Aerith Gainsborough

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Aerith Gainsborough
Aerith In The Wind.png
"I love the wind, don't you?"
Age 22
Species Cetra
Sex Female
Height 5' 3"
Weight Oh, you'd love to know, wouldn't you.
Series Final Fantasy 7
Combat Styles Sage, Mystic
Hometown Midgar, Sector 5
Group Unaffiliated
Occupation/Job Florist
Force: Forces of Restoration
Theme Song
"I'm not fighting to cause death. I'm fighting to preserve life. Because the Planet isn't just the Lifestream, it's the people that live in it every day."
Recent Events
So I'm all alone again, am I? But at the same time, I'm not. And we just saved a Princess of Heart from the Shadow Lords, huh...? Now I'm starting to see the bigger picture. The question is, where do I fit in?


Born in a place without mercy and raised in a slum without light, Aerith is yet and still a cheery and upbeat young woman of twenty-two years old who works as a flower seller. In a place that doesn't have any greenery what so ever, her talent for floristry has brought her a small fortune, which she uses over half of to keep her mother from going hungry. But let her gentle demeanor fool no one, she is able to defend herself quite readily with a five foot long metal rod and her innate understanding of how to get the most out of any Materia given to her.

When her world fell to darkness, she was selling flowers in the upper city, just above the Sector 5 slums. The destruction came without warning, her senses overwhelmed with the screams of a million dying souls. Just before she fell unconscious, she felt an insidious presence overtake her, attempt to control her as it did everything else. Yet something within seemed to resist. Perhaps her bloodline, her heritage, had spared her.

By the time she awoke, she was in a city she did not recognize, and could sense no trace of Zack...

...Yet she had found so much more.

Her world was not the only one there was, and she now had a name for the malevolent entity that had nearly destroyed everything she knew: the Heartless. After a first-hand experience with one and her subsequent rescue, Aerith now has newfound purpose and resolve. Shinra is not the larger threat, and with her malice toward them evaporated like so much vapor, she now focuses her considerable will toward the defeat of the predatory beasts that seek to devour all hearts.

Yet she still remains the last Cetra, and the revelation that Maira is not who she initially appeared to be has brought a loneliness to her that she never thought she would feel. Hide it as she might, the fact that she is the last of her kind still haunts her. In that light, she makes it her goal to surround herself with as many companions as possible...

History... in her own words

Since the day I was born, I was always alone.

Yes, I had my mother for the first five years of my life, but... I was still alone. The first time I opened my eyes was in a cold, soulless laboratory in Shinra headquarters. A man with unkind eyes called me things that I didn't understand. I was poked and prodded, tested until I knew only pain and misery, and pointless work. That, and my mother's words, that I was born for something greater than this, born for a purpose that not even she could see. In that place, the Planet couldn't be heard. Too much interference, too many mistakes.

I don't blame them, they're trying to find a way to survive. But the Planet suffered because of it. If only they could hear like I did.

Like I still do.

Someone showed us kindness, though... they gave us a way out, a place no one knew existed, at the cost of their job, maybe even their life. My mother and I managed to escape, but it was a disorderly retreat. She... was shot down while we were running, by a guard lucky enough to know what was going on. To this day, I still remember the look of pain on her face as she stumbled to the train graveyard, holding me in her arms. We were found, but it was too late for her... and she gave me to someone else in the hope that her words, her lessons, would stick with me.

I was well and truly alone at that point, because I became the last of my kind.

Even when I started hearing the voices, the cries and moans and warnings, I was still alone. I could tell my surrogate mother was afraid of me, I could see into her, through her. I didn't blame her at all, she didn't understand me. I didn't understand me back then, either. But she tried, and so did I, and things were good for a while.

Then Shinra found me.

Everything came flashing back in my head, even that night my mother died. For the first time in my life I got angry. When the Turks came for me, tried to convince me, I said no. A sharp, emphatic, resounding no. And my voice echoed along the walls of the house as if it came from somwhere other than myself. It made them afraid, and that was good. Let them be afraid, let them think twice about trying to come after the last of the Cetra.

