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Adelbert Steiner +Knight of Pluto  +
Aerith Gainsborough +Florist  +
Aeschere Childs +Bounty Hunter  +
Agrias Oaks +Holy Knight  +
Akari Seran +Trouble Student  +
Aladdin +Diamond in the Rough  +
Alberic Lux +Branded Wonder-Worker  +
Alexis Belerang +Princess and Adventuring Cohort  +
Alma Hyral +White Mage  +
Angantyr Vespar +Sellsword  +
Annalee +Indentured Bard  +
Annia Leradine +Student, Bully  +
Ariel +Mermaid Princess Runaway  +
Arkham Fisher +Scholar, Field Medic  +
Artemis Eurus +Samurai  +
Auron +Ex-Guardian  +
Aurora +Princess  +
Avira +VALKYRI Leader  +


Baigan +Seneschal  +
Beat +Delinquent Reaper  +
Beatrix +General  +
Beck +Mechanic / System Monitor?  +
Belle +Runaway Dreamer  +
Brooklyn +Clan Second in Command  +


CADUCEUS +Doctor  +
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