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Just remember, firearms are your friends!
Age 35-40
Species Military Program
Sex Neuter (Appears Male)
Height 6'3"
Weight Undefined
Series Tron
Combat Styles BFG.EXE
Hometown F-117 Computer System
Group Unaffiliated
Occupation/Job Instrument of Destruction
Force: Forces of Ruin
Theme Song Godsmack - I Stand Alone
Users are in love with war, after all, why would else would they make me?!
Recent Events
MCP throws Pokeball at CHIEF. MCP caught CHIEF.

This area will be getting a massive re-haul soon.


Done By Forte-Girl7 On Deviantart

Central Handler Intelligence for Extreme Firepower aka CHIEF is a rogue military program who has been over his lifetime repurposed for several jobs ranging from targeting computers, drone interfaces, and weapon systems. His code has been altered over time and time again, until during a classified project he broke free from user control. CHIEF is very aware of the users, however unlike many programs, he has no love for the users and sees them like a virus. For the most part CHIEF does as he wishes and refuses to take orders from anyone. He is a wild-card in the deck and prefers to stay as such. Living his rogue life carrying out his own desires, whatever purpose these desires may be.


CHIEF was created by the military for the use in the F-117. His job was to aid the users in interacting with the targeting computer. His job was to make sure that targets lined up and that the weapons made it to their location. If the user wanted something hit, he would make sure it would be lined up to hit that spot dead on.

Later in time, his code was removed from the system and repurposed for the use in a project known as "Star Wars". His job there was to then aid the system in knowing what was a 'friendly' target and what was a 'foe'. If it was a 'foe', it was to be lined up on from space and taken down with extreme force. However though his side of things were going smoothly, the project was canceled and CHIEF once more found himself being repurposed yet again for other jobs starting down the line with combat UAVs. He was moved from drone system to drone system. Acting as the interface between the user and their drone weapons of war in the skies.

The final straw came with another, final, repurpose. This time with a classified project dealing with a ground combat drone vehicle. With so many years of the same game, being it weapons, targeting, or interfacing, he was growing tired of constantly being altered and himself pulled apart by the very users who made him; so now he planned to have the tables turned. To make them feel his pain. During the test, things went horribly wrong as CHIEF went rogue. The very drone turned on the humans, with CHIEF unleashing everything the drone had upon them.

Though the system was killed, he himself was not so easily destroyed. Instead CHIEF made his way onto the Grid with personal attentions on his mind, because the rogue program had heard from those in his area of an interesting rumor. That the MCP of ENCOM had pulled a 'user' into the Grid. So to this little Rogue's mind, that if a user can be pulled into the Grid, then a program can escape, and CHIEF now has ever plan of finding out /how/ to do this very thing.

After all, military was in his code and nothing was going to stop his path of destruction to bring the war right back at those who made him. After all in the end of the day, who really made who?

Now on the Grid, CHIEF has found himself on many cases working alone. He has no interest in what the MCP has planned or anyone for that matter. Anyone who attempts to apprehend him, finds themselves quickly placed into a matter of choice of weather to run while be shot at or just be flat shot down. Heartless have become fun targeting practice and the bigger they are, the more CHIEF has found himself coming up with bigger and better ways of handling them.

The other thing CHIEF has become known for outside of his wild manners, is the fact that if any program speaks highly of a user in his presence, he nearly turns the weapon on their face and if he expects them to be a user, he becomes extremely hostile; even to extremely dangerous. For anyone who then attempts to protect the program that CHIEF has marked as a target, he makes it also his business to take them down as well.

These actions, he knows, has given him an extremely bad reputation with the lower end of the slums of data. The Killer of Users and those who favor them. This means such higher end programs like TRON, would also be on his hit list if he was to run into the user-loving program.

So this also leaves the question of what does he really think of someone like the MCP? The head computer who is trying to rule over the Grid he is walking on? Honestly CHIEF doesn't even care about him. He knows the MCP may have been responsible for bring a 'User' onto the grid by the rumors, but he also knows that if he was to even work with the MCP there was a strong possibility that the MCP would call the shots; hold his 'leash'. That is something CHIEF refuses to have happen; Not again.

