to our heroes, a Mad Witch plans on making the festivities far more true to their word than they ever could have known!
Seven: Dreams January 5th, 2014 Our heroes enjoy a ball and learn some of the secrets that the Castle of Dreams holds. But what's more... there is a dark omen that meets our heroes late into the dance.
Seven: Night Before Dreams January 4th, 2014 In preparation to the big Castle of Dreams ball, the villages are the area are having a pre-feast feast!
Christmas Lingerie Caper December 21st, 2013 The Don goes looking for new material in Southern Manhattan, Zack gets hurt a lot.
Seven: An Apple December 14th, 2013 Our heroes find themselves being forced to deal with a distraction while the Shadow Lords are on the move.
Seven: Mazerunner December 5th, 2013 A mysterious entity is causing a ruckus beneath Castle Tycoon; Alice is in danger! Our heroes and some unlikely allies face off against a great and dark evil force.
Memories Forgotten - Part 2 November 16th, 2013 Morrighan, following a trail of subtle clues, finally comes face to face with....herself. Words are exchanged, loved ones are spotted, magic flies, and finally; things come to an end.
Seven: Off With Her Head November 9th, 2013 The Queen of Hearts comes to the World of Ruin, seeking a young girl named Alice. As such, she and a full deck of cards have come to Castle Tycoon while its own princess is out: For rumors go that a suspicious blonde girl has been imprisoned there.

One demand echoes through the halls of Tycoon Castle, as its soldiers reach out for help against this strange enemy force that has infiltrated their castle;


Seven: Heigh-Ho-Heartless November 7th, 2013 The White Rabbit visits the Dwarf Woodlands, and causes some serious trouble for the Dwarves and their female companion. Just what attracted the White Rabbit to this place anyway? And will he find what he's looking for?
Nightmare Nonsense November 2nd, 2013 What's This? What's This? Father Christmas is a robot!?
Tombstone Terror November 1st, 2013 What's This? What's This? Imps playing dirty tricks!?
Missing Misfits October 31st, 2013 What's This? What's This? The King of Halloween is missing!?
Manhattan Museum of Wonders October 28th, 2013 Echo obtains a magical crystal ball of polymorphing, and meets Deelel!
Turning The Tables…. Upside Down October 23rd, 2013 In dire need of rescue, Maira's friends are led by Shadow through the Mtek factory so that she might persevere, and last at least one more day. Presumably, after a fight against Rakassa and her hired guns, the heroes can expect many years to come, which is more than what can be said for the furnishings and equipment in the lab, as Angantyr turns the tables(and other machines) on their sides, after having metaphorically turned the tables on the vileness that is the Gestahlian Empire!
Baron Reminded October 17th, 2013 After her initial 'date' into Baron, Maleficent returns - intend on finishing the job.
The Rat Rings A Bell October 11th, 2013 Maleficent follows up on rumors of a divining bell located within the ruins of Burmecia. Some of those who are there for various reasons take offense to this. A long lost relic of Burmecia is returned, and Freya departs with it in search of something lost.
Never-Ending Suffering October 7th, 2013 Agrabah comes under attack by the once more whole Horned King. What is his goal here? No one knows, but what is known he needs to be stopped. A wandering program, sage and a Knight lend their aid to the local guard to fend off the attack.
Baron Mind October 6th, 2013 Maleficent and Garland go out for a little trip to Baron, and encounter a few hitches. It seems some people have issues with their brand of fun!
The Cloister of Phoenix October 4th, 2013 Heroes delve into the Cloister of Phoenix, only to find... platform puzzles.
The Great Ice-cream Caper September 20th, 2013 There is a celebration in Traverse Town, but the plans of Scrooge's three nephews goes awry.
What We Know September 16th, 2013 The Seekers speculate on the nature of the keyblade quests.
Future Tense: Shiki Misaki September 15th, 2013 It is decided.
Memories Forgotten - Part 1 September 5th, 2013 Rumors begin to fly about the Southern Continent regarding a creature lurking within the depths of the Targ Wood. Various individuals convene to get to the bottom of this. And truths are unraveled.
Bar Brawl August 29th, 2013 Deelel and Brooklyn head down to Port Royal, for a drink. What they find is a flat out bar brawl they get pulled up into with Zeke and his crew. Not to mention the other locals at the pub.
The Selection Cup Rally August 26th, 2013 Sugar Rush holds it's daily race... but everything goes wrong, secrets are revealed, and touching moments are had... it's... TURBO-TASTIC!!!