After that, we couldn't just stay there anymore. No, we had to leave. But the problem was that when you're in Midgar, you're there for a long time, probably the rest of your life. I had a plan, but in order to do it, I needed to be strong. I taught myself how to hide, how to fight when I couldn't hide anymore, how to better speak to the Planet.

I accepted what I was from the moment I told Shinra where they could stick their little hopes for a brighter future, and I guess that made things easier for me. The voices no longer filled my head all at once, no longer hurt. They told me how I could make things grow in a place where growth no longer happened, and from there I decided to make my way in the world.

Selling flowers in the upper city doesn't sound like much of a start, but... from the first time I did it, I found that I was successful. Maybe it was something else guiding me, I don't know. But every step I took, it was one step further towards leaving and finding my purpose.

Of course, that was sidelined for a while when someone smashed through the roof of the place where I grew my flowers... I was lucky he didn't smash too many with that armor of his.

His eyes were the eyes of a SOLDIER, and I knew well of them. The war had been going on for quite some time now, with Wutai, and I'd already heard of their special task forces participating in high-risk missions. This guy didn't look like someone who fought a war though... he was goofy, clumsy, a total womanizer. He was also hilarious, charming, and quite handsome to boot. His name was Zack Fair, and he was the first man I ever fell for.

Well technically, he fell for me... but that's neither here nor there.

So I kept selling my flowers, and told him of all the little things I wanted... but it all boiled down to just one. I wanted to spend more time with him and those eyes that scared me, and yet intrigued me. But... after a while, it turned out that it wasn't to be. We weren't getting any headway at all, and then... before I knew it, the voice whispered to me again.

My eyes glanced toward the sky as it started to rain on the streets of the upper city, and I suddenly felt a pain in my chest that I never would have imagined. He was gone... well and truly gone, and I wanted to scream. I might not have truly loved him, but he was a friend.

One of my only real, true friends, and he left, just like that.

I hated them even more when that happened. Somehow, I knew Shinra was behind his disappearance, too far away for me to do anything but listen to the cries of the Planet as his soul was cut off from the Lifestream, without warning.

Then I was proven wrong in the next instant as I heard the screams, the wails, the utter hopelessness. A million voices cried out at once... save us. Then I really did scream as I felt something cold and black take hold of me, squeeze my heart and try to rip it out of my chest. I couldn't breathe, couldn't move, all I could do was scream, and cry... and then the pain stopped, the voices stopped. Something had saved me, I don't know what.

No that's not true. I think I know perfectly well what saved me. Didn't spare me from the void of unconciousness, though.

When I woke up, I was in a place I didn't know, staring at a ceiling I couldn't recognize. I couldn't sense my mother, or my good friend Zack... but even worse, what I could sense chilled me to the bone. The Lifestream was dying, all but gone.

I used to hate Shinra so much. But now I can't come to hate them. I don't nurse a grudge anymore.

Because there is something greater, something more unsettling, than Shinra could ever be. I know full well they aren't the ones behind this, because that day was the first time the Lifestream cried out in such sheer pain. All at once, souls were being extinguished, snuffed out, and now the Planet is in ruins and on the dregs of its life's blood.

It hurts... it hurts so much, but why? What's causing it?

I haven't had time to find out. So much has happened.

All I know is that this is bigger than me; bigger than all of us. I saw a world heart, the world heart, get eaten by Darkness and still keep on beating. But now everything's starting to fall apart, and I have no idea what to do besides keep moving forward. And then there's this Genesis, and the knowledge that Zack died, and is still dead even as I speak. Part of some twisted game to suit someone's ends, or so I've gathered. I don't know what's going on with that either, but I'm going to find out.

I think though that one of the most frustrating, but enlightening experiences I've had while here is the time I've spent with Chita. He's a gentle soul that's been treated so harshly, but he still clings to his beliefs. I don't like saying this, and it's not a brag, but we have many things in common. We've been mistreated, exploited, used to further the ends of everyone who thinks they can profit from us. But we're both still here and still going. We've been in fights with others and each other, but somehow we still manage to pull together.

