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Age 15-16
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 5'1"
Weight Unknown
Series Aladdin
Combat Styles Princess of Agrabah, Princess of Heart
Hometown Agrabah
Group Unaffiliated
Occupation/Job Princess on the Lam
Force: Forces of Restoration
Theme Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV77nWMQgJI
I am /NOT/ a prize to be won!
Recent Events
After spending a few months training with SeeD, Jasmine ran away to draw the heat of Jafar and his army of Heartless. She has very little time to master her newfound powers of Light, and she'd trade such mastery in an instant for an understanding of what they represent... what she truly is. Her burning question: What is a Princess of Heart?


The quintessential headstrong, rebellious princess, Jasmine's royal birthright gave her everything... except for the freedom to make her own choices. Spirited and intelligent, but also deeply intuitive and kind, she saw nothing in the endless parade of suitors seeking her hand except for ambition, arrogance, and greed. Fifteen and facing the rest of her life in isolation behind high palace walls, with only her tiger Rajah for company, she ran away. Innocent and naive, she quickly discovered exactly how sheltered she'd really been. Fortunately, she's a very fast learner, and with the help of the first man to ever impress her, managed to survive the experience; then, the news that he paid in blood for her irresponsibility shattered her world completely. That very night, she sensed the danger of the Heartless and fled the clutches of Jafar and Maleficent, who will stop at nothing to steal the Heart of one of the Seven Purest Lights. Alone in the vast, warring realms, pursued by endless agents of Ruin, Jasmine is getting more adventure than she ever dreamed of. She'll do anything to save Agrabah and the universe; a true princess, she knows that the needs of the people outweigh her own.


"Oh, father. Rajah was just playing with him. Weren't you, Rajah? You were just playing with that over-dressed, self-absorbed Prince Achmed, weren't you?"

Princess Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah and a beautiful, brilliant, brave woman who died when she was very young. She's quickly growing up to be very like her mother, much to her father's mixed pride and chagrin. Her childhood was a lonely one, dominated by instruction in the manifold duties of rulership, or at least those deemed suitable for a woman. She studied dance and storytelling alongside laws and history, music as well as mathematics, embroidery and politics alike.

Mastering them all, she found great meaning in the lessons of justice and compassion, and deeply yearned for real responsibility and a way to serve her people, but resented that the whole wide world she'd studied was forever barred to her; fearing for her safety as the sole heir of the Sultanate, she was not allowed to leave the palace. The Sultan, the extremely creepy vizier Jafar, her lady-in-waiting and former nurse Aneesa, and the guards and servants forbidden from approaching her with familiarity -- that was her whole world, and it was largely an empty one. Not to be deterred from finding companionship, Jasmine befriended the animals of the menagerie, especially a tiger whom she called Rajah, as well as her mother's high-spirited horse, Sahara, who no one else had ever been able to approach, much less tame, since she died.

When she was but ten, six years before she was required by law to marry a Prince and secure a male heir to the throne of Agrabah, the first suitors began to arrive. At first she had no objection to serving her people in the expected manner, but as suitor after suitor revealed themselves to be nothing but arrogance and ambition, she grew disgusted, then extremely stubborn. She would marry for love as well as for duty; surely there was /someone/ out there who would allow for both criteria. A man truly worthy to serve Agrabah as its ruler would have to pass a litmus test of 'being a decent human being.'

Three days before her sixteenth birthday, no such prince had arrived, and her father would not be swayed on the topic of changing the law to allow her more time to find a suitable husband -- it had become a forbidden subject at dinner. She was as trapped as her beloved songbirds... only moreso, since they could fly freely into the blue sky when she released them, but she could not. Or could she? Distressed and desperate, she ran away from home, disguised as a peasant.

The big wide wondrous world was not quite as friendly as she'd expected; at first she wandered around happily enough, but a certain failure to understand the concept of 'money' to pay for the apple she'd kindly given to a starving child quickly had her in real danger. The intervention of a street urchin, Aladdin, rescued her hand, and she quickly discovered a kindred spirit in both cleverness and dissatisfaction with their lives. However, they were quickly interrupted by her father's guards, who had come to capture Aladdin for his many petty thefts; she tried to save his life in turn, by revealing her true identity and returning to the palace.

Unfortunately, on Jafar's orders, he was arrested anyway, and Jafar, noticing her interest in the boy, casually broke her heart by claiming he was executed 'for kidnapping the princess.' Jasmine was devastated; her irresponsible actions had serious consequences, costing the life of a nice young man whose name she had never even learned.