Of Pirates, Programs and Gnomes August 22nd, 2013 Zidane is just seeking gold and a bit of a good time in Port Royal, when he encounters Deelel who seems to be there for supplies. Sadly for them they end up having to flee a swarm of Heartless!
It all goes down hill August 21st, 2013 Deelel discovers sleds and riding them down hills on snow. She's not alone in trying this out as Maira and she? Drag several other friends along for the fun and Cocoa.
A Fairy with sword?! August 17th, 2013 Just another day in Manhattan, that's all there is to it. Well it's nor normal really when several of the Dennou clan and Deelel encounter a lost Fairy. Who has a sword bigger than she is.
Lamia Seekers August 13th, 2013 Kidnappings lead Faruja and his considerable posse to investigate rumors of Lamia mischief.
The Experiment: Deelel August 12th, 2013 Deelel taking Isaac on a trip through cyberspace come across a virus. They disable him and capture the information he was transporting. The implications are disturbing, everything she's been experienced in relation to the Keyblades and those others that have been involved are just part of some sort of ... experience. Isaac and Deelel depart with all due haste to Castle Oblivion...what nightmares await them there?
Odd Hours August 11th, 2013 Once again near closing time? The arcade gets a strange guest. Deelel has an encounter with Brooklyn a Gargoyle she's only heard about before. Brooklyn on the other hand gets a bit of a better understanding about Basics as he chats it up with Deelel.
Breakout! August 9th, 2013 Mercade visits the Grid for the first time, and ends up getting in trouble in about five minutes. Avira and Deelel come to bail him out.
Oh it had to be a Heartless... August 8th, 2013 The Shard Seekers head off on an adventure sadly for them there is something foul waiting for them at their destination.
Wait what Shopping? August 8th, 2013 While waiting for a safe way to get off the grid, Deelel takes some of the more curious users out for a little trip into Argon. To show them the sights, well what's left of them thanks to Tessler's urban renewal programs...
Welcome To The Grid August 7th, 2013 After weeks of work, Beck has finally repaired the laser. However something goes horribly wrong. The moment the laser is powered, it starts digitizing every single person in the room. At long last the programs have returned home however? Can they get their user friends out alive?!
Welcome Home August 7th, 2013 After a heck of a joyride across the Flynn OS the band of basics and their user friends have some time to rest, thanks for a siren named Aurora. She's put the whole party up, got them suits and most importantly ID discs. Beck also requests that Deelel sheepdog the users to keep them out of too much trouble.
Gamer Rat August 6th, 2013 Faruja has just been rescued from the clutches of dark power and now he comes down to the Arcade to catch up with a friend and try to recover a little bit.
Cathedral Confrontation August 4th, 2013 The 'heroes' face down the power of Father Barnabus and his chalice, hoping to free Faruja from it's baleful call.
A Glitch August 3rd, 2013 Deelel is exploring Game Central and since she has got into trouble when she's gone off alone. So she checks in and when a check in is missed? She missed it because the natives of the game thought she was very confused native of their game. Thankfully people come looking for her as well as others looking into dangerous things doing on for there are Cybugs on the lose in Space Paranoids. Worse one of the bugs eat one of the local tanks.
Starfall: The Plan and the Choice August 2nd, 2013 Newcomers to the world of New Ivalice are invited to meet with the infamous Ezel Berbier, who claims to have a plan to help save New Ivalice. The catch is? The powers that be don't like it. What will the heroes decide?
It should have been a quiet night July 30th, 2013 Deelel is just closing up shop at the Arcade one evening, when she gets a large number of unexpected guests. Two people she'd been trying to track down for some time, and someone very long MIA with little memory of what's happened since she's last been seen.
The Phantom's Rise July 29th, 2013 Traverse Town is a heavily traffic area. Protected by the Data Point Security and by the many groups who live here. Yet a challenger has come to see if he can awaken the people's eyes that no matter their security. No matter their power. Their light will never be strong enough to defeat the darkness.
Prelude 3: No Greater Power July 25th, 2013 City Isle has come under attack by skeletal warriors from beyond. There is no peace in the city as the undead march upon it. Will their god save them or will another one try to take the place of?
How can I help you? July 24th, 2013 Just another fine day at the Heart's Desire, well it was until a number of stranger and one former hireling wander into Arthur's shop. What was a simple shopping trip becomes quite a tense situation as Oriane Guado ends up quite displeased.