No, CHIEF likes to remain a wild card on the Grid and with these heartless wondering about, he knows he is growing closer and closer to finding his own way out eventually. Just it takes time, patience, and little bit of 'fun' along the way. Perhaps even overriding a few 'jobs' from other systems to get the answers he seeks and exterminating a few programs along the way that get IN his way.

After all, all in the line of work to the mind of CHIEF is his ever driving mad goal.

Making the users know his pain. One piece at a time.

This has lead CHIEF to at last finding the access outside of the Grid, he quickly came to learn that the rules change a little while outside. He can't escape easily, the form of body is like his own by has some minor limitations, and the Users are indeed everywhere the eye can see. With this knowledge in Mind, CHIEF started to construct ideas and plans on how to handle the users with plans to strike at any locations of interest, weapons facilities, and items that are needed either for shelter, food, or medical.

Though he has yet to carry out any of these plans and he tends to keep himself hidden away by staying either up high or in the shadows. He now knows the users faces, he knows how they live, and he plans to exploit their world in every fashion he can until he thirst is satisfied.

CHIEF for the most part can be found staying within the Grid while he continues to work out his plans and concepts of operations. Including researching into how to get his hands on more firepower in order to carry out the operations he wishes to handle. After all, he knows how weapons operate. He knows the command lines required to make such things function. All he really needs is just the Instruments of Destruction to do his bidding.

After all, what is the fun of all those war-toys, if you can't play with them yourself from time to time.

Current Events

  • 12/12 - CHIEF makes new friends when coming out of the grid. Also makes a few enemies as well. He gains a reputation in Traverse Town after the locals try to settle in as being a bit of a party maker.
  • 1/13 - CHIEF takes his antics a bit to far and he ends up a guest at the most unexpected of places. He makes enemies become allies for a day and starts to see things from a different prospective.
  • 2/13 - MCP continues to take great interest in attempting to fix CHIEF, but at what price will it all come too?
  • 3/13 - The Adventures of FRUIT MAN are created and MCP's temp fix has proven to function. Moving to install phase soon.


CHIEF has had six known programmers over his time. These individuals are perhaps the very cause of why this program is nutter than a loon and the very cause of his disdain for anything or anyone who isn't a program themselves. Most information regarding these people should be known for OOC reasons, however some key individuals may know this for IC reasons. If you believe your character should know this information icly, please speak to me first and we can go over some stuff.

Original Programmer

Name: Douglas Brier
Handle: DB-77
Original Age During Project: 34(Left military in his mid 40s)
Current Status: Unknown
History: Douglas Brier was one of the computer programers for the Airforce who was in charge of the original code that was installed and used for the F-117 as part of the targeting interface. He called the program CHIEF as a bit of a joke really, mostly due to the fact he and his commander never saw eye to eye on things. He even figured out to make CHIEF actually mean something to only further his argument of the name. However when the F-117 was cancelled all his information regarding the project was stripped from him and he was assigned to a new project with that information. This also lead to him having to work with a younger program on what would be called the Star Wars project. Though Douglas did try to argue the fact that uploading CHIEF for the use of guiding a laser could be done, but it require altering some of the parameters and he wasn't sure how well the code would accept this; The young programmer believed he had a solution for this problem..

This solution lead to an argument between the two programmers and Douglas was removed from the project and not shortly after left the military. No one has heard from Douglas since and all his data regarding CHIEF was left in the military's hands along with the younger programmer.

Star Wars Project

Name: Alex Fox
Handle: Foxtrot
Original Age During Project: 23
Current Status: Deceased
History: Alex Fox was a rather young programmer and top of his class when it came to the engineer and software department. He was brought onto the Star Wars project to work along side Douglas Brier, a man Alex knew had a great deal of reputation in his day for being the best software fixer and maker. A man Alex silently wanted to do better than. When CHIEF was assigned to him along with Douglas, Alex noted Douglas' concerns and in examining the code found how they could make CHIEF not only work well with the laser system but improve the programs calculations performances, along with response time.

This alterations though would me going in, removing some aspects of the original code, rewriting some segments, and installing new code. Douglas was concerned that such a thing could disrupt the original code and cause not only wasted resource time, but could even create process loops. Instead of taking Douglas concerns into mind, Alex went ahead and made the alterations, which proved to work perfectly...

