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Title Date Scene Summary
Coyote's Call January 31st, 2013 Darkness lurks in Montressor Spaceport. Who will answer the call for help and beat back the darkness?
VALKYRI Bath time January 31st, 2013 Maira and Avira have a BFF heart to heart in the tub.
The Wills of Women January 31st, 2013 Beneath blue skies, during a rare respite from the shadows plaguing Fluorgis, some of the Shard Seekers come together in the garden, and Lenn and Raiya show their determination to move forward on their own paths. As the bonds of trust between these different friends grow, so too do their prospects of success. But where does this road lead for the motley crew?
Friends or Foes? January 31st, 2013 After discovering the amnesiac on the outskirts of Traverse Town, Ember warns Leida about Angantyr and discusses the value of friendships.
The Plot Thickens January 31st, 2013 Emi Dennou meets with the Mayor of Fluorgis, secures proper recompense, and investigates the strange goings-on in the city. The relation between the shadows over Fluorgis and the Fire Crystal is discussed, and the source of the darkness is pondered. A mystery is solved -- but not quite the one most relevant.
How to tease a Templar January 31st, 2013 When Faruja gets out of church, he falls down only to be helped up by a familiar face - who proceeds to tease him relentlessly for a while for their own amusement.
Full Report on Mystery January 31st, 2013 After Emi's investigations, she went to search for the leader of the Shard Seekers to give him a full report of her findings.
Simulation Games January 30th, 2013 Testing takes place and things get a little out of hand.
Ham Radio January 30th, 2013 DJ Zero has been having trouble getting the good word out there lately. Whenever the Zero Hour goes on the air, he's pestered by a horde of Pig Noise, apparently attracted by his broadcasting spell! Can his hastily-assembled ragtag band of heroes avert the aporkalypse of iBacon?!
Armoring Up January 29th, 2013 Avira and TRON go shopping to get the Program a suit of World of Ruin armor. While they're out, information long overdue is exchanged between comrades.
Honor Among Thieves January 29th, 2013 While searching for a stolen bracelet in the TT Church, Katyna and Gesandte uncover a grisly murder..And an honorable spirit who protects the treasures of the dead!
Bloodline's Howl January 29th, 2013 Skoll meets his sister after his getting found - and leaving the Valkyri HQ.
Beach Party! January 29th, 2013 Impromptu beach party where a lot of people showed up - including Damien's thong.
Reize's Decision to Depart January 29th, 2013 Reize made preparations to leave at midnight. However, it was not without getting the notice of those closest to him.
Hades Cup: START! January 28th, 2013 A ceremony for the heroes of the Hades Cup qualifying turns into a battle for survival as Hades' machinations comes to a head...things do not go as planned!
Lingering Doubts January 28th, 2013 Reize has started to doubt his role as the leader of the Shard Seekers. With the growing turmoil in Fluorgis and Manhattan, Reize's reasoning for leaving his home became more transparent. Yet, there are some people hopeful for him.
Aftermaths And Battle-Scars January 28th, 2013 After Cirra gets injured in the Hades Cup qualifier, the TDA comes to help her out. It goes in...unexpected ways.
Unorthodox uses of BACON January 28th, 2013 Skoll warned that there would be danger if the VALKYRI were to harbor them. And that danger becomes very real in the form of Makenshi.
Hades Cup: Qualifying Event - Obstacle Course (AKA Pete throws barrels) January 27th, 2013 The Third and Final Event for the Hades Cup! Pete dresses up like a Gorilla and gets dunked!
On Cloud Nine January 27th, 2013 A lively cast assembles at Tifa's new joint for drinks and banter.
Enter The Space Raptor? - Part 1 January 27th, 2013 A crash happens outside of Traverse Town. Several people go to investigate the strange ship that has crashed and find a out-of-this world guest.
Distracting Conversation January 27th, 2013 CHIEF decides it is a good idea to have a conversation with a busy mechanic of the MCP's.
Born Every Minute January 27th, 2013 Evja beseeches Hades about a deal...
Walls of Wind January 26th, 2013 Sandstorms have begun to regularly beset the walls of Fluorgis, and the massive sandworms that thread their way through the surrounding desert have entered a state of heightened agitation, making caravan travel all but impossible and rendering the famous fountain city nearly besieged. What with all the troubles that have arisen, no one knows how long the map etched upon the newborn Desert Rose will remain valid, or even to what it leads. Yet the Shard Seekers' new (and somewhat dubious) shard-seeking device indicates that the map is no ruse, and may lead to something precious indeed. Could the Desert Rose somehow hold the key to saving Fluorgis in its time of dire need? A brave group of adventurers set out to ruins deep in the desert, through hordes of monsters and terrible walls of wind, to discover what treasure lies in wait. But even Sandworms may be the least of their problems, as the darkness gathers...
Of Wo(men) and Mice January 26th, 2013 The Adjudicator Evja meets a recovering Faruja after the events of the Hades' Cup qualifying. They talk Jumping and world shards.
Hades Cup: Qualifying Event - TOURNAMENT OF STRENGTH January 25th, 2013 A contest of strength!
Data Tangent January 25th, 2013 Wheels within wheels within coconuts. Conversations, Combat and Convoluted Plots.
Smells Like... January 25th, 2013 Skoll drops by the Shard Seekers HQ real quick, while wounded, to pick up some stuff. He ends up stumbling into Faruja's dorm-section.
A celebration at VALKYRI January 24th, 2013 Maira throws a surprise party for Avira to celebrate her win in the race and qualifying for the Hades Cup!
Water does what?! January 24th, 2013 Zeke and Deelel encounter each other in Traverse Town, and end up speaking about how alien their worlds are to each other. Then Deelel finds out water doesn't kill you in this world much to her shock!
Rivalry? January 24th, 2013 Faruja and Angantyr run into each other.
Program Conflict January 24th, 2013 Datapoint Security. Where a mind is a terrible thing to crash.
Demons of the Past January 24th, 2013 After promising to deliver the full details of her background to the Network, Leida finally lets them in on the grim truth.
Wounded Hope January 23rd, 2013 Skoll, wounded and bandaged up in VALKYRI HQ, awakens to Zia watching over him.
Hunting For Frenchmen January 23rd, 2013 Jihl goes hunting for Max, in one of her first few forays outside her world. Hilarity ensues.
Common Ground January 23rd, 2013 Common ground -- the point where people of opposite perspectives find themselves in agreement. It is as strange to Programs as it is to humans...
Hades Cup: Qualifying Event - THE RACE January 23rd, 2013 The first qualifying event of the Hades Cup Tournament, in which the Junior Heros race each other to get qualified in the Hades Cup Tournament!
Catching Up January 22nd, 2013 Angantyr and Avira do some much needed catching up in light of a plethora of recent events.
Pets in the Potion Supply January 22nd, 2013 Kidnapped pets, heartless, and dwindling supplies! What ever will our heroes do? Can they protect the kitties and doggies and chocobos?
Of Chaos and Flowers January 22nd, 2013 Deelel is just enjoying the garden making some music for the first time in some time. Her strange songs attract Lily's attention and cause the pair to end up getting to know each other better.
Recursive Conversation January 22nd, 2013 CHIEF and MCP have a polite and charming discourse. Hilarity to follow.
Of thieves and ghost whisperers January 22nd, 2013 Katyna returns to VALKYRIE headquarters where she runs into Maira shortly after the church fiasco. The two discuss strength of heart, friendship..And gossip about boys!?
The Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames! January 21st, 2013 Hades Announces the Hades Cup, reveals the Manhattan Shard of Wind, and reveals TNT.
Part Time Problems January 21st, 2013 Emi performs part time work. Omi informs Leida of certain impossibilities. Deelel marvels at the universe.
Smells like Chocobo? January 21st, 2013 Avira finds something that is not a chocobo at all.
Election Night January 21st, 2013 Election Night proceedings grow heated and explosive. Tempers flare. Llama blandishments are thrown. Also. HAMMER TIME. Hail to the CHIEF.
Court of Appeals January 21st, 2013 Avira requests the presence of a judge magister in order to negotiate. She winds up with none other than Gabranth himself.
A Court of Bombs January 20th, 2013 Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb...
Defend the (Sand)Castle! January 20th, 2013 Reize returns to Traverse Town to play with the refugee kids. However, he visits the beach to mull over his time with the Shard Seekers and Fluorgis in general. However, he comes across a young lady and her sand castle.
Just A Garden-Variety Cop January 20th, 2013 With the elections coming up, Ingrid patrols the outskirts of town for Heartless and to keep her new tag-along out of trouble.
Relaxation and Stress January 20th, 2013 While searching for her brother, Hati makes a pit stop at the Shard Seekers to drop off a few things with Faruja, then gives him a demonstration of one of her potions which leads to both relaxation, and renewed stress.
Moonlight Lillies January 20th, 2013 Phantom Thief MARS returns the Dusk Shard to the Judge of Wrath.
Trespassers Will Be Toad January 20th, 2013 A party of adventurers investigates mysterious disappearances and rumors of monsters in the Fluorgis Water Treatment plant. Everyone was Kung-Fu Fighting. HAAAH. Caution: You May Get Wet.
Feyrly Uncertain Theories January 20th, 2013 Will and The Network catch up.
Delicious Spite January 20th, 2013 Will tracks down Madam Mim for a trade of information and gets trolled in return. No information. No Book.
Port Royal Sniffers January 20th, 2013 Zia and Avira make their way to Skoll's last known location...
A Chance Meeting January 19th, 2013 Morrighan, still trying to grasp her budding dark powers, comes crashing through a dark portal and into...VALKRI HQ. A brief discussion is had in the aftermath.
Business Over Dinner January 19th, 2013 Rosemarie invites the TDA over for dinner and to discuss a mutially profitable business arrangement.
Of Mice and Electricity January 19th, 2013 Following Megavolt's capture Rhia, being the ever curious one, decided to experiment a little with their new subject...with expected results.
The True Self? January 19th, 2013 A mysterious fog fell over in Fluorgis. Strange mirrors erected in place and the adventurers who investigate found more than was expected...
Stocking the Pantry January 19th, 2013 Leida drags Reize out to be a pack mule for food shopping.
Cloud Nine January 19th, 2013 Truth, Justice and Pie. Isn't that what Kingdom Hearts is made of? Riku scouts out Cloud Nine and confronts his past and considers a world in which he has a future.
Point Of View January 18th, 2013 Gabranth and Riku have a nice chat and perhaps the Judge Magister hoping for a new ally.
The Sundered Shrine January 18th, 2013 A certain mischievous Nu Mou pays a visit to an out of the way desert shrine in hopes of obtaining some valuables for his work. Instead, he runs afoul of a particularly angry esper. Heroes are recruited to deal with the mess with unexpected results.
Dive Into The Heart: Brooklyn January 18th, 2013 An sleeping Brooklyn finds himself having an unusual dream...
How Stitch Got a Police Hat January 17th, 2013 CAPGRAS, in the guise as Liz encounters Ingrid and Stitch. Nobody knows if this is a net gain for Restoration OR Ruin...
Opposite Day January 17th, 2013 Monsters and troubles abound in Fluorgis lately. A lonely hill gigas has managed to find his way to the City of Flowers. Can the heroes handle this giant problem without bringing the house down?
Haunted Hearts January 17th, 2013 VALKYRIE and their allies investigate a series of hauntings in the Traverse Town church. While Maira and Aerith discover friendly ghosts and a heartless preying on the dead, parts of Katyna's mysterious history are revealed..
Looking for something with a little more 'oomph' January 17th, 2013 ShinRa's got plans. Big plans. For this big plan, however, it looks like they're taking stock of every powersource they know of, but for what reason?
The Scene Of The Crime January 17th, 2013 Max returns to the scene of the Dusk Shard's attempted theft to see if he can find some clues about the nature of the thieves. Cirra shows up, but it doesn't really spiral out of control until Emi arrives to tell Max about her bad dream.
Gigas Aftermath January 17th, 2013 Emi and Ang talk about stuff in the Aftermath of the Gigas fight.
Assassin's Will January 16th, 2013 Luso finds a mysterious letter warning someone about the mysterious plans held for the royal palace. Not having a good feeling about this, he gets in contact with others to investigate...
On Dark Shores January 16th, 2013 SeeD gets a request to investigate disappearances on the beach that may be Heartless related and one of their newest cadets is sent to gain some field experience.
The Witness of the Secrets January 16th, 2013 It was just an ordinary day in Traverse Town. The amnesiac boy, Sanel, wanted to enjoy the day. However, to a devout templar, the boy brings back horrible memories.
Moment to Moment January 15th, 2013 A short interlude while onboard the imperial Arcadian airship Alexander leads to social links and partial deafness in equal measure.
A Test of Strength January 15th, 2013 Hati drops in on Reize to follow up on her test of his strength. Of course, things don't ever go according to plan.
Finding the Lost One January 15th, 2013 Reize went to get groceries at Fluorgis, but got lost and ended up at Damascan Sands. It's up to Leida and Tom to find him.
A Gentle Approach January 14th, 2013 Concerned with the options that have been presented to battle her inner demons, Leida once again encounters the gentle gargoyle as she wanders the desert to think.
Do You Dance? January 14th, 2013 Deelel is just wandering about town when she comes across a traveling dance troop that is putting on a show for the locals. After the show she have a little talk as both find something quite strange about the other...
A Meeting Of Virii January 14th, 2013 An enigmatic program infiltrates LEXUS' sanctum to acquire a meeting with the reclusive Dark Virus. LEXUS is suitably impressed and makes an offer...
A Clash of Heroes! ...Maybe. January 14th, 2013 Luso returns to Rabanastre for some resupplying and rest. Instead, what he gets is...Gilgamesh. 'Nuff said.
Recovery January 14th, 2013 While recovering at shard seekers HQ, Katyna wanders around and runs into some interesting people!
Seekers Of Truth January 14th, 2013 Emi and Mercade meet up while moving into what will soon be the new Seventh Heaven and TDA building. They take a break to talk about the past, present, and future.
A Judges' Welcome January 14th, 2013 Gabranth invites Riku onto Archadian Empire's Flagship: The Alexander. The boy also gets the chance to meet a few more then just one Judge or Judge Magister.
A Visit to Fluorgis January 14th, 2013 Deidra goes shopping for some magical supplies. She ends up encountering Percy and the Network for a little chit chat.
A Theft Of Curiosity January 14th, 2013 While doing some research in the local PSICOM office in Palumpolum, Jihl Nabaat is .. wooed by a erring phantom thief - Max.
What Personal Space? January 14th, 2013 In search of her brother, Hati comes to the Shard Seeker's HQ, where she encounters Faruja, and challenges him to show her the power of love and light. *ehem*
Churches and Clones January 14th, 2013 Katyna wanders into Shard Seekers hq one day and meets Emi for the first time, and discusses her faith with Faruja.
A Random Encounter January 14th, 2013 Deelel seeks supplies from Cid's shop but as she arrives she encounters Shego. She starts to get an idea there really is something pretty big between her and Ron. Also a mysterious girl named Kim. What could this be leading too?
The Power of Rabbit January 14th, 2013 CAPGRAS with the form of a small girl that LEXUS provided to her, walks back to Traverse, before being sleuthed at. However, LEXUS has a plan.
Jailbreak ANGANTYR STYLE January 13th, 2013 Agantyr moves to get his allies out of prison, and Gabranth happens.
Suckered into Shopping January 13th, 2013 Avira finds a few more things than she was looking for at a merchant stall run by Honest John. Who is master of the Hard Sell-- as long as you have Hard Currency.
The Garland Games January 13th, 2013 Garland makes good on his promises and ambushes Avira in the streets of Rabanastre.
An Interesting Theory January 13th, 2013 The running theory is that a certain white gargoyle is the Manhattan 'Princess of Heart'. She seems quite surprised to be addressed as such by a young knight of her own kind.
Appointments Made January 13th, 2013 Mercade is followed by a strange person, who turns out to be there to give Mercade an invitation. What could the Mysterious Rosemarie and the spooky Dameon want with the TDA?
In the Halls of Mullonde January 13th, 2013 A perilous journey into the catacombs of Mullonde.
A Lost Knight January 12th, 2013 Deidra's on her way back from dealing with the Earth Shard when she comes upon a Gargoyle Knight from England. One thing leads to another as Percival and Deidra speak and she shows him the way to the clock tower.
Training Day January 12th, 2013 Leida and Angantyr meet for a training session, interlopers happen.
Tense Negotiations January 12th, 2013 Faruja Senra, representing the Church of Glabados, negotiates and investigates the tensions arising between Cleyra and Burmecia. It proves more dire than anticipated.
How To Get Blood From A Stone January 12th, 2013 Rhiannon strikes a deal with Valos after having subjected him to a game of Twenty Questions.
Knight Of Swords January 12th, 2013 A Gargoyle, Percival, meets with Mercade and Maximilien and asks them for help regarding the Fall of Manhattan. Mercade provides information while Max tests the Gargoyle's mettle. Arrangements are made!
Totally Not A Date January 12th, 2013 Mercade and Avira go to La Cite Des Cloches to visit the wonderous Notre Dame, enjoy the sights and sounds of the city, and enjoy some fine dining as the sun sets over the Seine. And it's totally not a date.
Dive Into The Heart: Angantyr Vespar January 12th, 2013 Angantyr is really getting sick of these weird dreams.
VALKYRI VS Shard Seekers: Racing the Dawn January 12th, 2013 Desert madness! VALKYRI and the Shard Seekers go head to head as they rush through an ancient ruins to secure valuable artifact not only within the time limit, but before the other adventurers get to the final chamber as well. The object? A Desert Rose, a magical crystal rose, a living artifact, that blooms only for one night once every 100 years. Inscribed on the petals themselves are shapes that form a map to an even greater treasure. What awaits the two teams as they race for the goal?!
Vengeance Denied January 12th, 2013 Faruja finally tracks down Riku and there is an exchange of words, and motivations, and blows.
For the glory of the machines! ...Or not. January 11th, 2013 Megavolt decides to pay Shinra's HQ a visit in order to liberate his mechanical brethren. ...He is met with resistance.
A Lack of Understanding January 11th, 2013 Reize spends time reflecting on various issues until he has a chat with Emi of the Legion...
Awkward Engagement January 11th, 2013 Reize finds himself waking up on Lenn and the topic of their fated engagement is discussed about. Hilarity ensues.
TDA is where you make it January 11th, 2013 Holidays are over, but there's always troubles. Some explanations are given after a wild city chase, on the freeing of the Network.
Equivalent Exchange January 11th, 2013 When worst comes to worst, there is always a way to get the things that you want, if only you are willing the pay the toll.
Biting Cold January 10th, 2013 Introspection Interrupt. Dead ends and Portals and Heartless, oh my. Also. Drama.
Fate and Bacon January 10th, 2013 Sometimes, it's okay to just have a laugh.
Manhattan Restoration: Mining for Shards January 10th, 2013 The heroes come to the Woodlands in order to get one of the Manhattan Shards... but run into a bit of trouble.
Good Intentions January 9th, 2013 Seeking a brief escape from the turmoil and incompetence of Baron, Morrighan finds that her time alone is not to be so peaceful.
The Wheels Are In Motion January 9th, 2013 Garland calls Shego and Makenshi in to join the Alexandria/Burmecian War...on opposing sides, for his benefit. But to what ends?
Time Is Up January 9th, 2013 Time is up. Can the TDA and friends stop Cronus? Of course they can. The trickier question is whether they can save him.
Vengeance January 9th, 2013 While wandering around the desert in search of treasure, Ember is brutally attacked by Angantyr Vespar.
Hot Sauce and Plasma Bolts January 9th, 2013 Shego encounters a familiar face from her own world. Said familiar face bolts. Hot sauce ensues.
A Secret Wish January 9th, 2013 After being attacked by Angantyr, Katyna is discovered half dead in the desert by Reize, who takes her back to SS-HQ to recuperate. Kat's secret wish is revealed..
To Be Like You January 8th, 2013 In the aftermath of the Heartless assault on Fluorgis, Leida receives a visit from Imi and her newest sister. A careless accident leads to some important questions and an interesting proposition and Priel manages to walk away with a prize.
Enter The Shego January 8th, 2013 A new arrival appears in Traverse Town. Mercade Alexander tries to get the skinny and finds out that this one bites.
Truce! Compromise between two warriors January 8th, 2013 While on the way to investigate the increased presence of Heartless in the Dwarf Woodlands, Maira, Avira, and Katyna run into the mysterious Black Wind. Maira shatters the tension between Kaze and Avira and an uneasy promise is made to alert Kaze to further appearances of the White Cloud. Kaze is also renamed to Murdock by the excitable fire mage.
POVs Of Dreams and Mind Control January 7th, 2013 Dark Knight Neviril depossessed from her armors talks with Aerith, Rinoa and Tifa, enraging Jecht when it comes to mind control.
Post-Prelude Shenanigans January 7th, 2013 It was after Fluorgis was attacked by the Heartless. The Shard Seekers and the adventurers were resting at the inn, recooperating from the fight. Of course, shenanigans occured.
Inside Intertwined January 6th, 2013 The TDA with the help of some pals move to stop VitaTek. Isaac gets angry. And then he gets sad.
Blink Fight: FK Style January 6th, 2013 It's time for Blink Fight: FK Style. Place your bets place your bets. Spend your munny. Spend your munny. Whose going to win this dastardly and emotional conflict? Words are said. Blows are thrown. FK runs on piefaces.
Scrambled Inventory January 6th, 2013 Hearts Intertwined is always in need of good help. In the wake of massive misfiling and other signs of bureaucractic chicanery, Sable and Faruja have a moment to introduce eachother as long hours of boxing looms ahead of them.
Let's Make A Deal January 6th, 2013 Hades decides to take advantage of the fact that Avira's mutation hasn't faded yet and strikes up a little...deal.
The Perils of Ronda Unstoppabelle! January 6th, 2013 Ron Unstoppable is being pursued by the terrifying King Powerwild! Can VALKYRI and friends stop it? And who is this mysterious Ronda that has come to help?
An Introduction to Magic January 6th, 2013 Welcome to charming Traverse Town. See the lovely lakes, the friendly townspeople-- the poisoned apples.
Shopping for shadow lords January 6th, 2013 Katyna takes Riku shopping for a new jacket after accidently burning his last one in a sparring match. Kat tries to understand Riku better and they ultimately spend the night watching the stars and pondering things..
Howl To The Moon January 6th, 2013 Skoll howls to the full moon, and is joined by Avira. With the leashes on his heart lessened, Skoll manages to be more true to himself.
Prelude ~ Panic in Fluorgis January 6th, 2013 It started off as a normal day for the Shard Seekers, but then the Heartless invaded the city itself. Many adventurers banded together to stop the outbreak with a bit of a mysterious help...
Brooklyn's gota guuuuun January 6th, 2013 Brooklyn finds will, and confronts him about what happened at the world heart in Manhattan.
Karma Slave January 6th, 2013 While the TDA goes after VitaTek, Umi reveals that the scientists are acting against their efforts. It's up to Will to defeat Cronus. He almost does.
Mark: Judge of Nocturne January 6th, 2013 Several souls are drawn to the Crossroad where they are met with the Judge of Nocturne. A dark knight with only one purpose. To test his might against the strong. How will our heroes fare?