Bigger Than Your Head July 23rd, 2013 Arthur has been busy studying Gummi Blocks. He however needs to collect more also hearing of the Magic Kingdom has hired several people to help clear the way to said world. Given how the heartless swarm the paths could always use some clearing, and it's time to clean house.
Candy Crush Saga July 22nd, 2013 Various people show up to spectate Sugar Rush's daily 'Selection Cup Rally', but when a little girl attempts to buy her way into the race, the entire Game goes all topsy-tuvy in this fun filled, sugar-frosted adventure! Fun for the whole family! Game rated 'E' for Everyone by the ESRB.
Starfall: The Broken Land July 19th, 2013 The intrepid heroes use their newfound conveyance to travel between the worlds and stop a great Heartless from destroying a world they have never seen before.
Idle Chatter July 18th, 2013 More people are exploring the recently unlocked world connected to Wise OS. What starts as idle chatter between three visitors to this place becomes anything but idle chatter.
Prelude 2: Undead Presence July 17th, 2013 The Beautiful British Forest has started to decay from within. People have started to grow in fear and seek aid from the outside. Who will answer their call and what is causing this decay from within?
She Wrecked It July 16th, 2013 Deelel while helping out at the Arcade encounters a Vespa and Paulo. Things go well until Vespa does not realize her own strength and badly damages the arcades punch machine. Once the mess is sorted out Beck arrived and work begins on the laser in the basement. Finally it's nearing completion and soon? Beck and Deelel can return home but what might await them there?
He Can't Fix It Alone July 15th, 2013 Felix is a 'good guy' but what happens when cybugs storm into his game while Ralph is MIA? To make matters worse strangers from beyond the Arcade come in shortly followed by the crew from Hero's Duty. Things just get plain out crazy from there.
Heart to Heart July 15th, 2013 Just after the incident in Fit-It Felix jr. Shiki and Deelel start to have a talk. Which become a bit more personal than either expected as the topic of the nature of their worlds come up.
Exploring Game Central Station July 13th, 2013 Following the breakthrough into a strange new world, Deelel, along with her friends and a couple other people, decide to explore. Thrills and spills await in the world inside Flynn's Arcade!
Wrecking the End of Line July 11th, 2013 Maleficent seeks to summon a powerful evil to the End of Line club. What she gets? Is very unexpected however the target of her summoning is very well going to wreck the club if our heroes can't talk him down or stop him! Mayhem and also cake ensues!
Turnips ain't just for Plumbers July 11th, 2013 Shego is getting by doing various requests, when a issue over pay comes up with a client. Deelel and Evja end up wandering smack into it.
Digging Deeper July 10th, 2013 Deelel is still on the trail of the mysterious effect related to the stone an chalice that seems to have effected, Faruja and many others who have encountered both. Two lose lipped Squires manage to unwittingly give Deelel a lead on where to go next. The implications are disturbing.
Chip and Dale are what?! July 8th, 2013 Zeke has spent most of the day trying to find Chip and Dale. To get more information on Gummi blocks. Yet he has no idea they are not human or at least humanoid! Meanwhile Vespa and Deelel are wandering the space port on their own business.
An Innocent Question. July 7th, 2013 Outside the Arcade, Deelel is about to head out on some business with a mysterious dame comes looking for how to contact the TDA. This can not go wrong! It's just an innocent question. Sadly the intent is likely far from innocent given Malicia's likely plans.
Fragmentary Passage: Deelel July 4th, 2013 Programs do dream in their down time, they tend to be a bit more orderly in such. Yet it's little different than those dreams those who created them have. Still this downcycle something happens, Deelel becomes aware she's dreaming and this is not a normal dream. What awaits her? What is the intent of the mysterious program she encounters in her dream?
Turnabutt is Fair Play July 2nd, 2013 What begins as a visit to the Shard Seeker headquarters by the irrepressible Ivo Galvan and his bewitching pseudo-prisoner Alicia becomes a farce of epic proportions once Morrighan Alazne arrives having left her memories behind. An ensemble cast of half-naked warriors, shades-wearing Judge apprentices, bicurious mind-linked detectives, and all manner of eccentric characters converge. Baths are taken. Vengeance is sworn. Victory is achieved. Sweet, sweet victory.
Back to China June 30th, 2013 Deelel having not been to the land of Dragons in some time, makes up her mind to go back and check out the Imperial city. However she's not the only one who has the same thought in mind. Also beware the power of Interceptor!