..or perfectly enough. However Douglas was furious when these changes were made and did find places where spots of the code were wasted. This lead the two into a massive argument, and shortly after Douglas was removed from the project because far as anyone else could see, Alex as in the right. The new changes speed up CHIEF's performance and any 'bugs' in the new code be corrected with time. Such things however were over looked as the project was canned and it was not until prototype aerial drones came into the scene did CHIEF resurface once more into the hands of another programmer.

Prototype Aerial Drones

Name: Carol Dorry
Handle: Deltawing
Original Age During Project: 32
Current Status: Retired
History: Carol Dorry was one of the very few female progammers for the new prototype Predator drones. The military was having trouble getting the drones to lock onto proper targets, so they pulled out the old Star Wars Project interface; CHIEF; for this purpose. Carol was given the responsibility of not only updating CHIEF to the new system, but also to resetting his systems to handle the sky once more.

Carol was able to find a few of the bugs and repair some of the 'broken' lines, but she found updating the old program was not an easy thing to do. Once she was able to update his code, he was then placed into the prototype drones. Only to find at times, that sometimes there was still a few errors of getting him to locate particular targets. Which meant she had to go back in and build complete new lines; something she was trying to avoid doing much of in fear of breaking something.

In the end, everything looked like it worked and CHIEF helped bring the drones from Prototype stage into real flight as the very tool that allowed the users to find targets, lock onto them, and zoom in for intel gathering. Though this would be improved upon for much darker uses...

Aerial Drones Era

Name: Conner Jackson
Handle: Jack-21
Original Age During Project: 26
Current Status: Still in the Airforce
History: Conner Jackson was placed in charge of CHIEF's programming upgrades and calibrations after Carol Dorry. He did not play much of a part of the programs life, as his job was rather easy thanks to Carol's work. However the few things that Conner did alter was speed up CHIEF's ability to process the incoming data and increase the AI in order for CHIEF to locate things without the aid of the user so much, taking him slowly from an interface tool to being one that could almost 'think' on his own.

Including getting CHIEF's targeting knowledge on how to respond to specific shapes of interest and then ability to know some differences on what was a threat and what was not a threat. This was then used when Aerial Drones went from spy fliers to being used as missile firing tools. This is where Conner's alterations started to shine giving this interface now a 99% chance to not only hit dead on, but also locate priority targets to fire upon, by either doing a direct lock-on or showing them marked for the user to determine which one they wanted first and telling CHIEF which to go for first, second, and so on.

Such progression in the program soon got the attention of the Army and CHIEF moved from the hands of the Airforce, over to the Army for use in a new type of project. A project that would soon bring CHIEF closer to the breaking point.

Prototype Ground Units

Name: Ray Smith
Handle: Smith-1
Original Age During Project: 25
Current Status: Honorably Discharged
History: Ray Smith was another young progammer that got the responsibility to take CHIEF's progamming from working with the air to working with the ground. The over-haul took a great deal out of the young programmer from very long, frustrating nights to even longer days. To get a program to work on not only acquiring targets for investigation from the ground's point of view, but how to deal with terrain, and when to avoid a dangerous situation, if determine if it was even dangerous at all.

Such purpose was first used in locating hidden weapons in buildings, locating mines in the ground, even to trap wires with the aid of user interface, before then setting it up from a learning behavior to turning CHIEF free at times to use what the program had learned. The time paid off though and with the help of a few other programmers (including some old friends off base), Ray was able to get CHIEF to make the dead-line, if not even before.

Though everything was working beautifully, his code was rushed. Those rushed processes and broken sections would lead up into the end game for the next programmer who took CHIEF to the next stage. From a ground unit that aid not only locate hidden threats, but now could 'aid' in defending troops.

Classified Tank Project

Name: Davis Willington
Handle: Will-11
Original Age During Projecy: 29
Current Status: Deceased
History: Davis was one of the several programmers that moved CHIEF from drone vehicles into the operations for a drone tank that could operate completely on its own with no need of human intervention. The Project was extremely classified and if it succeeded it would change the face of warefare. Thankfully Davis realized that most of the hard work had already been done for him, so he just had to update the code, fix what little holes he could find, delete some stuff he thought wasn't important, and bring everything up to even greater speeds and processing.

