Angantyr Vespar

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Angantyr Vespar
Age 29
Species Human
Sex Male
Height 6' 5
Weight 250 lbs
Series Final Fantasy 12
Combat Styles Dark Knight
Hometown Unknown (Destroyed by Arcadia)
Group Keyblade Wielders
Occupation/Job Sellsword
Force: Wandering Force
I was gonna tell you to die a slow, painful death, but I don't got the patience to wait around, so you're dying now.
Recent Events
For Hire!


Angantyr, is called many things. A Sell sword, mercenary, and degenerate among other things. Originally from a country of small consequence, conquered by the Arcadian empire during their imperialistic march through Ivalice. The country, invaded and nearly destroyed, and the young Angantyr taking it as simply not being strong enough to resist. The country absorbed, he took to selling his services to the highest bidder, slowly and carefully looking to one day raise a force powerful enough to start war with the Arcadian empire. Angantyr is hot headed, but tempered to an extent. While he tends to sell his sword to whoever can pay the most, he has been known to take jobs from those fighting the Arcadian empire for less than his normal sum, and always charges the Arcadians high. Angantyr is a bit sarcastic and callous, a bit wild and unafraid to get dirty. However, much of this attitude hides a deeper empathy towards others, than he would admit.


The Cynic, Former Rich Kid, Ambition is Evil, Back Story, Black Knight?, Black Sheep Of The Family, Character Derailment (Blame Jasmine), Dark Is Not Evil, Good Is Not Nice, Heroic Bastard, I Have A Brother, Does Not Go Home For Christmas, Tutored by Chaos, Has Evil Friends, As Good Friends, Jerkass, Loony Friends Improve Your Personality, Only In It For The Money, Pragmatic, Map Making, Knowledge: Nobility, Knowledge: Chaos, Knowledge: Darkness, Knowledge: Math


Weaponmaster: Angantyr is a master of various weapons, from sword, to maces, and Axes. He's got a good grip on anything that can be wielded with two hands but is noted for a two handed mace with talon like spikes that come from it.

Strong Willed: The man was trained to master his will over Darkness. To this extent his will is iron, and does not get daunted by the power he yields without considerable effort.

Dauntless: The man is a power house of physical ability. He can go quite a while without needing sleep and can fight for considerable time before he starts breaking down.

Darkness: Angantyr wields the power of darkness, but unlike most that tread his path, his was born not of selfish desire or a greater desire of power: he was born with this. Angantyr himself is not sure of the origins, except from stories passed throughout his family, but he is a font of darkness, and instead of pulling it from outside to use, he draws it from himself. He can also use corridors of darkness to travel.

Map making: Angantyr picked up the art of map making as a child, and while he does not often get a chance to use the abilities, he does take great pride in his work.

Nobility: Angantyr was born to a noble house, and has a variety of education and knowledge that would not be common to those not born to a well to do family. Despite his dislike of how he was treated, he can not deny that it has been a help to him over the years in a variety of ways.


Allies Avira, Maira, Jasmine, Garland
Acquaintances Faris Scherwiz ,Riku, Mica Melchiott , Negaduck , Baigan
Adversaries Seith, Leida , Zargabaath , Kaydin , Morrighan Alazne , Katyna Redsvaren, Rallius Vespar, Cirra Constantine, Faruja Senra, LEXUS, Gabranth


Name Affiliation Force Thoughts
Avira VALKYRI/Twilight Detective Agency Forces of Restoration Avira is a girl he met months ago near Rabanastre, a girl who could barely hold her own with a sword, and claimed to be from the world. However, he saw something in her and agreed to personally train her. Angantyr Admires her determination and will, but wonders about her lofty ideas sometimes. However, she faced his inner darkness and overcame it with her pure willpower and...something else.
Maira VALKYRI Forces of Restoration One of Avira's friends. An oddball, but she has a sense of...chaoticness that Angantyr loves.
Jasmine Princess of Heart Forces of Restoration Kind and caring. Their first meeting was recovering Avira from Baron's hands. However, she hired him to protect her while she rested...and got himself involved with something else. Angantyr does not know fully how to handle her. There is something about her that is so pure, that he doesn't understand. Those bathed in the light as she is usually treat him with suspicion and fear...but she only wants to know more. The more they talk, too, the more he thinks.
Garland Shadow Lords Forces of Ruin His master and teacher of mastering his darkness. Garland has taught him a great many things, and he respects Garland like a student should. However, the two have disagreed over some things in the past, but often is treated by Garland as an learning opportunity for the man. Brutal and tolerating no weakness, the dark master of Chaos has helped forge Angantyr into the man he is today.