That night, her grieving reverie was broken by a terrible sense of danger, a feeling that burned behind her eyes and ran down to the base of her spine. She crept out of her room, only to overhear Jafar and Maleficent ordering strange creatures, the Heartless, to seize the city and its occupants and especially its princess. There was no way to reach her father in time; quickly disguising herself again, she fled for the second time in twenty-four hours, with monsters hot on her heels.

Though she was loath to leave the people of Agrabah in Jafar's clutches, Jasmine knew she could never free them alone. So it is that she's struck out to find aid -- an army, a Genie, maybe even a Prince -- whatever it takes to save her people. The wartorn state of all the worlds has not been lost on her, and she's beginning to wonder if she isn't caught up in greater events than even her world's.


"How dare you? All of you! Standing around deciding my future."

Jasmine is a surprisingly complex character for an early '90s animated feature, a bundle of contradictions. She's extremely clever, which tends to get her both into and out of a lot of trouble; she's highly educated academically, but completely innocent about certain aspects of the real world. She has a profound courage to her, a willingness to sacrifice herself to protect others, but can also be selfish, such as in her continuous refusal to marry to secure her father's throne for the next generation. (It's certainly laudable as well, an empowered young woman demanding better treatment, but from the perspective of dynastic responsibility, irresponsible.)

She is fundamentally compassionate at her core, quickly reacting when she sees anyone in need, though she doesn't always have the power to help them. This basic kindness, a love of people, is in part because she understands them so well -- deeply intuitive, she's extraordinarily skilled at reading people from a lifetime of suitor evaluation; she's excellent at relating to animals as well, and there are few wild beasts she couldn't tame with time and patience. She can be deceived, of course; she's not a living lie detector, just intelligent and perceptive (and also somewhat suspicious, especially of royal motivations).

Having been exposed to a great deal of royal arrogance and greed, Jasmine places a high value on selflessness, humility, and integrity. She tends to form very strong first impressions, but is also willing to grant second chances. Appearance is not the metric by which she judges another; in fact, she tends to reflexively distrust the beautiful, having met one too many Prince Charmings far darker on the inside than they were on the outside. That said, she values her own loveliness a bit more than she should, and takes a great deal of simple pleasure in taking care of her thigh-length hair. It's soothing. When she fled Agrabah, she packed a hairbrush for therapy reasons alone.

Never afraid to speak her mind or stand up for what she believes in, Jasmine makes a poor Princess (in the obedience sense), but would be a wonderful Queen. Her strong will cannot be thwarted by many obstacles; on the other hand, sometimes she clings to ideas out of pride and sheer stubbornness. Her standard response to opposition is royal arrogance, that particular stripe of intimidation; it's largely for show. She's quite friendly, even funny, by default, always interested in connecting with strangers and finding laughter and fun to combat the oppressive despair of the times.

Jasmine has always yearned for adventure, to see the world outside the Palace walls, and on some level she's actually enjoying the calamity she's caught up in, the grand journey she's been forced to take. She does and doesn't feel guilty about this; it's terrible to profit from her peoples' suffering, but there's no point in being continuously unhappy either, is there? She's doing everything she can to help them, and her misery would do nothing to ease theirs. Her heart is filled with light, and she can't help but find the silver lining in any situation.

Serving her people is Jasmine's highest calling, and right now Agrabah is in considerable distress. So are all the worlds, and Jasmine's a big picture sort of girl -- if pressed, she wouldn't place Agrabah's salvation above the multiverse's.



"I was raised a princess, Aladdin, and a princess knows the needs of the people outweigh her own."

In KH cosmology terms, Jasmine has a Heart of pure Light, making her one of the Seven Purest Lights, the Princesses of Heart upon which the fate of all worlds rests. She thus holds the power to open the Final Keyhole to Kingdom Hearts, can sense and hold back darkness through force of will, and can use the power of light to empower others. Her own heart is 'completely untouchable by darkness', incorruptible; among other things, this allows her to travel through the Corridors of Darkness without any negative effects.

(The distinctive downside of all that is having all the Heartless after her, forever, as well as anyone else who wants some cosmological leverage.)