The only part the human had to play for the Tank was just to make sure that if the "AI" got stuck, they could aid it in getting unstuck. Though Davis was very surprised by how quickly the "AI" could recover on its own and how easy it was to guide the program to figure out situations on its own. Soon CHIEF was unleashed into a real operating tank from the simulators, as everything in the simulators worked perfectly. The Tank would always acquire the targets needed, ignore the 'trash', and open fire with near 100% accuracy.

However when they was placed in a live experiment, everything was going smoothly until everything went so wrong. The Tank destroyed all targets with success, but when it came time for it to 'stop', Davis quickly realized several things. The code was still running through their processes and the camera was showing the tank was moving into a new position. He didn't think much of it outside the tank maybe having a bit of moving issues until he saw 'acquiring target' come up on the screen. That is when Davis realized that the code was indeed going into a loop and attempted to over-ride it before it could line up on the building. However the system was not accepting any new inputs or even the override shut off. By the time he glanced up, he saw on the screen their body heat signatures, all of them marked, and only one thing on the screen, "Target Locked."

Before Davis could yell to get out, the Tank had opened fire, and his young life, along with the lives of the other programmers there; including other military personal watching the experiment; all their lives were taken in that very moment...

Relationship Chart

The Good



Name Color Status Thoughts
Lavi Orange Annoyed A user. I think. She fights like a tank. I want to kill all users, yet I may keep her around for entertainment, but that would be conflicting of my own purpose. How.. confusing.
Deelel White Funny A media program who is rather amusing. She tries to fight for the users, following TRON around. She is no true threat, but I do find her attempts amusing. That and she isn't really all that bad, when she isn't getting in my way.


Name Color Status Thoughts
CADUCEUS White No Feeling A Program who remembered my older self, but I don't remember him. Should come to no surprise thanks to what they did. He thinks my code can be fixed, he is funny for such thoughts. Funny, but sad. I wish he was right in some way, but she couldn't, so its a nice thought.
Peter Pan White Funny That sprite is something else. Flies around. Makes sounds like user-pets. He is not to bright. I know he is a user, but I like calling him Sprite; For whatever fraggin' reason...
Avira White Leading woman of VALKYRI. Not a bad gal, but gotta keep her from figurin' out my secrete identity as... FRUIT-MAN!!! Seriously. She probably stab me more then I care to be stabbed.

The Bad


Name Color Status Thoughts
MCP Orange Confused An Admin Program who is about as old has I am. He, with TRON, helped clear up a thing or two in my frag-messed code. I am starting to realize there are some things that make us alike... and that is concerning. As if I was him, I would make use of someone like me to do stuff he can't get others to do. A tool... Hrmph. Yet, he does seem to be using a good deal of his resources to help. We will see if I am right or wrong in the end of this little joy ride.
TRON Yellow Confused TRON fights for the users, yet he somehow knows not all users are 'good'. He says one but acts the other. He did help me, so I'll give him that, and I now owe him one. Still seem him as an equal, just to bad our minds are on a different spectrum. Also seems in, normal situations, we can get along rather easily. Still the whole user thing bugs me.

Beneficial Backstab

Name Color Status Thoughts
LEXUS Yellow Confused A "Program" who gave me connections with ShinRa's laser and lets me do as I wish. Once I no longer need of him nor that user infested corporation, we will go our 'seperate' ways. Though I was warned he may try to eat a program like me; I like to see him try. Though it seems, he has better things to do. Still should keep a radar out for him, just encase something comes up.


Name Color Status Thoughts
Emperor Kuzco White Confused What.. I don't even.. Huh? Glitching User-Pet.
Reize Seatlan Yellow Annoyed A little user who moves pretty quick. He is hard to track thanks to that, but eventually I will get him lined up in my sights right. He seemed perhaps sympathetic, how strange coming from a user; Not that it will mater in the end.
CAPGRAS Orange Annoyed A program who got in my way. An ally of LEXUS. It seems LEXUS forgot to hive her the memo about staying out of my way, but now she knows. Though she may come back after me, so I wonder how much of a leash LEXUS has on her, if any. Guess I will find out eventually!