Name Affiliation Force Thoughts
Faris Scherwiz Pirates Wondering Force A Pirate, and someone that shares similar views to Angantyr. Mischievous and resourceful, and someone that Angantyr can respect...but never trust. You never trust a thief, lest you get a dagger to the back.
Riku Shadow Lord Forces of Ruin Idiot kid. Suicidal and angst, but also powerful and deserving of respect based on that. However, he'll probably kill himself or worse before he gets old. Stuff like this makes me sad.
Mica Melchiott Shadow Lord Forces of Ruin Showy, but if you got the gold, I got the muscle.
Negaduck Shadow Lord Forces of Ruin Loud, has an ego, an a duck. Typically not worth much of respect, BUT...he has to admit the Duck's will is strong. That's respectful enough.
Baigan Baron Forces of Ruin A man of his word, despite the place he sides with. Honorable, and powerful and someone worthy of respect... regardless of his underlings foolishness.


Name Affiliation Status Thoughts
Seith Shadow Lord Forces of Ruin You didn't pay me what you owe. You made the contract, and you broke it because you suck at making them. You then tried to get me killed with your poisoned words...well guess what sucker? Learn to do things yourself, because minions fail.
Kaydin Baron Forces of Ruin You poor excuse of a puppy of a man you. Lick the heels of those better than you, and spout their words. You have none of your own, just a poor misguided lack of thought. The Darkness will consume you one day...if you live that long.
Zargabaath Arcadian Empire Forces of Restoration You spout words, but all I hear is the same crap the rest of you Arcadians spout. You'll get yours in time, judge.
Leida Shadow Lord Forces of Ruin A wretched creature...a sad existence. Killing it would be a mercy, and one I intend to give. Small child or not...
Morrighan Alazne Baron Forces of Ruin Everything I hate about nobility, wrapped up in a small lithe package. Get near who I love again, and I won't stop at just humiliating you and your man Servant.
Katyna Redsvaren Unknown Unknown Met under the guise of Ember. Says she'll use darkness to save things, and that she serves the heartless. A barrel of laughs, but even more to the point the reason Kaydin was successful. She wants to bring me to her master, like I am a trophy...well, little lady, speak with your actions...and pray that LEXUS steps in to save you again.
Cirra Constantine Arcadian Empire Forces of Ruin Fought during the battle of Manhattan. The fight was a hard one, but Cirra managed to get something of a grudging respect...despite being a member of Solidor's military. He'll still fight and kill her.
Rallius Vespar Arcadian Empire Forces of Ruin Angantyr's brother, time has not healed the wound between the two. Rallius seems to have forgiven him, but Angantyr holds a grudge.
LEXUS Shadow Lords Forces of Ruin Digital man from a digital world. LEXUS, however, is a fair man and despite being an evil thing...he can give the thing respect. However, using Avira's condition against him to coax him into being an experiment for LEXUS has put a damper on their business relationship. As well as the man's goal of devouring worlds.
Faruja Senra Glabados Church Forces of Restoration Everything I hate about the light wrapped up in one package. Zealous, looks down his nose at others, and judgmental. He can only think of himself, and his oath, and nothing else.
Gabranth Arcadian Empire Forces of Ruin Harbinger of death for my people. The man hides behind his vows of duty and loyalty because he only lives to bring destruction. I'll end him...and finally put to rest my past.