Taking a nod from the animated series, she's also rapidly acquired some martial arts skills on her travels. (She's a ludicrously fast learner, arguably with photographic body memory, and keeps her body graceful and strong, as indicated by the pole vaulting in the first movie and various other acrobatics in the TV series, even before she was kidnapped to be formally trained. By amazons. Simply being around better fighters is teaching her at an alarming rate, while being in the hands of SeeD for several months advanced her ability to defend herself by an order of magnitude. They also taught her tactics and strategy, survival skills, introduced her to reasonably modern technology, showed how to drive...) Besides unarmed fighting, her preferred weapon is the scimitar; she used to secretly watch the guards train with them. She's also amazing with a whip (at least when she's evil, haha), though she dislikes the weapon's oppressive connotations. She's much faster than she is tough (especially given her lack of armor).

Her most valuable asset, however, will always be her brain. Jasmine is very quick-witted, well able to analyze a situation and come up with a course of action, for others as well as herself. She keeps a cool head, and makes an excellent leader in a fight, able to both coordinate a plan and inspire her allies.


The Sultan: "Please, try to understand. I've never done a thing on my own. I've never had any real friends..." Jasmine loves her bumbling father, but yearns for him to understand why she's so unhappy trapped in the Palace. /He/ has all manner of war stories from his youth, after all, of which he's justifiably proud. On some level she knows that his overprotectiveness is his way of showing how he cares. With the fall of Agrabah to Jafar and his Heartless, she fears greatly for his life.

Rajah: "...except you, Rajah." Raised from cubhood by Jasmine, Palace life hasn't done much to slow this enormous tiger's ferocious instincts, with anyone but her. Rajah was Jasmine's bodyguard and confidant, and they had an understanding that didn't require a common language. She loves him with all her heart. They escaped the Heartless together, but were separated in a sandstorm -- he could be anywhere among the scattered stars, now. Jasmine is searching for him; she knows he must be out there, somewhere.

Sahara: "I know you're scared, and I know what you've been through. Look in my eyes... can't you see I'm frightened too?" Infamously temperamental, the favorite horse of Jasmine's late mother has never been tamed by anyone but her and her daughter. Jasmine escaped Agrabah on Sahara's back, but they were also separated in the sandstorm; surely they will be reunited someday.

Jafar: "I am a lord of darkness now, princess. I am a Sultan!" "You can't be both. The Sultan must be the guiding light of his people... and you have chosen a path of darkness. But it's not too late to turn back. It's never too late..." Jasmine has never liked Jafar, able to see past his thin veneer of obsequiousness to the ambition and darkness beneath. Even so, she never expected him to overthrow Agrabah with a host of monsters, much less pursue her across the multiverse to either make her his queen or turn her over to darker forces; some people are just full of surprises. Her feelings for him include a very real terror of what he might do to her loved ones and her people, fiery anger at his betrayal of her kingdom and of her, personally, as well as a deep sorrow: having realized how very empty he is inside, how his endless crusade for respect leaves him utterly incapable of simple happiness, she feels more pity for him than anything else. Deep down, she hopes he can overcome his sadness, and his madness, and be redeemed, but either way, she will bring justice to him, and peace to her kingdom, or die in the attempt.

Aladdin: "You're not free to make your own choices. You're just... trapped." Jasmine is haunted by the ghost of the boy in the marketplace who saved her hand from imminent removal by an overzealous, violent merchant. He was clever, funny, brave, and despite their extraordinarily different circumstances, she felt a powerful connection for about five minutes, before he was arrested, then executed for 'kidnapping the Princess'. She never even learned his name. Feeling responsible for his death, she's determined to see no more blood spilled on account of her irresponsibility, and her innocent, abstract compassion for the impoverished of her kingdom (and any others) has crystallized into an iron determination to truly help those less fortunate than herself.

Abu: "Oh wise Sultan, how may I serve you?" Jasmine took an immediate liking to Aladdin's monkey, but got the sense that the feeling wasn't mutual. :(

Balamb Garden: "You want me so badly, Jafar, that you'd slaughter all these people? Come after /me/, then, and leave them /alone/." After Jean Faraven brought Jasmine to Balamb Garden, she was struck with a dilemna. He, and others there, promised that it was the safest place for her... but her very presence was making it unsafe for everyone else. She knew she shouldn't stay for long, but Garden was intoxicating on so many levels, filling voids in her soul she never knew she had. Such as the simple, ordinary companionship of other teenagers, first and foremost, never mind the confidence that came from serious lessons in warfare, or the sense of security from having a fortress with wall-mounted cannon emplacements all around her, filled to the brim with the most capable fighters she'd ever seen. It was terribly selfish of her to remain, to endanger all her new friends, but she wanted so desperately to believe their promises that she'd be safe here, safe from the monsters that had chased her from her home, across more worlds than she'd ever imagined. She wasn't, and when Jafar and an army of Heartless came calling, many SeeDs and refugees paid the ultimate price for taking her in. She departed in an extremely dramatic fashion, deliberately crafted to draw the forces of Darkness away from her hosts. This gambit was successful, and Garden was spared, but Jasmine learned a (possibly wrong) lesson from this: she mustn't stay anywhere for long, not ever. Only by remaining in constant motion can she protect those wherever she goes, by simply not giving her enemies long enough to mobilize fully.

