Katyna Redsvaren

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Katyna Ilyanna Redsvaren
Kit in casual attire
Age 16
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 5'4
Weight Athletic
Series Final Fantasy Tactics
Combat Styles Dark Knight
Hometown Unknown
Group Unaffiliated
Occupation/Job Knight
Force: Forces of Restoration
Theme Song Heart of Courage - Two steps from hell
"I will depend on no ones strength but my own. In the end, I am all that I can count on!"
Recent Events
Abused and manipulated by Shadow Lords, despised and rejected by VALKYRIE, she's seeking a new path in life...Possibly with the heretics!?

Current Goals



Kityana Redsdottr was born in a small village in Ivalice during the end of the 50 year war. Like many children of the era, she lost her father - a soldier - to war, while her mother did her best to raise her as a good and devout follower of St. Ajora. Kit was young when her father died, and so, as she grew up, she knew nothing of her father, save for the many stories her mother told her of his brave acts as a knight and a hero who would always put others before himself, often putting his life on the line to protect the weak and helpless. In Kit's eyes, he was a true hero and she strived to be just like him.

For a short time, Kit's mother struggled to take care of her daughter, herself a commoner with little money, and she often struggled to make ends meet. She grew resentful of the nobility, even as her own husband was a brave and noble knight who was given very little credit for his work. Still, as a devout follower of St. Yevon, she sought to set a good example for her daughter, believing that god would eventually come to her aid. However, she soon fell ill and Kit was once again helpless to do anything. When her mother died, Kityana was truly alone for the first time, her house was repossessed and she was forced onto the streets to fend for herself.

Kityana spent a short time being shuffled between orphannages, but the end of the 50 year war kept most orphannages packed, and many did not have much room or money to be able to afford a poor, ragged girl who had no relatives and no money to give. Eventually she just ran away from the packed orphannages and wandered around on the streets, stealing whatever she could to survive. One day while out stealing, she came across a master thief who was impressed by Kit's spunk, and chose to take her under her wing, bringing her into her thieves' guild. Kit spent several more years here, learning all manner of subterfuge and stealth: To be as quick as a mouse, and as silent as a cat. She did indeed show promise and one day she chose to pilfer from a noble knight, but he was as quick and as cunning as Kit was herself.

He caught her in the act and chased after her when she fled, determined to turn her into pay for her crimes. Kit however, only 11 at the time, was over confident and determined, and she challenged the knight to a duel. The knight was so impressed by her determination that he ended up befriending her instead, and he started to teach her about St. Ajora, hoping to convince her to leave behind her the life of crime. Over the next several years Kit became fast friends with the Holy knight, learning how to fight with a sword and how to become a true knight.

And then the heartless came.

They destroyed everything in their wake, they slew people swiftly and violently without remorse, and then devoured their hearts. They killed everyone Kit held dear: Her thieving mentor, the kind-hearted holy knight..Kit was once again alone and forced to fend for herself. She prayed for help but it seemed that her prayers went unanswered as the heartless began to close in on her. She fought then, with all her strength and all her might, and she took down many heartless. But at 14, she was still just a kid and it didnt take long for the mass of darkness to overwhelm her. And yet, she did not die, for some reason.

Instead, a mysterious shadow lord seemed impressed by her abilities and he chose instead to take her under his wing, training her to become his minion and protege; His reasons for sparing her life were his own. It seemed that she greatly resembled a daughter he once had, before she was slain herself, before he sold his heart to the darkness and had severed all ties with that other life. Kit continued her training now as a dark knight in earnest, feeling anger at St Ajoran church and at god for not coming to her rescue. She turned her back on the Glabados church, believing that ultimately the only thing that kept her alive was not the support or charity of others as the church seemed to teach, but her own strength.

Over the years, she was gradually transformed from a somewhat clutzy and awkward teenaged thief, into a graceful, cunning and deadly dark knight. She accompanied her mentor on many missions, scouring the many realms for the ever prized Princesses of Heart. Along the way, she proved herself on many occasions, easily beating back resistance in some isolated areas, helping to destroy someworld shards, and even revealing and dispatching of numerous strongholds and spies against the heartless cause.