A Researcher's Jailbreak March 30th, 2014 Days after Rhiannon's capture, several forces converge on the prison facility holding her. Things go well. ...Or not. Depending on your perspective.
Kindling Inquirement February 28th, 2014 A series of 'heroes' inquire into more of the history surrounding Cinderella's history.
A Researcher's Inquiry VII February 27th, 2014 Rhiannon calls enemies and friends alike to Shinra HQ to hold an open dialogue. ...Things don't quite go as planned. At all. But nonetheless, this turnout could be interesting as well.
Unexpected Results February 20th, 2014 The town of Narshe falls prey to another unusual visitor, one who wants to destroy Rhiannon, the scientist who attacked the city earlier. How is this creature related? How do people react in the face of this overwhelming vengeance?
A Researcher's Inquiry VI February 13th, 2014 The Black Beast is unleashed upon Narshe in another field test by Rhiannon Zellen, scientist of Shinra. Luckily some saviors happen to be here to put a stop to it's rampage. But is it really the end...?
Seven: The World Changes February 8th, 2014 A dark shadow looms over the Northern Continent.
Seven: Looming February 5th, 2014 Strange happenings are occurring in the Zanarkand Ruins. Our heroes go down there to figure out what is going on!
Old Glare-Eyes January 19th, 2014 Angantyr finally gets a visit with Yen Sid. What does he learn?
Seven: Dreams Go On - Waking Dream January 18th, 2014 Seith's curse comes to bear. Cinderella falls asleep. As do many of our other heroes. This is the story for those who escaped the curse's grasp.
Topsy Turvy Day: Nightfall January 14th, 2014 The Topsy Turvy Day must come to an end.
Wizardly Exposition January 9th, 2014 Angantyr Vespar has some long-standing questions to ask of the Sorcerers to follow up on information given to him in the past. And where better to start than the only one who's open for general consulting, Merlin?
Seven: Dreams January 5th, 2014 Our heroes enjoy a ball and learn some of the secrets that the Castle of Dreams holds. But what's more... there is a dark omen that meets our heroes late into the dance.
Tis the Season December 23rd, 2013 Its a holiday party for VALKYRI and friends. Also someone who crashes the party and makes everyone twitch, yet behaves. Which could be even worse than him crashing things.
Seven: An Apple December 14th, 2013 Our heroes find themselves being forced to deal with a distraction while the Shadow Lords are on the move.
Seven: Mazerunner December 5th, 2013 A mysterious entity is causing a ruckus beneath Castle Tycoon; Alice is in danger! Our heroes and some unlikely allies face off against a great and dark evil force.
A Daring Rescue November 27th, 2013 Avira, Maira, and Angantyr arrive at a nightclub in downtown Manhattan to crash a party...literally.
The Best Laid Plans... November 23rd, 2013 ...Apparently succeed. Echo and Phrego swoop in on an unsuspecting Avira and Morrighan. Combat ensues and in the end, the cavalry arrives too late as Morrighan is whisked away. ...What happens now?
Emergency Bacon November 7th, 2013 Radio Chatter while fight Pig Noise. Everyone got hungry.
Seven: Heigh-Ho-Heartless November 7th, 2013 The White Rabbit visits the Dwarf Woodlands, and causes some serious trouble for the Dwarves and their female companion. Just what attracted the White Rabbit to this place anyway? And will he find what he's looking for?
A Heart to Heart November 6th, 2013 Maira and Angantyr mend some emotional bridges.
