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Cirra Constantine +Tossed out into the combined worlds with the mandate to explore for Arcadia, find allies, and of course, persecute their enemies.  +
Clayton +Tried to take in a bounty.  +


Darkwing Duck +Looking for Gosalyn and returning the favor to Negaduck for wrecking his awesome reputation. :(  +
David Xanatos +Business as usual...?  +
Deidra +Causing rumors of a creature lose in part of Manattan  +
Demona +Plots, Plans, and French Loafs.  +
Don Corneo +Sleazing around Manhattan, cuttin' deals with Turks. Always looking for new material for KINGS magazine.  +
Dr. Facilier +No need for suspicion, minister!  +
Duke +Recently ran into Stitch while snooping about the Glabados Church. The two had a bit of a brawl, but overall, they seemed to come to an understanding, even if they could only barely understand one another... This certainly won't end in tears.  +


Echo +Target: Dark elf. Possibility: Slam Dunk. ETA: ASAP.  +
Emperor Kuzco +Out to beat SARGON and become Traverse Town's new mayor!  +
Emperor Mateus +Biding one's time pays such great dividends...  +
Eric B. Mimsy III +Discovered lightcycles and loves them - God/Faram/etc. help us all.  +


Faervel Tathren +Roaming around.  +
Faris Scherwiz +Currently sailing the seas in a stolen ship, seeking crew and people needing ship-based transportation.  +
Faruja Senra +Now a part of the Shard Seekers, Faruja is assisting in raising funds for the group, as well as attending to other standing orders for the Church.  +
Freya Crescent +I found Fratley again, but is it really him...?  +


Gabranth +Doing Whatever Judge Magisters Do.  +
Garland +Words With Fiends  +
Garnet +Landed in Traverse Town and stayed at Cloud Nine for a while, before Kuja found her..  +
Gerad Iron Fogair +Gerad understands there is a castle underneath the sands of the deserts outside of Agrabah. He's looking for a way underground that doesn't involve earthquakes.  +
Gesandte Gottes +He has just recently come of the new world, or at least the civilized part of it. Then proceeded to safe the souls of the dead, and ensure they got to their holy places where they could be with their families once more.  +
Gilgamesh +You don't want to know.  +
Ginger +Seeking The Returners that remain.  +
Gizmoduck +Saving The Day.  +
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