Down By the Bay June 29th, 2013 Deelel is just out by the docks to think, when Beck shows up with plans for a prank. As things go on both discover they are from the same system...
He's just here to help... June 26th, 2013 Deelel working on yet another art project encounters a friendly thei ... treasure hunter and they have a little chit chat.
...Arcade Is June 21st, 2013 Continues directly after Home Is Where The...

After everything calms down, TRON and Deelel finally get some information out of the mysterious Program who wears TRON's suit.

Home Is Where The... June 20th, 2013 TRON gets ready to hook up the server that was once taken from Flynn's Arcade and gets the computer ready. What he and others don't know is what is about to take place when its all said and done...
Computer Shopping June 19th, 2013 In order to utilize the digitizing laser, TRON and Deelel need to rebuild a computer to run the software and Avira joins them on their search for parts. The irony of Programs building a computer is not lost on anyone.
Steam Cleaning June 13th, 2013 TRON and Deelel work on cleaning up Flynn's arcade to get it operation again and for their next big project. Building a digitizing laser...also Maira is troubled by events that are a mystery to both basics...
Cathedral Aftermath June 12th, 2013 After nearly dying, Faruja has a few concerned visitors.
Cathedral Chaos June 11th, 2013 The dedication of the Church's new Cathedral doesn't go quite according to plan.
Informational Reboot June 7th, 2013 TRON refuses to let Deelel back into the Arcade until he's certain that he knows what Datapoint Security did to her. Her explanation gives him more data than he'd bargained for and confirms his deepest fears.
Party Like a Pirate June 7th, 2013 Celebrating the success of their treacherous expedition into the Ship Graveyard, the Shard Seekers and friends gather in Port Royal for a party in grand style, replete with music and dance and drink, mostly drink. Chaos is par for the course in this once-orderly city by the sea, and it is to the sea that the Seekers will be called once again, while Darkness lurks on the horizon -- for more than a few of them. But until then, Fate shall smile its crooked smile, love shall blossom, and kisses shall miss their mark. Like, /really/ miss their mark.
Dot D D L Two Point O June 3rd, 2013 The goods are now in hand. It is time to let the poor little Media program out. After all. A deal is a deal.
A Harmless Chat May 27th, 2013 Deelel has been held for some time after her attempt to get information from them. Having spent her time in a cell from her point of capture. The MCP comes to talk to her and make the young program an offer...
Media vs Army May 12th, 2013 CHIEF and Deelel have a nice little chat down in the holding cell. Mostly a slight warning of things to come.
Means To An End May 8th, 2013 Deelel decides to sneak into DPS HQ. No one just simply walks into DPS HQ.
Artisanquest: The First Trial May 8th, 2013 Having been granted their weapons, Shiki, Lenn and Lily quickly find them tested. But Evja isn't willing to give up on Priel...
Seeking Shards Are For The Birds May 4th, 2013 Reize is leading the Shard Seekers on an expedition to find a World Shard with Ivo's
Artisanquest: Sittin' Around Daguerreo April 28th, 2013 Shiki and friends finally reach Daguerreo! They sit around and she exposits a bit on Sho, and then we meet a moogle.
Electric Boogaloo! April 27th, 2013 Corporate Adventure. What could go wrong?
Artisanquest: Taboot Camp April 26th, 2013 Shiki and her friends begin their quest towards Daguerreo!

Then Sho Minamimoto shows up within five minutes and absolutely everything goes horribly, horribly wrong. A new record!

What can be broken can be.. April 25th, 2013 CHIEF has been sent out by the DPS to gather up the supplies needed to aid in fixing VALKYRI HQ. He runs into some people to break up his boring job.
Artisanquest: ADVENTURE TIME April 25th, 2013 Shiki Misaki rouses her friends and allies for a quest to distant lands!
The Mouse King's Execution April 16th, 2013 The heroes sneak into Alexandria Castle to rescue the Burmecian King..
Misty Night! Carwen's Horrible Fortune! April 15th, 2013 Eerie mists enter in from the high seas, quickly surrounding the port and central parts of the city of Carwen. Lurking in the fog are the heartless seeking to devour the city's citizens and anyone else brave enough to rise against them. However, not all is lost! Along side the Palamecia Knights, heroes will rise to defend the city against an unknown foe! Will they succeed and will they discover the purpose behind this attack?