Turning The Tables…. Upside Down October 23rd, 2013 In dire need of rescue, Maira's friends are led by Shadow through the Mtek factory so that she might persevere, and last at least one more day. Presumably, after a fight against Rakassa and her hired guns, the heroes can expect many years to come, which is more than what can be said for the furnishings and equipment in the lab, as Angantyr turns the tables(and other machines) on their sides, after having metaphorically turned the tables on the vileness that is the Gestahlian Empire!
Baron Reminded October 17th, 2013 After her initial 'date' into Baron, Maleficent returns - intend on finishing the job.
Baron Mind October 6th, 2013 Maleficent and Garland go out for a little trip to Baron, and encounter a few hitches. It seems some people have issues with their brand of fun!
Memories Forgotten - Part 1 September 5th, 2013 Rumors begin to fly about the Southern Continent regarding a creature lurking within the depths of the Targ Wood. Various individuals convene to get to the bottom of this. And truths are unraveled.
Requiem for the Nameless August 22nd, 2013 Some very strange salvagers are searching for a nameless ship that sank...
Cauldron of Rebirth August 14th, 2013 Things keep going wrong for our heroes down in the jungle. Things get worse the tainted earth coughs up one very angry undead dragon. Even with the backup from Angantyr and his new Keyblade? Will it be enough to over come the tide of the undead?
The Phantom's Rise July 29th, 2013 Traverse Town is a heavily traffic area. Protected by the Data Point Security and by the many groups who live here. Yet a challenger has come to see if he can awaken the people's eyes that no matter their security. No matter their power. Their light will never be strong enough to defeat the darkness.
Future Tense: Angantyr July 24th, 2013 It is decided.
Past is Prologue: Angantyr July 23rd, 2013 The past is prologue. All else is chicanery and nonsense. Until it's not.
Present Possibilities: Angantyr July 23rd, 2013 The past is prologue. The present? Dark and terrible.
Meetings in Oblivion: Angantyr July 21st, 2013 Anganatyr arrives at Castle Oblivion to have answers questioned and questions answered.
No Man is a Mountain July 12th, 2013 Avira runs across Angantyr after his encounter with Riku.
Broken Mirror July 8th, 2013 One cycle of vengeance begets more vengeance. Go figure.
Turnabutt is Fair Play July 2nd, 2013 What begins as a visit to the Shard Seeker headquarters by the irrepressible Ivo Galvan and his bewitching pseudo-prisoner Alicia becomes a farce of epic proportions once Morrighan Alazne arrives having left her memories behind. An ensemble cast of half-naked warriors, shades-wearing Judge apprentices, bicurious mind-linked detectives, and all manner of eccentric characters converge. Baths are taken. Vengeance is sworn. Victory is achieved. Sweet, sweet victory.
Fragmentary Passage: Angantyr June 20th, 2013 Let the pieces fall where they may. A dream twisted out of shape provides answers.. and choices.
Act II, Prologue: I want to be your Canary - Archades June 8th, 2013 The Cast: Kuja as Marcus and Cornelia both, Emperor Gramis as King Leo, Angantyr Vespar as the Assassin, Noah Fon Rosenburg as the Beast, Zargabaath as Schneider, Feige Abramson as Crazy <GOOSEHONK> watch this stunning twist on one of Lord Avon's masterpieces in the Empire that never sleeps. Now with new roles!
Truth and Consequences June 7th, 2013 Maira and Leon lead a group of friends and guardians to Palamecia Castle to get answers from Emperor Mateus.
Get Lucky? June 3rd, 2013 Serendipity attracts a crowd--including Pete and a hoard of Heartless, come to try to kidnap Maira, yelling about Princesses of Heart!
A Researcher's Inquiry II May 29th, 2013 Taking time out to assist in some Shinra work, Rhia has the good fortune of running into one of those on her list of people to question. ...It turns out to be a little more complicated than that. All hell breaks loose.
Conversation with the King May 27th, 2013 Maira and Angantyr talk to King Mickey.