And I think I've gotten him to open up a little, too!

Still, the question remains. Who caused the fall of my world, and how can I get it back? I know I have to, because it's my duty, but it seems so impossible now...


If one word could be summed up in all of the personality that is Aerith, it would be peaceable. Aerith is the one you turn to when you just need someone to talk to who will sit quietly and listen, yet still be entirely focused on what you're saying. Her first goal is to make the other person feel as if they are the only person on the planet, and to that end she makes them feel as welcome and comfortable around her as she can.

Energized most when she is amongst friends, she offers her full support on any endeavors her allies happen to undertake. And she is bound to have many allies indeed, since she makes and keeps freinds readily! She can get argumentative at times however, for once she has an opinion and it has been proven, she does not change her mind. Ever. Still, she doesn't hold grudges and has a great respect for all forms of life... except for those who see fit to take life instead of contribute towards it.

Then she gets angry.

She finds it inconcievable as to how anyone could be so callous and thoughtless to want to bring harm, injury, or injustice to the world. To that end, if she sees something bad happening in front of her, rest assured she will do something about it, and her fury will be righteous.

Her intuitive nature gives her an insight that makes her thought process seconds ahead of others, and it means that sometimes she can say some very strange things. It's only later, when one looks in hindsight, that her words ring true...

Aerith's disposition to Shinra is... not so friendly. They've wronged her, badly, and while she doesn't want to see them suffer as much as she used to, she will not show any favors to them in battle, either. In less hostile situations, she is completely untrusting of them, even going so far as to add a bit of snark in her speech. Tseng of the Turks is a different story. She pities him, worried about how such a noble man could be caught up in such an evil organization. She holds less enmity for him than most, and will attempt to get him to see reason, even if his loyalty lies firmly with her enemies.

Aerith has an affinity for strawberry ice cream, seeing as it's her 'feel good food' as she calls it. Whenever one sees her sitting there with a few pints of it stacked next to her, they can rest assured that it's been a bad day for the florist, and would be well-advised to leave her be until she's finished her snack.

When it comes to events outside of battle, Aerith is relaxed in any situation where there is an abundance of people involved. She loves to have a good time with her companions, and isn't afraid to wear something pretty when the occasion calls for it. Most of the time she's seen in her pink dress and red bolero jacket, complete with a pair of hiking boots, her hair in a thick braided pony tail. But put her in a more elegant setting and she lets her hair down and pulls out the finest dress she can find, displaying the exquisite figure that her more common clothing tends to hide.



The Sage

In this style, Aerith's abilities and stats focus around high-yield, heavy-hitting magical artillery, and the most potent of healing and restorative spells, all in one package. So one could call her, as far as standard Final Fantasy fare, a Sage.

When others are doing the fighting and she is at a safe distance, she shines in one of two roles: the force of nature, the destructive spellslinger that drops magical bombs on those seeking to kill her friends, or she is the support, the backbone, the healer that keeps things from falling apart.

Sometimes she takes on both at once, and this can naturally be draining... but that's just how she is.

The Mystic

However when someone gets too close, she soon displays she has a staff for a reason, and can use it with precision and a fair amount of momentum, bringing it around with enough speed to break bones and render someone unconcious. Combined with a redefined fighting style and her research into the abilities of the Cetra, she is perfectly capable of defending herself without the aid of materia.

Survival Skills

Her knowledge of flowers, which stems from her connection to the Lifestream, extends to herbs and natural remedies, and thus she excels in making potions, ethers, and other curative and status-recovery items, when the need arises. Stacked onto this is her skill with cooking, taught to her by her surrogate mother, Elmyra. The combination of these traits give her vital survival skills, making her a valuable asset when the fighting has stopped and everyone's back in camp.

Voice of the Planet

But more than just the ability to tell what's good to eat and what's likely to kill you if swallowed, her heritage gives her a sixth sense, the ability to hear voices on the wind, to feel urges within her that warn of danger to her person, or emotional pain within others, even going so far as to ascertain their physical health. This can be a boon in battle, making her able to read physical attacks heartbeats before they happen, or increasing her efficiency with healing magic.