Faris Scherwiz: "Your secret's safe with me. So much for needles and haystacks... you couldn't swing a cat on this ship without hitting one of us (princesses)." Faris' total honesty about 'his' profession smoothed over what might have otherwise been a poor first impression; he's an /awfully/ pretty boy, after all, exactly the sort of person Jasmine inherently suspects. But she felt something in him that she trusted immediately -- with her life, as he swept her off on a pirate ship to flee an army of Heartless. Faris thoroughly earned that trust during the dangerous journey, as well as Jasmine's respect and friendship, and the two of them ultimately exchanged the secrets of their identity. Hoping to repay her friend for at least a tiny fraction of her kindness, Jasmine gave her what news of Lenna she had.

Avira: "(Leaving my new friends behind) kills me, every time. I'd... never really been allowed to make any friends before. It's such a privilege to get to meet such brilliant, strong, kind people. To see how you care for each other, and for the many worlds. People like you are what gives me strength to /keep/ running, Avira. And one day we'll understand the situation enough to stop being reactive, to go on the offensive and change things for good. I don't intend to run forever... and it would be both an honor and a pleasure to have you beside me, when that day comes." Jasmine first saw Avira defending Garden at a distance, and drew courage from the mighty warrior's example. Later, she noticed Kaydin transporting a captured Avira to Baron. She would not leave one of her allies, even one she'd never properly been introduced to, in the hands of their enemies. She could not do anything else, and still be herself; not long afterwards, they wound up traveling together, as Avira helped her flee the Heartless in Rabanastre, and took ship with her to Bevelle, rescuing her from a Heartless abduction attempt in the process. Having now had an opportunity to actually spend a little time together, Jasmine is quite impressed with the woman's competence, but moreso with her understated kindness. It isn't the strength of Avira's muscles that she treasures, but the strength of her heart.

Angantyr Vespar: "I'm not afraid of you. I fear the Darkness sometimes, but never the man... because while you may not have been able to keep that creature from using you, you stopped /yourself/ before it could do any lasting harm. Your love for your friends was stronger than its hatred. That's the opposite of being weak-willed, Sir Knight. True strength doesn't come from being invincible... you were vulnerable, at every disadvantage, but you fought, and overcame it." Jasmine and Angantyr met while independently launching rescue operations for Avira, in Baron, and made excellent impressions on each other. They departed as princess and mercenary guard for a forty-eight hour term of employment, and in that time became fast friends; further trials have only deepened their bond. She regards his friendship far higher than any coin, in fact. Jasmine has seen the Darkness in Angantyr, but believes that the man can find balance, with time, will, and self-respect; rather than try to talk him out of his revenge, she knows that only he can do that for himself.

Maira: "I can watch over you." Maira tagged along with Avira and Angantyr, when they all took ship with Faris to Bevelle. Jasmine empathizes with the severity of Maira's struggles to contain and control her power, and greatly respects her continuous battle to do so. She's forever grateful that the girl helped rescue her from abduction by a Heartless-controlled sea serpent. Maira's sunny optimism and powerful sense of friendship are among the lights in Jasmine's heart.

Garland: Jasmine recognized Garland immediately on an instinctual level. She bore witness within her own heart, all too briefly, to the incredible memory of Light that once dwelled within him. To the decline and fall of that Light, the self-inflicted wounds, the knife-stabs through the heart and soul that so skillfully forged his spirit into pure and endless Darkness. She respects what he once was, understands what he has become, and accepts him for exactly who he is. Like Jafar, Garland inspires a mix of fear, anger, and sadness; fear that she'll never be strong enough to prevent him from doing exactly what he wants, anger that he would ever have chosen to be what he is, and sadness at the outcome. She believes in the infinite possibility of redemption, and she wouldn't be who /she/ is without extending such opportunities to him, in innumerable quiet ways, while defying his agenda with every fibre of her being. Polar opposites on many levels, she is disquieted to find similarities within their duality; they are like, but so unlike.