Also includes a cameo appearance from the dynamic duo of Riku and Angantyr.

Alignment of Function January 6th, 2013 Ah. Suspicions, especially if they cannot be proven-- are a burden and a tool only to ones enemies. Of course, there is nothing like a dance of words to try and further clarify and or obfuscate the issue. Enemies perhaps even find common elements in a chaotic situation.
Six From The Darkness January 5th, 2013 Mercade meets the restored member of the Legion Network, who he last saw in much less... alive circumstances.
Starlight Memory January 5th, 2013 For one night, their relation as teacher and student is suspended, and Ivo and Raiya celebrate the New Year under the starry Mysidian sky. Pasts are shared, a new bond is formed, fireworks ignite, a risk is taken, and a memory is made -- whatever it may mean for the future.
Of Mice and Drow-Men January 5th, 2013 Faruja and Count Valos discuss philosophy. Heresy is bordered on.
Ghostly Goals January 5th, 2013 The Phantom Train is loading people who lost their lives in Manhattan to the Underworld, but a monster is in the Phantom Forest and may try to prey on them. Defeat the monster so these souls can safely pass on! Wait, who posted /this/ job anyway?
Good Idea / Bad Idea January 5th, 2013 Good idea! ---Go shopping for healing items. Bad Idea-- Let your curiosity get the better of you for the better glory of SCIIIIENNNCE.
A New Master January 4th, 2013 While trying to control the strange powers that have surfaced with the sealing of her demon, Leida is approached by an old acquaintance who has an unusual offer.
Petite Legion January 4th, 2013 Legion and Max have a nice little chat about life, the universe, and everything.
Warnings and Antics January 4th, 2013 Avira comes to warn Zia about her confrontation with the 'Dark Lords' that Skoll serves, but the two end up distracted by their shared worries over the werewolf, and puppy antics.
Pillaging the Dwarf Woodlands January 4th, 2013 With Manhattan devoured by darkness and Xanatos Enterprises thwarted for now, Baigan plots to once again make his move in the name of Baron, aiming to restore the kingdom's glory and secure its territory after his setbacks on the Dias Plains and at Balamb Garden. In dire need of resources and in hatred toward all adorable forest critters, Baigan has set his sights upon an unsuspecting target: the Dwarf's Woodlands in Phantasia, with its plentiful lumber and precious metals and stones. All that's required is to secure the location for long enough to loot it and scurry away through a Portal with their ill-gotten gains, and then to use it to further enhance Baron's navy and air force... and adapt the technology stolen from Xanatos. Will Baron's vile plot succeed with its ranks blostered by new allies, or can our scattered heroes intervene in time to save the woodlands from total devastation!?
Pick Up The Pieces January 3rd, 2013 Mercade tries to broker a peace between Max and Will. It doesn't go well.
New Years After Explosions January 3rd, 2013 CHIEF decides to throw his own after New Years party in Traverse Town. The locals have come to take part in the 'celebration'.
Fated Encounters January 3rd, 2013 The wheels of fate are turning and, after quite a bit of time, Raiya and Avira meet up again. Unrecognized at first, Avira manages to convince Raiya of her identity before the samurai attacks. Whatever pleasant conversation was to follow is unknown as Makenshi shows up to demand information on "The Black Wind."
The Dark Knight and the Hobo January 3rd, 2013 Cirra and Will meet, it is time for ackwardness because it's the first time they've seen each other sense Manhattan, alone.
Wonderful Memories January 2nd, 2013 While on patrol, Lavi finds herself being stalked by a pair of potted plants. Innocent questions lead to discussions of old memories.
A Dangerous Game January 2nd, 2013 As though team-building exercises were not in themselves inherently ill-advised, Baigan forces the polar opposites which now occupy the ranks of Baron's officers to cooperate in play, with predictably disastrous results. Yet were it not for the presence of a certain masked wanderer, the results might not have been /quite/ so disastrous...
Sports, The Sky, And A Red Lily January 2nd, 2013 A meeting in Luca results in introductions... and confrontations.
Goug City Car Chase January 2nd, 2013 The TDA track down a scientist working for VitaTech. The Shard Seekers arrive to help. And Goug City residents lodge complaints about the noise. A startling secret...is revealed! But first they must defeat...Mr. Wheeler.
Hypothetical Swordspeople Musings January 1st, 2013 Faris, while taking a break in her home area by Tycoon Castle, is beset upon by Gilgamesh. Hypothetical questions and musings follow, for great amusement.
Bad Advice January 1st, 2013 Lily and Priel, alone in the Shard Seeker's HQ, have a...friendly discussion. In which Priel imparts to the younger girl totally legit, good advice!
Recalibration January 1st, 2013 Deelel is overwhelmed by the Users and their world(s), as well as her role in past events. TRON helps her work through it the best he can.
A Desert Conundrum January 1st, 2013 Angantyr is offered a job, but gets more than he bargained for.
Cure for the Mutated January 1st, 2013 With the cure finally retrieved from Garland, Avira and Angantyr have taken it to Merlin to have it duplicated. It's a success! For the most part. While the injected darkness in Avira and Angantyr is removed, Avira finds the animal aspects of her mutation fading much, much more slowly. Mercade and Maira come along and everything quickly descends into utter awkwardness.
Dive Into The Heart: Riku January 1st, 2013 An unconscious Riku finds himself having an unusual dream...
A Watching Eye January 1st, 2013 Seith walks in on Hati performing a bit of her own 'magic', but the two do not exactly hit it off like fireworks, even if they do manage a reasonable conversation.

Title Date Scene Summary
Heartful Moment With Annalise February 28th, 2013 Reize was relaxing at the garden, contemplating over his announcement for the Shard Seekers to depart Fluorgis. Of course, Annalise wanders in as she tries to get adjusted.
Mountain of a Man February 28th, 2013 A quick trip to Traverse to get replacements for her destroyed clothes leaves Leida in a foul mood. Stopping to rest, she ends up making a new acquaintance from another broken world.
Hades Cup: Heaven's Punishment vs. No Sleep Til Manhattan February 28th, 2013 The final match of the round robin portion of the Hades Cup! Who will take home the Wind Shard?
Aftermath Of British Occupation February 27th, 2013 After Clayton's invasion, the TDA winds itself down.
Hades Cup: Team Heavens Judgment vs Team DLC February 27th, 2013 The second match in the Finals of the Hades Cup, Team Heavens Judgment vs Team DLC! Sanel and Lia the Gria(kinda) commentate!
Tomcat and Princess February 27th, 2013 Hung over and exhausted from the previous night's celebration of the liberation of Fluorgis, Ivo is napping in the garden when the Shard Seekers' newest guest, Annalise, stumbles across him. She seems to have found herself among an unusual cast of characters -- though it turns out she's not so normal herself.
'Princess' and Penitent February 27th, 2013 During the celebrations, Zia drags Percival off to the Shard Seeker's Headquarters to figure out what is bothering him.
Meanwhile at ShinRa HQ February 27th, 2013 After a failed mission in China, Sammy Colt returns to base only to find...
Talks of New Plan With Emi February 27th, 2013 As the party at the pub is near, Reize takes the moment to reflect with his chat with Leida while considering what's ahead for the Shard Seekers. Emi comes to check up on Reize...
Celebration in Fluorgis February 26th, 2013 With the Shadows Over Fluorgis passes, the city undergoes a celebration. Drunks, music, merriment all around. Some shenanigans are abound.
Vector Of The Night February 26th, 2013 One never knows who they may run into during a trip to Vector.
Truth of a Friend In Need February 26th, 2013 After dealing with an exhausting trip at Wutai, Leida returns to he headquarters to hide herself, but encounters Reize along the way. The two have an important discussion...
Elf Hunting February 26th, 2013 Clayton and his hired thugs come to collect on Morrighan's bounty. Gunfire ensues, surprising secrets are revealed.
Eye for an Eye: The Trap February 26th, 2013 A mysterious letter from her missing mentor sends Hati out to his rescue, but what she faces is something far, far worse.
A Rough Encounter February 26th, 2013 After Reize's time of reflection, he got ready to depart for Fluorgis to attend the celebration, but undergoes an unexpected and rough encounter.
Moment In Time February 26th, 2013 Gabranth decides to show Riku around Archades Upper City. To not only come to know the-maybe-to-be-Judge, but perhaps to remind himself of something long forgotten.
Down Time February 25th, 2013 A number of Heroes are taking some down time after an incident in Fluorgis. Thankfully Tifa's already got her pub up and running again and thus everyone's able to enjoy some well earned R&R
Lost Children of the Plates February 25th, 2013 Three students from Alexander Academy meet as they make plans to exlore this strange new world.
Cafe Chat February 25th, 2013 Aurora and Angantyr have a discussion about things...
A Knight and a Mage February 25th, 2013 Deidra catches up with her fellow Gargyole Percival and they get to know each other a little better.
Collateral Thinking. February 25th, 2013 A chance encounter with a strange woman gives Zeke clues as to the whereabouts of his mother.
The Cold Truth February 25th, 2013 Conned into investigating one of the misplaced Mako reactors, Leida ventures forth on her own with Sammy close behind to keep an eye on her. What transpires within is not according to the Turk's plan.
What? No Destruction?! February 24th, 2013 CHIEF runs into Avira, yet nothing exciting happens, beyond an invitation to dinner.
A Lost Soul February 24th, 2013 Deelel and Faruja encounter another Demi human from Faruja's world who has only recently come out of the darkness. Keeping this in mind they do what they can for Wisdom to help get her settled into this strange new world.
Pointed Questions And Expected Answers February 24th, 2013 Isaac goes to ask Morrighan some questions. It kind of works! Kind of.
Maybe It is Love...? February 23rd, 2013 Jidro and Annia have a bit of alone time together as they try to adjust to their situation.
Barmaid and Mermaid February 23rd, 2013 A barmaid, a mermaid and a crab walk in a bar. No punchline, just a social.
Trust Issues February 22nd, 2013 Max and Jihl spend some time together and try to get past their mutual trust issues like real human people instead of the living emotional trainwrecks that they are.
Secrets and Flirtations February 22nd, 2013 Evja confronts Hati about her knowledge of the Viera's true identity. Inevitably, this leads to more flirting... somehow.
Defending the Temple February 22nd, 2013 The newly found Glabadosian temple falls under attack by Royce and the undead, leaving only Zia and a few Templar to defend the retreat of the historians and researchers.
Banish the Darkness February 22nd, 2013 The shadows over Fluorgis at last unleash their true power. The malaise which has so oppressed the once-lively citizenry suddenly condenses and then erupts in a dark rain over the desert, a veritable storm of Heartless weltering down upon the weakened city. With the light of the Fire Crystal flickering and its defenses depowered, Fluorgis's last hope and protection are the adventurers who have heeded her call. A desperate battle in the streets ensues as the siege -- and the Shadows Over Fluorgis plotline -- reaches its climax!
Clear the Skies February 22nd, 2013 As Heartless rage through the streets and Fluorgis teeters on collapse, its council makes a fateful decision, and employs the city's last ditch plan to protect the Fire Crystal from the darkness. In the midst of the melee, from the bowels of the earth bursts the Fire-Powered Ship, retrofitted as a mighty airship with the combined technology of Fluorgis and Karnak, which plunges bravely into the shadowy skies above with the Crystal within. Yet deep in the dark miasma, fearsome foes lurk with designs of their own. Can those trusted few allowed into Fluorgis's inner sanctum repulse these last invaders and preserve the city's livelihood?
French Cooking February 21st, 2013 Maximillen offers up some of his own cooking to the tennants of the Cloud Nine.
Fruit and Entering February 21st, 2013 Valkyri HQ gets a visit from a most unexpected guest - FRUIT-MAN!!
Just another day.. February 21st, 2013 A Thief, A Judge, and Theif-playing-hero.
Mistaken Identity February 21st, 2013 A case of mistaken identity, an unfortunate collision, and a series of pertinent questions are asked. What is to come of this?
The Students' Arrival to Traverse Town February 21st, 2013 After leaving Cornelia, the Alexander Academy students journeyed through on foot to arrive at Traverse Town. Through a wandering mercenary, they learn more about their situation. Shenanigans also ensue.
Those with Darkness February 20th, 2013 Hati and Katyna catch up after the events in the catacombs.
Royal Pardon February 20th, 2013 Leida and Mercade finally meet again and get to talking about things.
A Visitor in the Night February 20th, 2013 Faruja comes to call upon Hati at her 'residence', and the two have a 'heart to heart' over unicorn stew.
You pull off the female very well February 20th, 2013 Evja visits Archades for a bit of looking around off-duty, Gabranth accompanies.

And something about the Viera's legs when Evja lets Gabranth in on a secret.

Departing from Cornelia February 19th, 2013 When the students decide to move out of Cornelia for other towns and more information, Kaydin appears to give some of his own kind of wisdom... a few traded insults and Souji takes him on man to man.
The Case Of The Missing Priestess February 19th, 2013 It was a late evening in the Agency. I didn't expect any customers and I was just thinking of closing up. But then she arrived...
1001 Arabian Nights February 18th, 2013 The hunt for the Fire Shard of Manhattan leads a group of heroes to an excitable bunch of Heffalumps and Woozles with an interesting hobby.
A Morning Of Meetings February 18th, 2013 More of the students of Alexander Academy appear in a strange new world. Are they the last?
A Strange Encounter February 18th, 2013 Faruja and Zeke run into a woman who lost her ticked named Dominique Destine.
Happiness Hunt February 17th, 2013 In order to collect the secret ingredient for happiness gumbo- a special dish that will help feed the people of Fluorgis- Shiki Misaki assembles a crew of adventurers to go after a rather large (and delicious) alligator.
Correspondence Class February 17th, 2013 The students of Alexander Academy, and one of their Professors, converge on Cornelia. The end result is hilarity, and well... homework.
The Punchline February 17th, 2013 Will's journey for self-knowledge ends with revelations, lemon pie, and the hokey pokey.
Misplaced Compassion? February 16th, 2013 After being saved from Garland's wrath by Isaac, Morrighan languishes in the Twilight Detective Agency, prisoner and ward at the same time. Unfortunately for her, Maximilien Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne is too kind-hearted to leave well enough alone...
The Obsidian Ring February 16th, 2013 As the shadows darken over Fluorgis and spirits fall, and the flickering of the city's power and malfunctioning of water pumps lead to fearful rumors that the Fire Crystal itself is being suppressed, a Legion of lookalike detectives uncover a startling lead. A hooded figure has been spotted on high rooftops unleashing plumes of darkness into the air, leading to the thickening of the black clouds -- and, perhaps, the increasing incidence of Heartless.

The mysterious villain is spotted fleeing to the Sky Port, even though most flights are grounded due to the treacherous skies, apparently aware the jig is up. Acting quickly, the city of Fluorgis puts out a public alert to apprehend the fugitive. A crucial confrontation approaches. Will the force behind the Shadows Over Fluorgis be revealed at last?