From that point on, Kityana took on a new name and identity as Katyna Redsvaren, the Ember knight of Darkness. She strove to become the strongest she could become, vowing to sever all ties and weakness from her past, believing that this was the only way she could survive - by being strong. With her newfound strength and skill she continues to explore the world in search of strong hearts to feed the heartless, and ultimately the princesses of heart, believing them to lead to ultimate power. Perhaps in doing so, she could put her own fears to rest and silence the troubling voices and the pain within her heart. And maybe one day she'll actually get to take on the mantle of shadow lord herself.

And yet, a part of her still remembered the kind people in her past. A part of her yet could not let go completely of those memories..


Katyna has always been something of a trickster. As a youngster she was ever so curious and nosy of other peoples' business, often with an eye for treasure, exploration and adventure. Often playing practical jokes on people, or sleight of hand to get them to look the other way while she stole their valuables. Ever keeping a cheerful attitude, Kit didnt like to stay down for long, but always managed to find some way to cheer herself up. She is very outgoing, charming and personable, often surrounded by many friends who are oft enamored of her exciting - albeit exaggerated - tales of adventure and excitement. As a child, she always dreamed of one day becoming a knight in shining armour like her father, and of being the hero in the stories she often read from.

When she re-emerged six years later, Kit was a changed person in some ways, yet perhaps still the same underneath it all. Still retaining a cheerful demeanor on the outside, her heart had hardenned after the loss of her family, her friends, her village. When she was 'rescued' by a shadow lord after willing to risk her life for her honor, Kit's philosophy slowly changed. She came to believe that in order to survive, one must be strong, and in order to be strong, one must look after one's self and leave the weak behind, or else to get dragged down with them. It was only with this philosophy in mind that she managed to survive. Now, she is starting to realize the freedoms that come with looking out for only herself, and not needing to be responsible for others. This does not mean that she will stop herself from feeling emotions such as affection towards others, but she's more likely to encourage them to be strong or to toughen them up, rather than to encourage them to cry or to go out of her way to protect them.

Not only does this mean she no longer has to feel the pain of loss of loved ones, but it also means she wont get dragged down with the weak and helpless. In the end, she strives ultimate power, to be untouchable by human weakness and pain. To others, she continues to appear chatty, outgoing and playful, making friends with all whom she meets. However, she has turned her back on St. Ajora and the Glabados church, believing that survival of the fittest is the natural order of things and so she'll encourage others to be strong and fend for themselves rather than depend on others to save them. She is greedy for power, seeking to be as strong as she can be, and it seems that the heartless may well hold the key to even her greatest fear - death..Perhaps.

At times she may even help the good guys as she attempts to penetrate their defenses and spy on those who would oppose the heartless. Afterall, what better way to defeat your enemy than to know them better than they know themselves? When dealing with pain in her childhood, Kit draws strength from her own heart and memories. She tries to draw friends to her, finding comfort and distraction in their company, and she tries to laugh things off, attempting to take things that come her way as lightly as possible. She believes that to cry or to show weakness to others is a cowardly and shameful act and so she tries her best to keep a happy cheerful appearance. She has many friends but few that are truly close to her heart. Mind, she does not seek strength or dependance on her friends, but only distraction..Or so she claims. Usually, Kit finds little satisfaction in the killing of others, and more often than not, she wishes only to teach the foolish and uneducated of a superior life they could live if only they would join the heartless and learn to be stronger, rather than resist. She is not a murderer or a heartless monster. Moreso, she is someone who simply believes in another philosophy, no matter how demented and twisted it may be. Of course, sometimes sacrifices may have to be made for the greater good, but her goal is not to slaughter millions in cold blood, but merely to make herself, and those who would join her, stronger.

Kit is also something of a tomboy, wearing her hair short, fighting with swords since she was a young child and often dressing in simple slightly boyish attire (eg she wouldn't be caught dead in a dress!). She doesn't care much for silly frilly dresses or jewelry, putting practical stuff before all else. Of course she does care a lot about money, and even as a shadow lord, she'll occasionally steal from others, although she is careful not to steal from her own allies!