Weapon: Spirit Staff

Hewn from the branches of an elder tree somewhere in the Targ Woods, this six foot long, inch and a quarter wide staff appears to be a commonplace weapon. But its common apperance belies its potential. The weapon has the properties of wax wood, refusing to break even under the most intense stresses. It also absorbs and channels energy with all the conductivity of a copper wire, making it perfect for Aerith's martial-arts based techniques.

But perhaps the most unique feature is that its full potential has yet to be unlocked...



Fruit Village Investigation

In the wake of the recent attack from Shinryu, Aerith witnessed the horror of the biggest (and only) World Heart she'd ever seen turning to darkness and almost winking out. Somehow, it survived. But now, the entirety of the realm she hails from is being slowly eaten away. Before long, it will break apart entirely, lost forever. To stop this from happening, Mercade Alexander suggests she head toward Fruit Village, the epicenter of the conflict, to see what can be done...

Horrible Knowledge

Aerith has finally lost her patience with Rhiannon Zellen. After attempting to understand her, only to see the horrors the Shinra scientist is capable of unleashing, she sets her mind on ridding the world of another mad scientist, who seems determined to cause endless suffering for what she claims to be the advancement and evolution of mankind. With such a twisted rationale, there is nothing the scientist will stop at. Sooner or later, she must be removed from the picture.

Pale Terror (Current Location: Traverse Town)

After a series of events where things go slightly out of hand, several burning questions are answered in Traverse. It is there that the true nature of the weapon is revealed, and yet many more questions arise from the revelation. With little idea of what to do with it now, Aerith follows Chita from the meeting and discovers he is able to see without the use of his eyes. Perhaps the pale sword is not so malignant. At least, for the time being. But Aerith can still sense its killing intent, and though docile for now, it will continue to seek out Rhiannon for payback...


Connection: Angantyr Vespar

Angantyr Vespar. Dark Knight, Keyblade wielder, and one who has a deep connection with Maira, whom Aerith calls friend. Who is this mysterious man, where did he come from, and what past does he have with Chita? Aerith decides to look deeper into a man she's met only in passing, and attempt to figure him out.

A Friend in Need

Aerith gets in touch with Maira and asks for more information on her errand. It turns out that the Princess of Heart is attempting to restore Palamecia, the world from which she hails, to its former glory, and she already has a World Shard to get started. With no knowledge on the whereabouts of the others however, Maira is stuck where she is. Knowing from her experiences in Manhattan that finding these shards is no easy task, Aerith offers her assistance in whatever way she can.


Aerith has a certain view on the people she runs into, but since there is a kaleidoscope of people in the myriad fragments of worlds, there is no possible way to list all of them in one place. Thus, only those she has recently come into contact with will be noted, and those who are friends will remain so until her opinion of them is so marred that she puts them in neutral territory, or even as enemies.

Since she knows so much about someone to call them a true friend however, that probably won't happen... probably.

Relationships are ranked by status, or her personal view on where people stand with her. Certain actions and words will bring a certain someone higher or lower as far as Aerith is concerned, and she is very observant, so watch yourself!


Friend (0-10)
Trusted (11-20)
Comrade/Confidante (21-30)
Brother/Sister (31-40)

Name Status Thoughts
Tifa Lockhart Trusted (+1) So then, you know Zack too. I wouldn't get too involved with him.
Maira Trusted (+10) You just let me know when you need me, okay?
Chita Confidante (+1) Oh, you can see now! But it's not exactly perfect, is it?
Paulo Mysidi Friend (+10) I think we're going to be good friends, you and I. Very good friends indeed.
Avira Friend (+1) Wasn't that fun? We need to do that again!