Idle Moments February 16th, 2013 Paperwork is the bane of all things.
Funhouse of Nightmare - Reize Side February 16th, 2013 This is Reize's side of the story and what happened from prior the group exporing the funhouse and within the remaining duration.
Maid Cafe: The Bacon Episode February 16th, 2013 The Shard Seekers and Valkyri put up a Maid Cafe for gaining some coin - for charity
New World for the Class Act February 16th, 2013 It took five minutes for the students of Alexander Academy to lose their world by the Heartless. Now, this journey takes them into the World of Ruin. Destination: Cornelia.
A Second Chance February 16th, 2013 Maira has enough of Ivo's childishness. Ivo realizes too late what it is he's missed. Forgiveness, and a glimmer of hope. The future is open. But what path will they choose?
Dress Up February 16th, 2013 Feeling depressed, Leida wanders Traverse Town only to encounter Imi and Emi who assist her in a long-needed wardrobe upgrade and she ends up returning the favor.
Time of Rest, Seeds of Conflict February 15th, 2013 Faruja, Maira, Ivo and Raiya gather by coincidence at the WildKat Cafe, each depleted by their different endeavors. Will these good friends be tested by tensions which simmer beneath the surface, born of unexamined flaws?
Wolves Date Too February 15th, 2013 Skoll takes Avira out for a date!
Mist Crazed February 14th, 2013 Faruja and Hati stumble upon a certain Viera Judge, who seems to be acting like anything but.
Programs And A Raptor February 14th, 2013 What happens when two programs meet a Neo-Saurian? This is kinda what happens.
Summoning of The Fiend: Earth February 14th, 2013 Morrighan, acting under her own machinations, sets about creating a network of magic draining glyphs, all leading to the Iifa Tree. With a little help from a magic artifact, she performs a ritual to summon a dark force to her side. Needless to say, many take issue with this notion.
Carrots, Red Doors, Dog Ears and Statues February 13th, 2013 Following a swift misconception regarding the Red Door in District 2, Hati and Evja share a lighthearted conversation regarding food, life and statues.
Communication Error February 13th, 2013 You'd think TRON would learn not to seek out certain Programs for face-to-face conversations. It never ends well, and this time is no different...
Questions and Answers February 13th, 2013 The Network tracks down Zia in order to ask some questions, and get asked some in return.
Simple History 101 February 12th, 2013 CHIEF gets his mild Q/A with the MCP.
Scavenger of the Dead February 12th, 2013 In the sun-bleached remains of a battle between the Burmecians and their Alexandrian foes, a lone figure performs even dark deeds. Is she merely here to rob the dead or does some more sinister purpose drive her to these atrocities?
Reactor Story February 12th, 2013 Emperor Kuzco confuses one reactor for another, and leads Sammy to a wayward Mako Reactor.
Inn At The End of the World February 12th, 2013 A blizzard hits Narshe, bringing in a few off-world travellers.
Funhouse of Nightmare - Group Side February 11th, 2013 A mysterious funhouse has shown up and those who explored it never came out. Now, adventurers are tasked to find the missing people.
Confessions of the Heart February 11th, 2013 After the battle in the Pridelands, Faruja and Zia return to the Land of Dragons and the mouse springs his love letter on a certain unsuspecting gargoyle.
Hades Cup: Team Heavens Judgment VS Team Punishment Detail February 11th, 2013 The final of the round one matchups in the Hades Cup gets underway, Heavens Judgment vs Punishment Detail. Ducks get channeled. A truly Quackers fight indeed.
The Pompa Sanctum Parade February 11th, 2013 Jihl Nabaat runs the Pompa Sanctum Parade. People show up, talk, dance, and terrible things occur as the pagent for the win of the War of Trangression goes on.
Hades Cup: Team DLC vs Team Two Men and a Manchild February 11th, 2013 It is the first round of the Hades Cup tournament. Who shall win this match?!
Boneyard Shuffle February 10th, 2013 Shard UNLOCK! --- A massive undead mammoth shuffles about and inconviences the party. Guest starring Shenzai, Banzai and Ed. --Welcome to the Pride Lands.
Welcome To Archades February 10th, 2013 Riku takes up Gabranth's offer to join the Archadian Military - But is he really ready for it?
I Want It All February 10th, 2013 Maximilien meets up with Jihl in her tower room, and things go not quite as planned.
Shopping Spree February 9th, 2013 TRON decides to go clothes shopping and takes Avira with him. Turns out other Programs had the same idea...
Burgers and Crickets February 9th, 2013 A small gathering for burgers and milkshakes, and a lovestruck cricket chasing a barmaid.
Curious Mage February 9th, 2013 Returning to her haven after a failed excursion into the desert, Royce finds an unexpected visitor with a lot of questions.
Desert Rumble February 8th, 2013 A pair of villainous hunters go seeking out the local rumors of an ancient treasure only to cross paths with the unwitting traveler who holds the key to their success.
Bandit King Takes No Arrows To The Knee February 8th, 2013 Love, Bandits, and Soup! ..oh and a dragon (really)
Aftermath February 8th, 2013 Katyna recovers after the battle in the TT church, and encounters Faruja.
Plans of a Feather February 8th, 2013 Scrooge McDuck is out to make money and acquire some ice cream. Fenton Crackshell happens.
Judge Party(+1) February 7th, 2013 Zargabaath and Gabranth are ordered to approach Fluorgis to obtain information about the rumor that a Judge had been slain, and in the process, come across Evja. Emi shows up as Evja steps away, and shortly after a battle with the last member of Clan Verda that escaped the Judges occurs. Riku makes a show at the start to converse with Gabranth.
Inheritance February 7th, 2013 A mysterious thief is stealing powerful holy relics from the Traverse Church, and murdering those who try to stop him/her. VALKYRIE is once again called into action to stop the mysterious robber, however, the story takes a sudden surprise twist!
What to Do About The Weeds? February 7th, 2013 In the Shard Seeker garden, Lily is growing concerned with Reize over the garden and she asks the garden.
Dive Into The Heart: Shiki Misaki February 7th, 2013 Shiki falls into her own dreams... and begins a strange journey.
Revealing the Truth February 7th, 2013 Deidra and Zia catch up on current events, and share some measure of their secrets with one another.
Beached February 7th, 2013 Ariel washes up on the sores of Traverse Town!
Take Down Clan Verda! February 6th, 2013 The Judgemaster of Jylland has posted a request for some brave adventurers to help take down a rogue Clan, and in the process, act upon a personal request of his - save the Judge they stole.
Kung-Fu Animals Stole My Noodles! February 6th, 2013 Apparently in the Imperial City some Monkey-Men are causing trouble. Who will be able to stop them and who is up to stop these kung-fu trouble makers?
CopyKat Thief February 6th, 2013 Katyna and Gesandte run into each other in the church, and discover a thief has raided the tomb of Ser Kasrillen!
Hades Cup: Team Two Ladies and a Tramp VS No Sleep 'Till Man February 6th, 2013 The members of the TDA have it out in the Hades Cup to determine who gets to be the MAIN CHARACTERS! WHO WILL WIN?! HOBO OR DETECTIVE?! JUDGE DREADETTE OR LASOR MAGE?! THE SWARM OR whatever Avira is?!
Mark Hunt: Bloodwing February 5th, 2013 With the draw of a bounty on Bloodwing, Hati and Faruja head into a long-abandoned temple buried beneath the sands in search of fortune, but find something else, instead.
The Birds February 5th, 2013 The growing malaise in Fluorgis breeds a seriously large Noise. Shiki enlists friends and passers-by to stop the problem.
One Night In VALKYRI February 5th, 2013 Just another normal night in VALKYRI. Minus the strange new friends and visitors at least!
Fool Me Once-- February 5th, 2013 Rage takes up the bounty to go hunt down a Veira, to only realize to late that she was tricked. While the Judge and her come to terms, the clan that has the bounty on him, has not.
All That Glitters to Dragons is Gold February 4th, 2013 Priel and Faruja discuss a certain letter over breakfast...
The Shinra Rises February 4th, 2013 A long missing Shinra cargo ship has run aground near Luca the Shinra send troops to recover the cargo but people take notice. Also one cricket proves he may be insect James Bond.
BSOD February 4th, 2013 Static, we don't evens, and wait-whats may be exhibited here.
Rock And Ruby February 4th, 2013 Priel sits on a crate atop of some prime real estate, and Valos wants a 'piece' of the action.... action that is unbeknownst to Priel, even to -be- in existence, in the first place!
The City of Mist part 2 -HARD- February 3rd, 2013 The thrilling conclusion of The City of Mist-- HARDMODE.
Crushatrice Crisis February 3rd, 2013 The infamous crushatrice, Klesta, has descended upon the city of Fluorgis for some absurd reason. Can our intrepid heroes stop him before his rampage levels the city?
Assaulted Battery February 3rd, 2013 Megavolt is up to his old tricks. But this time, there's a hero ready to save the day! Or ruin it...
Dive Into The Heart: Zia February 2nd, 2013 A stonesleeping Zia takes her first step into a mysterious journey.
Cafe Conversations and Dumplings Denied February 2nd, 2013 Will stops eating before all food is exhausted. The world is about to end, folks.
Time To Come To Terms February 2nd, 2013 Avira catches Cronus and helps him with his issues.
The City of Mist -HARD- February 2nd, 2013 Welcome to beautiful, charming Withered Spire. We have time schenadigans-- we have them in a box. We have them in a train. We have them in a city full of unspeakable ghouls and searing mutagenic death lasers.
To Fluorgis, my Lady! February 2nd, 2013 Faruja and Evja finally make it to Fluorgis and head to the Shard Seekers HQ, where Priel and Faruja discover Evja has a passion for carrots.
Lily's Confrontation with Reize February 1st, 2013 Reize was asleep for the night, but then he woke up, unable to move. He first thing he sees is a very unhappy Lily
Dive Into The Heart: Deelel February 1st, 2013 A few downcycles for Deelel turns into something far greater...
You know I'm not male... right? February 1st, 2013 Evja goes to the hotsprings to relax and meets up with Rinoa and Tifa - and later a strange fellow who pisses the rabbit off.

Title Date Scene Summary
The Rat and the Warlord March 31st, 2013 Louis and Faruja discuss the battle that happened recently - as well as the Heretics they met... and the Heretic to be.
A Conversation Long Overdue March 31st, 2013 Skoll calls for Avira to have a much needed talk.
Monkeying Around March 31st, 2013 Serah Farron runs into Ron Stoppable (or the other way around) and there's a whole lot of monkeying around that happens afterwards.
Search of Power March 30th, 2013 Archades hires individuals to help locate a mysterious artifact at a mysterious location. Nothing could possibly go wrong...
Before The Mission March 30th, 2013 A tactical discussion before the mission begins.
First Blood Is The Loser March 30th, 2013 Faruja interrogates Gidarch Valos in Mullonde's maximum security prison. The Burmecian draws blood first, yet, the dark one is he who controls the flow of the fight up until the very end.
Bramble Crossing March 29th, 2013 A small gathering exchanges notes, sometimes thoughts, and sometimes snark.
Wolf Logic March 29th, 2013 Katyna makes one last pitstop in Shard Seekers HQ, determined to say goodbye to Reize before heading off to unknown realms with the Heretics. Instead, she runs into a certain wolf, and they discuss how the darkness has affected them (Bonus item: keychain unlocked!)
War upon the plains of Sabil March 29th, 2013 War is to be had when Ramza and some of his troops are spotted too close to Mullonde, and a powerful Shine Knight descends upon him along with both Unexpected as well as Expected allies.
Collusion March 29th, 2013 Emperor Mateus retires to his library for some light reading. What he finds instead becomes far more beneficial...
A Test Run March 29th, 2013 Having finished her line of Mecha-Volts; robots modeled after Megavolt, Rhia decides to hold a field test...with the one they were created from!
Follow That Ship! March 29th, 2013 After the events of Pirate Radio Zeke and his merry crew must hunt down and stop a ship full of kidnapped people all without getting eaten by a demon that's built a body for itself out of all the debris that used to be Tortuga's harbor.
Inheritance Part 2 March 28th, 2013 Mercade and Emi follow up on an investigation of the mysterious sister Felicia - and get more than they bargained for.
Knights of Shadow March 28th, 2013 The Dark Knight comes to Fluorgis, and begins to test a fellow Dark Knight and two unlikely heroes.
Careful? Me? March 28th, 2013 Maira and Ang have some time alone, before the arrival of the Dark Knight.
Novice Tournament: Reize vs Avira March 28th, 2013 The tournament has started out in Traverse Town. Reize decided to enter the fight in order to try his luck against the group. However, his opponent was Avira, who decided to try her luck in the events as well! Let's see who comes out on top!
A Dangerous Mission to Take March 28th, 2013 Down at Fluorgis, Reize and Violet had a nice chat, only to run into the Judge Magister. What started off as initial gratiude for the assistance from Archades turned into an invitation for the Shard Seekers to assist them in exploring an untouched land.
Pirate Radio March 28th, 2013 Zeke has asked, begged, bartered, and hired a group of people to help rescue family from being sold into slavery. To do that though a diversion has to be created. This is the first part of that story.
Reforging Darkness March 27th, 2013 The Dark Knight returns home to repair his armor and issue a report of his findings to his master, Emperor Mateus. But due to its composition, the armor cannot be restored by craftsmanship alone...
Path to Redemption March 27th, 2013 Katyna finally reveals her dark secret to Faruja, who sees a potential soul to be redeemed under the guidance of the church..
Pirates vs. Hawaii March 27th, 2013 Captain Barbossa and his pirates invade Hawaii in search of Captain Redman's lost treasure.
That isn't Snow March 26th, 2013 Serah wakes up from crystal slumber, completly disoriented, stumbling upon Niklas, who's never been oriented.
Confession March 26th, 2013 Using the charm she received from Seith, Leida seeks out her close friend in the newly restored Manhattan but gets lost in the incredible size of the city. A chance encounter allows her to deliver the message she crossed worlds to say.
Trouble in the Church March 26th, 2013 Stitch looks high and low for Lilo and while checking out the Church of Glabados, runs into his cousin, Duke. The two start things off with a bang and in the end, Stitch gets his claws on a new set of 'wheels'
Lets Light The Sky March 26th, 2013 The Dark Knight pays the Traverse Area a visit and once again challenges those who would stand as part of the Light.
Dagger in Danger! March 26th, 2013 An unconcious figure, an open portal, and heartless. A perfect recipe for a barmaid and a mermaid to stumble upon.
Tough Love March 25th, 2013 Artemis meets Sir Faruja, Deelel, and gives Katyna some tough love--just about the only kind of love she has.
Crazy Bar Fun! March 25th, 2013 Katyna walks into a bar and runs into Faruja,but is too scared to reveal her ugly secret to him. Artemis gives her some tough love advice..
Retrieving Their Own March 25th, 2013 Sanel was just enjoying his wandering, but the Church of Glabados had plans for the boy. It was an unlikely savior that came to the boy's aid.
Enter the Dragon March 24th, 2013 A strange woman comes to Ramza, offering her services. What exactly is he getting himself into?
Welcome Home Avira! March 24th, 2013 Manhatten's Princess finally comes home. An awkward party commences!
Clearing the Land March 24th, 2013 Intending to train away from prying eyes, Ophelia finds that her new subordinate has taken some liberties without consulting her first. She isn't pleased.
Eggnog Crossing March 24th, 2013 It's time... for adventure! And awkward conversations.
Moment of Wonder March 24th, 2013 Rena finds herself entranced just for a moment by a magician's strange crystal ball.
Dark Dream March 23rd, 2013 Leida receives an unexpected visitor in her dreams.
The Last Number March 23rd, 2013 Shiki and her new friends have reunited all of the Tiki Room... except one. That's until she shows up possessed by the darkness. Then, something amazing happens...
Riku was not lost, he was just underground so far he was in Arcadia March 22nd, 2013 Will was out searching for Riku, and found him in an unexpected place. Then stole his food.
Imperial Order March 22nd, 2013 After far too long silent, the Emperor of Palamecia begins to move his forces...
The Fallen March 22nd, 2013 Katyna and Ramza approach Mercade to talk to him about the ongoing issue facing Katyna and those around her. The problem is getting worse... But the TDA is on the case.
The Search Is On March 22nd, 2013 The Dark Knight starts his quest to find those of Light and test them.
Stakeout March 22nd, 2013 Sammy proves that he is rather tenacious when it comes to trying to guilt young girls into getting into his van.
The Right Answer To The Wrong Question March 22nd, 2013 Gidarch Valos and Cressida deliver supplies to Morrighan's estate. Scheming to have himself deliberately booted from her home, a moment of weakness causes Valos' plans to require improvisation. In spite of this, Morrighan is absolved of any misconduct when Gidarch confesses to his consummation of sabotage, and Cressida chaperones him to the Glabados officials for justice; all the while, neither Cressida or Morrighan can ascertain the method to his madness.
Voices March 21st, 2013 A long walk. A decision to trust. A.. great deal of exposition.
Java Break March 21st, 2013 CHIEF invites TRON to a small cafe for a chat. Explosions do not ensue.
The Price of Redemption March 21st, 2013 Having fled Traverse Town, the Shadow Lords and VALKYRIE after revealing her true identity, Katyna runs into Avira, Maira and Angantyr again, and realizes that redemption and forgiveness wont come so easily..
Goblet If You Please March 20th, 2013 A holy goblet is required for a spell. The best place to get such a thing. A church ofcoarse! Off to Glabados' place in Mullonde!
A Benign Proposition March 20th, 2013 Count Valos makes a benign offer to Ramza Beoulve.
Devourer in the Depths March 19th, 2013 Artyom decides to go revisit some old ruins with a group of his friends. They unleash a sleeping creature.
Return Home and Bath Gone Wrong March 19th, 2013 Reize returns home, Lily was not happy with Reize disappearing off. Later on, Reize takes a bath and a certain dragon girl gets her revenge.
Hope for A Lost One March 19th, 2013 Reize was on his way back to Fluorgis after getting lost. However, a wind storm directed him to a cavern, where he runs into a former Shadow Lord on the run.
An early morning in Fynn March 18th, 2013 Reize meets two brand new adventurers
Hospital Visits March 18th, 2013 While Riku recovers from the Manhattan Restoration in a Fluorgis hospital, he pays a visit to Judge Magister Zargabaath...
Waking Up Avira March 18th, 2013 In the house of the Twilight Detective Agency, Avira waits dreaming.
Outrunning Memories. March 18th, 2013 Katyna learns that while one can't outrun her past. But what will her past do when it catches up to her?
Change of Scenery March 18th, 2013 Maira returns from Manhattan Restoration to check on Angantyr and tell the story
Let Mysterious Dogs Lie March 17th, 2013 After upgrading his boomerangs at Alexandria, the Shard Seekers, Luso, and Yurita encounter a myterious mercenary. Reize also learns to remember one of his knight's vows the hard way.
Following the Path March 17th, 2013 Adventurers go off in search of treasure, only to be thwarted by the 'Ghetto Knight'.
His Favorite Slinky Black Dress March 17th, 2013 Max interrupts paperwork time and drags Jihl out.
Confessions of an Adventurer March 17th, 2013 Reize and Lily are at the bridge at Fluorgis, relaxing. Annalise comes in to join the two in their chat.
Press X to Advance March 16th, 2013 A new mystery begins and Riku explains things to a Wild Yurita. Maybe.
A Dire Encounter March 16th, 2013 During the freeing of Manhattan, there are some people out there pretending to be Avira using a little charm to lure the Shadow Lords away from the Manhattan Restoration party. And one such Shadow Lord finds a fake...

It's the worst Shadow Lord to find this one however.