Mercade Alexander: "I do believe that there is no path through darkness so forsaken that it cannot emerge into the light, whether Heartless or Shadow Lord. As I believe that forgiveness is harder than fury, but worthwhile all the same. Anger is as easy as burning yourself up from within. Healing others, healing the worlds... that begins within, as well, by first forgiving yourself." Mercade was among the group that rescued Jasmine from a gigantic Heartless in the Traverse Town arena some months back, but they only got a chance to talk, and to introduce themselves properly, after the fall of Manhattan. He struck her as brave, kind, and very, very angry. He was eager to help her solve the puzzle of her life, and who better to put on the case than a detective passionately opposed to the Shadow Lords? She worries about the darker side of that passion, however, and hopes that he can strike the right balance within himself, as well as without. The line between justice and vengeance can be fine indeed.

Seith: "I can see /your/ Light." Jasmine was too busy dealing with other issues to participate in a fairly epic philosophical debate Seith was at the core of, but his willingness, even eagerness, to hurt, maim, or perhaps even kill innocent bystanders in order to make his points in a debate informed her first impression of him.

Faruja Senra: "As long as you stand up for what is right, the war is already won." Seen helping the poor and defying the dark at a distance, Jasmine was impressed with the Burmecian's compassion and fierce ideals... though he seemed a bit loquacious. She (largely incorrectly) blames herself for the Heartless' interruption of his charity event. Later, he helped her thwart a small army of Heartless, and she helped him remember the good reasons to fight, as well as the grim. They parted as friends.

Ivo Galvan: "Don't forget, when things get hard." Jasmine and Ivo were almost accidental partners in the arena, when the former was haplessly knocked into the fray, but they were interrupted by the Heartless crashing the party and trying to spirit her away. Ivo was one of many who fought fiercely to defend her, without asking a single question. During these events, she felt a brief connection to the young warrior, and a sense of tireless, swift strength, rather like the wind. Later, she ran into him again, and once again he helped her flee the grasp of the Heartless. For the first time, she channeled the empowering aspect of the Light into another, and had the honor and pleasure of feeling what lay at the bottom of his heart. However, she was shocked and remorseful that her attempt to help him overcome the Darkness unintentionally forced him to relive a degree of trauma from his past. Once her momentary champion had won the day, she thanked him earnestly, then led the Heartless away, lest further association with her do him further harm, as it seems to hurt so many who want to help her. She hopes with all her heart that in the end, his momentary realization of his own quality might do him more good than ill.

Dr. Facilier: "Thank you. Really. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. You've really got a gift, Doctor." Jasmine credits Dr. Facilier with saving her life, after he sheltered her from an army of Heartless who'd gotten a little too close, when she was too exhausted to escape them. She repaid him handsomely with a jewel her father had given her for her fifteenth birthday, which he, in turn, paid most of the way forward towards a tarot reading and a divination that beggared belief, but was comforting all the same.. She was skeptical about utilizing the services of his mysterious Friends On The Other Side, having been rather ill-used by mystical information brokers in the past, but his manipulation -- 'think of how many folks will die while you're figuring out what you need to push your future forward' -- was effective, and the price was right: a promise that she would come to him, once, when he called.

Ron Stoppable: "I... I'm glad to hear it. I think the day and night need all the help they can get. And... if everyone does their best, things will work out in the end." Jasmine ran into (fell onto, technically) Ron and Rufus on the Path of Destiny. Rufus and Junior hit it off immediately, and so did boy and girl; the princess found Ron's peculiar brand of humor quite delightful while being more or less immune to his awkward charms -- after years of handling Princes, it's really no big deal. His proclamation that he was a hero, fighting to save everything from, well, the bad stuff, she found downright inspiring: despite everything in the universe falling towards darkness, so very many people, great and small, were determined to stand against it, and she drew comfort from that. Promising to keep an eye out for 'Bueno Nacho', she parted ways before she could draw too much heat down onto him.

Kaydin: "Please surrender yourself to me. I don't want to fight an unarmed woman." "You have no idea how much you don't want to fight me." Jasmine caught Garden student 'David' sabotaging Balamb's defenses against an impending attack; they fought, she won, and in so doing discovered an entirely unexpected font of inner strength, tapping directly into her primal connection to the Light for the first time. Notably, he recognized her as a 'Princess of Heart'. She'd /love/ to know what that term means, having never heard it before. Unfortunately, he escaped his imprisonment before she had time to ask.