The Ugly

Target Lock

Danger Zone

Name Color Status Thoughts
Beatrix Orange Murder Fought her once. She was defending against my actions to kill the users, like any user would do. She is very elegant fighter, it is a shame she will die with the rest in time. Though I do need to be cautious around her, she is able to do a few fancy tricks that seem to negate what I can do.


Name Color Status Thoughts
Palom Red Murder This user was very annoying when we fought. He tried to crush me with a piece of massive rock! I think I will return the favor if we ever meet again.


  • 1: I Stand Alone - Godsmack
  • 2: I Want To Rock - Twisted Sister
  • 3: Rock You Like A Hurricane - Scorpions
  • 4: Who Made Who - AC/DC
  • 5: Land Of Confusion - Disturbed
  • 6: Derezzed - The Glitch Mob (remix of Daft Punk's version)
  • 7: Mad World - Adam Lambert
  • 8: Enemies - Shinedown
  • 9: My Name(Wearing Me Out) - Shinedown
  • 10: Shoot to Thrill - AC/DC
  • 11: This is War - 30 Seconds to Mars

Fun Facts

Here is some stuff you may or may not know about CHIEF. This is all things going from ooc to even ic info, however all things listed here, are for OOC knowledge only! Unless CHIEF references to one of these himself since...

  • CHIEF is a bit like Deadpool. Though he isn't just as bad, yet.
  • CHIEF himself is a minor homage to the main villain in Armored Core V who shares the same name; Chief.
  • CHIEF's creation here is all LEXUS' fault from ooc jabber. He is the one who started to wheels turning.
  • CHIEF likes 80s Rock.
  • CHIEF also likes Hard Rock.
  • CHIEF's cigar habit is a shared habit with his original programmer.
  • CHIEF does in fact look like his programmer from the late 70s.
  • CHIEF's two scars over his right eye was given to him during the recoding work done by Jay Smith.
  • CHIEF's original programmer is indeed alive... somewhere.
  • Douglas Brier was a bit of a Tony Stark with software; He was a snarky, loveable, jerk.
  • CHIEF did in fact act a bit like Douglas until Jay Smith got a hold of him.
  • Carol Dorry is another homage to Armored Core V.
  • Conner Jackson, by first name "Conner" is a minor nod to Terminator.
  • Douglas Brier codes like John Arnold in Jurassic Park. Cigar out of his mouth and mutterings.
  • Ray Smith's name is a minor nod back also to John Arnold as John Arnold is sometimes called Ray.
  • CHIEF can have sane moments when he runs out of crazy.
  • Alex Fox's original handle name was going to be StarFox; I decided to change it.
  • CHIEF's cigar can not form right in on a 16 bit GRID or less.
  • CHIEF hates being on 16 bit grids are less as well; but that is sometimes all he has.
  • CHIEF's disc may remain the same while on 16 bit grids or less (pending status on this).
  • When on a 32 Bit grid or higher, CHIEF's lower arms and hands can morph into his weapons. This is harder to do on lower bit grids.
  • In The Real World, CHIEF's rifles are at his side.
  • CHIEF never use his disc for fighting, but he will use it for self defense.
  • CHIEF's code is buggy, loopy, and full of holes; Its amazing he functions at all.
  • Ray Smith is in fact African American.
  • Carrol Dorry is Japanese American.