Accessing Archive Data... April 13th, 2013 Time for a refresher on TRON-verse before the big TP. Kick back and enjoy the show of OOC meets IC! Or.. is it IC meets ooc? Either way - NEW TRON INFO HERE
Seeking the Seekers April 11th, 2013 The jovial spellsword finally makes it to the Shard Seekers HQ, and learns of others he might wish to join.
Fruiting For All April 6th, 2013 FRUIT MAN returns with his partner in fighting evil, Kiwi LAAAD!!
Getting Caught up April 4th, 2013 Deelel has moved back into the Arcade and an very old friend comes to catch up and check the place out. The pair talk, ideas are brought up and a plan is made.
Insert Coin April 1st, 2013 A lady far from home comes back to one of the few bits of familiarity she's had and finds it isn't as it first seems.
Bramble Crossing March 29th, 2013 A small gathering exchanges notes, sometimes thoughts, and sometimes snark.
Crazy Bar Fun! March 25th, 2013 Katyna walks into a bar and runs into Faruja,but is too scared to reveal her ugly secret to him. Artemis gives her some tough love advice..
Tough Love March 25th, 2013 Artemis meets Sir Faruja, Deelel, and gives Katyna some tough love--just about the only kind of love she has.
The Search Is On March 22nd, 2013 The Dark Knight starts his quest to find those of Light and test them.
Press X to Advance March 16th, 2013 A new mystery begins and Riku explains things to a Wild Yurita. Maybe.
Healing Downtime March 13th, 2013 Avira taken by Hades, her friends and allies gather to recover before embarking to find her.
Meetings and Partings March 11th, 2013 Several wandering sorts each from a different world meet while on the road much to the surprise of each other.
Dark Distractions March 9th, 2013 While Xanatos Gambits are being spin, shadows sweep out of the background to provide some serious beatdowns and lobster butter.
Negaduck's Rampage In Traverse March 8th, 2013 Leave it to Negaduck to take the undead and the Heartless to cause destruction. However, the heroes are there to stop him! ...Or do the make it worse?
Shard Packing With Merlin?? March 7th, 2013 Time to go find the last shard! Everyone gather together because we are hitting up Merlin's. Yet what they will find out, isn't what they were hoping for...
A Chance Encounter March 6th, 2013 Aurora is attempting to speak to the local wildlife and seeming to make some progress when two stranger from worlds alien to her's and each other arrive and they learn some strange things about each other and their home worlds.
Scars of the Past March 4th, 2013 Rumors of an unknown lab dating back to the War of the Magi has been making the rounds as of late. Worse something has been attacking near by towns. A band of heroes and others go to drive into to the depths and find something left behind by a long ended war.
To the Victor... March 3rd, 2013 Hades hands the World Shard of Wind to th Winners of the Hades cup...and NOTHING else.
Hades Cup: Heaven's Punishment vs. No Sleep Til Manhattan February 28th, 2013 The final match of the round robin portion of the Hades Cup! Who will take home the Wind Shard?
Hades Cup: Team Heavens Judgment vs Team DLC February 27th, 2013 The second match in the Finals of the Hades Cup, Team Heavens Judgment vs Team DLC! Sanel and Lia the Gria(kinda) commentate!
Celebration in Fluorgis February 26th, 2013 With the Shadows Over Fluorgis passes, the city undergoes a celebration. Drunks, music, merriment all around. Some shenanigans are abound.
Down Time February 25th, 2013 A number of Heroes are taking some down time after an incident in Fluorgis. Thankfully Tifa's already got her pub up and running again and thus everyone's able to enjoy some well earned R&R
A Lost Soul February 24th, 2013 Deelel and Faruja encounter another Demi human from Faruja's world who has only recently come out of the darkness. Keeping this in mind they do what they can for Wisdom to help get her settled into this strange new world.
Barmaid and Mermaid February 23rd, 2013 A barmaid, a mermaid and a crab walk in a bar. No punchline, just a social.
Clear the Skies February 22nd, 2013 As Heartless rage through the streets and Fluorgis teeters on collapse, its council makes a fateful decision, and employs the city's last ditch plan to protect the Fire Crystal from the darkness. In the midst of the melee, from the bowels of the earth bursts the Fire-Powered Ship, retrofitted as a mighty airship with the combined technology of Fluorgis and Karnak, which plunges bravely into the shadowy skies above with the Crystal within. Yet deep in the dark miasma, fearsome foes lurk with designs of their own. Can those trusted few allowed into Fluorgis's inner sanctum repulse these last invaders and preserve the city's livelihood?