Combat Statistics

Katyna's general style is flashy and powerful. She has decent accuracy and skill with her blade, and focuses more on the offensive than the defensive, attacking with a powerful flame saber that delivers status effecting attacks that chip away at the opponent's defenses. As Ember, her attacks look similar, however, her flames manifest as black fire and have a general darker, more violent appearance to them.(Note: One might see something similar in Katyna versus Ember's styles as she has no separate 'style' build for each - seeing as she has not yet learned how to properly wield 'darkness'. However her sword burns black as 'Ember' and orange/red as 'Katyna' and the same attacks have slightly different appearances as she draws more upon the darkness as Ember. Their styles may seem similar but it's NOT obvious to tell that they are one and the same for RP purposes).

Strength: Amazing
Magic: Below Average
P.Acc: Good
M.Acc: Wimpy
P.Def: Above Average
M.Def: Above Average
P.Eva: Below Average
M.Eva: Below Average

Fire Flash: Kat slams her sword in a downward stroke into the ground, creating a flashing geyser of blue-white blinding fire to erupt upon whatever it hits, often lowering the target's resistance against fire.
Silent Flame: Kat slices horizontally at her opponent, sword flaring into green flame as it leaves a trail of choking green smoke behind it, often making it difficult to breathe (Inflicts silence).
Rend Steel: As Katyna strikes the target with regular orange flames, a dark rune forms on the point of contact before quickly shattering, temporarily melting/softening the armour and reducing physical defenses.
Black Ignis: Katyna assaults the target with a wall of exploding red flames, making it hard to evade her next attack.
Spirit Drain: A black tendril of flames wraps extends from her sword and wraps around her target, draining them of magic.
Flaming Spirit: Black Orbs of energy with points of silver light surround Katyna, absorbed into her body and causing her armour to glow brilliantly red, increasing her physical defense.
Burning Ember: A burst of golden/red flames spiral around Kat, forming a faint glow of red energy around her sword and increasing her strength.
Cinder Bane: Kat's sword bursts with a trail of red flames, spewing off small balls of fire in rapid succession as she strikes at the target.
Night Blaze Kat’s sword strikes target, forming dark purple black tendrils that wrap around the target, sapping their energy and healing her.
Oblivion: Black and silver runes form on target as her sword bursts into Black flames, the rune shattering and dispelling any beneficial magic on the target.

Ultimate Darkness: Kat's sword grows to five times its original size, bursting into black flames as she spins faster and faster, slicing into the target(s) in a furious whirlwind of flames and steel.
Burning Heart: Katyna unleashes her sword's strongest power, hurling it at an opponent and surrounding it in briliant red flames that take on the form of a flying phoenix. She redirects it towards the target wher it explodes upon impact, before the sword returns back to her.

Rosary:An expensive pearl rosary, given her as a gift from her Templar Knight mentor, Sir Kasrillen. After he died, it was her link to him and he will sometimes watch over her and even save her if she is near death as long as she has the rosary on hand. These little 'miracles' are very rare but do happen on occasion (Note - this is reflected in the combat ability 'stoic', which randomly brings a near death character back to 1 hp).
Fireheart:Katyna's curious sword is a great sword/flamberge with a slight curve in its blade, and several 'teeth' along one side. It is large and powerful, capable of disarming foes, cutting through their armour or weaponry when used in combination with the mysterious magical properties it possesses. Katyna knows little about this sword she inherited from her father, an esteemed hokuten knight himself. However, its power seems to reflect her own resolve and spiritual strength. When there is more darkness in her heart, it manifests in darker flames. When she fights with true honor and justice, it flares more brilliantly red, shaping her desires into a limited number of fiery manifestations.