Staring Away from the Abyss March 16th, 2013 Some memories are to be left sealed away. Faruja finds this out the hard way.
Restoration March 16th, 2013 It has finally come - the final battle to resurrect Manhattan!
The Main Act March 16th, 2013 Shiki and her erstwhile allies meet up with... some more allies, and they vent their frustrations on the Darkness while trying to save the Tiki Gods.
A Crushing Bore March 15th, 2013 Both in search of the missing Avira, Evja and Seith end up facing off.
Passing the Torch March 15th, 2013 An old inquisitor retires and passes her duties on to an unlikely young woman. Ophelia seems all too keen to don the mantle of authority and sets the wheels in motion for hidden plans.
Dinner and a Talk March 15th, 2013 Skoll and Zia have a brief chat over bacon sandwiches.
Love and Rooftops March 15th, 2013 Zia and Percival discuss things like love, and princesses, and his past.
Explosive Reunion March 15th, 2013 Faruja gets a new soldier in his crew who is a surprisingly familiar face, and a whole load of trouble.
To Hell and Back March 14th, 2013 Avira has been captured, dragged into the depths of the Underworld. Avira's friend band together, ready to rescue their friend, and free Manhattan from darkness once and for all. There can be no failure here, for failure has...perminate consiquences.
Just Another Spooky Thursday March 14th, 2013 When an old run down house in the older parts of town begins to emit strange noises the locals fear an infestation of ghosts or worse. Eager to get out and about after several months of preparation, a young woman who specializes in such threats responds to the call for aid.
Trio of Maidens March 14th, 2013 A bit of post-Manhattan recovery and healing, the spirits are high and not thanks to drinks.
Ember Revealed March 14th, 2013 After betraying VALKYRI, Ember reveals herself to Maira and seems remorseful of her treacherous ways..
A.A.R. - Walter Tango Foxtrot March 13th, 2013 Fluorgis Hospital, when every stay is a pleasant one. Even when your a darkness user, a man in his prime, and a a Judge Magister silently (heavily) concerned.
Into The Underworld March 13th, 2013 Seith moves Avira to the Underworld, and is joined by Morrighan in the trip.
Conversations and Carrots March 13th, 2013 Faruja follows Evja to Archades, seeking answers to recent rumors.
Healing Downtime March 13th, 2013 Avira taken by Hades, her friends and allies gather to recover before embarking to find her.
Waking up after the Bog March 12th, 2013 Will wakes up after being horribly injured by Royce during their rescue of Avira
Of Will And Shadow March 12th, 2013 Judge Magister Zargabaath intends to find just how deep the darkness goes within Riku. But you know what they say: when you look into the abyss...
Darkest Before Dawn March 12th, 2013 It can always get worse.
Eye for an Eye: Confrontation March 12th, 2013 Together, Hati's friends and family fight against the dark force threatening her life.
Reunion March 11th, 2013 Shiki and her friends head off to search for the inhabitants of the Enchanted Tiki Room. A musical medley ensues!
Weak Hearts March 11th, 2013 Katyna, Maira and Angantyr discuss Avira's deal with darkness. Katyna secretly ponders her own weaknesses and dealings with darkness.
Bayou Brawl March 11th, 2013 Following the Avira sightings leads the heroes and a certain necromancer to the bayou. All hell breaks loose.
Meetings and Partings March 11th, 2013 Several wandering sorts each from a different world meet while on the road much to the surprise of each other.
The Beast Amidst the Canyon March 11th, 2013 Avira, in her mutate state, sought to avoid people. This lead her to the Cosmo Canyon. However, she encounters the boy who was crazy enough to try to claim Hydra as a pet.
Always There When I Need You March 11th, 2013 Maira, Angantyr and Katyna meet up to talk about how to help Avira.
Reflection of The Heart March 10th, 2013 People have been disappearing into mysterious portals over the course of time. With more and more cases popping up, it's decided that the origin should be investigated. ...But what will they find within?
Enter Macbeth March 10th, 2013 While recovering from their wounds, the TDA meets with Evja... But more importantly, a man from Manhattan has come to introduce himself, named Macbeth. What could this mean for the ongoing battles to restore Manhattan?
Shinra Off the Clock March 10th, 2013 Montag, Reno and Rhiannon head to a local pub to get dinner after their shifts are over. Also in Reno's case try out the local booze. There they run into Leida with rather strange encounter and as always? Rhiannon wants samples of EVERYTHING!
The Beast of Halloween Town March 10th, 2013 Ashamed and horrified, the mutate Avira fled into the night-but rumors of her hiding in Halloween Town spread fast. Friend, foe, and unexpected ally alike cross paths with the distraught woman.
The Real Xanatos Gambit March 9th, 2013 Hades invites himself over for tea, things get ultra complicated.
Dark Distractions March 9th, 2013 While Xanatos Gambits are being spin, shadows sweep out of the background to provide some serious beatdowns and lobster butter.
Training To Be March 9th, 2013 Gabranth and Zargabaath speak on Riku's future training. More of a request from one and demands from another...
Camping at Macalania Forest March 8th, 2013 Reize gets his companion lost. What do you expect from him?
Lust Goes To The Tallest Bidder March 8th, 2013 Gidarch Valos is instructed to accompany Morrighan to the marketplace to procure supplies she needs, but he acts avoidant during the entire excursion. Upon returning to her manor, she discovers he was fighting an internal conflict that she aggravates all the more, when she offers him something he can just barely manage to refuse.
Negaduck's Rampage In Traverse March 8th, 2013 Leave it to Negaduck to take the undead and the Heartless to cause destruction. However, the heroes are there to stop him! ...Or do the make it worse?
Taking Flight March 8th, 2013 Shiki and a group of her allies go looking for some macaws, and find themselves in a quarrel with a goddess and a lost world...
The Final Shard March 8th, 2013 Time to go visit a friend of Merlin's for the real answer of where the Spirit Shard is - Mama Odie. Yet can this Voodoo Priestess really help them? Or will it just be another wild goose chase?
A Subtle Shift March 7th, 2013 Angantyr delivers some wisdom to the young princess as she struggles with the difficulties of being an avatar of shadows in a world that detests the dark.
Archadian Crossroads March 7th, 2013 Gabranth and Riku have a heart to heart. It seems even in the darkest moments, there is always light.
The Breakfast Club March 7th, 2013 A Templar, A Captain, and a Heretic have a chat. Waffles were allegedly involved. Don't miss the cameo of everyone's favorite amnesiac!
Eye for an Eye: Sleepless Night March 7th, 2013 Late in the evening, Hati isn't able to sleep, so she tells Faruja a few dark truths to see if he would withdraw from helping her, or stay.
Shard Packing With Merlin?? March 7th, 2013 Time to go find the last shard! Everyone gather together because we are hitting up Merlin's. Yet what they will find out, isn't what they were hoping for...
A Chance Encounter March 6th, 2013 Aurora is attempting to speak to the local wildlife and seeming to make some progress when two stranger from worlds alien to her's and each other arrive and they learn some strange things about each other and their home worlds.
Suddenly Sora March 6th, 2013 Mercade's eating in the Cloud Nine, and Sora pops in for some food and drink. They chat!
Refrigerator Raider March 6th, 2013 Katey gets a strange nighttime visitor.
Eye for an Eye: Potions and Plans March 5th, 2013 Faruja and friends discover what happened to Hati, and make plans to rectify it.
A Heretic's Plea March 5th, 2013 A man walks into the TDA and requests their help after making startling revelations.
Children of Ivalice March 5th, 2013 Ramza has a chance meeting with a monk from Ivalice.
Observation March 5th, 2013 Outside of the city of Fluorgis, a clan battle takes place. The Judges here oversee this battle and Gabranth not only gets to watch how this is done, but also runs into Evja.
A Weight On His Shoulders March 5th, 2013 Percival, having taken a blade from a pirate's treasure... is beset with a new task.
A Strange Offer March 5th, 2013 ShinRa shows a strange interest in the budding powers of what they fear may soon be another Shadow Lord.
A Test Of Values March 5th, 2013 Evja challenges Sora to prove himself in a fight. Angantyr doesn't take happily to this and challenges Evja afterwards.
On Life and Living Forever March 5th, 2013 Will and Morrighan talk about things..
Dinner with CHIEF March 5th, 2013 CHIEF invites VALKYRI to dinner. Surely nothing will go wrong.
Dive Into The Heart: Luso Clemens March 5th, 2013 Luso Clemens takes the first step...
What Would You Say, If You A Mousie On A Chain? March 4th, 2013 Faruja invites Morrighan to negotiate terms for her induction into Glabados. Because of the rodent's penchant for mouthing off, Gidarch Valos, technically beneath Faruja in rank, is charged with the task of keeping the Burmecian on a leash; albeit, he must do it in a suggestive, humble manner, since Faruja supersedes his authority.
Sand In Our Socks March 4th, 2013 Some of the students of Alexander Academy hit Costa Del Sol, and run into a reoccuring network.
Ahoy! March 4th, 2013 Zeke and Faruja discuss plans for their raid on Tortuga over breakfast.
Eye for an Eye: Curse Removal 101 March 4th, 2013 In search of a cure for her friend who has been badly cursed, the young dark knight Ember goes to seek the advice of an expert on such matters.
Sketchy Conversation March 4th, 2013 Will hates the ocean, but still finds himself on the beach. Maybe it is trying to eat him. Riku spectates.
Scars of the Past March 4th, 2013 Rumors of an unknown lab dating back to the War of the Magi has been making the rounds as of late. Worse something has been attacking near by towns. A band of heroes and others go to drive into to the depths and find something left behind by a long ended war.
Stealing 'Treasure' from Pirates March 3rd, 2013 A group of adventurers explore an island near Port Royal, where treasure is presumed to be hidden, and have to deal with the wiles of the local pirates.
To the Victor... March 3rd, 2013 Hades hands the World Shard of Wind to th Winners of the Hades cup...and NOTHING else.
So there's all this Rum see... March 2nd, 2013 Post-Getting-Flung-From-Atlantis Zeke having to find a use with all the party favors he'd gathered was holding an impromptu party...
Mysterious Mysteries March 1st, 2013 When pigs give maps and Merlin translates, interesting things happen. Including being swept away to an underwater mystery of mysteries.
Eye for an Eye: Guardian March 1st, 2013 After receiving the message from Katyna, Skoll goes to check on his sister.
Eye for an Eye: The Cure March 1st, 2013 Katyna comes to Seith seeking for a way to help Hati.
Back Alley Banter March 1st, 2013 Wandering through the back alleys of Fluorgis at night leads to some short conversation.

Title Date Scene Summary
Black Market Bust April 30th, 2013 Clayton and his thugs set up camp to hawk their illegal animal wares, until some people take offense to it.
TEA-SENSEI April 30th, 2013 Artemis teaches a couple members of the Network about tea.

No one survives.

Okay maybe they do.

A Fishy Deal April 30th, 2013 Seloria tracks down Souji and offers her services.
The Limits Of Hospitality April 29th, 2013 Sydney Losstarot arrives on the Ame-no-Torifune. After an exchange of words, he finds himself being helped off.
A Mouse and a Wolf Walk Into a Bar April 29th, 2013 But instead of of being the start to a bad joke, it's just the start of Hati and Faruja catching up on recent events.
Artisanquest: ATE - The Jeweler and the Judge April 29th, 2013 Lenn comes across the resident Judge that had accompanied them on this journey after 'her' rest and the two converse about jewelry, and a possible commission.
Artisanquest: Training April 29th, 2013 Lenn, Lily and Shiki train with Kumoto and his apprentice over the course of several days.
The Hypocrisy of Order April 29th, 2013 Helena and Alma. Do opposites attract, or repel?
Hidden Darkness, Crouching Ninja April 28th, 2013 The Dark Knight comes, Jackie Chan(?) gets killed, and Ninjas get pissed.
Artisanquest: Awful Things Happen April 28th, 2013 After meeting with Kumoto, everyone is taking a rest when Neku stumbles in. Subsequently things go insane in awful, complicated ways and nothing will ever be the same again.
Perfect Timing April 28th, 2013 Riku tells Will about what he saw in Castle Oblivion...Will runs off to find her.
Fountain Crossroads April 28th, 2013 Portal schenadigans and catching up with the times. Film at 11.
Artisanquest: Sittin' Around Daguerreo April 28th, 2013 Shiki and friends finally reach Daguerreo! They sit around and she exposits a bit on Sho, and then we meet a moogle.
Interview To Hire April 27th, 2013 Alma meets Souji in Costa Del Sol, wherein she offers her services to Souji after a discussion of mutual interests.
Electric Boogaloo! April 27th, 2013 Corporate Adventure. What could go wrong?
Fearless Leader Fears Water! April 26th, 2013 Reize and Violet are at the beach together. However, she learns of the brave adventurer's fear of water.
Gargoyle's Warning April 26th, 2013 Percival gives the Dark Knight his thoughts...
Food for Thought April 26th, 2013 A story owed and sandwiches consumed. Questions answered.
Code Repair April 26th, 2013 In the aftermath of the attack on VALKYRI HQ, TRON is left with damage that can't be healed with magic, potions, or time. Fortunately, he happens to know a medical Program who can help...
Too Close to Home April 26th, 2013 Some things just strike too close to home. Also. Never bet against Judge Magister Zargabaath. Ever.
Alma's First Date April 26th, 2013 Helena is a terrible person and tricked Alma into going on a date with her...and then got her sister to go on it too. Things get interesting when Helena gives Alma her first Alchohalic beverage too.
Endless Vigil April 26th, 2013 Maira tries to get away from the Dark Knight, finds herself locked in a tower surrounded by Guardians.
Artisanquest: Taboot Camp April 26th, 2013 Shiki and her friends begin their quest towards Daguerreo!

Then Sho Minamimoto shows up within five minutes and absolutely everything goes horribly, horribly wrong. A new record!

The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating April 25th, 2013 Isaac gets some visitors. Emi asks an important question.
Legends And Lore April 25th, 2013 Souji calls in some of what Archades owes him in the form of lore, imparted by the Judge of Reason. What does he want with it?
You Will Set the World on Fire April 25th, 2013 After a heartbreaking and terrifying encounter with Garland and Angantyr, Maira comes to check up on her friends. Unfortunately, she keeps lighting on fire in her sleep and she is /very/ tired.
What can be broken can be.. April 25th, 2013 CHIEF has been sent out by the DPS to gather up the supplies needed to aid in fixing VALKYRI HQ. He runs into some people to break up his boring job.
We Like... April 25th, 2013 Cornelia a place of mystic tales, merriment, and there love of swords gets a hello from a very dark individual looking for those of Light.
Artisanquest: ADVENTURE TIME April 25th, 2013 Shiki Misaki rouses her friends and allies for a quest to distant lands!
Master And Servant April 24th, 2013 Exdeath's return brings new orders to his general! What will the King of Swords do?
Heart of Power April 24th, 2013 Look who's back and yet, is not fit for duty. After all, sometimes it better to have a break time.
I Was Just In The Neighborhood... April 24th, 2013 An old hand drops in on a coworker who'd rather be anywhere else.
Not Quite The Disney Ending April 23rd, 2013 Max says three very important words. Does Jihl manage to say them back?
Grendel Attacks April 23rd, 2013 VALKYRI's carefully planned party is rudely interrupted by an attacking monster.
Not So Daring Rescue April 22nd, 2013 Zidane shows up to rescue Garnet and Rusty, but so far he only finds the annoying one.
Coliseum Field Trip April 22nd, 2013 In continuation of testing Rena's interests, Emperor Mateus gives her a tour of the Palamecian Coliseum and a view of monsters she finds familiar and unknown alike.
A Dark Offer April 22nd, 2013 Seith approaches Souji with an offer.
Agrias meets Edward Sc--Sydney April 22nd, 2013 Agrias sees a familiar symbol and confronts Sydney.
Enter The Draconian April 22nd, 2013 A new arrival has come to Traverse Town... yet again.
Ramza's Ridiculous Modesty April 22nd, 2013 The New Zodiac Braves have a little chat after a night ambush of their camp. Artemis lectures Ramza on his modesty.
Artyom Really Hates Ghosts April 21st, 2013 In preparation for construction of a new academy to train future demon hunters, Ophelia enlists the aid of her mercenary geomancer to pave the way.
Wheeling and Dealing April 21st, 2013 Souji meets with Ramza and offers him clandestine material support. The price...?
An unexpected hero April 21st, 2013 Seith wanders into Cornelia looking for a hero. What he finds is... far worse.
Alexander Aftermath April 21st, 2013 A rattled psyche is stirred, not shaken back to life.
Relative Safety April 21st, 2013 Time flies when you are burnt to a crisp.
The Day The World Ended And I Met A Hobo Lad April 20th, 2013 Caran wakes up on Bodhum Beach after thinking he accidentally caused the end of the world. Will Sherman provides exposition.
King Of The Mountain April 20th, 2013 There is a Behemoth on the prowl. It has decided to go explore the Mythril Mountains, problem is, so have some others who want it captured.
Ambush the Heretics! April 20th, 2013 Faruja, Ophelia and Helena ambush the New Zodiac Braves. Zack pulls a helicopter out.
Jidro and An Old Friend April 19th, 2013 Jidro was relaxing in Carwen until the familiar Helena Celba greets her co-worker on business that he had been absent from. Of course, Annia gets involved in the encounter...
On a Pier in Bodhum April 19th, 2013 Serah finds Bodhum, but its not quite like her home. Agrias comes in looking for her princess, and relaxes at the end of the pier for a spell.
Harsh Reality April 19th, 2013 Judge Magister Zargabaath calls Riku to the Alexander for a meeting concerning the behemoth.
Resource Acquisition April 19th, 2013 Souji negotiates a deal to land in the wilds of Palamecia in order to harvest their resources. EXTREME NEGOTIATIONS ensue.
A Nice Quiet Moment April 19th, 2013 Just a quiet evening of tense planning. For once?
Conversations Between April 19th, 2013 A letter was sent to Maira. Within it a white link pearl. The owner is not who she was perhaps hoping for; or was she?
Subsidies April 18th, 2013 Kuja pays a visit to the new kid on the block. Murasame is given some interesting gifts and told to do with them as he will...
Hello Doctor April 18th, 2013 Some interesting discoveries are made on the Behemoth. One that Archades was perhaps not ready for.
Beachside Encounter April 18th, 2013 Maira is spending some time alone at the beach, and it is here that she meets a certain street performer.
Thunder And Snow April 17th, 2013 High above Narshe, Souji and Helena discuss current events...
Tensions Rise Near the Vet April 17th, 2013 Sanel was freting near the vet when Avira came across him. However, as Evja and Lia emerged from their recovery, along with the presence of Carnus and Maira, tension rises surrounding Evja and other matters.
Terror On The High Seas April 17th, 2013 Exdeath has returned; Gilgamesh is terrified; Faris asks questions.
Around the NZB Campfire April 17th, 2013 Some of the New Zodiac Braves have a chat.
Eyes In the Darkness April 17th, 2013 Louis travels back to Mullode to speak to the owner of a lost property and his current actions. The conversation is less than pleasant.
The Mouse King's Execution April 16th, 2013 The heroes sneak into Alexandria Castle to rescue the Burmecian King..
Reboot Data April 16th, 2013 What was done by wrong by users, will be done right by programs. Though what may seem good now, could come at a price later. Choices within Choices.
An Offer He Won't Refuse April 16th, 2013 Souji Murasame heads to Mullonde to meet with Faruja and make use of the materials he has... acquired recently. For a good cause, of course.
Misunderstandings And Breakthroughs April 16th, 2013 Emperor Mateus and Rena Laradyne have a conversation that begins harshly and ends on a much more positive note.
Test of Courage April 16th, 2013 Within Carwen, Annia had been tending to Jidro, who collapsed from a backlash of the forbidden magic that he used. After a serious discussion, the two discuss on their relationship a bit further. And then, Jidro makes a test of courage...
Darkness In The Woods April 16th, 2013 Riku and The Dark Knight have a run in within the forest of Targ Woods...
Fallen Star April 16th, 2013 Rumors say a star has fallen in the desert near Fluorgis. Several adventurers seek it out, and find a lot more than they were expecting.
Advanced Warning April 15th, 2013 What one does when there is common enemy. With new information in hand (or on Disc), TRON decides to brave the lion's den to warn his worst enemy of Something (worse than) Wicked This Way Comes.
Last Call April 15th, 2013 CHIEF and AESIP have a little talk to try and calm CHIEF's own nerves. This is when you realize, CHIEF makes no sense when he is nervous. ((Takes place during Advanced Warning))
An Interrupted Duel April 15th, 2013 Within the colisseum, Evja was practicing until he was reunited with Sanel and Lia. After a conversation, they were to do battle until a member of the Glabados Church interrupted the potential match.
Misty Night! Carwen's Horrible Fortune! April 15th, 2013 Eerie mists enter in from the high seas, quickly surrounding the port and central parts of the city of Carwen. Lurking in the fog are the heartless seeking to devour the city's citizens and anyone else brave enough to rise against them. However, not all is lost! Along side the Palamecia Knights, heroes will rise to defend the city against an unknown foe! Will they succeed and will they discover the purpose behind this attack?
Stages Of Mentorship April 14th, 2013 Garland has a conversation with Angantyr about Archadia.
Yes! Malboros! April 14th, 2013 "I work hard for the money! So hard for the money! Something something money, give me lots of honey!"