Hot Date May 20th, 2013 Angantyr and Maira go on a date. It is almost actually hot.
Vespar Troubles May 19th, 2013 Angantyr takes a stroll around Arcadia, some Judges have a word with him. He provides them a warning.
The Choice May 13th, 2013 Angantyr and Maira talk about the attack on Valk HQ, and the true nature behind it is revealed. Then Garland makes things worse, for everyone.
Seeking The Answers - Part 2 May 11th, 2013 Continuation of Part 1 and things just get crazy! Seriously.
Complaints Department May 4th, 2013 Avira decides to take Souji to task for her comments to Maira. She finds out that Souji is a caring person who shares her concerns. One of these sentences is a lie.
Dirty Little Secrets May 1st, 2013 Angantyr, Ramza, and Agrias explore Lower Archades to find a way to the upper level of the city, and to find more information out about Nethicite.
Grendel Attacks April 23rd, 2013 VALKYRI's carefully planned party is rudely interrupted by an attacking monster.
Stages Of Mentorship April 14th, 2013 Garland has a conversation with Angantyr about Archadia.
What happens in Narshee.. April 8th, 2013 Maira runs into Angantyr, who then runs into Emi.
Narshee Aftermath April 7th, 2013 Avira and Angantyr talk about the aftermath of the Mines, as well as their recent falling out. Bridges are mended.
The Cold Hard Truth! A Sinister and Diabolical Plan? April 7th, 2013 The town of Narshe has been experiencing some mysterious and sinister sounds coming from their mines. With cries of concerns arising from its citizens, The Council of Narshe has taken it upon themselves to call upon the help of adventerous souls, following a failed attempt to discover the answer to the mystery on their own. As the adventurers arrive, all seems well in the small isolated town though not all is as it appears to be ... and then some.
Malice Striker April 4th, 2013 Artyom has had a dream and it has brought him to the Phantom Forest. He has not come alone and he seeks the Esper that lurks here.
Careful? Me? March 28th, 2013 Maira and Ang have some time alone, before the arrival of the Dark Knight.
Knights of Shadow March 28th, 2013 The Dark Knight comes to Fluorgis, and begins to test a fellow Dark Knight and two unlikely heroes.
Retrieving Their Own March 25th, 2013 Sanel was just enjoying his wandering, but the Church of Glabados had plans for the boy. It was an unlikely savior that came to the boy's aid.
The Price of Redemption March 21st, 2013 Having fled Traverse Town, the Shadow Lords and VALKYRIE after revealing her true identity, Katyna runs into Avira, Maira and Angantyr again, and realizes that redemption and forgiveness wont come so easily..
Change of Scenery March 18th, 2013 Maira returns from Manhattan Restoration to check on Angantyr and tell the story
Darkest Before Dawn March 12th, 2013 It can always get worse.
Always There When I Need You March 11th, 2013 Maira, Angantyr and Katyna meet up to talk about how to help Avira.
Weak Hearts March 11th, 2013 Katyna, Maira and Angantyr discuss Avira's deal with darkness. Katyna secretly ponders her own weaknesses and dealings with darkness.
A Subtle Shift March 7th, 2013 Angantyr delivers some wisdom to the young princess as she struggles with the difficulties of being an avatar of shadows in a world that detests the dark.
A Test Of Values March 5th, 2013 Evja challenges Sora to prove himself in a fight. Angantyr doesn't take happily to this and challenges Evja afterwards.
Cafe Chat February 25th, 2013 Aurora and Angantyr have a discussion about things...
The Students' Arrival to Traverse Town February 21st, 2013 After leaving Cornelia, the Alexander Academy students journeyed through on foot to arrive at Traverse Town. Through a wandering mercenary, they learn more about their situation. Shenanigans also ensue.