Character Relationships

Artemis Eurus-"Heh, talk about tough love. This girl is the penultimate knight, through and through. I wish I could be as strong and as tough as her! I just hope I dont ever get on her bad side..Eerp!"
Avira-"I was originally sent to spy on you and ultimately, to bring you in, once it was determined that you were the Twilight Princess of Manhattan. However..Some how, I grew to like and respect you greatly. You taught me what true friendship was. I'm...I'm sorry! Even so..You were so cold. You demanded proof that I'd changed and showed no understanding or compassion of my predicament. I...I dont know what to think.."
Count Valos-"Wow, what a totally strange guy he is! He likes to talk in long-winded, confusing sentences and act all grand! Those magnetic powers and auto stone ability were pretty impressive. It takes a lot of guts to stand up to someone like Garland. Now I'm curious..Why did you help Morrighan to summon Lich? And why did you warn me and Ramza about the church? What game are you playing? I..Dont trust you.."
Deidra-"Wow, a real life Gargoyle! So sorry I couldnt stay and chat! I'm sure my master would be interested to learn more about you.."
Faruja Senra-"Heh, a Faithful of St. Ajora? But you remind me of Sir Castlien, and so I will watch you more closely. You may be an enemy of the heartless, but I'd rather we were friends..I-I wish my faith was as strong as yours. Would that really bring me peace of mind? I..Dunno..Now that I am affiliated with Ramza, are we gonna be enemies..?"
Gesandte-"Such a kind and honorable priest..And massive too! But I appreciate your kindness and patience, even if you are a bit too overly cautious. With so much mass and strength behind you, what do you have to be cautious about?"
Ivo Galvan-"Hee, what a total, shameless flirt! Even so, he's fun to talk to, and his ideas are almost as crazy as mine! We definitely have to hang out more and cause some serious CHAOS!"
Lily-"A cute shy girl who seems to follow Reize around wherever he goes. I don't know her that well.."
Minerva-"Another VALKYRI member, although not one I know too well. You seem to possess traits similar to Faruja. Another religious sort, I gather? And one to be wary of like the others."
Mercade Alexander-"What? Another one of Avira's boyfriends? But..I did have a contract with you, I wonder if it's void, now that you know who I really am? I'm sorry I hurt your girlfriend..I hope you can still help me.."
Merilan Yursalin-"How strange..A beautiful raven winged girl, accompanied by tiny espers. I've never seen anything quite like you before..Gotta study you more for sure.."
Navya-"I guess..We never got to know each other that well, but you're a VALKYRI too, and I owe you an apology for my deception..I'm so sorry..I hope we can be friends.."
Pixi- "Wow, a giant talking bunny, and friends with Faru too? I wonder if you're a churchie as well. You seemed pretty wary though. Better keep an eye on you."
Raiya Fujihara-"Huh, so you're a traitor to you own people? Why do you fight the heartless when they are making your nation strong? Definitely gotta watch you.."
Scar-"You seem familiar somehow. I'm sure you are like my master. We should have a talk.."
Shiki Misaki-"Ahh, Reize's other friend, who protected him when things got bad. You've got some curious powers. Definitely someone to watch out for."
Sköll Ulfang-"It's nice to know some people still believe in me. Still, I'm surprised. You barely know me but you already trust me? Maybe you're not so bad afterall...Except, you're still kinda weird! :P"
Synestria-"A beautiful Lamia girl who attacked my dragon heartless with her great strength. She'd make a great ally. Why would you protect humans, when they'd only seek to kill you?"
Tifa Lockhart-"One of Reize's friends whom I fought alongside against that Heartless armour. I suppose he's safe in your hands for now."
Valencia-"Some sort of brilliant sorceress and scientist. She has potential. She could be of use to the heartless.."
Vespa-"Aah, I remember you now, you opposed me when I was working for the crazy dog lady, trying to capture dalmations. I still hurt from our last battle, and I never told you the truth about me. Sorry!"
Ward Zabac-"I wonder what happened to your voice? That anchor of yours is pretty awesome and you look like you'd make a good little heartless soldier..I'll have to keep an eye on you.."

Leida-"A strange Shadow Lord that I rescued from Vespar's wrath after Seith left her to die. What is it about you that has everyone shaken up? You don't seem as evil and volatile as people make you out to be but..Something's not quite right, is it? I need to find out more about you.."
LEXUS-"Why'd you have to step between me and Vespar!? I could have taken him! I know I can become as ruthless as a Shadow Lord! Someday I'll prove it to you all.."
Riku-"You sure are a strange one. Young, serious, mysterious..But there's something about you that's different from the 'others'. Why are you so cautious about the darkness and why do you keep trying to steer me away from being a Shadow Lord? Are you really that concerned about what happens to me? Even so, I want to learn more about you. You might just have the answers to my many questions, even if we do clash a lot.."
Seith-"For a short time, you were a mentor, and a pretty wise shadow lord, even if you can be abrasive at times. Still, you helped me to save Hati's life, and I'm grateful for that. Too bad I cant use you as a walking talking dictionary anymore. I still wonder where I might have gone under your tutelage if I hadn't made the decision to betray the Shadow Lords..I still wonder if I made the right decision?