Terra Bradford: "Believe in me. I will keep my word. And... and if I can't... maybe you can keep it for me." Jasmine felt instinctively protective of Terra, a rather novel feeling for someone constantly subject to those same instincts from others. She admires Terra's passion for children, and respects her need for time, time to heal from her difficult past. Beneath Balamb Garden, they discovered how much they had in common; as much as the Princess yearns for the Esperkin to be comforted by her promise that they'll see each other again, to trust her ability to evade Jafar and his Heartless, it is equally true that she herself trusts Terra to do the right thing, when the chips are down. The right thing may always be staying out of conflict: the best revenge, after all, is to live well. But she's deeply intuitive, and in Terra's expression, her clenched hands, her defiance, she can sense the inner conflict in this victim of cruel Empire... and the potential for her to discover she is more than her past.

Riku: "Stop putting yourself down all the time -- it doesn't help anyone, least of all you. Aren't you looking for your friends? They must think the world of you. The least you can do for them is trust their feelings." This young man dropped out of the sky nearly on top of Jasmine and startled her rather badly. He seemed well-mannered, suspicious of others' motives, and kind, making him quite a bit nicer than most princes she's ever met. Over the course of various encounters from an innocent picnic lunch to shared time at Balamb Garden to 'saving' each other from Heartless, they've discovered that they have quite a bit in common: bad choices in their past that led to tragedy, and a search for redemption, a need to set things right. There's something fascinating about Riku, something that both attracts and repels, entices her and sets her on her guard. She wants nothing more than to see him find his path, and believes, with her whole heart, that he can do so. He, in turn, has taken advantage of her faith to secretly mark her with a Recusant's Sigil; what he will do with continuous, perfect knowledge of her location and condition is an open question, for now...

Rapunzel: "I would be glad to help you [braid 70 feet of hair out of the gutters of Manhattan]..." Jasmine literally ran into Rapunzel while fleeing the Heartless, and the two girls became fast friends, as some of the first girls' close to their age either of them had ever met. Braiding Rapunzel's hair was badly needed therapy in a stressful time. Jasmine promised to let Rapunzel braid her hair in return, but apologetically had to take off before the Heartless caught up to her; she didn't want to put her new friend at risk.

David Xanatos: "Contact me when you learn something. When I am needed, I will come to you." Handsome, wealthy Xanatos immediately put Jasmine on her guard: her prince radar went DING DING DING!! She can't help but sense the ambition behind the smile, and the fact that he used technology to track her down more quickly than anyone else is both wondrous and terrifying. However, his apparent passion to help build a coalition to oppose the darkness led her to reluctantly accept his promise of help... and a telephone. He can obviously find her whenever he wants, anyway; she finds it unlikely that sustained contact with him is putting her at any greater risk (though the reverse may not be true). She worries that he'll eventually force her to stay in Manhattan, ostensibly for her own safety, his stated desire. But, for the time being, he seems to be convinced that what she's doing out in the world is the best course of action, or at least not something to be challenged lightly. Taking him up on his assertion that his resources are infinite, she's asked him to investigate the question of why the Heartless and Shadow Lords in general, and Jafar in particular, are hunting her so relentlessly. If anyone can find out, he can... and she can't afford not to put some measure of trust in such a powerful ally. If he tells her that she must go somewhere to advance their shared goal of protecting the billions of innocents from the darkness... she'll keep her promise.

Belle: "I will be your friend until the end of time." Jasmine and Belle discovered their oddly similar circumstances -- two young women yearning to live free, having left their homes to draw away the endless Heartless pursuing them -- in Traverse Town. They felt an immediate, fundamental connection, light calling to light, and decided to be fugitives together, rather than alone. The world is much less scary that way. Jasmine is terribly impressed by Belle's worldliness and maturity, and hopes to learn a lot from her, while doing everything she can to solve their mutual mystery and keep them safe. Ultimately this meant leaving her, by luring Jafar and the Heartless as far from Belle as possible; as long as no one realized there had been TWO of them at Garden, Jasmine hopes Belle can remain anonymously safe long enough to discover some sort of meaning behind their constant pursuit. Being on the run alone again, after traveling with her first true friend, is a thousand times harder, but Belle's worth it.