Shiki and friends go monster hunting. Gotta pay the rent somehow.

Becoming a Very Adventurous Lady April 14th, 2013 The jovial Spellsword finally meet the leader of VALKYRI.
Displeasure April 13th, 2013 Garland is not happy and nor does he forget.
Accessing Archive Data... April 13th, 2013 Time for a refresher on TRON-verse before the big TP. Kick back and enjoy the show of OOC meets IC! Or.. is it IC meets ooc? Either way - NEW TRON INFO HERE
Cats and Canaries April 13th, 2013 A long conversation after a hard evening's carousing. About shoes and ships and sealing wax.
A Day At The Beach With Fair Weather April 13th, 2013 Zack goes to retrieve a sword from a volcano in Hawaii, along with the New Zodiac Braves. It turns into a beach party as they celebrate...being on a beach.
The Guest of Palamecia April 13th, 2013 There is a Guest in Palamecia. We don't get guests often.
Dance of Ice and Fireworks April 13th, 2013 A celebration of life in a cold northern continent port town.
A Picnic Interrupted April 12th, 2013 Reize, Lily, and Annalise were set off to enjoy a nice picnic. However, familiar new friends to the leader of the Shard Seekers were in danger.
Revelations Of Another Kind April 12th, 2013 A meeting with Katyna to relay the information discovered thus far bears unexpected fruit.
Sweet Dreams are made of these April 12th, 2013 An unwanted visitor intrudes on one of Avira's strange dreams.
Seeking the Seekers April 11th, 2013 The jovial spellsword finally makes it to the Shard Seekers HQ, and learns of others he might wish to join.
Goods and Services April 11th, 2013 Souji meets with Rufus Shinra, of the Shinra Electric Company, and strikes a deal for military equipment. He also gains some valuable background information...
Gargoyles Go House Hunting April 11th, 2013 Since gargoyles do tend to clan together, Zia and Percival go house-hunting for a decent roost in Fluorgis.
Flying the Coop April 10th, 2013 Princess Garnet encounters Kuja who tries to bring her back to Alexandria castle with force. Garnet however has other plans, and once again 'flies the coop' with the help of a mysterious benefactor.
Marked April 10th, 2013 Wolves, a lack of breakfast and one sided conversations.
Knock Knock April 10th, 2013 The Dark Knight decides its time to go pay a visit to a 'family'. Battle ensues and turn of events change the set.
Impromptu Meetings April 9th, 2013 Oh, knowledge is shared / About Keyblades and lives / Sora does haiku.
From Twilight to Darkness April 9th, 2013 After extending a hand of friendship, Matthew the street performer prepares to lead Rena to his home. But will the Shivan follow...?
Dragons and Haywire Contraptions April 9th, 2013 Katey's first prototype of the Faruja-bot-9000 distracts a resting sellsword on the Dias Plains.
Something Old, Something New April 8th, 2013 Matthew has returned to Traverse Town for another performance. A touch of magic, a bit of wonder... and perhaps, weaving a glimmer of hope from despair.
Right To The Source April 8th, 2013 Souji needs materials to work with. He knows Greene and Valodjn had uncovered an ancient ruin from the War of the Magi. There's stuff in there he can use. Useful stuff. So now he just needs to deal with the one man who can restore it into a marketable form...
Out of the Frying Pan and into the Desert April 8th, 2013 Fran awakens in a strange new world, filled with things both familiar and somehow not quite the same. Her first contact turns out to be a Judge - who is also a viera?
The Runaway Princess April 8th, 2013 Tifa and Aerith have a chat in the unusually quiet hours of the day in Cloud Nine. The quiet peasant girl Dagger, staying on the second floor of Cloud Nine for the last few weeks, is suddenly revealed to be none other than Princess Garnet Til Alexandros! What's worse, Alexandrian soldiers have entered the bar in search of her! Whatever will she do? Why..Run away of course!
What happens in Narshee.. April 8th, 2013 Maira runs into Angantyr, who then runs into Emi.
Narshee Aftermath April 7th, 2013 Avira and Angantyr talk about the aftermath of the Mines, as well as their recent falling out. Bridges are mended.
KFC Behemoth Style April 7th, 2013 The Eclipse Behemoth wants some KFC! Chocobo Like in Behemoth Flavor choices. The problem is, adventures don't want the Behemoth to have his KFC.
Information, Data, and Heart April 7th, 2013 On a self-given fact-finding mission about Carwen, Emperor Mateus ends up getting stalked by CAPGRAS for his heart. What happens next turns out to be quite informative and perhaps beneficial for them both...
Lost In The Woods April 7th, 2013 Riku decides to go chasing after the Behemoth back into Targ Forest. He may just make a new friend.
The Cold Hard Truth! A Sinister and Diabolical Plan? April 7th, 2013 The town of Narshe has been experiencing some mysterious and sinister sounds coming from their mines. With cries of concerns arising from its citizens, The Council of Narshe has taken it upon themselves to call upon the help of adventerous souls, following a failed attempt to discover the answer to the mystery on their own. As the adventurers arrive, all seems well in the small isolated town though not all is as it appears to be ... and then some.
Initial Findings April 6th, 2013 Stored recording of ancillary darkness laboratory 12. Status: ACTIVE
Seeking the Truth April 6th, 2013 Count Valos has indicated that a man named Father Bouhr is responsible for sending the letter that warned the heretic Ramza Beoulve of his impending capture. Ophelia sets about to discover the truth of this with a little old fashioned interrogation.
Fruiting For All April 6th, 2013 FRUIT MAN returns with his partner in fighting evil, Kiwi LAAAD!!
A Judge of Sandwiches April 6th, 2013 Riku stops in at Cloud Nine to enlist the help of Mercade and the TDA to track down a mysterious being and a Behemoth...
Unlikely Crossing April 4th, 2013 Maira and Avira come across the most unlikely of people. The Dark Knight himself.
Recovery of the Heart April 4th, 2013 After the last surviving Judge is recovered from the desert and the behemoth officially lost thanks to well-intentioned adventurers, the Archadian force returns to their homeland to reconsider and reevaluate what to do now. Riku, however, has deeper worries...
Getting Caught up April 4th, 2013 Deelel has moved back into the Arcade and an very old friend comes to catch up and check the place out. The pair talk, ideas are brought up and a plan is made.
Malice Striker April 4th, 2013 Artyom has had a dream and it has brought him to the Phantom Forest. He has not come alone and he seeks the Esper that lurks here.
An Unlikely Mentor April 3rd, 2013 A troubled Gargoyle seeks out aid in controlling a curse.
Hobo Wisdom April 3rd, 2013 In the aftermath of Royce's attack, Will and Ramza have a talk.
Beast On The Run April 3rd, 2013 There is a Behemoth on the loose. Its big. Its dark. Its hungry. What do these four kids from Alexander do? Read to find out!
The Light-Hearted Dance April 3rd, 2013 King Mickey and a group of weary adventurers unexpectedly meet for a chance encounter of joyful drink, dancing, and other forms of fun at The Rabanastre Inn and Pub!
A Chat at the Cafe April 3rd, 2013 After losing at the colisseum against Avira, they celebrate over WildKat cafe(with Reize buying) and have some serious discussions.
Search And Rescue April 3rd, 2013 Judge Magister Zargabaath leads an Archadian search for the mystery behemoth and to find the personnel still missing-in-action. The results of this search are hardly what he could have ever imagined.
Vault Hunter: Part 1 April 2nd, 2013 Royce, upon discovering an ancient key, goes looking for the lock which she suspects will be found in the ruins of other Ajoran temples. Unfortunately, her timing is terrible and a veritable army of heroes stand in her way.
Mystery Woof April 1st, 2013 He'd promised Hati, and now after things have settled down a little, finally has the chance to do that one thing he still wanted to do. To treat Zia to a 'date'.
Insert Coin April 1st, 2013 A lady far from home comes back to one of the few bits of familiarity she's had and finds it isn't as it first seems.
Ship Fish April 1st, 2013 After the insanity involving Tortuga Zke and Ariel have a quiet moment on ship.
Dusk Spar April 1st, 2013 After the island mission, Gabranth is blowing off some steam and Riku decides to join him.

Title Date Scene Summary
Teatime Tomfoolery May 31st, 2013 Rumors swirl about Ivo and Morrighan, and the two sit down for tea prior to their upcoming adventure to discuss what to do about it. And by discuss, we mean propose a devious plan. In public, before prying eyes, and within earshot of the target in question. Skulls are gripped and tea is sprayed, but it could be worse -- right?
Trial May 31st, 2013 Illua puts Alma to death. Both of them are unaware of the spectacular retribution that will follow... but when it comes to the crunch, terrible powers come to bear from both of them.
Ultimatum May 30th, 2013 Illua gives Alma an offer: solitude and servitude, or death. The choice is elementary, but the preference is surprising.
Summer on the Beach May 30th, 2013 Meeting on the beach on a warm afternoon with two girls and a gargoyle. (and a crab)
A Promising Start May 30th, 2013 Traveling south to the port town of Carwen chasing rumors of a den of undead and an anomaly detected by the Shard Seeker device, Reize and company reunite with some old friends and meet some new ones in preparation for their challenging quest. Almost immediately, people are shouting and pouncing on each other. It's a promising start.
Fruit Fight May 29th, 2013 Fresh after having completed a rather silly sidequest for the depressed denizens of Fruit Village, Reize and company encounter a few familiar faces and decide to see what they can do to make the place a little livelier. It gets messy.
A Researcher's Inquiry II May 29th, 2013 Taking time out to assist in some Shinra work, Rhia has the good fortune of running into one of those on her list of people to question. ...It turns out to be a little more complicated than that. All hell breaks loose.
Love and Dusty Armchairs May 29th, 2013 Zia and Percival catch up on their recent mis-adventures.
Digital Diplomacy, Pt. 2 May 29th, 2013 After a long week or so of hard work, TRON reaches the last computer in ShinRa's network. Will technical difficulties keep him from getting the information he needs?
Kidnap May 28th, 2013 Illua wants the wonderful world shard information inside Alma Hyral's head, and she's not picky about how she gets it. Horrible things ensue.
Training Begins May 28th, 2013 Zia and Faruja catch up a bit on current events, and then the mouse decides to start on her training, only to discover just how difficult a task he signed up for.
A Harmless Chat May 27th, 2013 Deelel has been held for some time after her attempt to get information from them. Having spent her time in a cell from her point of capture. The MCP comes to talk to her and make the young program an offer...
Conversation with the King May 27th, 2013 Maira and Angantyr talk to King Mickey.
Protector and Dark Origin May 27th, 2013 The Hyral sisters were visiting Vector to survey the area for their technology. They come across Sanel, who had been helping one of the construction crew with their loadout.
Beach Brawl May 27th, 2013 Several people stop by the beautiful beach resort of Costa Del Sol. One of them is noticeably less friendly than the others.
Dark Cave of Wonders May 27th, 2013 The wolf catches the hunter! ...for some long overdue catching up.
Tea Time on the Stormship May 27th, 2013 After running two different and difficult missions, Helena Celba and Minette Odam return to the Zaibatsu's airship, where Artyom has prepared tea for them both. Surely nothing will go horribly wrong.
A Familiar Face Of An Unknown Past May 26th, 2013 Sanel takes Alma to a cemetary near Mullonde and they run into Faruja, who is paying his respects.
A Heartfelt Talk: Violet May 26th, 2013 Reize has a heartfelt chat with Violet at the garden. Reize and her share a conversation concerning the day that they had prepared for an adventure.
Sunrise Dancing May 26th, 2013 A bully caught in the act of dancing on her own by one of her favorite targets. What happens next?
Niklas Dragonius Dies In Magma May 26th, 2013 Minette Odam has challenged Niklas Dragonius to a dramatic duel atop the Brooklyn Bridge for reasons that no one can remember, least of all Minette herself. But this doesn't change the fact that NIKLAS DRAGONIUS DIES IN MAGMA!!!
Torrential Tramdine Trial May 26th, 2013 Corporate adventure strikes out for the heart of Tramdine Fens and reports of mysterious lashing storms that have flooded the area.
Awkward Moments May 26th, 2013 After fighting the last of the elemental 'sisters', Skoll and Zia try to ackwardly figure out what they plan on doing from here.
Saving Werewolf Ulfang May 25th, 2013 Avira, Skoll and Zia finally challenge the remaining Gaudium Lord flunkies; 'The Gaia Sisters' to free Skoll of the darkness-inducing collar.
Life Moves On May 25th, 2013 The Hyral sisters discuss their future...
On the Road Again May 25th, 2013 Akari and Aeschere set out from Rabanastre with no real destination in mind. After fighting their way through dozens of monsters and heartless, the duo come upon a beach. Tired from a long day's march, they slip into the water to cool off but that's when things start to heat up...
Resignation May 25th, 2013 Alma and Souji come to terms about their differences.
Tea is for Lovers May 25th, 2013 Artemis and Ramza take a bit of a vacation to visit an old friend of Artemis and help him with the tea harvest in the Wuyi Mountains.
Anarchist Bonfire May 25th, 2013 A Heretic and a Templar walk into a church...
Connection Established May 24th, 2013 Akari and Aeschere decided to check out the bazaar and end up hooking up with some old acquaintances.
A Researcher's Inquiry I May 23rd, 2013 Halting her research for the moment, Rhia departs from Shinra HQ and travels in order to gather additional information. First on her list; Avira.
Wildflowers May 23rd, 2013 Maira and Percival discuss recent events.
A Meeting of Bad People May 23rd, 2013 Helena And Feige have terrible ideas and discuss the Hyra sisters.
A First For Everything May 23rd, 2013 After beating the daylights out of Aschere, Akari totes her to Rabanastre for some much needed rest. Somehow, this ends on friendly terms.
The First Ordeal May 23rd, 2013 The Alexander Academy cast has received word of a World Shard that might be present.. but first, a dungeon crawl! It's required.
Unfortunate Pitstop May 22nd, 2013 A pair of wandering warriors meet at a small oasis in the desert. Tempers flare and weapons clash. Only one will remain standing.
A Dark Visitor May 21st, 2013 Seith drops in to give Percival a 'friendly' reminder, but ends up encountering a young sorceress instead.
Battle Without Honor or Humanity! May 21st, 2013 For the honor of insulted Ivaliceans everywhere, Avira has a duel with Ophelia! Things end poorly, as expected.
Hot Date May 20th, 2013 Angantyr and Maira go on a date. It is almost actually hot.
Random Encounters are Always Silly May 20th, 2013 Ramza's group faces a random encounter. Maybe they shouldn't have grinded Artemis' levels.
Corporate Takeover May 19th, 2013 Minette Odam approaches Souji with a Plan. This Plan has a high degree of corporate attitude.
Digital Diplomacy May 19th, 2013 TRON needs the original digitizing laser and computer back in order to free Deelel from Datapoint Security custody. Problem is, the original system is in ShinRa custody...
Vespar Troubles May 19th, 2013 Angantyr takes a stroll around Arcadia, some Judges have a word with him. He provides them a warning.
Bad Idea, Worse Idea May 19th, 2013 Minette asks Helena for advice on how to seduce someone. This goes about as well as one might expect and probably a whole lot worse.
Oblivion Calls May 19th, 2013 Two are drawn to Mirage Tower, where the Iron Nightmare makes an offer...
The Worst Kind of People May 19th, 2013 A few upstanding members of the Church run into some ruffians in Traverse Town! Avira is really bad at taking advice and picks a fight almost immediately.
Sanel The White Knight! ...Wait, What? May 18th, 2013 Taking Alma to Bodhum Beach, Sanel showed her of his origins of where he woke up. Then came Akari. ...Things spiraled down from there.
The Bewitching Woods May 17th, 2013 Pausing to take in the extraordinary vision of the Northern Continent's crystal forest on his way to Fruit Village, Ivo encounters a black-clad nymph who turns out to be just his type -- or so she pretends to be -- and Royce encounters a knight-errant eager to assist in her moonlit errand. But then, perhaps pretending /is/ Ivo's type.
Troubles Melt Away like Freshly Fallen Snow May 17th, 2013 Alma Hyral sits down for a quiet night of research under the Northern Lights...
Diplomatic Alliance May 17th, 2013 Alliances between countries is nothing new. But when two countries inclined to Darkness meet, what will happen?
Shore of Memories May 16th, 2013 Ivo, returned from his long absence, and Maira, weary from her long struggle, meet again at last, so that knight and princess may come to terms -- and join hands and hearts in friendship.
Big Girls Don't Cry May 16th, 2013 Alma and Helena both seperately try to find Seloria. They succeed, but then things go... just a little wrong.
The Other Kung Fu Hobo May 16th, 2013 Souji Murasame and Alma Hyral meet with Akari Seran. Raine Arland gets caught up in the ensuing confrontation.
Faith and Comfort May 14th, 2013 Shiki checks in on the cathedral's construction. Faruja discusses her recent adventures with her, and bes a big brother.
Preparing for Adventure May 14th, 2013 Tired of remaining in Fluorgis, Reize decided to gather the Shard Seekers together to leave the city and go on their long adventure.
Corporate Discipline May 14th, 2013 Souji calls Alma into his study to get some things straight.
Odynar Necromancer Needs Food Badly May 14th, 2013 Alma tries to get Helena to open up to her... and learns that her Cooking Lessons really are the key to Helena's heart.
Return Home May 14th, 2013 Having returned from Daguerreo, the party returns to Fluorgis to take a rest and prepare for their next adventure.
On That Road Again May 13th, 2013 There is a road out on Giza Plains that people travel to and fro on. However on this day, many adventures meet up for the first time and find themselves have a rather nice chat. Including made aware of killer bunnies.
A Little Lost L'Cie Is Found May 13th, 2013 After months of hunting for a l'Cie - any of them - Jihl Nabaat and PSICOM finally come across the uncrystalized Serah Farron. Terrible things occur.
The Choice May 13th, 2013 Angantyr and Maira talk about the attack on Valk HQ, and the true nature behind it is revealed. Then Garland makes things worse, for everyone.
Open Mouth, Insert Both Feet May 13th, 2013 It's Minette's big chance to leave a positive impression on her schoolyard crush! She doesn't.
Some Things Are Better Left Buried May 12th, 2013 Sanel wanders into the Crossroad, determined to enter the Castle of Oblivion. However, a mysterious gate to another world opens. The figure leading him in learns that some memories are better left buried within the darkness.
Media vs Army May 12th, 2013 CHIEF and Deelel have a nice little chat down in the holding cell. Mostly a slight warning of things to come.
Awkwardness Squared May 11th, 2013 Alma thought she was the most awkward person working for Souji. Then she saw Minette's room.
Seeking The Answers - Part 1 May 11th, 2013 Leon has come to seeking answers from Maira. It seems Percival has other things in mind...
Seeking The Answers - Part 2 May 11th, 2013 Continuation of Part 1 and things just get crazy! Seriously.
Between Dark and Twilight May 10th, 2013 After a bad little spar accident, a conversation is held on the Balcony between Gabranth and Riku.
Good Intentions lead to Terrible Ideas May 10th, 2013 Alma wants to teach Kyra how to actually use her White Magic well. A harmless idea, what could possibly go wrong?
Final Flantasy I May 9th, 2013 The students all gather together to kill an urban horror preying on the denizens of Souji's airship. And it's all Minette's fault!
Surprisingly Few Arm Puns May 9th, 2013 Isaac asks Xanatos for a favor.
Kitchen Princess meets the Cooking Spool May 9th, 2013 Will Sherman manipulates fate to get the TDA a better temp cook by ensuring she meets.. the Phantom Thief.
Artisanquest: The First Trial May 8th, 2013 Having been granted their weapons, Shiki, Lenn and Lily quickly find them tested. But Evja isn't willing to give up on Priel...
Running Into A Bar May 8th, 2013 Riku runs into a bar. An awkward conversation follows after the bruising impact.
Demon in a China Shop May 8th, 2013 Leida has found work at a small antique shop in Chinatown. By chance her friends stop in to make a few purchases.
I will find you May 8th, 2013 Leon knows his only answers are with one person, however there are those who will do whatever it takes to keep her from him.
Means To An End May 8th, 2013 Deelel decides to sneak into DPS HQ. No one just simply walks into DPS HQ.
A Grand Decision May 7th, 2013 Reize returns to the headquarters while Violet and Lily shop. The boy runs into Will, who had eaten everything in their fridge. However, Will is at the headquarters for an important reason: Reize's Path.
A Pleasant View May 7th, 2013 Ophelia receives an unexpected visitor during tea time.
Meeting at Port May 7th, 2013 A chat between a warrior and bard on the pier.
Meet The Deep Fryer May 6th, 2013 Minette aquires a deep fryer. Science quickly follows.
Confrontation On An Explorer's Feelings May 6th, 2013 Reize and Violet go camping at a site outside of Fluorgis. Violet asks him about his feelings regarding the girls he has known. Then the topic of their relationship comes up...
Living Steel! The Beetles Reunion May 5th, 2013 Golmore Jungle is harassed by giant beetles. A bunch of heroes shuffle around barriers as things go from the top of the screen to the bottom.
In the (Helena) Zone May 5th, 2013 Aboard the ship, Helena and Kyra catch up while going over the creature Helena encountered in Goug.
Dukes Diner May 5th, 2013 Awkward Conversation Card.
Artisanquest: Item Grinding May 5th, 2013 Can't make weapons without some materials, right? Shiki and her friends go to collect some resources, only to encounter more trouble from the Reapers. Also: the secret of the woman with white hair revealed!
Seeking Shards Are For The Birds May 4th, 2013 Reize is leading the Shard Seekers on an expedition to find a World Shard with Ivo's
Complaints Department May 4th, 2013 Avira decides to take Souji to task for her comments to Maira. She finds out that Souji is a caring person who shares her concerns. One of these sentences is a lie.
Girl Talk May 4th, 2013 Maira, Avira, Emi and Shida have a bit of girl talk.
A Game of Tag and Kidnappings May 4th, 2013 The students of the Alexander Academy were tasked to assist Billy at the Chocobo Ranch with the stock. Of course, the Wild Card Sanel came into play.
Artisanquest: ATE - Carrot Stew is still available? May 3rd, 2013 Evja and Priel meet atop Daguerreo Library and converse.
No More Man Cards May 3rd, 2013 Ramza and Artemis bond--Ramza hilariously flubs an innuendo.
Aggressive Heresy. May 3rd, 2013 Tyrin and Sydney fight it out over the fates of some heretics.
The Trouble With Sandwiches May 3rd, 2013 As it happens, sandwiches are not actually the primary problem here.
Breakfest With Tiff--Them May 2nd, 2013 Several people enter the Cafe. One of the is nice. One of them is tall. One of them is Dark and so many more. Just remember when you have a tall woman vs Sherman, things can only get interesting.
Artisanquest: Interlude May 2nd, 2013 Everyone takes a break from training to go see the sights of the Forgotten Island. However, strange things occur that may begin an interesting adventure for Evja...
Dirty Little Secrets May 1st, 2013 Angantyr, Ramza, and Agrias explore Lower Archades to find a way to the upper level of the city, and to find more information out about Nethicite.
The Clash Of Balance May 1st, 2013 The Dark Knight comes for the Maiden of Light. Yet she has something planned for the Dark Knight.