Hati-"It's good to see you again. Being able to speak freely to someone else is refreshing..Almost losing you like that scared me. Now that I've defected, I worry even more about you. I hope Skoll and Faru take good care of you!"
Lord Fessner-"You were like a father to me, in a world that no longer had anything worth living for. But then..You disappeared one day, you left me..Why!? Where did you go? When will you come back?"
Maira-"Your powers are truly curious. After seeing Uist in action, I no longer doubt your ability to talk to ghosts, and your magic is pretty powerful too. I...Feel a little bad about what I did to you. Would you really be willing to help me?"
Morgan Albaste-"I found you! I'm so relieved but..You dont remember me..Why? Still, I must keep you safe!"
Ramza Beoulve-"I never imagined I'd run into you again, although I'm ashamed to tell you how badly I turned out. I am shocked to hear you are a heretic and wanted by the church..But Ser Kasrillen believed in you as his former pupil, and so I also believe and trust in you. Perhaps we can help each other!"
Reize Seatlan-"Reize..You are the spitting image of Ser Razan, who I loved, and you are as kind and gentle as he is. I am glad that you understand and forgive what I did..If only things weren't so confusing! I think..I need to stay away for a bit.."

Angantyr Vespar-"You are truly violent, brutal and unforgiving, and yet..Somehow, your words made sense, and got through to me in the end. Even so, your alliance with both Shadow Lords and heroes, and your fascination with Avira make me wary.."
Sassaral-"Another werewolf who seems a sweet girl. Met her only twice, once in the desert on the brink of death, and once in town when she tried to stop the heartless from taking the hearts of those homeless people. Dont know much beyond that."


Fountain Crossroads April 28th, 2013 Portal schenadigans and catching up with the times. Film at 11.
You Will Set the World on Fire April 25th, 2013 After a heartbreaking and terrifying encounter with Garland and Angantyr, Maira comes to check up on her friends. Unfortunately, she keeps lighting on fire in her sleep and she is /very/ tired.
Ramza's Ridiculous Modesty April 22nd, 2013 The New Zodiac Braves have a little chat after a night ambush of their camp. Artemis lectures Ramza on his modesty.
Tough Love March 25th, 2013 Artemis meets Sir Faruja, Deelel, and gives Katyna some tough love--just about the only kind of love she has.
Always There When I Need You March 11th, 2013 Maira, Angantyr and Katyna meet up to talk about how to help Avira.
Eye for an Eye: The Trap February 26th, 2013 A mysterious letter from her missing mentor sends Hati out to his rescue, but what she faces is something far, far worse.
A Secret Wish January 9th, 2013 After being attacked by Angantyr, Katyna is discovered half dead in the desert by Reize, who takes her back to SS-HQ to recuperate. Kat's secret wish is revealed..
Too Hot to Handle November 30th, 2012 At last, the promised moment: Ivo, in his noble quest to acquire for Maira a fireproof outfit, must take her measurements. All is going according to plan, until a couple highly unexpected guests interrupt his otherwise foolproof plot. But when at last the two are alone again, will she surprise him by proving to be too hot to handle? ...So to speak.
Dr. Finkelstein's Vault of Terrifyingly Bad Ideas October 20th, 2012 Dr. Finkelstein's Vault has been broken into. It is full of traps, bizarre Clownfish and Dentistry combinations and assorted madness. Also down there, the heart created by Dr. Finkelstein during one of his 'moods' -- is that what the Heartless are after?
Surviving Wanderers October 16th, 2012 After the reunion with Lenn, Lily, and Shiki, Reize got some rest and then finally went back out in the desert to do some more exploration. However, his travel brings him to a familiar face and a new face that is in trouble.
Fun In the Sandpit October 13th, 2012 There had been rumors of holes and sandtraps appearing out at Figaro Desert that are smaller than an antlion's sandpit. There had been rumors of treasure, but those that went to explore it had never came back.