1001 Arabian Nights February 18th, 2013 The hunt for the Fire Shard of Manhattan leads a group of heroes to an excitable bunch of Heffalumps and Woozles with an interesting hobby.
The Obsidian Ring February 16th, 2013 As the shadows darken over Fluorgis and spirits fall, and the flickering of the city's power and malfunctioning of water pumps lead to fearful rumors that the Fire Crystal itself is being suppressed, a Legion of lookalike detectives uncover a startling lead. A hooded figure has been spotted on high rooftops unleashing plumes of darkness into the air, leading to the thickening of the black clouds -- and, perhaps, the increasing incidence of Heartless.

The mysterious villain is spotted fleeing to the Sky Port, even though most flights are grounded due to the treacherous skies, apparently aware the jig is up. Acting quickly, the city of Fluorgis puts out a public alert to apprehend the fugitive. A crucial confrontation approaches. Will the force behind the Shadows Over Fluorgis be revealed at last?

Programs And A Raptor February 14th, 2013 What happens when two programs meet a Neo-Saurian? This is kinda what happens.
Hades Cup: Team DLC vs Team Two Men and a Manchild February 11th, 2013 It is the first round of the Hades Cup tournament. Who shall win this match?!
Shopping Spree February 9th, 2013 TRON decides to go clothes shopping and takes Avira with him. Turns out other Programs had the same idea...
Bandit King Takes No Arrows To The Knee February 8th, 2013 Love, Bandits, and Soup! ..oh and a dragon (really)
Beached February 7th, 2013 Ariel washes up on the sores of Traverse Town!
Kung-Fu Animals Stole My Noodles! February 6th, 2013 Apparently in the Imperial City some Monkey-Men are causing trouble. Who will be able to stop them and who is up to stop these kung-fu trouble makers?
Crushatrice Crisis February 3rd, 2013 The infamous crushatrice, Klesta, has descended upon the city of Fluorgis for some absurd reason. Can our intrepid heroes stop him before his rampage levels the city?
Dive Into The Heart: Deelel February 1st, 2013 A few downcycles for Deelel turns into something far greater...
Coyote's Call January 31st, 2013 Darkness lurks in Montressor Spaceport. Who will answer the call for help and beat back the darkness?
Ham Radio January 30th, 2013 DJ Zero has been having trouble getting the good word out there lately. Whenever the Zero Hour goes on the air, he's pestered by a horde of Pig Noise, apparently attracted by his broadcasting spell! Can his hastily-assembled ragtag band of heroes avert the aporkalypse of iBacon?!
Beach Party! January 29th, 2013 Impromptu beach party where a lot of people showed up - including Damien's thong.
Hades Cup: START! January 28th, 2013 A ceremony for the heroes of the Hades Cup qualifying turns into a battle for survival as Hades' machinations comes to a head...things do not go as planned!
On Cloud Nine January 27th, 2013 A lively cast assembles at Tifa's new joint for drinks and banter.
Walls of Wind January 26th, 2013 Sandstorms have begun to regularly beset the walls of Fluorgis, and the massive sandworms that thread their way through the surrounding desert have entered a state of heightened agitation, making caravan travel all but impossible and rendering the famous fountain city nearly besieged. What with all the troubles that have arisen, no one knows how long the map etched upon the newborn Desert Rose will remain valid, or even to what it leads. Yet the Shard Seekers' new (and somewhat dubious) shard-seeking device indicates that the map is no ruse, and may lead to something precious indeed. Could the Desert Rose somehow hold the key to saving Fluorgis in its time of dire need? A brave group of adventurers set out to ruins deep in the desert, through hordes of monsters and terrible walls of wind, to discover what treasure lies in wait. But even Sandworms may be the least of their problems, as the darkness gathers...
Water does what?! January 24th, 2013 Zeke and Deelel encounter each other in Traverse Town, and end up speaking about how alien their worlds are to each other. Then Deelel finds out water doesn't kill you in this world much to her shock!
Hades Cup: Qualifying Event - THE RACE January 23rd, 2013 The first qualifying event of the Hades Cup Tournament, in which the Junior Heros race each other to get qualified in the Hades Cup Tournament!
Of Chaos and Flowers January 22nd, 2013 Deelel is just enjoying the garden making some music for the first time in some time. Her strange songs attract Lily's attention and cause the pair to end up getting to know each other better.
Part Time Problems January 21st, 2013 Emi performs part time work. Omi informs Leida of certain impossibilities. Deelel marvels at the universe.