Jean Faraven: "I haven't been /caught/ before!!" SeeD Faraven gave Jasmine and Belle a ride, and thus a nice lead on their Heartless pursuers. She's staying at this Garden of theirs, exchanging intel on the Heartless, but she's reluctant to stay too long and endanger the stronghold with her Heartless-attracting presence. At one point she went with Jean to Traverse Town, and he (and others) saved her from being kidnapped by some sort of animate Heartless armor. She's grateful.

Celes Chere: "I don't think anything that's loved can ever truly be gone. It's out there. If we never give up, we can find a way to set things right, to bring what has been lost back into the light." Celes and Jasmine met at Balamb, and swore to mutually aid each other's cause. The first ally on a long road to save what has been lost. More personally, she was very impressed with the knight's attitude, but somewhat worried about the seeming lack of care for some of her Returner comrades.

Quistis Trepe: "I thank you, and I will do all in my power to aid your lost world, and all the others..." SeeD Trepe was the first to hear Jasmine's story at Garden; she opened Balamb's resources to the Princess' disposal, in the sense that a) she told Jasmine to equip herself properly before she left and b) that she ought to bring along an escort, provided by SeeD. Both good pieces of advice; Jasmine will take it, though she hopes the revelation of her royal status doesn't put Quistis at too much of a distance. This is the first time in her life she's enjoyed interacting with people anything like normally, and she's loath to give it up. Still, it's a small sacrifice, and there's so much at stake...

Merilan Yursalin: "Would you mind if I gave the Yarhi the lollipop?" Jasmine's first impression of the lovely aegyl and her adorable yarhi was awe. Her second impression, as they put themselves on the line to rescue her from Darkness, was gratitude. She'll repay Merilan for her kindness someday, and would like to get to know her better. Perhaps she could get cooking lessons...


Badass Princess, Beware the Nice Ones, Also Beware The Tiger, And The Horse, Tamer of Beasts, But Not Poaching Belle's, Part-Time Deadpan Snarker, Multiverse Record For 'Most Rejected Suitors', Unimpressed By Prince Charming, Impressed By Compassion, Friend to All Children, And Living Things, Sometimes Fatally Friendly, Scourge of the Desert?!, Royals Who Actually Do Something, Flawless Cloak Disguise, Photographic Muscle Memory, Will Of Adamant, Or Stubborn As A Mule Depending On Perspective, If You Want Your Kingdom Saved Right, Do It Yourself, Heart of Purest Light, Pillar of the Universe, Serves Greater Needs Than Her Own, Darkness Detector, Ruin Magnet, Eternally On The Run


Sheherazade, Op. 35, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPB15Ma2o48 (Sheherazade's solos; the full symphonic suite is a lovely, recommended listen, though!)

Prince Charming, Jim's Big Ego: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v03rWmK4jiM

The Queen of Argyll, Wolfstone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xqmq4iVY6zY