Title Date Scene Summary
Battle on the Big Bridge June 30th, 2013 And now we fight like men! And students! And grey-skinned eight-armed giants! But definitely men!
Fragmentary Passage: Zia June 30th, 2013 Let the pieces fall where they may. A dream twisted out of shape provides answers.. and choices.
Back to China June 30th, 2013 Deelel having not been to the land of Dragons in some time, makes up her mind to go back and check out the Imperial city. However she's not the only one who has the same thought in mind. Also beware the power of Interceptor!
Board of Education June 29th, 2013 Seloria and Souji meet in Luca to talk shop about a proposal to restore Alexander Academy. The not-so-fun parts.
Down By the Bay June 29th, 2013 Deelel is just out by the docks to think, when Beck shows up with plans for a prank. As things go on both discover they are from the same system...
Kidnapping Spree June 29th, 2013 A kidnapping spree done by swarms of heartless and dastardly Illuminators is foiled. But is this truly the end? (Answer: Probably not)
Flirting with Danger June 29th, 2013 Malicia wanders into Hollow Bastion in search of the Shadow Lords to further her research, however, she comes across the very person who plunged St. Canard into the darkness.
A Failed Hunt? June 28th, 2013 Alma Hyral learns that her World Shard location method doesn't always find World Shards...
Heretic Barfight June 27th, 2013 Tyrin and Louis 'hang'.
Crossing the Ice Frontier June 27th, 2013 Montag on a mapping and scouting mission encounters a strange survivor in the ruins of Zanarkand. Shortly to his surprise Soan also shows up seeking Ryusei who'd managed to get a call for help out to her classmates at the Alexander Academy.
A Offer of Employment June 27th, 2013 Karth gets visited by Kyven, a soldier of the Palamecian army for a offer to join the ranks!
Paying For One's Sins June 26th, 2013 Morrighan returns to Murasame's flagship for her appointed checkup. It is then that the trap is sprung. And most of all, Garland finally metes out the retribution planned for so long.
He's just here to help... June 26th, 2013 Deelel working on yet another art project encounters a friendly thei ... treasure hunter and they have a little chit chat.
Plastic Is Friend June 25th, 2013 Someone has gone shopping and bought some new stuff. TRON is not overly amused, but isn't to upset either.
Dial 'M' For Minette June 25th, 2013 Minette goes to comfort a friend. Like everything Minette does, it backfires. Bizarrely.
Obtuse June 25th, 2013 Maira is recovering from her separation with Uist and was drawn to Fynn.
Fate of the Unknown June 24th, 2013 Restoration of the World doesn't always lead to happy endings...
A Memory of Vespertine Part 1 June 24th, 2013 Feige has lured the TDA with some allies into the Castle Oblivion, what awaits them there? Memories, of a world now dead. It's not just any world either it is the world that Isaac calls home. His friends now start to understand the depths of what was lost...and the creeping horror of how this world died.
Rave Am Not June 23rd, 2013 Beck decides to escape from the Arcade for a bit. He finds out the world is a very strange place indeed or at least a small part of it.
The Perfect Trap June 23rd, 2013 Morrighan meets with Souji Murasame in order to discuss matters long past due for such. The deal offered is far too good to be true. But Morrighan, having had her paranoia whittled down over the months suspects nothing...
In the Deep: Atlantis June 22nd, 2013 In order to defend Atlantis, the party there leaves the place and plans to use explosives to break their way out. Continued in In the Deep: Serpent's Trench.
In the Deep: Serpent's Trench June 22nd, 2013 A group of heroes has heard about a Heartless invasion in Serpent's Trench and moves to find out what is going on. What they find is... unexpected!
From Murasame With Love June 22nd, 2013 Thirza Ingersleben, scout, surveyor, geomancer, blue mage... spy? The Murasame Corporation sends her to figure out why Alma Hyral is classified by the Archades Government. Does she succeed? And what is Thirzbianism?
...Arcade Is June 21st, 2013 Continues directly after Home Is Where The...

After everything calms down, TRON and Deelel finally get some information out of the mysterious Program who wears TRON's suit.

Meetings in Oblivion: Mercade June 21st, 2013 Mercade arrives at Castle Oblivion to have answers questioned and questions answered.
The Sorrow of Lost and Found June 21st, 2013 Avira discovers her own ties to Atlantis, and the sorrow that goes along with it.
Somedays June 20th, 2013 There are just some days when you really need a break from it all. No matter what your position in life may be.
Farewell, Uist June 20th, 2013 The connection between Maira and her ghostly companion is severed. A heartbreaking farewell.
Fragmentary Passage: Angantyr June 20th, 2013 Let the pieces fall where they may. A dream twisted out of shape provides answers.. and choices.
Home Is Where The... June 20th, 2013 TRON gets ready to hook up the server that was once taken from Flynn's Arcade and gets the computer ready. What he and others don't know is what is about to take place when its all said and done...
Queen of Flan! June 19th, 2013 Murasame Corp asks for brave Adventurers to capture a Flan Queen! Fran takes her brave partners to find one!
Computer Shopping June 19th, 2013 In order to utilize the digitizing laser, TRON and Deelel need to rebuild a computer to run the software and Avira joins them on their search for parts. The irony of Programs building a computer is not lost on anyone.
Power of the Ancestors June 18th, 2013 Percival discovers the truth about the sword he wields, and the power within.
Beach Head June 18th, 2013 Myla's out for a swim when she encounters captain Zeke. To her shock he speaks of a rumor of an portal to another world somewhere off the coast. Will anything come of it who knows. Is it a wild tale or is there some truth to the Captain's words?
Deal or No Deal June 18th, 2013 Murasame Corporation wishes to make a deal with Archades after they have been injured by the Alexandrian war. What Souji Murasame is not aware is some key information has been brought forth to head Judge Magister and that Souji is not only speaking to him, but also the Judge Magister of Intelligence Bureau.
Wolf-Baths and Gargoyle-Rituals June 18th, 2013 Skoll gets a bath, and Zia discovers the 'Gorlois' of Atlantis, who perform a ritual to bring life back into her crystal.
Busy Lives of Ex-Evildoers June 18th, 2013 Hati and Katyna catch up about recent events.
Dark Lord of the Abbacus June 17th, 2013 Minette recruits the latest member of the Murasame Zaibatsu... Aeschere Childs!
The Shining Maze June 17th, 2013 A path to a new world opens... But it is not easily traversed. Nor do its occupants wish visitors...
Ducks Ate My Shoes June 16th, 2013 Will attempts to punch the Emo out of Riku. Sadly. It was not very effective.
Fragmentary Passage: Mercade June 16th, 2013 Let the pieces fall where they may. A dream twisted out of shape provides answers.. and choices.
Journey Without A Map June 16th, 2013 Seeking out the lost city of Atlantis and what knowledge might be contained there-in, a group of adventurers set out to face peril... and spear-throwing chipmunks.
A Researcher's Finale I June 15th, 2013 Several heroes step up to stand against the Black Beast and defend Goug from it's rampage. A fierce battle is undertaken and revelations are made. In the end however, certain individuals lack the will to do all that is necessary.
Tangled Paths June 13th, 2013 On the hunt, Hati encounters a strange man who knows more than he seems.
Left For Bread June 13th, 2013 BEWARE! I BAKE!
Keepsakes June 13th, 2013 Fate has a way of bringing people together when they need it most.
A Hard Truth June 13th, 2013 Ramza reaches out to Hati, but what he reveals to her leaves the wolf a hard choice.
Establishing Dominion June 13th, 2013 Palamecia starts to strength its Garrison out in Giza Plains. Such activity attracts some attention.
Steam Cleaning June 13th, 2013 TRON and Deelel work on cleaning up Flynn's arcade to get it operation again and for their next big project. Building a digitizing laser...also Maira is troubled by events that are a mystery to both basics...
A Vicious Trial by Fire, Love Chaos June 13th, 2013 Garland decides to up the ante.
Cathedral Aftermath June 12th, 2013 After nearly dying, Faruja has a few concerned visitors.
Ship of Fools June 12th, 2013 Aboard the Romancing Saga III with two women operating under pseudonyms for two very different reasons, Reize and Ivo, relaxing off the coast of Hawai'i and taking stock of their future plans in the absence of their allies, are confronted with an extraordinary opportunity, one of which all men dream. Our heroes seek to seize their destiny. All things considered, they probably do.
Kyra Hyral's Volcano Lair June 11th, 2013 Minette goes to ask Kyra Hyral for advice. Kamon goes sans pants. Kuwabara, kuwabara.
Memories of Destiny June 11th, 2013 Sora visits Archades in the aftermath of War. Which means that Riku couldn't possibly show up to see him, right?
Cathedral Chaos June 11th, 2013 The dedication of the Church's new Cathedral doesn't go quite according to plan.
The Sun Will Come Out June 10th, 2013 Tomorrow is always a day away.
Opportunity Cost June 10th, 2013 Souji Murasame smells a chance to make friends and money. So he goes to Archades to offer his wares...
Soan Vs The Volcano June 10th, 2013 Soan and Friends involve themselves with Feige Abramson's evil lair. Vaguely Disturbing stuff in this one, possibly.
The Return Of His Dark Knight June 9th, 2013 After a month or two, the Dark Knight has returned.
No Soapbox Required June 9th, 2013 A short conversation in the wake of the Archades Assault.
Starfall: The Night Of Shooting Stars June 8th, 2013 Thousands of shooting stars descend across the world of Ruin, the Giza Plains at the centerpoint. What could be the secret of the falling stars?
Act II, Prologue: I want to be your Canary - Archades June 8th, 2013 The Cast: Kuja as Marcus and Cornelia both, Emperor Gramis as King Leo, Angantyr Vespar as the Assassin, Noah Fon Rosenburg as the Beast, Zargabaath as Schneider, Feige Abramson as Crazy <GOOSEHONK> watch this stunning twist on one of Lord Avon's masterpieces in the Empire that never sleeps. Now with new roles!
Truth and Consequences June 7th, 2013 Maira and Leon lead a group of friends and guardians to Palamecia Castle to get answers from Emperor Mateus.
Informational Reboot June 7th, 2013 TRON refuses to let Deelel back into the Arcade until he's certain that he knows what Datapoint Security did to her. Her explanation gives him more data than he'd bargained for and confirms his deepest fears.
Letter to a Blind Girl June 7th, 2013 Temple Knight Faruja Senra of the Most Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados, Shield of the Faith, Executor of the Holy Office of Inquisition, etc., etc., sends a formal letter of challenge to Akari.
Party Like a Pirate June 7th, 2013 Celebrating the success of their treacherous expedition into the Ship Graveyard, the Shard Seekers and friends gather in Port Royal for a party in grand style, replete with music and dance and drink, mostly drink. Chaos is par for the course in this once-orderly city by the sea, and it is to the sea that the Seekers will be called once again, while Darkness lurks on the horizon -- for more than a few of them. But until then, Fate shall smile its crooked smile, love shall blossom, and kisses shall miss their mark. Like, /really/ miss their mark.
Party Talk Between Two June 7th, 2013 As the Shard Seekers have themselves a Pirate Party. Leon and Riku have a discussion outside of the bar.
Down On The Grassy Hills June 6th, 2013 Ulharisk meets a new guest to the worlds and a possible chance of a new friend.
Horrible Teenage Awkwardness June 6th, 2013 Subtlety is for other people.
A Researcher's Inquiry IV June 6th, 2013 Missing one final piece to her experiment, Rhia sets out for Manhattan to locate Leida. Things go...better than she expected, really.
Q&A with a Shadow Lord June 5th, 2013 Evja sought out the only 'Shadow Lord' that he knew for some questions.
Behold - The Quest NPC June 5th, 2013 Skoll and Zia discover a mysterious old man, who just may have a lead for them on their quest.
Love And Memories Anew June 5th, 2013 Sanel encounters Faruja in Fluorgis. He learns the value of love and is set on his path to forget old ramnents of his memory and start anew.
Bleeding Words June 5th, 2013 Riku shows Alma around Upper Archades.. Alma proves that she's a cheerful girl who is optimistic for the future. Riku shows that he's just as happy go lucky. Absolutely nothing goes wrong.
House Call June 5th, 2013 Gabranth makes a house visit to Alma Hyral's residence to continue a conversation that was interrupted due to some rude house guests.
Puppets and Dolls. June 5th, 2013 Emi and Shida encounter a defective Doll.
Minette Talks With A Mormon Child June 4th, 2013 Minette and Kamon bump into each other in Narshe. A conversation happens. No one cries this time!
Fairy Tales are not Terribly Pleasant June 4th, 2013 A fairy tale cottage in the woods is the setting of an interesting meeting..
A Researcher's Inquiry III June 4th, 2013 After failing to secure Angantyr's willing cooperation, Rhia decides to go higher. Plans are revealed and plots are set in motion.
The Fiendish Dreadnought June 3rd, 2013 To liberate Carwen from the scourge of undead that threaten to plague it, the Shard Seekers and friends bravely set forth to the Ship Graveyard, a festering nest of rotted wood and flesh. Little do they realize that two very different forces work against them, and that one is a power beyond what they could have imagined. So when combat prowess comes to no avail, our heroes must turn to the final staple of JRPG protagonists in dramatically getting out of a sticky situation: a mini-game. Great! Bad! Great! Epic Fail!
Get Lucky? June 3rd, 2013 Serendipity attracts a crowd--including Pete and a hoard of Heartless, come to try to kidnap Maira, yelling about Princesses of Heart!
Dot D D L Two Point O June 3rd, 2013 The goods are now in hand. It is time to let the poor little Media program out. After all. A deal is a deal.
Don't go into the Bathroom! June 2nd, 2013 An unwanted houseguest causes problems for the Hyral sisters when Legion and Darth Vader show up at their doorstep.
Don't let the Stars get in your Eyes. June 1st, 2013 Riku makes a discovery in Lower Archades...
Lemonade with Leon June 1st, 2013 Maira and Leon have Lemonade-and awkwardness.