Election Night January 21st, 2013 Election Night proceedings grow heated and explosive. Tempers flare. Llama blandishments are thrown. Also. HAMMER TIME. Hail to the CHIEF.
The Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames! January 21st, 2013 Hades Announces the Hades Cup, reveals the Manhattan Shard of Wind, and reveals TNT.
Trespassers Will Be Toad January 20th, 2013 A party of adventurers investigates mysterious disappearances and rumors of monsters in the Fluorgis Water Treatment plant. Everyone was Kung-Fu Fighting. HAAAH. Caution: You May Get Wet.
The True Self? January 19th, 2013 A mysterious fog fell over in Fluorgis. Strange mirrors erected in place and the adventurers who investigate found more than was expected...
The Sundered Shrine January 18th, 2013 A certain mischievous Nu Mou pays a visit to an out of the way desert shrine in hopes of obtaining some valuables for his work. Instead, he runs afoul of a particularly angry esper. Heroes are recruited to deal with the mess with unexpected results.
Opposite Day January 17th, 2013 Monsters and troubles abound in Fluorgis lately. A lonely hill gigas has managed to find his way to the City of Flowers. Can the heroes handle this giant problem without bringing the house down?
A Random Encounter January 14th, 2013 Deelel seeks supplies from Cid's shop but as she arrives she encounters Shego. She starts to get an idea there really is something pretty big between her and Ron. Also a mysterious girl named Kim. What could this be leading too?
The Power of Rabbit January 14th, 2013 CAPGRAS with the form of a small girl that LEXUS provided to her, walks back to Traverse, before being sleuthed at. However, LEXUS has a plan.
Do You Dance? January 14th, 2013 Deelel is just wandering about town when she comes across a traveling dance troop that is putting on a show for the locals. After the show she have a little talk as both find something quite strange about the other...
In the Halls of Mullonde January 13th, 2013 A perilous journey into the catacombs of Mullonde.
Biting Cold January 10th, 2013 Introspection Interrupt. Dead ends and Portals and Heartless, oh my. Also. Drama.
Hot Sauce and Plasma Bolts January 9th, 2013 Shego encounters a familiar face from her own world. Said familiar face bolts. Hot sauce ensues.
Post-Prelude Shenanigans January 7th, 2013 It was after Fluorgis was attacked by the Heartless. The Shard Seekers and the adventurers were resting at the inn, recooperating from the fight. Of course, shenanigans occured.
Mark: Judge of Nocturne January 6th, 2013 Several souls are drawn to the Crossroad where they are met with the Judge of Nocturne. A dark knight with only one purpose. To test his might against the strong. How will our heroes fare?

Also includes a cameo appearance from the dynamic duo of Riku and Angantyr.

Blink Fight: FK Style January 6th, 2013 It's time for Blink Fight: FK Style. Place your bets place your bets. Spend your munny. Spend your munny. Whose going to win this dastardly and emotional conflict? Words are said. Blows are thrown. FK runs on piefaces.
Prelude ~ Panic in Fluorgis January 6th, 2013 It started off as a normal day for the Shard Seekers, but then the Heartless invaded the city itself. Many adventurers banded together to stop the outbreak with a bit of a mysterious help...
Ghostly Goals January 5th, 2013 The Phantom Train is loading people who lost their lives in Manhattan to the Underworld, but a monster is in the Phantom Forest and may try to prey on them. Defeat the monster so these souls can safely pass on! Wait, who posted /this/ job anyway?
New Years After Explosions January 3rd, 2013 CHIEF decides to throw his own after New Years party in Traverse Town. The locals have come to take part in the 'celebration'.
Recalibration January 1st, 2013 Deelel is overwhelmed by the Users and their world(s), as well as her role in past events. TRON helps her work through it the best he can.
Digital guardians December 26th, 2012 CADUCEUS discovers an addition to one of the murals and ends up meeting TRON. Deelel shows up later.
A Rough Step to Atonement December 22nd, 2012 When Reize arrived back to the Shard Seekers headquarters to resupply himself for his trip to Cornelia, his reunion with Will Sherman ended in dischord as Leida comes into the picture. A girl who accepted a demon in her past, faces one of the peope who had been the most affected by her actions...
Shard Seekers go ahuntin' December 21st, 2012 The Shard Seekers decide to take on the new S ranked bounty.