Maid Cafe: The Bacon Episode February 16th, 2013 The Shard Seekers and Valkyri put up a Maid Cafe for gaining some coin - for charity
Summoning of The Fiend: Earth February 14th, 2013 Morrighan, acting under her own machinations, sets about creating a network of magic draining glyphs, all leading to the Iifa Tree. With a little help from a magic artifact, she performs a ritual to summon a dark force to her side. Needless to say, many take issue with this notion.
Boneyard Shuffle February 10th, 2013 Shard UNLOCK! --- A massive undead mammoth shuffles about and inconviences the party. Guest starring Shenzai, Banzai and Ed. --Welcome to the Pride Lands.
One Night In VALKYRI February 5th, 2013 Just another normal night in VALKYRI. Minus the strange new friends and visitors at least!
The Shinra Rises February 4th, 2013 A long missing Shinra cargo ship has run aground near Luca the Shinra send troops to recover the cargo but people take notice. Also one cricket proves he may be insect James Bond.
The City of Mist part 2 -HARD- February 3rd, 2013 The thrilling conclusion of The City of Mist-- HARDMODE.
The City of Mist -HARD- February 2nd, 2013 Welcome to beautiful, charming Withered Spire. We have time schenadigans-- we have them in a box. We have them in a train. We have them in a city full of unspeakable ghouls and searing mutagenic death lasers.
Beach Party! January 29th, 2013 Impromptu beach party where a lot of people showed up - including Damien's thong.
Unorthodox uses of BACON January 28th, 2013 Skoll warned that there would be danger if the VALKYRI were to harbor them. And that danger becomes very real in the form of Makenshi.
A celebration at VALKYRI January 24th, 2013 Maira throws a surprise party for Avira to celebrate her win in the race and qualifying for the Hades Cup!
Rivalry? January 24th, 2013 Faruja and Angantyr run into each other.
Catching Up January 22nd, 2013 Angantyr and Avira do some much needed catching up in light of a plethora of recent events.
A Court of Bombs January 20th, 2013 Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb...
The True Self? January 19th, 2013 A mysterious fog fell over in Fluorgis. Strange mirrors erected in place and the adventurers who investigate found more than was expected...
Opposite Day January 17th, 2013 Monsters and troubles abound in Fluorgis lately. A lonely hill gigas has managed to find his way to the City of Flowers. Can the heroes handle this giant problem without bringing the house down?
Gigas Aftermath January 17th, 2013 Emi and Ang talk about stuff in the Aftermath of the Gigas fight.
Jailbreak ANGANTYR STYLE January 13th, 2013 Agantyr moves to get his allies out of prison, and Gabranth happens.
Dive Into The Heart: Angantyr Vespar January 12th, 2013 Angantyr is really getting sick of these weird dreams.
Training Day January 12th, 2013 Leida and Angantyr meet for a training session, interlopers happen.
Vengeance January 9th, 2013 While wandering around the desert in search of treasure, Ember is brutally attacked by Angantyr Vespar.
The Perils of Ronda Unstoppabelle! January 6th, 2013 Ron Unstoppable is being pursued by the terrifying King Powerwild! Can VALKYRI and friends stop it? And who is this mysterious Ronda that has come to help?
Prelude ~ Panic in Fluorgis January 6th, 2013 It started off as a normal day for the Shard Seekers, but then the Heartless invaded the city itself. Many adventurers banded together to stop the outbreak with a bit of a mysterious help...
Mark: Judge of Nocturne January 6th, 2013 Several souls are drawn to the Crossroad where they are met with the Judge of Nocturne. A dark knight with only one purpose. To test his might against the strong. How will our heroes fare?

