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Arkham Aurane Fisher
Field Uniform, Medic, Komanda Ščita Ajore
Age 21
Species Hume
Sex Female
Height 157 cm
Weight 59 kg
Series FFXII
Combat Styles Red Apprentice
Hometown Archades
Group Glabados Church
Occupation/Job Scholar, Field Medic
Force: Forces of Ruin
Theme Song My Chemical Romance - "Mama"
"To save, to save a life is war, too."
Recent Events
Sister Initiate of the Šola Obleka, called occasionally to mend things other than books. Constant companion of Ser Senra, Knight exceedingly Errant.


A war orphan, as far as anyone knows, she grew up in the camps and trenches of the War of Archadean Aggression, where she learned to bind wounds and mend bones. Once the war swept by and the Ruin came, she found herself a place with a humanitarian mission from the Church of Ajora Glabados. She took her vows not long after, so well did it agree with her.

Though nominally a scribe and historian, she has skill and experience in lifesaving that neither she nor the Church are willing to let rot; translation and transcription being a dull job, and hardly time-critical, she finds herself often dispatched to the aid of some expedition or another, Templar or not. If she complains while on the job, at least she's on the job; she swore herself to her mission years ago.

Outside of her work, she's friendly enough, if a bit timid. Her travels have taken her across the World and through Phantasia too, and she's happy to help wherever she's needed.


  • Combat Lifesaving: Arkie is skilled and practiced at that subset of the healer's art involved in making sure a casualty lives to see the surgeons. She may not have a Devout's restoring touch, but she'll put you right enough.
  • Sword and Shield: A gift from the regiment she marched with; a shortsword and buckler, and apparently the training to use them. What good would she be if she couldn't get to you?
  • Red Magic: Not White, though she wears a cleric's robes. A suite of combat-ready elemental spells further expands her utility in the field.
  • Wards: A specialized class of spells, to be set on areas or items for protective and alarm purposes. Excellently useful for camps.
  • Able Seaman: Though you barely see her on a boat, these days, she's quite familiar with sailing craft, and as comfortable on the high sea as dry land.
  • Suspiciously Cultured: For a war orphan, her education seems awfully broad, and her diction unnervingly high-class.


  • Pyrophobia: It's... mostly managed, by now. Waving candles at her is still good for a laugh, though, because
  • Burn Victim: She was in a nasty fire, but probably years ago; the scars on her face are plain, but hardly fresh.
  • Half Blind: She didn't lose her eye per se, but she certainly lost the use of it. See her with her hand out to her right as she walks, so that nothing sneaks up on her.
  • Stammerer: She does, does stammer, you know. A lot like that. Strangely, it goes away as she gets more agitated.


Name Thoughts
Faruja Senra Knight of the Shield, and personal responsibility of hers. Comes home with way too many holes, way too often.
?mi Dennou Nice young ladies. She's not quite sure how many there are. She's never seen more than three at once.
Alma Hyral Sister of Cosma Naturalis, and a perfectly wonderful girl despite it. She runs the Shard Hunts that Arkie's assisted.
Cressida Knight of the Sword. An exemplary Templar.
Wiegraf Folles High Templar himself. She could hope for no better CO.


Name Thoughts
Kyra Hyral Also a medic, do you know.
Souji Murasame Perhaps he hired the Hyrals to find shards.
Shard Seekers Ser Senra is aiding them, with the blessing of the Order; she perforce, is doing likewise.
Twilight Detective Agency The Dennous work here; she's hired them for a bit of research.
Serah Farron A good friend to have in a fight.
Maira This girl is on fire, which is exceedingly off-putting, but she's so nice otherwise.


Name Thoughts
Evard Askacia Dad.
Amy Askacia Dearest sister.


Wizard Visiting Hours March 17th, 2014 Merlin gets visitors. A lot of them. The topics at hand seem to involve the strange blade that Chita holds, as well as Kaydin's new Keyblade.
Hunt For Priest March 6th, 2014 A small group of Shadow Lords, led by The Huntress, descend upon a local church.
A Forbidden Visitor February 17th, 2014 Within Mullonde, a visitor visits the restricted dungeons to tend to a captive experiment locked away from society.
Prelude 3: No Greater Power July 25th, 2013 City Isle has come under attack by skeletal warriors from beyond. There is no peace in the city as the undead march upon it. Will their god save them or will another one try to take the place of?
Fate of the Unknown June 24th, 2013 Restoration of the World doesn't always lead to happy endings...
Cathedral Chaos June 11th, 2013 The dedication of the Church's new Cathedral doesn't go quite according to plan.
Party Like a Pirate June 7th, 2013 Celebrating the success of their treacherous expedition into the Ship Graveyard, the Shard Seekers and friends gather in Port Royal for a party in grand style, replete with music and dance and drink, mostly drink. Chaos is par for the course in this once-orderly city by the sea, and it is to the sea that the Seekers will be called once again, while Darkness lurks on the horizon -- for more than a few of them. But until then, Fate shall smile its crooked smile, love shall blossom, and kisses shall miss their mark. Like, /really/ miss their mark.
Torrential Tramdine Trial May 26th, 2013 Corporate adventure strikes out for the heart of Tramdine Fens and reports of mysterious lashing storms that have flooded the area.
The First Ordeal May 23rd, 2013 The Alexander Academy cast has received word of a World Shard that might be present.. but first, a dungeon crawl! It's required.
The Clash Of Balance May 1st, 2013 The Dark Knight comes for the Maiden of Light. Yet she has something planned for the Dark Knight.
Search of Power March 30th, 2013 Archades hires individuals to help locate a mysterious artifact at a mysterious location. Nothing could possibly go wrong...


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