A Doctor December 19th, 2012 Faruja Senra encounters a military program who escaped from the grid some time ago. Unlike CHIEF he seems here to help rather than harm. Later Deelel also encounters them both, and she finds out her plan of leaving grid art clearly is working as intended.
System Update December 18th, 2012 After getting Faruja to somewhere he can sleep his drinks off Deelel and TRON go to the Wild Katt to talk and catch up on what's going on with both of them and their home on the Grid
Lost and Found December 17th, 2012 Faruja and Deelel meet up in a Tavern in Cornelia to catch up on things and later head to Traverse Town and encounter certain missing champion of both Basics and the Users.
Temple Of Fiends December 14th, 2012 The kidnapped Prince of Cornelia lies in the Temple of Fiends. A brave party enters to rescue him...but what awaits them inside these terrifying walls?
A Lost Boy December 10th, 2012 A mysterious bit of music catches the attention of two Chief, Deelel and Lumeria. They uncover one very lost boy one Peter Pan...
In a New York Minute: MAP - Central December 9th, 2012 The Heartless have swarmed the Central Park, the Shard Seekers, lead by their Fearless Leader Reize, move in to try to stop the commotion. However, the storm in the sky had greatly enhanced the lead Heartless's strength, ensuing a difficult battle. Will the Shard Seekers surmount this obstacle?
In A New York Minute: Blackhawk Down December 8th, 2012 Angantyr is hired to attack the military base of Manhattan, but there are people who wish to stop...or cause chaos.
Biker Battle December 7th, 2012 A program pauses to reflect after a long night but finds little time for respite as a group of Heartless challenge her to a game.
Not So Fun In The Sandpit December 4th, 2012 Amidst the sands of Fluorgis, an Antlion who gorged on Heartless is rampaging towards the desert city! Can it be stopped? Will our heroes survive? Will anyone be eaten, and can they avoid massive amounts of spit? Read on to find out!
Sweet Delirium November 26th, 2012 Merlins magical sugar bowl escapes the tower and starts to ferment a tea-set rebellion amongst the inanimate objects of Traverse Town after an ill advised political lecture with Archimedes leaves the magical object delusions of grandeur. Shopkeepers all over town find their stores in chaos and their inventory rising up against them.
System Appropriation November 14th, 2012 LEXUS moves to secure a definitive hand in the war for the Grid by visiting Flynn's Arcade, the only other known entrance to the systems...
Red Light Tower November 8th, 2012 Reize gotten himself lost while in Manhattan and wandered his way into The Grid. He encounters a pair of raiders who received mark about the current location having treasure. Meanwhile, as the group explores the tower, they get a guide in the form of a program.
To Market, To Market November 6th, 2012 It's business as usual in Fluorgis...
A Welcoming Committee November 5th, 2012 Lenna Tycoon comes to Manhattan, looking for her father. She runs into Mercade Alexander and friends. Conversation Ensues.
Daft Girl In Fluorgis November 2nd, 2012 Finally recovering from his near fatal event, Reize decided to take an easy and do some town missions and possibly shop for goods for the headquarters. However, Reize meets an artist along the way...
To Escape The Past November 1st, 2012 Mercade and Avira meet in Central Park to discuss some things. Mercade reveals to Avira that he's figured something out, and she explaind why, before they are joined by a group of travellers... And a hobo.
Break Out September 26th, 2012 The Gaming Grid has many lost programs forced to fight to the Derezzing however? Yurita has other plans and there's a break out which leads to such a mess it effects Manhattan itself.


Power Play: Dark Thoughts January 26th, 2014 After the brutal fight in Purgos, Deelel is recovering at Aurora's home. She starts to think on just the magnitude of what had happened that cycle.
Defrag January 5th, 2014 After the events at the Castle of Dreams Deelel has returned home, to think, rest and prepare for the next day. She had uncovered the truth of some dreams she'd had some time ago. There was much to think about and much to prepare for. She knew one thing, a storm was coming.
The Game Has changed August 22nd, 2013 After Avira and Deelel rescue Mercade from the games? The program in charge has to report to his superiors about the goes better than he hope, much to his shock.
C:\home March 16th, 2013 With Manhattan restored, Deelel returns to the arcade to make sure it's secure.
Do Machines Dream? February 1st, 2013 Do machines dream? Yes basics dream, they have far more in common with their makers than both sides of the coin know. They can even have nightmares.
A useful fool October 8th, 2012 Deelel finally manages to escape from the grid however to her horror she discovers she's being used by MCP as a test subject. Then she must deal with the strange world of the users.