Also includes a cameo appearance from the dynamic duo of Riku and Angantyr.

Blink Fight: FK Style January 6th, 2013 It's time for Blink Fight: FK Style. Place your bets place your bets. Spend your munny. Spend your munny. Whose going to win this dastardly and emotional conflict? Words are said. Blows are thrown. FK runs on piefaces.
Six From The Darkness January 5th, 2013 Mercade meets the restored member of the Legion Network, who he last saw in much less... alive circumstances.
A New Master January 4th, 2013 While trying to control the strange powers that have surfaced with the sealing of her demon, Leida is approached by an old acquaintance who has an unusual offer.
A Desert Conundrum January 1st, 2013 Angantyr is offered a job, but gets more than he bargained for.
Cure for the Mutated January 1st, 2013 With the cure finally retrieved from Garland, Avira and Angantyr have taken it to Merlin to have it duplicated. It's a success! For the most part. While the injected darkness in Avira and Angantyr is removed, Avira finds the animal aspects of her mutation fading much, much more slowly. Mercade and Maira come along and everything quickly descends into utter awkwardness.
For the Cure December 29th, 2012 Garland holds the cure to the dark mutation cursed onto Avira. Can she, Mercade, Angantyr and Maira manage to secure it?
A Merry Sephiroth Christmas December 26th, 2012 A christmas evening to drink and chat turns into mind games for the barmaid when Sephiroth walks in, straight out of Tifa's nightmares.
Hopeless Hearts December 25th, 2012 Avira rushes to the Coliseum, intent on rescuing Maira. She is confronted with a series of tests, but will she be able to pass the final one and free her friend? Or will hearts be broken instead?
Shard Seekers go ahuntin' December 21st, 2012 The Shard Seekers decide to take on the new S ranked bounty.
King Mickey VS THE DESERT December 18th, 2012 The Bare Desert offends King Mickey, and he decides to talk to Angantyr to spite it.
Darkness in the Desert December 17th, 2012 Riku wandering the desert comes across the mutate Angantyr and fun is had by all.
Desert Mark Investigation December 17th, 2012 Cirra goes into the Desert area to investigate the new mark that has recently come into Rabanastre popularity.
Temple Of Fiends December 14th, 2012 The kidnapped Prince of Cornelia lies in the Temple of Fiends. A brave party enters to rescue him...but what awaits them inside these terrifying walls?
Twisted Memories December 13th, 2012 Angantyr's transformation leaves him a sitting duck for Leida.
Finding Angantyr Vespar December 13th, 2012 Avira leads VALKYRI after the missing Agantyr.
Desperate December 12th, 2012 Hired to find an answer to Avira's cursed existence, Angantyr consults the Shadow Lords' information broken, LEXUS. He reveals what he knows, and offers Angantyr a deal in exchange for his help...
Creatures of Darkness December 11th, 2012 Angantyr and Avira catch up with each other after Manhattan is destroyed. Angantyr, repeatedly stabbed with guilt from Avira, then runs off to do something foolish. Happens immediately before Desperate. There was also some radio exchanged before the scene that didn't get recovered.
Unexpected Meeting in Bevelle December 10th, 2012 Jasmine and her party finally arrive in Bevelle...
In a New York Minute - Evacuation December 9th, 2012 The defenders of Manhattan attempt to evacuate as many people as they can before it's too late; the Shadow Lords try to close the portal on them early, but cannot break through.
In A New York Minute: Blackhawk Down December 8th, 2012 Angantyr is hired to attack the military base of Manhattan, but there are people who wish to stop...or cause chaos.
Night Terrors December 6th, 2012 Angantyr wakes Jasmine up from a nightmare, and they discuss fear and courage, weakness and strength.
They're On A Boat - Part Two: The Serpent December 3rd, 2012 After Faris procured a ship, she transports Jasmine, Angantyr, Avira and Maira to Bevelle. At first the trip is pleasant, but a devastating storm rises, and something waits for them in the foggy 'calm', afterwards... (GMed by Jasmine; part one, which this is a direct continuation of, is at: They're On A Boat - Part One: The Storm )
They're On A Boat - Part One: The Storm December 2nd, 2012 After Faris procured a ship, she transports Jasmine, Angantyr, Avira and Maira to Bevelle. At first the trip is pleasant, but a devastating storm rises, and something waits for them in the foggy 'calm', afterwards... (GMed by Jasmine)
No Good Deed November 26th, 2012 A charity event held by the Church turns chaotic thanks to the efforts of two particularly Dark individuals.
The Darkness And The Dawn November 25th, 2012 Jasmine hires Angantyr to protect her for forty-eight hours, so she can get some shut-eye. The Heartless attack, as expected, but the philosophical discussions that begin are less expected...
The Inner Darkness of Angantyr November 25th, 2012 Avira just came to chat. She winds up facing Angantyr's terrifying inner darkness instead. Is her willpower strong enough to pull her through or will she fall prey to the beast within?
A Confluence Of Fate November 24th, 2012 Chaos erupts in Baron as a number of plots crash together in the halls of power with all of the grace of a freight train.
Master Garland? November 21st, 2012 Avira has a word or two with her fellow Clan Dagda member Angantyr about this "Master Garland" business she's noticed. Ominous sweetness ensues.
Advent November 17th, 2012 The Champion of Darkness Garland makes himself known, sending out a call across the Darkness to as many people as possible in order to encourage them to unify into a guild sinister.


Painful Thoughts April 24th, 2013 Angantyr's consciousness awakens long enough to think about what happened...
The Gift December 24th, 2012 Angantyr finds a gift sent to him by Rellius Vespar.
Dark Countenance December 12th, 2012 Angantyr ends up on a beach somewhere after his meeting with LEXUS