Prelude ~ Panic in Fluorgis January 6th, 2013 It started off as a normal day for the Shard Seekers, but then the Heartless invaded the city itself. Many adventurers banded together to stop the outbreak with a bit of a mysterious help...
A Whale of a Tail December 31st, 2012 Oh. It's a Whale of a Tale. Perverted Octopi. A Daring Fisherman hauls in a larger than usual catch. The Adventures of Hobo Lady in-- The Dungeon Whale Approachth. Search for Treasure? [Y/N?]
Hopeless Hearts December 25th, 2012 Avira rushes to the Coliseum, intent on rescuing Maira. She is confronted with a series of tests, but will she be able to pass the final one and free her friend? Or will hearts be broken instead?
Mysteries of the Heart December 22nd, 2012 Mercade and Jasmine talk current events, fugitive status, forgiveness and redemption.
Unexpected Meeting in Bevelle December 10th, 2012 Jasmine and her party finally arrive in Bevelle...
Night Terrors December 6th, 2012 Angantyr wakes Jasmine up from a nightmare, and they discuss fear and courage, weakness and strength.
After The Serpent December 4th, 2012 The morning after the events of 'They're On A Boat', Avira and Jasmine discuss the future.
They're On A Boat - Part Two: The Serpent December 3rd, 2012 After Faris procured a ship, she transports Jasmine, Angantyr, Avira and Maira to Bevelle. At first the trip is pleasant, but a devastating storm rises, and something waits for them in the foggy 'calm', afterwards... (GMed by Jasmine; part one, which this is a direct continuation of, is at: They're On A Boat - Part One: The Storm )
They're On A Boat - Part One: The Storm December 2nd, 2012 After Faris procured a ship, she transports Jasmine, Angantyr, Avira and Maira to Bevelle. At first the trip is pleasant, but a devastating storm rises, and something waits for them in the foggy 'calm', afterwards... (GMed by Jasmine)
Needles In A Haystack November 30th, 2012 Jasmine and Faris discuss three princesses.
Bring Me To Life November 29th, 2012 Having sensed the terrible Darkness of Riku and Angantyr's battle, Jasmine follows it to the former's broken body, dying in an alley. Spoiler alert: he doesn't die.
No Good Deed November 26th, 2012 A charity event held by the Church turns chaotic thanks to the efforts of two particularly Dark individuals.
The Darkness And The Dawn November 25th, 2012 Jasmine hires Angantyr to protect her for forty-eight hours, so she can get some shut-eye. The Heartless attack, as expected, but the philosophical discussions that begin are less expected...
Dream A Little Dream Of Me November 25th, 2012 While Angantyr guards her body, Jafar invades Jasmine's dreams. He learns many dangerous truths there, and finds some easier to accept than others.
A Confluence Of Fate November 24th, 2012 Chaos erupts in Baron as a number of plots crash together in the halls of power with all of the grace of a freight train.
A Memory of Light November 23rd, 2012 With the help of a certain sphere-based lifeform and the strength of their best memories, Jasmine and Faruja overcome a small army of Heartless.
Rufus Rides Again November 22nd, 2012 Ron and Jasmine (and their respective adorable animal companions, Rufus and Junior) meet and hit it off.
A Flash of Light November 20th, 2012 Days after the assault on Balamb, a dark-haired princess remains on the run, relying swiftness and guile and an undiminishing hope. Within the depths of the jungle, she improbably crosses paths with the inquisitive knight Ivo Galvan, and the two flee the darkness as one. But aligning himself with the forces of light will reveal to him, if only for the briefest breath, the manner of man he might be if his heart were as pure as her own.
Sit Down At My Table November 17th, 2012 Jasmine stumbles into the Voodoo Emporium, hiding from Heartless. Dr. Facilier kindly agrees to let her stay for a while, and she thanks him generously -- but eventually gets suckered into making a fateful bargain.

Also, there is singing.

Flashback: The Fall of Agrabah November 14th, 2012 ICly set on the very night Final Kingdoms launched, Jafar moves into what he thought would be the endgame of his quest for total domination of Agrabah. The coup is swift and successful, but Jasmine escapes...
Raid on Balamb Garden November 10th, 2012 Enraged by his defeat at the Dias Plains, Captain Baigan has vowed to destroy the meddling mercenary force SeeD, and is bringing to bear the might of the Red Wings in an all-out assault on Balamb Garden. To supplement his kingdom's forces further with expendable Heartless, he has, in the name of his King, formed an alliance of convenience with the sinister vizier Jafar, for it has been discovered that Balamb now shelters the Princess Jasmine, object of the Shadow Lord's ambition and desire.

SeeD's strength shall now truly be put to the test. Will those fools who dare defy the almighty will of Baron prove another Mysidia and be routed? What shall become of the brave Princess? The Water Crystal silently sheds its light... a single mote upon it depicting the Princess's location.

Shining a Light on Treachery November 9th, 2012 A few hours before the Raid on Balamb Garden, Jasmine senses the Darkness in a Garden 'student'; so-called David's lies to her about his identity seal her suspicions, or at least leave her greatly concerned. When Kaydin won't come quietly to get things straightened out, a fight erupts. Jasmine emerges victorious, but very confused, as the Light unexpectedly erupts from her with primal strength. Could this be what Jafar's been after all along?
The Ties That Bind November 9th, 2012 On her way from Garden's safe room to steal Zell Dincht's T-Board, Jasmine runs into Riku. They 'save' each other from Heartless, but neither of them emerge unmarked from the experience...
Are You Not Entertained? September 21st, 2012 What begins as a friendly contest of arms within the Olympus Coliseum ends as a chaotic melee when dark forces converge to seize an unknown, bright-eyed participant. Gun barrels blaze! Swords fly! Croquettes are eaten! Jean Faraven jumps through a window! And the mystery-- remains unsolved.


Blueshift December 9th, 2012 Jasmine tries to reach Manhattan before it's too late, but someone knew she'd try. She fails.
A Bloom In The Garden November 9th, 2012 Jasmine senses the approach of Jafar's army of Heartless.