Neutral (0-10)
Amicable (11-20)
Personable (21-30)
Memorable (31-40)

Name Status Thoughts
Echo Amicable (+11) You know, I really enjoyed our time together. Let's meet up in Traverse some time!
Deidra Amicable (+3) We just seem to keep running into each other, don't we?
Faruja Senra Amicable (+2) You and I need to have a serious talk about your... church.
Mercade Alexander Amicable (+5) I'm glad you trust me to lead this. I just hope everyone follows me.
Zack Fair Amicable (+11) What happened to you, that you don't remember me? And even once you do, don't expect any favors!
Montag Neutral (+0) You know what she'll do with it. Don't let her repeat this!


Annoying (0-10)
Frustrating (11-20)
Angered (21-30)
Marked (31-40)

Name Status Thoughts
Negaduck Annoying (-1) You're a horrible singer, you know that?
Mirage Angered (-2) I was so close... But I won't let someone that feeds off misery and suffering take what I care about!
Rhiannon Zellen Marked (-20) I should have let that thing eat you. Keeping the roof above our heads took priority.
Seith Marked (-31) To thrive off the pain of others so much is inconceivable. You need to be dealt with.
Maleficent Angered (-21) You nearly killed Chita, and I'm going to make you feel his pain one day.


Understanding January 11th, 2014 The path to change and progress begins with one small step, and Aerith takes the first step to changing the way she thinks about things. Of course, no great journey happens without help, and who better to guide her than Chita?
Connection: Echo December 15th, 2013 Aerith heads back to the woods near Goug after the irritating Black Friday fiasco to clear her head, and perhaps take a moment to commune with the spirits there that have been untouched by Shinra's reactors. Of course, one is never alone in places like these, and she ends up meeting a peculiar creature. And Aerith always was a sucker for cute things...
Connection: Avira November 26th, 2013 They've run into each other far too many times for her to believe it's coincidence. Now the leader of VALKYRI and the eponymous Flower Girl of Goug have a heart-to-heart, during lunch hour at Cloud Nine. Oh, and some guy named Raine butts in too.
Beach Party! January 29th, 2013 Impromptu beach party where a lot of people showed up - including Damien's thong.
How Aerith Got Her Groove Back, Part 2 December 11th, 2012 Aertih discovers that when Pixi said training with her would not be easy, she meant it. The difficult process of learning how to truly defend herself however merely makes her look at it like a puzzle to be solved. A very intricate and long-winded one.
How Aerith Got Her Groove Back, Part 1 December 10th, 2012 After the loss of Manhattan, Aerith is driven more than ever to improve her self-taught fighting skills into a true style worthy of defending those around her. As she goes into a light sparring session with Tifa, an opportunity arises for her to push her training to the next stage... And being the upstanding guy that he is, Kaydin offers to go along for the ride.
Not So Fun In The Sandpit December 4th, 2012 Amidst the sands of Fluorgis, an Antlion who gorged on Heartless is rampaging towards the desert city! Can it be stopped? Will our heroes survive? Will anyone be eaten, and can they avoid massive amounts of spit? Read on to find out!
Destiny Waits For No Cetra November 26th, 2012 Aerith, running out of supplies, decides to make her own batch of what she's missing. Naturally, as with everything else in this world, things are not so easy, and she falls into a trap she didn't know was waiting for her. In the midst of the conflict, she discovers her purpose, and something that comes with it...
Lost Soul November 18th, 2012 After the shopping trip in Manhattan, Aerith takes the time to continue her training, this time on her own. As she and Tifa discuss the particulars, the Cetra senses something down on the street, and soon the two of them to the aid of Valencia. The Heartless they face is a special one in particular... one that is the cause of much grief for their new acquaintance.
Unlearn Everything November 14th, 2012 Aerith and Tifa finally begin training together, in the hopes of the flower girl learning how to properly defend herself and others. She gets pointers from two very unlikely sources along the way.


Bitter Work December 14th, 2012 In the quiet of the woods, Aerith takes the time to do a few things on her own. Such a special gift from such an ancient soul needs to be prepared for, and she is not about to waste a single moment by sitting on the forest floor, doing nothing. Part of How Aerith Got Her Groove Back.