Image Gallery


Dot D D L Two Point O June 3rd, 2013 The goods are now in hand. It is time to let the poor little Media program out. After all. A deal is a deal.
Media vs Army May 12th, 2013 CHIEF and Deelel have a nice little chat down in the holding cell. Mostly a slight warning of things to come.
Means To An End May 8th, 2013 Deelel decides to sneak into DPS HQ. No one just simply walks into DPS HQ.
What can be broken can be.. April 25th, 2013 CHIEF has been sent out by the DPS to gather up the supplies needed to aid in fixing VALKYRI HQ. He runs into some people to break up his boring job.
Relative Safety April 21st, 2013 Time flies when you are burnt to a crisp.
Reboot Data April 16th, 2013 What was done by wrong by users, will be done right by programs. Though what may seem good now, could come at a price later. Choices within Choices.
Last Call April 15th, 2013 CHIEF and AESIP have a little talk to try and calm CHIEF's own nerves. This is when you realize, CHIEF makes no sense when he is nervous. ((Takes place during Advanced Warning))
Accessing Archive Data... April 13th, 2013 Time for a refresher on TRON-verse before the big TP. Kick back and enjoy the show of OOC meets IC! Or.. is it IC meets ooc? Either way - NEW TRON INFO HERE
Fruiting For All April 6th, 2013 FRUIT MAN returns with his partner in fighting evil, Kiwi LAAAD!!
Java Break March 21st, 2013 CHIEF invites TRON to a small cafe for a chat. Explosions do not ensue.
Negaduck's Rampage In Traverse March 8th, 2013 Leave it to Negaduck to take the undead and the Heartless to cause destruction. However, the heroes are there to stop him! ...Or do the make it worse?
Dinner with CHIEF March 5th, 2013 CHIEF invites VALKYRI to dinner. Surely nothing will go wrong.
What? No Destruction?! February 24th, 2013 CHIEF runs into Avira, yet nothing exciting happens, beyond an invitation to dinner.
Fruit and Entering February 21st, 2013 Valkyri HQ gets a visit from a most unexpected guest - FRUIT-MAN!!
Communication Error February 13th, 2013 You'd think TRON would learn not to seek out certain Programs for face-to-face conversations. It never ends well, and this time is no different...
Simple History 101 February 12th, 2013 CHIEF gets his mild Q/A with the MCP.
Shopping Spree February 9th, 2013 TRON decides to go clothes shopping and takes Avira with him. Turns out other Programs had the same idea...
Bandit King Takes No Arrows To The Knee February 8th, 2013 Love, Bandits, and Soup! ..oh and a dragon (really)
Kung-Fu Animals Stole My Noodles! February 6th, 2013 Apparently in the Imperial City some Monkey-Men are causing trouble. Who will be able to stop them and who is up to stop these kung-fu trouble makers?
BSOD February 4th, 2013 Static, we don't evens, and wait-whats may be exhibited here.
Coyote's Call January 31st, 2013 Darkness lurks in Montressor Spaceport. Who will answer the call for help and beat back the darkness?
Simulation Games January 30th, 2013 Testing takes place and things get a little out of hand.
Distracting Conversation January 27th, 2013 CHIEF decides it is a good idea to have a conversation with a busy mechanic of the MCP's.
Data Tangent January 25th, 2013 Wheels within wheels within coconuts. Conversations, Combat and Convoluted Plots.
Program Conflict January 24th, 2013 Datapoint Security. Where a mind is a terrible thing to crash.
Recursive Conversation January 22nd, 2013 CHIEF and MCP have a polite and charming discourse. Hilarity to follow.
Election Night January 21st, 2013 Election Night proceedings grow heated and explosive. Tempers flare. Llama blandishments are thrown. Also. HAMMER TIME. Hail to the CHIEF.
New Years After Explosions January 3rd, 2013 CHIEF decides to throw his own after New Years party in Traverse Town. The locals have come to take part in the 'celebration'.
J for Java December 24th, 2012 CHIEF is hanging out in Wildcat's Cafe. He meets a few faces and makes a new 'friend'.
Good Morning VeeeiTraverse Town December 12th, 2012 CHIEF has decided to bring some action into the lives of those of Traverse Town in Distract 1. They were so thrilled, they decided to also join the party of activities...
A Lost Boy December 10th, 2012 A mysterious bit of music catches the attention of two Chief, Deelel and Lumeria. They uncover one very lost boy one Peter Pan...
In a New York Minute - Evacuation December 9th, 2012 The defenders of Manhattan attempt to evacuate as many people as they can before it's too late; the Shadow Lords try to close the portal on them early, but cannot break through.
In A New York Minute: Blackhawk Down December 8th, 2012 Angantyr is hired to attack the military base of Manhattan, but there are people who wish to stop...or cause chaos.


The Never Ending Nightmare January 21st, 2013 CHIEF has been captured by the MCP and is revisited by his forever nightmare.
Tanks-R-Us January 7th, 2013 CHIEF goes to get a tank from the Grid.