Title Date Scene Summary
Maira's Got A Gun July 31st, 2013 Maira's got a gun, you better run~ Also, some firearms training.
It should have been a quiet night July 30th, 2013 Deelel is just closing up shop at the Arcade one evening, when she gets a large number of unexpected guests. Two people she'd been trying to track down for some time, and someone very long MIA with little memory of what's happened since she's last been seen.
Brigands and Bathtubs July 30th, 2013 The New Zodiac Braves save a merchant from some Heartless-and acquire a bathtub.
The Phantom's Rise July 29th, 2013 Traverse Town is a heavily traffic area. Protected by the Data Point Security and by the many groups who live here. Yet a challenger has come to see if he can awaken the people's eyes that no matter their security. No matter their power. Their light will never be strong enough to defeat the darkness.
The Cloister of Carbuncle July 28th, 2013 Skoll and Zia stumble through the Cloister of Carbuncle in the first stop on his quest to regain his summoner powers.
A Noblerat Drops In July 28th, 2013 Faruja Senra is enjoying some beer at the Wildkat Cafe when a most unexpected visitor literally drops into a nearby alleyway. Burmecian nobleman Eric Bartholomew (Mimsy the Third) has only just reentered normal existance, with little recollection of Burmecia's fall at the hands of Alexandria save the initial explosion. After explaining the situation over beer (and being nearly incited to maul the man for a brief moment) Faruja offers to help Eric get back to his home in Lindblum.
Half Truths July 28th, 2013 Trying to save Faruja from himself, Hati tries to get him away from the Cathedral in order to keep him safe.
A Dream Of Chains July 27th, 2013 Helena is called to speak with Souji about upcoming events, and the necessity to unleash something that Helena has held back for a long time from her past...
Rooftop Rendezvous July 27th, 2013 A wild Teta has appeared! Gerad's night in Agrabah is not wasted after all.
Truth and Trust July 26th, 2013 Kyra goes searching for Alma, who had disappeared in the search for Riku...
Coffee With a Side of Heartless July 26th, 2013 A tale of thievery, betrayal, coffee, and Heartless.
The Beast and the Shaman July 25th, 2013 A shaman encounters a beast doing what they do best, terrorizing small villages.
A Fair Lunch July 25th, 2013 Zack and Margaux have a relaxing lunch and talk about the Zodiac Braves, life, and each other.
Prelude 3: No Greater Power July 25th, 2013 City Isle has come under attack by skeletal warriors from beyond. There is no peace in the city as the undead march upon it. Will their god save them or will another one try to take the place of?
How can I help you? July 24th, 2013 Just another fine day at the Heart's Desire, well it was until a number of stranger and one former hireling wander into Arthur's shop. What was a simple shopping trip becomes quite a tense situation as Oriane Guado ends up quite displeased.
Future Tense: Angantyr July 24th, 2013 It is decided.
Civil Conversation July 24th, 2013 Maira returns to Castle Palamecia alone to get information, expecting the worst. What actually happens goes far better than anticipated.
Bigger Than Your Head July 23rd, 2013 Arthur has been busy studying Gummi Blocks. He however needs to collect more also hearing of the Magic Kingdom has hired several people to help clear the way to said world. Given how the heartless swarm the paths could always use some clearing, and it's time to clean house.
Past is Prologue: Angantyr July 23rd, 2013 The past is prologue. All else is chicanery and nonsense. Until it's not.
Present Possibilities: Angantyr July 23rd, 2013 The past is prologue. The present? Dark and terrible.
Candy Crush Saga July 22nd, 2013 Various people show up to spectate Sugar Rush's daily 'Selection Cup Rally', but when a little girl attempts to buy her way into the race, the entire Game goes all topsy-tuvy in this fun filled, sugar-frosted adventure! Fun for the whole family! Game rated 'E' for Everyone by the ESRB.
Deliveries and Job Postings July 22nd, 2013 There's some interest in Arthur Drover's 'help wanted' flier, as well as a delivery to his Synthesis Shop.
Meetings in Oblivion: Angantyr July 21st, 2013 Anganatyr arrives at Castle Oblivion to have answers questioned and questions answered.
Tower of Ombra July 21st, 2013 The Missing persons TP finale. Welcome to Bleak Horizon. We're all happy here.
Catch 22 And A Half July 20th, 2013 Haneisuru is dead and it is a very sad thing.
He Who Pulls the Strings July 20th, 2013 In search of those behind the plot that nearly killed Faruja... Hati, Will, and Ramza discover the man behind the scenes, pulling the strings.
Starfall: The Broken Land July 19th, 2013 The intrepid heroes use their newfound conveyance to travel between the worlds and stop a great Heartless from destroying a world they have never seen before.
Idle Chatter July 18th, 2013 More people are exploring the recently unlocked world connected to Wise OS. What starts as idle chatter between three visitors to this place becomes anything but idle chatter.
Unveiled Scars of a Boy July 18th, 2013 Sanel traveled through the world to find the Hyral sisters. Unfortunately, the boy's vulnerability in the desert left him in a very bad condition...
Prelude 2: Undead Presence July 17th, 2013 The Beautiful British Forest has started to decay from within. People have started to grow in fear and seek aid from the outside. Who will answer their call and what is causing this decay from within?
She Wrecked It July 16th, 2013 Deelel while helping out at the Arcade encounters a Vespa and Paulo. Things go well until Vespa does not realize her own strength and badly damages the arcades punch machine. Once the mess is sorted out Beck arrived and work begins on the laser in the basement. Finally it's nearing completion and soon? Beck and Deelel can return home but what might await them there?
Above the Town July 16th, 2013 Deidra's perched up on the Clock Tower having a meal when Zia pops in. It's been a while since the two have caught up and they talk on things. Just generally catching up.
Heart to Heart July 15th, 2013 Just after the incident in Fit-It Felix jr. Shiki and Deelel start to have a talk. Which become a bit more personal than either expected as the topic of the nature of their worlds come up.
He Can't Fix It Alone July 15th, 2013 Felix is a 'good guy' but what happens when cybugs storm into his game while Ralph is MIA? To make matters worse strangers from beyond the Arcade come in shortly followed by the crew from Hero's Duty. Things just get plain out crazy from there.
A Cunning Plan July 14th, 2013 Alma and Gerad gather a number of people to speak on a plan seeking a castle buried in the sands of the region. Also talk of a hidden cave of wonders which may be the way to access what they seek comes up. This is but the start of an adventure for good or ill.
Future Tense: Mercade July 14th, 2013 It is decided.
The Past is Prologue: Mercade July 13th, 2013 The past is prologue. All else is chicanry and nonsense. Until it's not.
Present Possibilities: Mercade July 13th, 2013 The past is prologue. The present? Is full of sass.
Exploring Game Central Station July 13th, 2013 Following the breakthrough into a strange new world, Deelel, along with her friends and a couple other people, decide to explore. Thrills and spills await in the world inside Flynn's Arcade!
The Password is - Cupcake July 13th, 2013 After being cooped up for a couple weeks in Bevelle, Akari heads out to the desert with Aeschere in tow to blow off some steam.
No Man is a Mountain July 12th, 2013 Avira runs across Angantyr after his encounter with Riku.
A Well Needed Distraction July 12th, 2013 A chalice-obsessed Temple-knight gets a distraction from staring longingly at the object of his devotion.
Dreams and Pathways Forward July 11th, 2013 Skoll wakes from a dream of the Espers, only to find that he isn't the only one with strange dreams.
Wrecking the End of Line July 11th, 2013 Maleficent seeks to summon a powerful evil to the End of Line club. What she gets? Is very unexpected however the target of her summoning is very well going to wreck the club if our heroes can't talk him down or stop him! Mayhem and also cake ensues!
Turnips ain't just for Plumbers July 11th, 2013 Shego is getting by doing various requests, when a issue over pay comes up with a client. Deelel and Evja end up wandering smack into it.
Digging Deeper July 10th, 2013 Deelel is still on the trail of the mysterious effect related to the stone an chalice that seems to have effected, Faruja and many others who have encountered both. Two lose lipped Squires manage to unwittingly give Deelel a lead on where to go next. The implications are disturbing.
A Flower in the Desert July 10th, 2013 A couple of young travelers accidentally stumble into one of the seedier taverns in Agrabah. Fortunately, they get a little help from an unexpected person.
R&R July 10th, 2013 Maira and Percy plan to relax together one evening. What they do not count on is both Minerva and Katyna popping up to make things 'interesting"
Fridge Raiding the TDA July 10th, 2013 Peter Pan comes looking for Will but finds others at the TDA building in Traverse Town. He also discovers or perhaps rediscovers the concept of the fridge. Which he promptly raids while conversing with the TDA about the current children kidnappings.
Wings of Galianda Part 1: From the Grave July 10th, 2013 Myla has been working to start a project aiming to build an airship for Alexander Academy. She's hired on several people to help her recovering a suitable hulk from a ship graveyard in the world of ruin. What is not expected is the undead while known to be there have a leader a rather brutal undead Pirate who is not happy about their presence there.
Dueling Forks July 9th, 2013 Bringing the Boyfriend home to meet the family is always an awkward affair...
Nightmare or Memory? July 9th, 2013 Whilst sleeping at night, Morrighan is beset by a strange and horrifying dream. Emi and Imi are present to respond. But was it a dream? Or perhaps a memory? Or something else?
Army of Two July 8th, 2013 Aeschere informs her friend about what she's been up to the last few weeks. Akari has a few choice words to say about her new employer.
Chip and Dale are what?! July 8th, 2013 Zeke has spent most of the day trying to find Chip and Dale. To get more information on Gummi blocks. Yet he has no idea they are not human or at least humanoid! Meanwhile Vespa and Deelel are wandering the space port on their own business.
Nothing Wrong Here July 8th, 2013 A perfectly ordinary happenstance, nothing at all out of the ordinary here.
Broken Mirror July 8th, 2013 One cycle of vengeance begets more vengeance. Go figure.
An Innocent Question. July 7th, 2013 Outside the Arcade, Deelel is about to head out on some business with a mysterious dame comes looking for how to contact the TDA. This can not go wrong! It's just an innocent question. Sadly the intent is likely far from innocent given Malicia's likely plans.
Cake Treason July 7th, 2013 Cake makes everything better, it also makes everything very silly.
Lazy Sunday July 7th, 2013 Shiki is working on a job when Riku drops in. Interesting things happen.
Fragmentary Passage: Luso July 7th, 2013 Let the pieces fall where they may. A dream twisted out of shape provides answers.. and choices.
Mixandrette, The Fell And Terrible July 7th, 2013 The brave Sir Thirza goes off to slay a dragon and save distraught damsels... or... not.
Illuminating Tales July 6th, 2013 The source of the Archadian kidnappings shows up. Peter Pan's hat is ruined in a fight with his shadow. Things get real.
Painting the Red City July 6th, 2013 Rapunzel is enraptured by the sun setting over the mountains and stops to immortalize the scene on canvas, whereupon an unlikely person happens to cross her path.
Villains Strawberry Social July 6th, 2013 Malicia hosts a nefarious gathering of villains that leads to casual socializing. That is, until Negaduck has a little too much to drink...
A Journey Begins July 5th, 2013 After dealing with the skeletal invaders at Traverse, Rapunzel hops aboard a ship that takes her to the inland port of Wutai. There she encounters a few familiar faces.
Emptiness and Desperation July 5th, 2013 How Post-Apocalyptic....
Wizardly Tech Support July 5th, 2013 A pair of wizards make trouble for a long-suffering barkeep. Wizardly tech support is exchanged. An owl snarks.
Encountering Dennou Friend! July 5th, 2013 While Sanel tends to task at the City of Bells, he comes across an old friend of his that he had not seen since he first awoken.
A Valued Employee July 5th, 2013 Souji rewards Minette for her work. This is totally normal and not going to be a problem for people at all.
Starfall: The Conveyance July 5th, 2013 A mysterious being comes to Traverst Town to help give the forces of restoration guidance on how to solve a very large problem.
A Little TLC July 4th, 2013 Avira's laid up in bed. Mercade helps out.
Prelude 1: The Mysterious Mist July 4th, 2013 Fireworks are shooting. People are celebrating. However something comes from the depths, green sickly mist starts to rise from the ocean. People start to run to shore screaming, as few become infected by the mist and crash into the water. What rises from the ocean depths, is nothing good...
Fragmentary Passage: Deelel July 4th, 2013 Programs do dream in their down time, they tend to be a bit more orderly in such. Yet it's little different than those dreams those who created them have. Still this downcycle something happens, Deelel becomes aware she's dreaming and this is not a normal dream. What awaits her? What is the intent of the mysterious program she encounters in her dream?
The Terrible Ochu July 3rd, 2013 Rumors had it that the terrible Lord Ochu dwells within the middle of Giza Plains, making it difficult for merchants to transport goods. A team of adventurers journey to get the beast out.
Fragmentary Passage: Shiki July 3rd, 2013 Let the pieces fall where they may. A dream twisted out of shape provides answers.. and choices.
To The Mist And Back July 2nd, 2013 Alexandria is setting up a fort in the Mist Plains. Rebellion forces have something to say about this...
Turnabutt is Fair Play July 2nd, 2013 What begins as a visit to the Shard Seeker headquarters by the irrepressible Ivo Galvan and his bewitching pseudo-prisoner Alicia becomes a farce of epic proportions once Morrighan Alazne arrives having left her memories behind. An ensemble cast of half-naked warriors, shades-wearing Judge apprentices, bicurious mind-linked detectives, and all manner of eccentric characters converge. Baths are taken. Vengeance is sworn. Victory is achieved. Sweet, sweet victory.
What Happens Outside Agrabah... July 2nd, 2013 Desert Raiders are attacking caravans heading to or leaving from Agrabah. This is bad. What's worse is that the raiders are all Heartless, meaning they can pop in and pop out more or less at will. They steal anything magical or ancient and then leave. But this time, a caravan has a more capable protector and more people stop by when the trouble begins. But not everyone present is actually trying to help, and watching everyone from above is a sinister bird...
Cosmic Power and all that Jazz July 2nd, 2013 A harmless date in New Orleans. Nothing happens in this scene, except Jazz. So much Jazz.
Visitors, Cupcakes, and Relationships July 1st, 2013 Maira stops by for a visit to the Watchtower, only to be beset by addictive cupcakes, relationship advice, and... dun dun dun: Percival.
A Memory of Vespertine: The Truth Part 2 July 1st, 2013 Feige's plan become fare more clear. Her master appears and revealed the apparent purpose of Isaac's world. The Truth is perhaps the most horrifying thing the TDA has encountered since this all began.
Just when you think your safe July 1st, 2013 Archades was still recovering from the savage attacks it had fallen under recently. Yet someone unexpected is hiding in the city still. That being Garnet whom is found both by Beatrix who also is skulking about in enemy territory. The other thing that finds her? The Heartless...
Dark Rhapsody July 1st, 2013 Grand gestures sometimes don't work out as planned.. but sometimes they do.

Title Date Scene Summary
Bar Brawl August 29th, 2013 Deelel and Brooklyn head down to Port Royal, for a drink. What they find is a flat out bar brawl they get pulled up into with Zeke and his crew. Not to mention the other locals at the pub.
Hungry, Hungry, Big-hipped Drows August 27th, 2013 Queegmaa barges into Rosemarie's shop, and decides to give the dark elf a taste of his wrath, to blow off some steam after having been thoroughly patronized by a snooty Ivalician vampiress. Being the accommodating type, the drow not only accepts a taste of the kappa's anger, but also then decides to invite the the rest of Que's aspects to become part of her palate, up to, and including his physical embodiments!
The Selection Cup Rally August 26th, 2013 Sugar Rush holds it's daily race... but everything goes wrong, secrets are revealed, and touching moments are had... it's... TURBO-TASTIC!!!
Faram Busts A Kappa In Ophelia's Back Alley August 26th, 2013 Queegmaa goes snooping for a vampiress, and finds her, except that she actually finds him first. Fortunately, neither one wants to fight with weapons; just words.
Sanel's Bond With Big Sis August 25th, 2013 Sanel is taking the time to bond with Kyra while Alma is missing. Forgotten memories slowly fester.
Confusion! Who Are You Again? August 24th, 2013 Following an incident in the port of Palumpolum, new arrivals disembark from their designated ships only to find themselves in a peculiar discussion of of "Guess Who?".
Past is Prologue: Zia August 24th, 2013 The past is prologue. All else is chicanery and nonsense. Until it's not.
Of Pirates, Programs and Gnomes August 22nd, 2013 Zidane is just seeking gold and a bit of a good time in Port Royal, when he encounters Deelel who seems to be there for supplies. Sadly for them they end up having to flee a swarm of Heartless!
Requiem for the Nameless August 22nd, 2013 Some very strange salvagers are searching for a nameless ship that sank...
It all goes down hill August 21st, 2013 Deelel discovers sleds and riding them down hills on snow. She's not alone in trying this out as Maira and she? Drag several other friends along for the fun and Cocoa.
Serious Fanservice Conversation Time August 19th, 2013 Kyra is forced to suffer Helena fanservice as they talk about SERIOUS ADULT THINGS.
Deadly Fascinations August 19th, 2013 Chita stops by to inquire various things of Rhiannon, the resident Mad Scientist. And in the process, an exchange of words, witty banter and light flirting.
Fanservice Shower Time August 19th, 2013 Minette gets wet and naked and Helena provides the fanservice.
Emerald's Worth In Jade August 18th, 2013 Bishopess Emerald comes across a kappa with characteristically serpentine skin, and seeks to hire him. To prove he's not as green as he might appear to be, initially, he performs a few semantic stunts, thereby validating his worth, and thus, his price; is Queegmaa acting in the interests of the Gestahlian Empire, or is he taking an initiative of his own?
Aerith the Architect, Part 1: Five Moves Ahead August 17th, 2013 The long-forestalled meeting between one seeking more knowledge and one who has answers is at hand, and a mere flower girl takes the first step into becoming something more...
A Fairy with sword?! August 17th, 2013 Just another day in Manhattan, that's all there is to it. Well it's nor normal really when several of the Dennou clan and Deelel encounter a lost Fairy. Who has a sword bigger than she is.
Meetings outside Oblivion: Zia August 17th, 2013 Zia meets Lucas to have answers questioned and questions answered.
Promotion August 15th, 2013 Helena is set upon a task to harness her powers to help Souji at all costs. The dark being Garland gives her a quest. What does she find at the end of her road?
Cauldron of Rebirth August 14th, 2013 Things keep going wrong for our heroes down in the jungle. Things get worse the tainted earth coughs up one very angry undead dragon. Even with the backup from Angantyr and his new Keyblade? Will it be enough to over come the tide of the undead?
Relationship Drama August 14th, 2013 Hati and Faruja try to figure out where they stand after the situation with the Glabadosian Demon.
Lamia Seekers August 13th, 2013 Kidnappings lead Faruja and his considerable posse to investigate rumors of Lamia mischief.
A Viera's Revelations August 13th, 2013 The strange male Viera Mercade helped rescue in Fluorgis meets with him in the Cloud Nine, where he tells Mercade some surprising things.
Strange Allies August 13th, 2013 Hati reaches out to Ramza after determining that she can no longer stand by and watch the Glabados Church act as a threat to those she loves.
Recognizing Darkness August 12th, 2013 A frustrated Hati decides to start Percival's training, introducing him to ways of recognizing darkness when he encounters it.
Answers August 12th, 2013 Beck leads TRON to the Renegade's hideout located deep in the Outlands outside Argon City, both seeking answers to the questions that plague them.
The Experiment: Deelel August 12th, 2013 Deelel taking Isaac on a trip through cyberspace come across a virus. They disable him and capture the information he was transporting. The implications are disturbing, everything she's been experienced in relation to the Keyblades and those others that have been involved are just part of some sort of ... experience. Isaac and Deelel depart with all due haste to Castle Oblivion...what nightmares await them there?
Odd Hours August 11th, 2013 Once again near closing time? The arcade gets a strange guest. Deelel has an encounter with Brooklyn a Gargoyle she's only heard about before. Brooklyn on the other hand gets a bit of a better understanding about Basics as he chats it up with Deelel.
Breakout! August 9th, 2013 Mercade visits the Grid for the first time, and ends up getting in trouble in about five minutes. Avira and Deelel come to bail him out.
Old Dreams August 9th, 2013 Skoll re-lives some of his dreams of the Golden Wolf.
Zombies and Jungles August 9th, 2013 It was a simple job really. Hired to help protect a site in the jungle for Arthur Drover. However they had problems with the undead for some time, and you can't keep a good zombie down for long. Sadly for those who are still alive.
To Become the Hunted August 8th, 2013 After being hunted by a mercenary, Cressida finds an unlikely protector.
Oh it had to be a Heartless... August 8th, 2013 The Shard Seekers head off on an adventure sadly for them there is something foul waiting for them at their destination.
Wait what Shopping? August 8th, 2013 While waiting for a safe way to get off the grid, Deelel takes some of the more curious users out for a little trip into Argon. To show them the sights, well what's left of them thanks to Tessler's urban renewal programs...
Welcome To The Grid August 7th, 2013 After weeks of work, Beck has finally repaired the laser. However something goes horribly wrong. The moment the laser is powered, it starts digitizing every single person in the room. At long last the programs have returned home however? Can they get their user friends out alive?!
Welcome Home August 7th, 2013 After a heck of a joyride across the Flynn OS the band of basics and their user friends have some time to rest, thanks for a siren named Aurora. She's put the whole party up, got them suits and most importantly ID discs. Beck also requests that Deelel sheepdog the users to keep them out of too much trouble.
A Refugee from Himself August 7th, 2013 Evja comes to the Shard Seekers, looking for someplace safe from the people pursuing him.
When The Gargoyle Visits August 7th, 2013 Zia comes to the TDA to look for Will to speak with him on things. She doesn't find him, but she does find Mercade. They catch up on things.
Taking his due August 6th, 2013 Hades is tired of waiting on the Vieran Judge to follow through with his contact. Words and Threats are bandied, punishments meted.

Things shall never again be the same.

Gamer Rat August 6th, 2013 Faruja has just been rescued from the clutches of dark power and now he comes down to the Arcade to catch up with a friend and try to recover a little bit.
Her Brother's Advice August 5th, 2013 Stumbling on one another in Traverse Town, Hati and Skoll catch up on recent events and troubles.
Between A Rock And A Dark Place August 5th, 2013 Kain Highwind oversees the first incursion of Baronian Heartless into embattled New Ivalice! Luckily, Vieran Judge Evja is on hand to offer a besieged Baguba a chance at surviving another day! (Kain Highwind as portrayed by Golbez' player).
A Starting Point August 4th, 2013 Helena tries to dig into her soul for something...her silent prayer is answered...
Cathedral Confrontation August 4th, 2013 The 'heroes' face down the power of Father Barnabus and his chalice, hoping to free Faruja from it's baleful call.
Shiki, Demonslayer August 4th, 2013 Seperated from the others, Shiki searches for Faruja. She finds Barnabus' ace he had up his sleeve.

Then she tears it up.

Shadow Noodles August 4th, 2013 Periodic catchup session go! Now with noodles.
A Glitch August 3rd, 2013 Deelel is exploring Game Central and since she has got into trouble when she's gone off alone. So she checks in and when a check in is missed? She missed it because the natives of the game thought she was very confused native of their game. Thankfully people come looking for her as well as others looking into dangerous things doing on for there are Cybugs on the lose in Space Paranoids. Worse one of the bugs eat one of the local tanks.
Blivon's Oblivious Beneficiary August 3rd, 2013 Blivon encounters a moderately dazed dark elf, after mistaking her for his benefactor. He, in turn, has a discussion and becomes Morrighan's benefactor, in a sense of the word, even though she's relatively clueless to half of what he mentions.
Charity Work August 2nd, 2013 Blivon beseeches Rosemarie with a proposition. They discuss business, and tread on the borders of pleasure when the shaman buckles some when faced with the radiance that is the she-elf. Inwardly grateful that she didn't escalate, he beats a hasty retreat before his resolve to remain detached from his yearnings get the better of him,.... albeit with the promise of returning on another day!?
Booze and Business August 2nd, 2013 Zia and Deidra talk about current events over some cocktails.
Starfall: The Plan and the Choice August 2nd, 2013 Newcomers to the world of New Ivalice are invited to meet with the infamous Ezel Berbier, who claims to have a plan to help save New Ivalice. The catch is? The powers that be don't like it. What will the heroes decide?
The Beast and the Mage August 2nd, 2013 Seith encounters the prowling beast of Hollow Bastion.

Title Date Scene Summary
Beach Party September 26th, 2013 Helena and a few people she knows head down to the beach for some time off. Much chatter and some hilarity ensues.
Spears and Threats September 21st, 2013 Faruja seeks out Chita, and the pair trade threats, as well as worries.
The Great Ice-cream Caper September 20th, 2013 There is a celebration in Traverse Town, but the plans of Scrooge's three nephews goes awry.
What We Know September 16th, 2013 The Seekers speculate on the nature of the keyblade quests.
Shadowing For A Shadow Lord September 15th, 2013 Under orders from Admiral Rakassa, Queegmaa hires Faruja and Freya to shadow an outlaw who's been plaguing the empire for years, one who apparently has the grandeur to outgun their elite Mtek knights with minimal backup. Power-hungry, and eager to try and seize the marauder's talents for herself, in whatever capacity possible, the Arch-Admiral now has Faruja and Freya tailing this enigmatic monstrosity's right-hand-man with the intent to get clues as to the location of the primary quarry in question. All the while, Que makes a sunny day at the beach a gloomy one, for the Burmecian Templar!
Future Tense: Shiki Misaki September 15th, 2013 It is decided.
Present Possibilities: Shiki Misaki September 14th, 2013 The past is prologue. The present? Is full of countdown missions.
Future Tense: Zia September 14th, 2013 It is decided.
Past is Prologue: Shiki Misaki September 13th, 2013 The past is prologue. All else is chicanry and nonsense. Until it's not.
Not As Planned September 12th, 2013 It was intended to be a grand day, a day of learning, of testing out new advances with Gummi Blocks. It doesn't go that way as the Undead have other plans, life can be a real Lich sometimes.
A Shocking Departure September 9th, 2013 After getting knocked around and beaten up by a monster in the Targ Woods, Chita made his way to nearby Goug looking for medical treatment. Eventually Rhiannon happens to stop by an after a bit of back and forth conversation, she departs in a shocking fashion.
Judge, Jury, And Courier September 8th, 2013 A certain kappa managed to get himself regurgitated by Rosemarie, and crawled back to Vector on his last leg, as well as last arm, to report to his superior. She's easily incriminated by Queegmaa's testimony alone, so he is then informed that he'll be dispatched to meet with some of the Glabados officials to deliver a token of their esteem for the church; someday, though, he hopes that he'll be given leave to hunt down the large-rumped dark elf!
Clash Under The Stars September 7th, 2013 Avira has a run-in with a rather bothersome elf.
Present Possibilities: Zia September 6th, 2013 The past is prologue. The present? Is full of Heartless.
Memories Forgotten - Part 1 September 5th, 2013 Rumors begin to fly about the Southern Continent regarding a creature lurking within the depths of the Targ Wood. Various individuals convene to get to the bottom of this. And truths are unraveled.
Dissected And Dried September 2nd, 2013 Rhiannon approaches an outlander, and seeks to extract some of his vitality, for her lab-work. As soon as he cuts, she dries with a healing spell, and there is little else to be said or done, retrospectively.

Title Date Scene Summary
Missing Misfits October 31st, 2013 What's This? What's This? The King of Halloween is missing!?
A calm before the storm October 30th, 2013 Echo meets Vesper and Maira for the first time and tries out her new polymorphing toy on them.
Pit Stop October 30th, 2013 Morrighan and Chita discuss things in the aftermath of some unpleasantness. Shiki drops in. Funny stuff happens! And it's a good contrast to the dark horror.
Manhattan Museum of Wonders October 28th, 2013 Echo obtains a magical crystal ball of polymorphing, and meets Deelel!
Que Remedies Camp Pair Dadeni's Understaffing October 26th, 2013 Queegmaa goes to the hideout of Avira in the hopes of regaining his magic stick, only to be offered sincere empathy after he confesses his own worthlessness, the former of which makes him uncomfortable. In turn, he beats a hasty retreat while bestowing them with a parting gift, of sorts, hoping never to have to encounter Maira or Avira again.
Unlikely Asylum October 26th, 2013 After all that has happened, Maira and Avira need to find safe haven. Thus, Maira reaches out to an unlikely associate for aid...
Assuming About The Opposition October 25th, 2013 As Rosemarie wanders to the outskirts of the city, she's beset by Faruja and Queegmaa, who accuse her of having heretical ties with Blivon, who is wanted by Glabados, aside from performing some witch-craft of her own brand. As she gets into position to be arrested, Queegmaa catches a look on her face suggesting realities about her subordinates that he would've otherwise known nothing about, and he rants about Rosie's sub-par assistants; all assumptions, of course!
Fight for the Castle October 24th, 2013 Our heroes try to stop a Shadow Lord from gaining possession of the Beast's magical mirror.
Turning The Tables…. Upside Down October 23rd, 2013 In dire need of rescue, Maira's friends are led by Shadow through the Mtek factory so that she might persevere, and last at least one more day. Presumably, after a fight against Rakassa and her hired guns, the heroes can expect many years to come, which is more than what can be said for the furnishings and equipment in the lab, as Angantyr turns the tables(and other machines) on their sides, after having metaphorically turned the tables on the vileness that is the Gestahlian Empire!
Creatures of the Night October 19th, 2013 Dark things are happening in the French Countryside. A group of heroes goes to investigate, only to find it is more dangerous than they had thought.
Baron Reminded October 17th, 2013 After her initial 'date' into Baron, Maleficent returns - intend on finishing the job.
Paving the road to hell October 15th, 2013 Avira and Chita cross paths in Lindblum and discussions are had with the best of intentions. But you know what they say about the road to Hell.
Hare Today, Gone to Vector October 12th, 2013 Maira is unwittingly duped by Queegmaa, who helps(see: hinders) her as she tries to evade would-be captors; a human soldier and a viera ranger. After the kappa fumbles a few times and slows her down, she's caught by the fleeing viera even as Avira tries to forestall Maira's abduction, after which the obvious ensues-- Que chicken-heartedly runs off to 'get help' while Avira detains the human soldier for interrogation.
The Rat Rings A Bell October 11th, 2013 Maleficent follows up on rumors of a divining bell located within the ruins of Burmecia. Some of those who are there for various reasons take offense to this. A long lost relic of Burmecia is returned, and Freya departs with it in search of something lost.
Heart to Heart Talk October 11th, 2013 Sometime after the encounter with Maleficent in Burmecia, Aerith attempts to keep Chita from falling too far into the darkness.
Deus Ex Mousena October 10th, 2013 Faruja gives Blivon a foreboding warning, upon discovering the shaman's hideout. Safely tucked in a small corner of Traverse Town, and with Rosemarie's backing, the self-assured druid doesn't relent in debunking everything the Nezumi believes in, until Blivon is forced to administer a crushing blow. Faruja has met his match.
Manhattan Revisited October 8th, 2013 Maleficent said she'd return to the city and she does in force. Two of the new keybladers rise with their companions to defend the city. However? Garland is waiting in the wings and their target is not the city but the defenders...
Never-Ending Suffering October 7th, 2013 Agrabah comes under attack by the once more whole Horned King. What is his goal here? No one knows, but what is known he needs to be stopped. A wandering program, sage and a Knight lend their aid to the local guard to fend off the attack.
Baron Mind October 6th, 2013 Maleficent and Garland go out for a little trip to Baron, and encounter a few hitches. It seems some people have issues with their brand of fun!
Dark Clouds October 5th, 2013 The Shadow Lords have a meeting, to speak on current events. They plot they plan and Negaduck finds out the price of being late!
The Cloister of Phoenix October 4th, 2013 Heroes delve into the Cloister of Phoenix, only to find... platform puzzles.
...Said The Spider To The /Incredibly/ Fly Elf October 2nd, 2013 Queegmaa hauls Admiral Rakassa through the streets while she's in a drunk stupor. When a smooth-talking elf comes along with an offer to help take the lustful woman back to her quarters, she makes advances on the elf, who tries his best to remain a gentleman, despite having some sensual impulses of his own underneath his mild manner. Rakassa fails to lure Rylen into her trap..... so far.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Hollering B@stard In The Hollow Bastion November 29th, 2013 Echo delivers 'the goods' to Rakassa under the guise of her Shadow Lord alter ego, which has her so delighted that she begins to show more favoritism towards the bat than Queegmaa. Certain cyborg-kappa feel they've been pushed a little too far, and let off a little steam, and not just through their steam-punk-technology exhaust pipes.
A Daring Rescue November 27th, 2013 Avira, Maira, and Angantyr arrive at a nightclub in downtown Manhattan to crash a party...literally.
Connection: Avira November 26th, 2013 They've run into each other far too many times for her to believe it's coincidence. Now the leader of VALKYRI and the eponymous Flower Girl of Goug have a heart-to-heart, during lunch hour at Cloud Nine. Oh, and some guy named Raine butts in too.
The Best Laid Plans... November 23rd, 2013 ...Apparently succeed. Echo and Phrego swoop in on an unsuspecting Avira and Morrighan. Combat ensues and in the end, the cavalry arrives too late as Morrighan is whisked away. ...What happens now?
Searching for A Rare Plant November 22nd, 2013 Reize made a return to the public to defend the Great Wall from the Undead. However, Reize's main reason for returning was to get an herb that was supposed to bring a friend of his back to good health. He has a talk with the VALKYRI members, who he had not seen in months.
China Syndrome II November 21st, 2013 The Horned King has been planning his advancement on China, tonight-- he sends his Cauldron Born to claim the very wall that defends the proud nation of China.
Echo Goes To Bat For Queegmaa November 20th, 2013 As part of his long-term plan to concoct a serum comprised of extract from magically-inclined individuals, Queegmaa hires Echo to do a dirty deed for him, since he doesn't like to get involved in unnecessary roughness. After a bit of negotiation, Echo agrees to his terms, but, perhaps not without the intent to take some liberties of her own?
Unspoken Business November 18th, 2013 Thirza receives a business proposition from a mysterious samurai from Vector. Unfortunately, the fact that he doesn't speak may be the least of her problems!
A Researcher's Inquiry V November 17th, 2013 Chita returns to Goug with the intention of catching Rhia for a discussion. He does get ahold of her. However, things unexpectedly go south, creating a situation that was perhaps inevitable, yet undesirable all the same. And all the while, a certain someone eavesdrops.
Memories Forgotten - Part 2 November 16th, 2013 Morrighan, following a trail of subtle clues, finally comes face to face with....herself. Words are exchanged, loved ones are spotted, magic flies, and finally; things come to an end.
China Syndrome November 14th, 2013 Chinese Countryside is a beautiful place. Yet on this day, something dark has come to visit this place of beauty and taint it with his own form of darkness.
A Strange Change November 10th, 2013 Myla and Setzer check out a rumor in Port Royal and find more than they expected. For Echo uses a strange magic item to seemingly transform them forever.
A Knowing And Willful Love For Snake Oil November 9th, 2013 Queegmaa encounters Nagetta outside Vector while scouting for talent, and finds himself attracted to her scaliness. He only wishes he could oil her down so that she could keep her reptilian skin in perfect condition, whereas Nagetta is confused as to why the kappa is so infatuated with her, when she hadn't used her 'Charm' skill.
Seven: Off With Her Head November 9th, 2013 The Queen of Hearts comes to the World of Ruin, seeking a young girl named Alice. As such, she and a full deck of cards have come to Castle Tycoon while its own princess is out: For rumors go that a suspicious blonde girl has been imprisoned there.

One demand echoes through the halls of Tycoon Castle, as its soldiers reach out for help against this strange enemy force that has infiltrated their castle;


Emergency Bacon November 7th, 2013 Radio Chatter while fight Pig Noise. Everyone got hungry.
Seven: Heigh-Ho-Heartless November 7th, 2013 The White Rabbit visits the Dwarf Woodlands, and causes some serious trouble for the Dwarves and their female companion. Just what attracted the White Rabbit to this place anyway? And will he find what he's looking for?
Meeting the Golden Wolf November 7th, 2013 Skoll meets a mysterious stranger who just might be the Wolf he's been searching for.
A Heart to Heart November 6th, 2013 Maira and Angantyr mend some emotional bridges.
Maleficent Drinks Tea November 4th, 2013 Maleficent has a chat with us in Traverse Town.
Nightmare Nonsense November 2nd, 2013 What's This? What's This? Father Christmas is a robot!?
Tombstone Terror November 1st, 2013 What's This? What's This? Imps playing dirty tricks!?

Title Date Scene Summary
Wizards and Wanderers December 30th, 2013 Chita heads to Merlin's house to ask him a few questions about relevant subjects.
The Light of Creation December 26th, 2013 Raine and Lumeria track the magic signal they've been following to a broken down Shrine nestled in the Dias Plains. Truths are revealed and things change.
Tis the Season December 23rd, 2013 Its a holiday party for VALKYRI and friends. Also someone who crashes the party and makes everyone twitch, yet behaves. Which could be even worse than him crashing things.
Christmas Lingerie Caper December 21st, 2013 The Don goes looking for new material in Southern Manhattan, Zack gets hurt a lot.
Back to the Drawing Board December 19th, 2013 The captured experiment is brought back to the man himself. However, the alchemist is disappointed because the objective was not taken care of.
Dark Tides December 18th, 2013 Attempting to listen for signs of a lost girl on the Mist Plains, Chita's chocobo wanders him into the nearby Petrified woods following said 'girl' and it is soon revealed it was all a trap of sorts.
Connection: Echo December 15th, 2013 Aerith heads back to the woods near Goug after the irritating Black Friday fiasco to clear her head, and perhaps take a moment to commune with the spirits there that have been untouched by Shinra's reactors. Of course, one is never alone in places like these, and she ends up meeting a peculiar creature. And Aerith always was a sucker for cute things...
The Early Lizard Gets The Worm December 14th, 2013 Rakassa ambushes Queegmaa as punishment for his failure, with a hideous, gargantuan worm. Going into hyper-drive, he manages to defeat it by way of a preemptive, electrical interception. After the skirmish is done, he chides Rakassa, while also criticizing several other Shadow Lords who he'd felt had been failures in regards to multiple aspects of their approach towards exerting intellectual supremacy over the protagonists of the world. Finally, the vile troll and the admiral come to a compromise, and they conspire against some of Rakassa's fellow coworkers.... for it can be said indeed, that there is no honor among thieves or murderers!
Seven: An Apple December 14th, 2013 Our heroes find themselves being forced to deal with a distraction while the Shadow Lords are on the move.
Spine VS Bat December 12th, 2013 Avira and Echo have a Western-style showdown outside Narshe. Pull those pistols, pardner!
Bat Got Que's Lung December 12th, 2013 Following a battle with a crocodile, Queegmaa is then visited by Echo, who shows a bit of compassion for his predicament. She explains that she 'got his back', so to speak, and for that matter, she probably almost got his lung, too, since his injuries were fairly grievous. After helping to bandage him up, he offers her a chance at researching a specific breed of monster, for whatever reason it was that Que had in his mind; this, of course, is to be left to the imaginations of the omniscient onlookers!
Chocobo Field Winter Wonderland December 11th, 2013 The chocobos have fled the field as winter came. However, it was not the reason for the creatures fleeing the area...
Mullonde's Most Unwanted Kappa-Troll December 10th, 2013 After trolling Morrighan to coerce an invitation out of her, Queegmaa becomes one of the woman's most despicable house-guests ever, and his innuendos become boastful, besides semi-incriminating, up to the point that the drow loses her patience. She's provoked so much that she decides to 'flick him out', by raising her wrist thereby sending a gust of wind to hurl him into the streets, where the rest of the dregs are located. Queegmaa vows to get revenge, somehow!
Avira the Bat Hunter December 10th, 2013 Avira goes bat hunting in Central park!
It's a Bat Thing. December 9th, 2013 Lumeria meets Echo in Lindblum!
Catching Up With the Dennou December 9th, 2013 After getting the herb to treat Violet, Reize was able to take the time to enjoy his stay in the Chinese Countryside. He comes across the Dennou sisters, Emi and Umi. It is a bit of catching up between them all.
Blackest Friday December 7th, 2013 Echo decides the greed and barbarism of a black Friday sale must be punished. Enchanted outfits and a Soda Machine Golem ensue!
Maidenly Misunderstanding December 6th, 2013 Old rumors resurface to produce an unconventional job offer for the ladies of VALKRI. Avira attempts to capitalize on Vohstra's offer to her best friend's benefit. Guest starring Shadow!
Reconnect: Maira December 6th, 2013 After recovering Alice and bringing her back to VALKYRI HQ, Aerith finds herself with more questions than answers. To clear her thoughts of a few of them, she turns to one who she's sorely in need of a re-evaluation with.
Seven: Mazerunner December 5th, 2013 A mysterious entity is causing a ruckus beneath Castle Tycoon; Alice is in danger! Our heroes and some unlikely allies face off against a great and dark evil force.
Queegmaa's African Magnum Opals December 5th, 2013 Queegmaa plants seeds of conspiracy in Rakassa's mind, and she takes the bait, hook, line, and sinker; plans are set in motion to purge The Pride Lands of their precious gems.
Of Deals and Deeds to Come December 5th, 2013 Raine meets with Lumeria to discuss a possible deal and partnership. Some things are explained, and preparations must now be made.
A Rat in New Orleans December 4th, 2013 Hungry for some dinner, Freya encounters Aerith and has her for dinner.